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by DetectiveSpecialist©

As I'm writing this, I'm rubbing the baby bump in my stomach. I'm pregnant with Ricky's baby. The doctors say it's a miracle. I'm in my second trimester, and the baby is healthy and growing normally.

I told Jimmy about the baby, but instead of being mad he was happy. He moved back in and we are seeing a marriage counselor. He knows that it's not his baby, how could it be, but he never asked. I think he knows who the father is.

I had a glorious week with Ricky, and the memories will have to last me a lifetime. I was Ricky's Aunt, his "Mom" and his lover, and now I'm going to have his baby. Whether it's a girl or boy, we want to name it Ricky.


Dear reader, I know that incest stories, especially mother/son stories are the most popular. Never having had a Oedipus complex I found it hard to relate. I have read a few, and I must admit that they are quite erotic. This was my version. This situation was the only way I could "get my head around it." I hope you enjoyed it.

Written by: DetectiveSpecialist

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories