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I Fucked My Mom Up the Ass

by FeverDreamer©

Then, hammering away, and making my mom bite the pillow, my wet cock slid right out of her pussy. I grabbed it quickly with my hand, lined my cockhead up with her asshole, and started to push it in.

"Aaaaah!" She yelped in surprise, "You're gonna put it in right now?? But..."

I grunted and slapped her big ass and thrust my throbbing cock harder into the tight heaven of her asshole, "Shut the fuck up! I fucking want it, OK!!" I started working my horny thick cock hard in and out of her tight ass, my hands gripping her hips. She slid around on the bed a bit, clutching at the sheets, sometimes turning back and giving me a dirty look. I slapped her big ass and hard and grunted at her to just stick that ass out while I fucked it.

I knew I wouldn't be able to last too long, it was just too intense, my thick hard cock going in and out of my mom's tight asshole, in and out over and over again, the tightness, the heat, the sight and feeling of her big thick ass up in the air as I split those big cheeks with my cock. I decided to just go for broke and I held on hard to her hips as I started to really hammer away, not caring if it hurt her, just fuckin deep and hard as I felt the orgasm approaching.

"Aaaaaaahhhh, fuuuck Mom this ass is too fuckin' good! Gonna cum so haaard in your asshole!!"

I shoved in so deep up her ass and started to blow my load. I reached forward and lay on top of her sweaty body, grabbing at her big tits, squeezing them, getting my mouth at her neck and sucking and licking at it. "Oooooh Mommmmm" I moaned as my cock ground into her asshole and blew shot after shot of jizz way deep up in it.

I must've blanked out for a few minutes, it was that intense. I felt kinda dizzy as I came to, with stars in front of my eyes that I tried to blink away. I was laying back in my bed and my mom's warm, curvy body was snuggled up against me, her head lying on my upper arm and shoulder.

She gave me a slow, lingering kiss on the cheek, "I guess everything's going to be different, now, huh?" she asked me.

"Yeah," I replied. And it was, from that point onward.

Anyway, that's my story for now. I guess I'll get my mom to proofread it or something, but now she's getting pretty insistent. You see, as I've been finishing typing this up at my computer, she slid under my desk and started giving me a nice deep, wet blowjob. I'm pretty much sitting in a puddle of her drool. Mom sure knows how to deepthroat. I should probably wrap this up now and give my cock to her the way she wants it, right up the ass.


Written by: FeverDreamer

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories