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Big Black Cock

by DarkHooder©

- a big thanks to kitten2010 for the help with grammar and structure and also providing some useful tips.


My holiday job was shit but I needed the extra cash for when I went back to uni. I worked at the movies part time giving couples their coke and popcorn while I stood there at the counter watching them all go by. Yeah, she's gonna enjoy the movie while he makes her go down on him. Fuckwits. I shouldn't complain really, plenty of girls are into me but they all seem the same, maybe I just naturally attract stuck up bitches. Anyway, I finished writing my 'to do' list, slid my pen in my pocket, then took off for home. But it had been a long shift and I needed to take a leak.

The restroom was tiny. Two cubicles facing the wall to my left and a urinal next to them with the sink on the opposite wall. There was a tall well built muscular black man at the urinal, his muscles were obviously superior to mine as I am a swimmer and only have a light muscle mass. His heavily toned figure was complimented by a tight black t-shirt, loose camo pants and a pair of dirty light brown builder's boots which contrasted with my black skate shoes, fitting blue jeans and grey t-shirt. I stood next to him and started to relieve my bladder.

After I finished I just stood there and stared at his long, fat, beautiful black cock. I unintentionally licked my lips. I was starving for a big dick to fill me up. I had sucked plenty of guys off before but never black and never that big. Then my body froze as his deep voice broke the silence in the empty rest room,"What the fuck you lookin' at, faggot?"

I couldn't speak. My heart was racing. He stared at me intensely.

"Fuck it." He grabbed me by the neck with his giant hands and forced me into an empty cubicle. "Sit the fuck down, white boy,"

I immediately followed his orders and closed the lid on the toilet then sat down.

"Since you like staring at ma dick so much I thought you might as well suck me off like a bitch." My dick stiffened against my jeans as the realization hit me, I was about to suck my first black dick.

I took his cock in my hand, he was semi erect and was already about 7 inches and I could only just fit my hand around it. I started to slowly pull back and forth. His dick felt amazing in my hand. I kissed the head tenderly and as I stroked his thick shaft he was slowly becoming harder. After stroking and kissing his cock for a while I started to suck it. First just his bulbous head. Then more. And more. At this point he was at his full hardness in all its glory and I started to desperately stroke his big cock as I forced more down my throat.

"Fuck yeah, boy, you was made for this," he said as he grabbed my scruffy blonde hair and started to gently rock his hips back and forth "Shit you gonna make me bust a nut in yo sweet ass mouth."

'I would love nothing more,' I thought to myself. I started to rub his thick muscly thighs through his camo pants while I was working his dick around my mouth, sucking him furiously, bobbing my head up and down his sweet manhood. I slid my hands up his legs and started to rub his hard abs, he then grabbed my hands and started to fuck my face and I had no control over my body. After a while he released me and let me work his dick on my own so I started to pull his dick with my hand while I gave my mouth a break. After pumping him for a while I went back to blowing and stroking. I was bobbing my head on his dick as I spread my saliva all over his thick shaft with my hand then I tried deep throating him again.

After about 5 minutes of stroking and sucking I looked up at him, let go of his thick pole and slowly slid his shaft out of my mouth, with a heavy coat of saliva surrounding my lips, I kept the tip in and tongued it gently. He seemed to enjoy the change of pace. But I wanted his thick cum to fill me up. I closed my eyes, grabbed his gooey saliva covered cock, and started to take him back in my mouth slowly. I could feel his hard dick sliding along my tongue and down my throat. I guessed I had about 6 inches in. But I wanted him to remember this. So, I pulled back an inch and then forced myself on the rest of his cock, nearly engulfing his entire 9 inches, he groaned intensely. I kept his cock in my mouth for a few more seconds so that my throat and his cock became properly acquainted, then I pulled out completely, took a breath, then I furiously started to jack him off.

"Oh shit, son, here it comes!" I jacked him faster and with my other hand kneaded his large globes that would soon give me his seed. He grabbed my head and forced his dick into my mouth where the end of his dick gave me streams of hot, thick, creamy cum. 5 or 6 powerful shots then another 7 or so weaker ones, filling my mouth and dripping down my chin. I swallowed as much of his sweet juice as I could. He stayed in my mouth for a bit as he got his breathing under control, still holding my head. He took his dick out and used it to scoop the cum on my chin into my mouth, I then sucked him clean. "You enjoyed that didn't you?" I took his dick out of my mouth, still slowly stroking him.

"Hell yeah." He rubbed his finger on my lips, then I sucked on his finger gently.

"Damn son, you the best cock sucker I ever had." He was completely spent, his hostility had deteriorated over the course of the blowjob. I stood up, still looking up at him because of his height.

"Glad you enjoyed it, you definitely have the sweetest cock I've ever tasted." I smiled, showing of my perfect teeth, the smile was contagious as he returned it straight away.

He grabbed my bubble butt with both hands and pressed me against him, I slid my hands up his shirt and felt his wet body, perfectly toned, very muscular chest, just how I like it. I felt so safe being this close to him. He then slid one of his hands up my shirt and onto my lower back, his hands were so big and strong. What happened next surprised me. He was staring into my eyes, then he kissed me hard on the lips and his tongue dove into my mouth and took control of me, he explored every inch of my mouth as our big lips pressed against each other's. We kissed for a while then he separated his mouth from mine. He squeezed my ass cheek and groaned. God he wanted me so bad. And to be perfectly honest, I wanted him just as bad. Then I heard someone come into the restroom and my heart froze. We listened to his footsteps as he went to the urinal, did his business then left. I was so relieved but it made me realize where we were and that I had to get home. I pulled away from my black lover and started to leave the cubicle, he grabbed my arm firmly.

"Wait. Whats yo' name?"

I hesitated, but thought, 'Fuck it'. "Sam."

"Im Darius." He still wouldn't let go. I thought for a second. This was a complete stranger that forced me to suck his dick. But I loved it. I know he loved it as well. And I want him to fuck me. I want to feel his beautiful black cock pulsing inside me. I want to see his black muscular body glisten with sweat as he drives himself deep into my firm ass. And I knew that he wanted the same thing. I realized quickly that I didn't want to never see this man again. So, I pulled the pen out of my pocket and wrote my number on his hand.

"Call me... Soon." I kissed him, which quickly turned into a short make-out session before I left the restroom to make my journey home where I would get rid of my enormous hard on.

to be continued?

Written by: DarkHooder

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