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All Black Bitches Crave White Cock

by Samuelx©

The name is Gene La Pointe. I'm a young Frenchman currently living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I am originally from the Province of Quebec but since I attend the University of Ottawa, I have to live in town. I work as a Security Guard at the local Museum and it's okay. There is this new Black female Guard named Katrina Linwood and she simply can't get enough White cock. She's going around sleeping with half the White guys on the Museum Security team. I've never met a Black chick like that in my life. And to be honest, I couldn't be happier. I've got a thing for Black pussy, folks. I think it's the best pussy on the world. Next to exotic Asian pussy and almighty White pussy of course.

Presently, I'm fucking the hell out of Katrina in a backroom of the Museum. She's on all fours, face down and big ass up. I've got my thick White cock buried so deep inside her asshole you can't tell where she ends and I begin. Actually, you can but you'd have to really want to see it. I spank her big Black ass as I drill my cock into her butt hole. Katrina is something else, folks. This sexy Black slut hails from the Republic of Djibouti, deep in the continent of Africa. I thought Djibouti women were all conservative and stuff since they're Muslim. Katrina is wild and crazy. And she's a cock chaser. Make that a White cock chaser. There are plenty of Black male Security Guards at the Museum, some of whom like her, but she prefers us White dudes. That's cool with me.

Katrina screams obscenities as I slam my thick White cock into her asshole. I love my Black sluts. I've been into Black women ever since I hooked up with this Black slut named Nadege Saint Hillaire in the City of Montreal. This forty-something, big-booty and dark-skinned Black lady is of Haitian descent and like a lot of Black women, she loves White cock. Nadege is the wife of a prominent preacher in the fast-growing Haitian community of the City of Montreal. If only her friends at church knew that she loves to get butt fucked by young White guys. Oh, well. I guess we all have our pleasures.

It's Nadege who turned me onto interracial anal sex. This big-booty Black lady loves to get fucked in the ass by young White guys. And I was happy to oblige. The funny thing is that Nadege's son, Phillipe Saint Hillaire, actually went to the same catholic high school I did. He was one of my good friends. I met Nadege through him. Imagine that! A young White guy fucking his Black male friend's big-booty mother behind his back. That is certainly one for the books, folks. I fucked Nadege, the mature Black slut, just like I am fucking Katrina. Face down and ass up. And she absolutely loved it. Nadege polished my thick White cock by sucking it good before begging me to stick my cock up her ass. Well, since the Black lady asked so nicely, what's a polite young White guy to do? You had better believe that I buried my White cock so deep her Black ass, I think her Black male and Black female ancestors felt it. Hell yeah!

Man, while fucking Katrina's ass, I couldn't help but remember the first time I fucked Nadege Saint Hillaire in the ass. The mature Black slut was throwing a party for her son and all of his friends were invited. The whole time I was at the party, she looked at me the way a hungry person looked at fast food. Man, a lot of Black chicks crave White cock but most White guys don't know it. If we knew, we'd chase Black chicks instead of Asian women and White chicks. In my sincere opinion Black women have got the best pussy in the entire world. Anyhow, I snuck into the basement with Nadege and we got our freak on while her son and his friends partied upstairs. And we had ourselves a blast.

First, I got naked and so did Nadege. I feasted my eyes on the mature Black slut's sexy curvy body. I loved her big tits, chubby body, wide hips and big round butt. I made her kneel before me and suck my cock. My thick White cock. Black women love to get all bossy and problematic around Black men but around us White men, they're docile, meek and pliant. Black men are always wondering about that. Well, I happen to know the answer to that ageless question. Black men, are you listening? In Black women's minds, White men personify power and mystery. That's why the meanest Black woman in the hood will give her stank attitude to the nicest of Black men but she will always be nice to every White male she meets. It's in her blood. Passed down from generation to generation. In the Black woman's mind, the White man is the master. And she can't help but obey him. Do you understand that now? Cool. I'm just trying my best to enlighten those of you who seek my wisdom, folks.

After Nadege sucked my dick, I made her beg me to stick it up her ass. Her pussy was already wet with anticipation. Man, Black women are such fucking sluts. I fingered Nadege's pussy as she begged me to stick my White cock up her Black ass. I just love a Black woman who begs. Smiling, I told her to assume the position. Face down and ass up, that's the way I fucked my big-booty mature Black slut. I spread her big Black butt cheeks and pressed my White cock against her already well lubricated asshole. Slowly, I pushed it inside. Nadege groaned as I penetrated her. Holding her wide hips, I thrust my cock deeper inside of her. This Black slut was no stranger to butt fucking. That I knew just by looking at her. So I happily pumped my cock into the forbidden depths of her not so tight asshole. I made that mature Black slut scream my name in French, English and Haitian Creole. I fucked her ass until she begged for mercy. And you know what? I know for a fact that we both loved every second of it. Submissive Black women and dominant White men were made for each other. Let no one tell you different!

Yeah, I had some good times with Nadege Saint Hillaire. And now I'm having even better times with Katrina Linwood, the gorgeous Djibouti slut who craves White cock. I decided to switch things up a bit. I flipped Katrina on her back in order to look into my favourite Black slut's eyes while fucking her. I raised Katrina's legs and rested them on my shoulders. Then I plunged my cock right back into her asshole. I sank it really deep inside. Katrina's eyes bulged. I smiled. That's right. You're a Black bitch with a White man's cock up your ass. What you got to say now? Katrina screamed in pain mixed with pleasure as I filled her asshole with my cock. I smacked her face and spat on her. She couldn't care less. Her mind was gone, transported into a fucking wonderland by the awesome power of my White cock up her Black ass. I loved it. I rammed my dick up her ass until I came, flooding her asshole with my manly cum. That's when my favourite Black slut screamed like a madwoman. I've never heard a sweeter sound in my entire life, folks. Truly sweet music to those ears of mine.

After this experience, Katrina and I became regular fuck buddies. She introduced me and some of my White male friends to plenty of Black females around the City of Ottawa. My White male friends are thrilled to know there are Black women out there who just can't wait to give some pussy to every White man who so much as looks at them. We're getting together and we're having fun. And you know what? Both sides are very happy with this order of business. Society has always been okay with Black women giving the pussy to White men. People only frown when they see Black men with White women. Whatever. I'm having fun and it's all that matters. Peace!

Written by: Samuelx

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