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He pulled back and I opened my mouth, gasping for air, his spunk covering my lips and dripping from the corners of my mouth. He knelt above me milking his bright red penis, squeezing sperm out of it into my still open mouth. His foreskin nearly covering his now tender cock head each time he stroked down on his penis. His eyes glittered as he worked his cock, his balls still dripped my honey onto me, they hung so low now, two distinct orbs in a wrinkled pink sack covered in silky, wet hair.

I went limp, my arms falling, spread wide, to the bed. My legs fell akimbo, forming mirrored "L" shapes, my heels almost touching. He slumped over, his penis now touching my neck, the weight of him off my breasts.

"That was unbelievable," he said, falling onto his side, pinioning one of my arms to the mattress.

I couldn't talk. I savored the taste of his seed. It was slippery and salty, and somewhat bitter with a musky aftertaste. I sneezed some sperm from my nose. He reached over and wiped it from my upper lip.

"Yum, " I said.

He laughed, and as our bodies began to cool, he suggested we clean up in the shower. Once in the hot water, we soaped each other being gentle with the now tender parts of our bodies, my pussy, particularly my clit, and his penis, the tip of which caused him such pleasurable pain that he pulled it from my soapy hand when I stroked down to the end. Anyway, we were playful, and had a nice reunion. He was more like my fuck-buddy from the old days than the man who had so erotically inspected my kneeling body and roughly violated my ass, cunt and mouth.

Afterwards we dressed, kissed a sweet peck, and he suggested that I leave first and he would follow in a few minutes. He said that he would e-mail me the other pictures, but said there weren't as many as there had been. He had been afraid that his wife would find them on his computer, so he had trashed most of them, keeping just a few in a file, nested in a file, nested in a file.

Grabbing my purse with the unused Kentucky Jelly inside, I went outside. There were now about two inches of snow on the ground, so I had to clean my windshield before I drove off to make my real appointment at the hairdresser. I felt absolutely wonderful.

Written by: elainepwl

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Category: Anal Stories