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Wife Gets Her First Black Cock

by hubbylovesit©

My wife and I had been going out clubbing all summer now, and it was always hot. Usually it was a Friday or Saturday night and we always went to this underground hip-hop club. They had a full bar so most nights it got pretty hot seeing people grind against each other as horniness took over.

Well last weekend my wife and I decided to go again. The first rule was we didn't have to just dance with each other we needed to go out and have a good time. The second rule was that we didn't get jealous. The last rule was the most important as we agreed that we could go as far as we wanted to with our dance partner, as long as my wife and I checked with each other.

Allie danced with a few guys as I danced with some women. After we'd all had some drinks it started getting pretty hot. This one woman pulled me aside and danced with her back to me.

Her long blond hair moved side to side as she pulled my hands to her hips and slowly ground her tight ass against my front. Moments later I was hard and was grinding against her as my hand massaged her b-size breasts.

I looked over to see Allie dancing with this large black man, her back toward him. My wife wasn't big on black guys but the way she was getting into it, I figured she would stop if she didn't like it.

So I turned my attention back to the blonde in front of me. She turned to face me, pressed her body toward mine, and almost kissed me. She slid down in front of me, her face inches away from my hard cock, then slid back up against me, that soft face pressing hard against me as she slid back up.

We continued dancing against each other barely noticing what else was going on in the club. I turned to see how Allie was doing figuring that she now knew it was a black guy and had gotten rid of him. It surprised me to see her face to face with him. Allie's long black hair went down past her shoulders, and it was then that I saw it.

Allie had one of her hands rubbing his hard on through his pants while he was kissing her neck. Now most of the time we didn't kiss anyone just played a bit but this was distracting me watching this guy put the moves on my wife. The blonde I was dancing with excused herself to go get another drink at the bar.

I turned my attention back to my wife only to see her guide this guys hand under her skirt. Now I knew for a fact that she didn't have any panties on so I knew that this guy was fingering her wet shaved pussy. He must have really gotten her hot to do that, since I knew that was something she normally won't do.

A few minutes of watching my wife and the blonde came back over to me. She had picked up a few shots, so I downed one while she downed another. Her hand pressed rubbed against my hard cock while I squeezed her tit. Moments later she was kissing on my neck while I rubbed in-between her legs. Her tight jeans covered that pussy, but I knew it had to be sopping wet.

"I want to suck it." She mouthed to me. Then she grabbed my hand and led me to a part of the club that was used for storage. Her mouth pressed against mine, our tongues licking against one another all the while she was unzipping my pants.

Seconds later her mouth was sucking the head of my hard 6 1/2 inch cock. Her tongue circled the head while she jerked the shaft. Then I noticed that her other hand was in her pants playing with her pussy.

It was hot, because the closer that she came to cumming, she groaned while sucking me. Her hand was moving feverishly and I saw her pussy, like my wife's was bald. We bucked against each other for minutes and I was so close.

"I'm going to cum." I whispered to her, not knowing what she'd do. She moaned again and I could tell that she was cumming from her pussy convulsing against her skilled fingers. She pressed further down my shaft, taking most of my meat in her mouth. I lost control and felt my cum spurting in her mouth. She moaned louder all the while cumming herself. Spent we finally rested for a moment, smiled, then went back out to the club.

I got another drink and started to look for my wife. After a few minutes of searching, someone told me she left with the black fellow. I didn't mind knowing that she wouldn't go far and was probably having fun just like I did. I hurried to our car figuring she was either waiting on me, or left me a note. I didn't figure on what I was about to see.

It was dark but as I came up to our car I saw that the door was open and she was on top of that black guy, because I saw his legs sticking out from the side.

"You like that don't you?" I heard him ask her.

"Fuck yes, give me that cock." she replied panting.

From the back window I could see her moving up and down on him, her breasts swaying as she rode him. I started to get hard again knowing my wife was having her first black cock. Then for a moment our eyes locked and she saw me, but gave no hint to him.

"I want you to fuck me doggie style" She told him as she got off him. "Come here." I hide behind another car as Ashley and her lover got out. I could see fairly well as they stood by the car, she started massaging his cock. It looked so big in her small hands, I'd say it was probably a good 9 or 10 inches.

She bent down on her knees and started licking her juices off his black cock. "Oh what a slut. You like that pussy juice huh?" he asked her. My wife nodded yes and licked the length of his shaft all the while looking at him in his eyes.

A few minutes later she got up and bent over the hood of our car. Her black hair, draped against the hood of the car all the while she pulled her short skirt up exposing her tight ass for him. Then he came behind her and started playing with her pussy.

"You're fucking wet girl. I'm going to enjoy this." For a few minutes he teased her pussy with 2-3 fingers readying her for his cock. Finally as she was jerking him from behind she grabbed his prick and slowly slid it into her tight pussy.

Now I've seen her take 8 inch dildos before but never that big of a cock. She was groaning slightly as he slid it in inch by inch. She seemed to rest for a moment each time after he slid it further in, adjusting to his size.

"It's so thick." she grunted at him. After he had it almost all in he started fucking her slowly at first, then quickly. He grabbed her tit with one hand and the other he held her hips for balance.

"Fuck yes, I'm going to cum!" she cried after a few minutes.

""You like my big black cock don't you?" he said fucking her harder.

"Yes." she cried out. I knew she was cumming now hard. "Stick it all up in me, now!"

"Your pussy going to handle all my cock bitch?" he asked her, pulling hard on her nipple.

"Force it up there," she cried looking back at him. He kept pumping and it was then I saw himstuffing the last 2 inches up her tight pussy. "That's it." she panted. "So deep."

"I'm fucking you better than you're husband huh?" he asked her.

"Uh huh." she panted. "So much bigger." As soon as she said that she came again, convulsing as he pulled all but 2 inches out of her, and slamming the back in.

"I'm going to cum right in your white married pussy!" he called out. "Fuck you right."

"Yes," she cried out. "Use my pussy. Make me your slut." she panted again. "Fill me full of black cum!" she called out as she grabbed his hips trying to make him fuck her deeper.

"I'm cumming!" He told her as she moaned again.

"Don't stop! I'm almost there!" she told him as it looked as though she was cumming again. It seemed after all the alcohol and fucking her he was starting to get tired himself. Then she took one hand and started rubbing her pussy feverishly as she kept humping his still semi-hard cock.

"Uh...yes...fuck me," she panted looking back at him. "Oh god...I'm cumming." Suddenly she lost control, her pussy spasming as she went limp. He kept fucking her all through her orgasm while she panted and groaned.

She turned to him, French kissed him, and pulled down her skirt. "Thanks lover." she told him pressing against him again.

"Anytime you need some, give me a call." he told her. He then turned, buttoned up and walked off. I went back over to Allie.

"Did you like?" she asked me coyly. A smile escaping her lips. Then she pressed her hand to my crotch and smiled. "I can see you did. I did too." With that she pulled up her skirt and showed me her red lipped gaping pussy. There was already a stream of cum running down her leg.

I think I surprised her as I started to lick the stream of cum upwards, following it to her sopping pussy. She leaned back into the car seat and spread her legs for me. I slowly licked her used pussy, tasting the tangy flavor of his cum.

"Does it taste different hon?" she asked me. "There's a lot of black cum in there that needs eaten out." She moaned as more streamed out and I licked it up. "He filled up my pussy so much. You don't mind if I call him again sometime do you?"

"Not as long as I can watch." I replied to her, rubbing my cock as my tongue tasted her sweet juices.

"Mmmm," she cooed as I licked her. "Well I have been wanting to have my clit licked while being fucked." She half joked as she looked at me. "How about seeing my pussy get fucked up close?"

I kissed her hard on the lips then as her hand slipped down to my cock. She knew my response was a yes and she unzipped me. Moments later my thick cock found it's way to her dripping pussy.

I pounded her for a few minutes until she started talking dirty again. She knew it always got me in the mood.

"You like fucking used pussy?" she asked. " You like how slippery my wet pussy is from all his cum?" she panted as I fucked her. That pussy was so slippery and coated. "Come on, fuck your little slut wife!"

With that I started to spurt, only this time she reached between he legs and squeezed my balls, milking them as she kissed me. That was the beginning of a long hot summer.

Written by: hubbylovesit

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