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A Job for Josephine

by bi_sunshine86©

My name is Josephine, Josie for short. My business is interior design with some minor construction included. Most of my clients are upper middle class to lower upper class people who need their office, or home renovated. I'm used to people looking at me a bit oddly when they first meet me. I'm 5'7" with shoulder length black cherry colored hair. I'm definitely not thin, but I'm not fat either. I have a rather large chest, that gets a lot of attention from my male clients. My eyes are forest green, and my mouth has straight white teeth and full red lips, always ready with a genuine smile. For the most part I think the odd looks come from the fact that I am all girl, and claim to be really good at building and fixing things. I love to wear makeup and pretty clothes, so I do when I first meet clients. But when it's time for the job, I show up in blue jeans and a t-shirt, ready to get dirty. The switch seems to be a shock to most.

My story starts with a new client. He called me one day telling me he had a home office he needed remodelled. I knew he was gonna be trouble the first time I laid eyes on him. I went to his house, to look at the office in question, and my heart sank. The man who opened the door was drop dead gorgeous. He was somewhere near six and a half feet tall with chestnut brown hair and piercing gray eyes. He had broad shoulders that looked like they were solid muscle, and led down to a trim waist. His smile was slow and steady, with a hint of malice in it. I didn't know why, but he made me very uneasy.

After discussing the room and what he wanted done, Mr. V, as he called himself, handed me an envelope. "What's this?"

"It's $10,000. I figure it will secure your business with me for the next few months. I want you working here and only here, until my job is finished. Is this acceptable to you?"

I was a bit stunned. Ten grand was more than I had seen in cash. Ever. "Um. Yeah. Sure. That seems like a fair deal to me" I spluttered. What the hell was I supposed to think. I was just getting ready to tell him that the ten large would pay for the whole job when he interrupted me.

"Very well. There will be another 10,000 when the job is complete. Maybe more if I am pleased. And if I am very pleased, I will let you redo more rooms here."

"Thanks! I will start first thing in the morning. Is there a certain time you want me here, or can I come at any time?"

"Be here whenever you like. Here is a key. I will be conducting most of my business elsewhere for the next several weeks while you work. When I am here you will hardly know it."

I left that afternoon in a considerable amount of shock. I was absolutely thrilled to have all of my bills paid, in cash, for the next few months. Yet, at the same time, I was worried. Something just didn't seem right about the whole thing.

The weeks flew by. I worked from 7 in the morning til about 5 in the afternoon. I learned what times Mr. V was most likely to be home and managed to stay away. During the times he was in the house I had this creeping feeling that I was being watched. I was racing my way through the job as fast as I could without being sloppy, and ruining my reputation. The day before I finished the job was to become one of the best and worst days of my life.

I was putting the finishing touches on the trim in the office when Mr. V appeared in the mirror behind me. "Holy shit! You startled me. How do you always seem to not be there one second, then there the next? You're like a damn ninja."

"Sorry I startled you. I see that you are almost finished, so I thought I would bring you the rest of the money owed you. I haven't got any more jobs planned now, but if it is alright with you, I will call you when I decide another room needs to be decorated."

"Yeah. That's fine. I will be done tomorrow. I will probably be outta your hair by 3 at the latest. Would you like me to leave the key anywhere specific? Or should I leave it in the desk drawer here?"

"The desk drawer is acceptable. Although I am sure I will be calling you again within a few months. You could just keep the key."

"Thank you for this opportunity, and the price you paid for this job. It was all very much appreciated. But I would feel far more comfortable if I just left the key here. It's a liability thing. If anything should turn up missing, I don't want to be blamed. My life depends on this job. I can't risk something like that happening. So I will leave the key in the middle drawer of the desk, and you can just give it to me next time you have some decorating to be done."

"Understandable. It was a pleasure doing business with you, Josephine."

"Please, call me Josie. I look forward to hearing from you again." That last part was part truth, part lie. I loved the money I made. After leaving I discovered another $25,000 in the envelope. The job was really only worth about eight grand total. The shock hit hard and I considered giving it back. But he wanted to pay me $35,000 for the job, so in the end I decided not to argue. I just hoped the next job wasn't any time soon! The man really creeped me out. I felt like he ws always looking at me. And I think sometimes he saw through me.

The next day I was almost finished, when my world turned upside down. It was 2 PM and I was excited at the thought that I would be done an hour earlier than I had originally planned. I put the finishing touch on the couch, a handmade pillow in the deep shade of blue silk Mr. V had chosen. I took a last look at the office and nodded my approval. As I started to turn around, I felt something sharp press into my back.

"Don't move. Screaming won't help, there's no one to hear you. You are going to do as I say, or die."

I was panicking, but at the same time, very calm. My heart was racing, but my breaths were deep and clear. It was almost as if I had expected this from the start. Nobody pays $35,000 for a simple renovation, and doesn't turn out to not be insane! So i did what any smart person would do in my situation. Nothing. I just stood there, with a knife to my back.

"Very wise of you Josephine. I thought long and hard about this. I did a lot of research before i hired you. You are perfect for my plan. Better than any of the others i looked at."

"Whatever it is you want, I'll give it to you. If you want the money back, that's fine. You can have it. I haven't started spending it yet."

"Nonsense, Josie. If I hadn't wanted to pay you, I wouldn't have. If you're a good girl, I may even have some more for you. If you choose to be naughty... well then the money won't matter. You'll be dead."

The only thought that slipped out of my head and through my lips was, "Oh shit." I guess in those two words, Mr. V decided he heard my submission.

"Very good. Shall we begin?" As he said this he removed the knife from my back and told me to turn around.

I was wearing a black skirt and a long sleeved shirt. He looked at my attire and smiled a slow smile that made me shiver.

He ran his hands down my arms. On the way back up he brought the shirt with him. I let it happen. My fear for my life was too great. He slowly, painfully gently, ran his hands over my milky white flesh,causing goose bumps to rise.

After he did this for a few minutes he reached behind me and unfastened my bra. It hit the floor and he kicked it away. The cool air started to make my nipples stiffen. He smiled that slow smile again and leaned forward to lick my left nipple. My mind was in turmoil. I was terrified, but the feel of his rough, warm tongue felt so good. I had been so busy the last few months I hadn't had time for any extracurricular activities.

"Mmm. So soft. You do take care of yourself. I can hardly wait to taste you elsewhere!" He said this last as he looked down my body. Again I shivered.

He spent a few more minutes paying attention to my breasts, making my nipples hard, almost painful little nubs. Despite my fear, my body was betraying me. I could feel the warmth spreading between my legs. At the time I was letting myself think my body knew what was coming and was preparing itself, to make it as painless as possible. Now, I'm not so sure.

When he finished worshipping my breasts, he pulled my skirt up around my waist, and ripped my panties off. Thankfully I'd worn lace that day, or it would have been far more painful. After he did this he gently pushed me backward until my calves hit the leather sofa.

"Sit." So I sat.

He got on his knees in front of me and ran his hand up my right leg, to my thigh. He pushed my knees far apart and grinned. He had found my terrified body's wanton betrayal. He could see my juices glistening between the folds of my lips. I tried in vain to push my legs together, but he was too strong.

"I know, you know, I'm going to rape you. I had planned to work you a bit to get things started, so I don't hurt you too badly. But it looks as though you've done the job for me. Are you going to enjoy this, Josie?"

"I don't believe I will. This is rape. I did NOT ask for this. I do not have any intentions to enjoy it. But I value my life. So please, just get this done, and don't harm me too much."

"Oh, Josephine. I think maybe you will enjoy it. Just maybe. But I am going to fuck you. And I promise not to 'harm' you in any way."

With that, he pushed my legs apart again, and licked his way up my right thigh. He circled all around the outer folds of my lips then went to my left knee and started again. By the time he got up the left leg and back to my, now dripping, pussy, I thought that I could die of mortification. I WAS enjoying it! I felt I'd never forgive my pussy for enjoying such terror.

He slowly licked his way around my pubic mound, getting closer to the center each time. Finally after an eternity he stuck his tongue through the folds and lapped at my juices. I fought the urge to moan. It felt so damned good! But I didn't want this rapist to know I liked it. So I just covered my face with my hands as if I were crying.

He lapped at my hole a few times, then ran his tongue from the hole to my clit, and back. The contact with that tender little nub was almost too much. My body shook violently. Mr. V chuckled, the vibration of his deep voice, resounding through my cunt. He slid one finger into my hole and began a slow rhythm, fucking me with his hand and licking my clit. Despite my insistence that I would never enjoy being raped, I gripped the blue silk pillow and screamed. My vaginal walls clamped down on his finger and I bucked my hips into his face. As the orgasm ripped through my violated body, I grabbed my rapist by the hair shoving his face deeper into my pussy, and screamed.

He ravaged me with his mouth until my violent shaking subsided. When I finally let go of his hair, and lay panting on the sofa, he lifted his head with one last rough lick to my clit.

"You did enjoy that. You're such a delicious little treat. I could stay down there for days. But I won't. Now I want you to switch places with me. Now."

Without hesitation, I slid from the sofa to the floor. Once there I removed my skirt. It had been digging painfully at my waist. As I completed this task, leaving myself completely nude, Mr. V removed all of his clothing. I must admit, his body was incredible. All chiseled lines and hard muscle. And the most beautiful cock I'd ever seen. It didn't meet porn star standards, but it was a solid 7 and a half inches and thick. I wasn't going to tell him I thought this though. He was raping me. Fucking me against my will... well it started out against my will. Now I wanted that amazing piece of art buried inside me. But I was not going to let him know. I was planning to "hate" this whole ordeal.

"Don't think I fully enjoyed that, asshole. Yes, I had an orgasm. That is a natural reaction to the stimulation, though. I hate you and just want this whole thing over with. So if you want me to suck your dick, sit."

"I really don't think you should be telling me what to do. I hold the cards here. I am bigger, faster and stronger than you. I will have my way Josephine. But I like your fire. I bet you can do amazing things with that sour mouth."

With that he settled back on the sofa with his prick pointing straight at me. "Proceed."

I leaned forward and took the member into my hand. My hands aren't small, so it fit, but it still looked daunting. I tested the waters by taking a pensive lick of the shaft. I hated giving head. Slowly I wrapped my mouth around his cock and slid all the way to the base. He seemed slightly surprised by my lack of gag reflex. When I got to the base I increased my suction and pulled back almost to the tip. He groaned his apparent pleasure. If I had to give him head, I was gonna make it good, so my survival was guaranteed. I did this a few times. After maybe the fifth time I rolled my tongue like I was sucking a popsicle from bottom to top. He moaned again and a small drip of pre cum oozed onto my tongue. Oddly, this made me moan as well.

Mr. V bucked his hips once in shock from the vibration, and grabbed my ponytail and pulled me away.

"Oh no! You are not getting away that easily Josie. Making me cum will only prolong your day. I WILL have my cock buried in you before this is done."

It hadn't been my intention to get him off so this would end. Truthfully, if I had been allowed to continue, I'd have probably cum again. But as before, I wasn't giving him the satisfaction.

"Might as well move on." He stood up, took me by the hand and led me to the new rosewood desk by the window. "Turn around and let me look at your sweet rear."

I turned and he pushed me gently forward. Fearing that he planned to take me anally, I gripped the smooth edges of the desk. He reached between my legs and ran his hand along my slit. He dipped one finger in and slid it back and forth. Again my juices were flowing. It was getting harder and harder for me to tell myself it was a natural reaction, and that I hated it. The fear seemed to be adding to the excitement, making the tingle in my pussy stronger.

He withdrew his hand and, at last, put his dick up against my entrance. I was near panting with the need to feel this thing inside me. I knew he could feel my anticipation, and I no longer cared. I needed it. I pushed my ass back a few inches and managed to get the head inside, before he grabbed my hips to stop me.

"Now now, Josie. Slowly. We mustn't rush. Admit it. You want it." He pushed in a little more, then pulled out, making me gasp. I felt empty. "Tell me you want it, Josephine. Tell me." His last words were almost a whisper.

" I don't want it." I looked over my shoulder at the man grasping my hips, with his penis on the verge of impaling me. He looked slightly confused, almost angry. "I need it. If you don't fuck me with that beautiful dick soon, I think I'm going to scream. Please. Fuck me now!"

With one great thrust, he was in me to the hilt. I felt so wonderfully full. His balls slapped my clit with the force. I did scream. But in ecstasy, not pain. He slowly started pumping in and out. Pulling me back by my hips. He didn't have to pull hard though, because I was pushing back with his every thrust. Our momentum picked up to a frenzied pace. We were both panting, and I could feel my next orgasm building in my belly.

"Oh! Oh god! Don't stop I'm gonna cum! Ohhhhh!"

"Vick! Call me Vick. Oh god Josie. Cum for me!"

His name was Vick. Mr. V was Vick. I liked it. "Mmm Vick! Fuck me harder! Don't stop don't stop oh! I'm cumming! Yeeesssss!"

It was one of the strongest orgasms of my life. It tore through me with a force that buckled my knees. If Vick hadn't had a good grip on my waist I'd have gone down. As soon as it passed, Vick pulled out of me. He spun me around and sat me on the edge of the desk. He pushed back into me like his life depended on it. His pace was wild and animal like. I was just coming down from one, but felt the next orgasm building fast.

"Vick!" I screamed, "I'm gonna cum again!"

"Yes! I can feel it. I'm going to cum, too." He moved his right hand from my thigh to my mound, and used his thumb to rub my clit with a fury. "Cum now, Josephine. I'm almost there!"

He didn't have to ask twice. My pussy clenched his dick and I wrapped my legs around his back, digging my heels into his ass, pulling him deeper into me. He leaned down and latched onto my lips. The kiss was incredible. When our tongues met, I felt his dick expand inside me. Then I felt his warm seed spilling into my hot tunnel. We rode this high as long as we could. He finally collapsed on top of me, both of our breaths heaving.

After a few minutes he pushed himself up and slid out of me. "I'm sorry it started this way. But I'm extremely pleased with how it ended."

All I could do was smile up at him. What began as rape, turned into the most intense sex I'd ever had. Needless to say, I've redecorated 3 more rooms in Vick's house. And every day I was there we revisited the office where it all started.

Written by: bi_sunshine86

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