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Another Day in Paradise

by Mikelh©

As their breathing got harder Jason said, "Mom, let me see you touch yourself." He'd been imagining what she looked like as she masturbated for a while. She smiled and called him a 'wicked boy' as she took her bottoms off and put some cream on her fingertips. She reclined on the blanket spreading her legs, exposing herself fully to her son. She closed her eyes and used her left hand to cover and rub her pussy. Her right hand reached into her top and took the nipple between her fingers. As she began to writhe gently, her knees came up and she exposed her clit to one slippery finger. He saw the pink inside her and it reminded him of the color of the open shells at the edge of the shore. She circled and rubbed and tapped her swollen nub in all directions.

Jason was totally turned on by the sight of his mother's body and what she was doing to it but mostly by the look on her face. What made him hardest was the way she said his name as she approached her sweet soft orgasm. It was mostly a long sigh and a smile that lingered as she opened her eyes and saw her son taking pleasure in her. She propped herself on her elbows and looked at his bulge. She said, "Your turn; I can see you're ready."

Jason's dick sprang as he removed his suit. He said, "You do it for me mom."

Janice greased her hand and sat by him taking the long rod in her fist. He closed his eyes and she said, "You know baby, I've never actually seen you come…when you come in me, sometimes it feels like it's shot out of a rocket launcher…now I'm going to see how far it goes for myself…" As she spoke she jerked him harder and faster. He started to moan as his sperm filled balls began to rise. Her words accelerated him, "Yes baby…shoot your big cock…come for momma…come for momma…come for momma."

Janice's fist was a piston and at that point nothing could have stopped the eruption. Her son came fast, hard, and loud as she continued pumping. His yell drowned out her surprised "Wow" as the first cord of cum shot into the air. As she squeezed the last spurt out of him, her laughing registered. "That was amazing Jason; no wonder it feels like it does when you come in me." He hadn't seen it but he certainly felt it.

The sun was going down and they wrapped themselves together in the blanket, rolling around and playing. After a while the kissing became passionate but they went from fire to ice in an instant when they heard a voice say, "You fucking shits, you thought you were so smart." They looked up at Carl and two other men coming out from behind a dune.

The warrant turned up the Rolex. Jason was smart enough to get rid of the contact lenses, gun, and clothing but not the watch. Carl had recognized Jason's cough, put the plot together and went to the police. Throughout the trials Jason shook his head and muttered, "My fucking cough?"

Mother and son were charged and tried separately with conspiracy, armed robbery, unlawful detention, fraud, and a slew of other charges. In addition, Janice was charged with forcible incest on her son. Most of the charges didn't stick even though Carl had pictures from his investigator. The gun, which was never loaded, of course was never found and there were enough 'my words against yours' to muddle the outcome. Jason ended up with probation and Janice was sentenced to nine months mostly because the books she had 'cooked' were for a corporation and not her husband's personal money.

Within a few months, Jason had violated his probation; he wasn't caught. He falsely applied for conjugal visitations with Janice, as her husband, and was granted them. The first time he went through the prison gate he broke out in a cold sweat; he thought they might never let him out. When he entered the sterile room after being searched and saw his mother's face, it made it all worthwhile. She looked worn but still had a smile when she saw him. As he came to her arms, she said, "Fuck it all honey, we have each other."

They say that comedy is tragedy plus time. They would laugh about a lot of what happened and all that they went through much later. They would tell each other the story over and over...when it was history. They always agreed about that first conjugal visit; it was as sweet a memory as they had.

He touched her then for the first time in seven weeks. He put his hand inside her denim shirt and felt her breasts and nipples. His mother's big tit seemed heavier than usual. He said with a bit of alarm, "Oh mom your not…?"

She looked at him strangely and said "Not what?"

"Pregnant…?" he asked.

She laughed when she understood. "No…I've just been eating like a pig in here while waiting to get out."

He liked the few extra pounds on her and he could see her rounded-out curves when all her clothes were off. They got on the cot and talked about all the things they would do when she got out. They touched as they talked. They warmed as they touched. Her son's cock began to throb as it thickened. She ran her fingers lightly up and down the shaft. For him it was sometimes more torture than pleasure when she played with him that way: running her nails…flicking her tongue on whatever it could reach. This was one of those times. All he could think of was being inside her…inside that place his lips were kissing…inside that place his hand was touching…inside that place his finger was probing.

She didn't make him wait long. She joked "Since you came here as my husband, I should do my wifely duties" She took the knob of her son's cock into her mouth and sucked hard as her tongue ran around the rim. One hand cupped him as the other hand stroked him. He watched her in awe of what she could do to him. His cock expanded to its full width filling her mouth. He moved gently counter to her and more of his thick shaft approached her throat. She did him slowly to keep him hard for her other holes. When she finally drew back and came off him, his cock dripped with her saliva.

Janice got on her son and positioned her smooth opening over his rigid pole. She eased herself down on it slowly; knowing from experience the depths it could reach. The more of him she took into her pussy, the more her increasing moans excited him. Soon she was impaled and when his tip hit her spot, she gave an involuntary shudder. She tossed her head back and gyrated, keeping his cock moving along the walls of her stuffed channel.

She slowed to savor the feeling of the way he filled her. She looked down at her son as he delighted in touching her breasts and nipples and told him, "I thought about this everyday for weeks…having your hardness up inside me…I wonder how many mother's would do this if they knew…oh honey…you'll always want to do this to me…won't you…won't you baby?"

"Yes mom…always…anyone would want this with a mother as beautiful as you…with a pussy as beautiful as yours…" They both began to move in concert as they raised each other to a higher pitch.

"Did you save your sweet cum for your mother baby?"

He laughed, "You never have to worry about me not having enough for you mom."

She laughed too. "I know baby…I'm always amazed by the way you come…I love the feel of that first shot exploding in me." She leaned over and began fervently kissing her son. Their mouths sucked and licked as their tongues played. They continued until they were breathless. She bit on his ear and urgently told him, I want you in my ass baby…now…I want to feel that big hard cock stuffed into your momma's asshole…I want to feel it when you give me that hot cum of yours…deep in my ass… so deep in your momma's…"

Before she could finish he had turned her and then put her on hands and knees. She was trembling as he opened her asshole with his thumbs. His cock was so hard he could direct it to her waiting hole without touching it. He grabbed her hips and pushed in. His mother responded with a squeal but encouraged him with, "More baby…more…more." He pushed deeper into his mother's hot alley that clamped and squeezed his wide cock. Her asshole was stretched to the limit. It was so tight around him; he began to imagine what it must be like for his mother to have that thick pole shoved so far up her ass. She squirmed but reached back to pull him even deeper into her.

By the time she finally said, "No more baby…no more…it's too much," he had his whole cock in her. They began fucking and each stroke was a velvet spear to the mother and a gloved hand to the son. They fucked each other to the brink of the precipice and went over together. His first shot was what she wanted, an explosive bullet of hot cum that filled her ass; so was his second. He continued until they were both shaking and his cream leaked as a soothing lotion from his mother's tender asshole. As he emptied her of his cock, she welcomed the feel of his coating balm on her inflamed membranes. They held each other in a satisfied silence for hours.

When Janice got out, they moved south and ended up in Saint Simons Island where they had jobs waiting and a beach nearby. The first year they hardly saw the beach. They both worked overtime and really wanted nothing more than to live a fairly simple and 'normal' life, together. That was the plan.

You know about plans. The jobs they got were through someone Janice had met when she was 'in'. They were at a high-end men's club. When you came down to it, a 'titty bar'. They both worked behind the scenes. Janice did office work and Jason drove big spenders, who were called 'whales', to and from the club and any other job that Bill, the owner, had for him. At first Janice was a bit concerned what Jason's reaction to all the 'young' bodies would be but she needn't have worried. He treated a few of the sweet ones as friends, and ignored the 'druggies' and the others. He wasn't interested because he felt he had the best.

The problems came early on when they found themselves short on funds. The club catered to a large clientele but had a reputation for after-hours activities. They called them "Fetish Nights"; they were very lucrative. They would cater to that group of men that had a particular inclination on different nights. Sometimes it was the younger looking girls dressed as 'Teenies', sometimes it was 'Women on Women'; once, it was 'Shepherd's Night'. When Jason first heard about it, his first thought was, "What's exciting about men dressed up in robes and sandals?" Then he realized the kind of 'shepherd' they were talking about and laughed at his own naiveté.

When Bill approached him about one of the special nights, Jason was interested, although later he felt that he should have known better when Bill told him the stupid title of what he had in mind: "The Old meets the New- Starting the new Year off with a bang." Jason and Janice's May-December romance made them a natural for the event. It would really have spiced things up if anyone knew they were actually mother and son.

When they talked about it, they figured that all the money they could make would go a long way. After many misgivings, they decided to do it. They talked about shutting out the spectators in their minds and just making love. It was easier said than done. When it was their time to 'perform', they were on what basically was a large padded table. About twenty-five men surrounded them as they mounted their 'stage'. Jason was bare-chested already and Janice had on the usual nylons, heels, and lingerie but she looked unusually good. The men hooted appreciatively.

Music started and so did they. They kissed and Jason exposed his mother's full breasts and rouged nipples. Janice kept her eyes closed as much as possible even though Bill had told her to smile at the men. When only her nylons and heels remained on, she couldn't block out all the remarks about her 'tits and ass'.

When Jason's cock came out, the men clapped and when he stood before his kneeling mother and she took the head into her mouth, he relaxed a bit. Even in front of a crowd, her knowledge of how to suck her son hardened him quickly and fully. She held his cock with both hands and stroked. She licked and blew his cock into a throbbing rod. She took one of his balls in her mouth and then ran her tongue all over both of them.

Janice's round upturned ass proved to be too much of a temptation for one guy who reached out and touched it. She was jolted and everything stopped as the bouncer escorted the man, none too gently, from the room. After the proper admonitions, Jason and Janice were able to regain their composure and get back into it.

Janice had lubricated herself beforehand in case she was nervous but her son's attention to her pussy started her own juices flowing. He licked his mother's pussy with the tricks his tongue had learned from her and she responded with small shudders. When he entered her, she was ready as she always was for him. Bill had told her to make as many 'noises' as she could for the crowd but she didn't have to put it on. It felt good when her son's cock filled her and she moaned as she always did when he'd thrust his fullness slowly into the depths of her pussy.

They fucked in three different positions and then he approached her from behind. His mother's ass was greased and waiting for his entry. The remarks began getting to him as he pumped his mother's ass. He stayed hard because her ass held him so tightly and squeezed mercilessly as he stroked her. At times he would pull completely out of her and to the delight of the men around, the small hole didn't close immediately. She was carried away and her waiting pucker was relaxed as it was for her son at home.

Jason now just wanted it to be over. He wanted to get his mother out of there and protect her from the leering eyes and shouting. He pumped her hard to bring himself to orgasm. His first jet exploded inside his mother's ass but he was told he had to give the crowd their 'money' shot. He pulled his cock out and jerked the remaining cum onto his mother's back and ass. When Janice felt him come, she faked an orgasm. It didn't fool Jason but the crowd appreciated it. He would make it up to her later. As he massaged his cum all over his mother's body, it reminded him of their first time on the beach.

The customers had got their money's worth but the price was too high for Jason; he would never do it again. When they got home, Jason's eyes were filled as he apologized to his mother. She kissed him with a small smile and said, "You loved me, how could that be bad?" All night she answered his remorse the same way, "You loved me…that's all…you loved me."

By morning, He was gently inside her again, holding her close, embracing and kissing her with whisper touches, moving slowly in her and lingering as her velvet hands stroked his back and ass until they came. They both had unusually soft and quiet culminations with the long, deep entries of her son causing longer, deeper sighs.

They stayed in bed most of the morning talking and holding each other. Janice told him as she touched him, "I love that you're mine and you want me. I know there are a lot of pretty girls out there but you're here with me and I'm glad. You know baby…the first time I saw how big you were when you got hard I was a little afraid…you filled me so completely…but it felt so good…" She laughed, "But the first time I knew you were going to have anal sex with me…I was very afraid…I still can't imagine how that big thing of yours gets all the way in without splitting me…but it does and I've gotten to like it …a lot."

He drew her to him and stroked over the rounded globes behind her. "You probably think I'm just saying this now mom, but I think you have the most beautiful ass I ever saw."

She laughed again and said, "You must if the number of times you've been in it is any indication." He laughed also and began kissing her with the passion his swelling cock couldn't hide. He toyed with her pussy from behind and then placed his finger on the hole he wanted. He inserted it past the anal ring that usually cinctured tightly around his cock.

They were on their sides facing each other and Janice reached around to do to her son what he was doing to her. Her finger found entry and they both probed as they kissed. He rolled over on top her and spread his mother's legs by her ankles. Janice didn't want him to stop to get a lubricant so she put her saliva on the tips of her fingers and transferred it to the tip of her son's swollen cock.

It was the first time she tried to take him in without being well greased. The saliva eased the initial insertion past the tight opening but he had to press hard to force the big cock deeper into her ass. Her asshole felt like it was on fire. She knew she would be sore after he was done but she didn't care; she had her son where she wanted him. He was fucking his mother the way she had always wanted to be fucked – with love. It didn't matter if he was in her mouth, in her pussy, or in her ass. It didn't matter how sore he could make her; he loved her.

Jason let go of one of his mother's legs and went to her clit. She grabbed her calf and kept her legs spread to keep her hole as open as possible as he pushed deeper into the hot grasping channel that was resisting his entry. Jason took some juice from his mother's pussy and put it on the shaft when he drew it back. Janice was now completely opened and yielding to her son's forceful advances. Janice knew how much he liked taking her that way and she told him how good it felt, "Yes honey…give me your cock…give momma all of your cock…I love it when you're in me like this…I love giving you what you want…all of me…every inch of me filled with you…nothing better…nothing better than my baby fucking me like this…"As he got excited and speared her more quickly, he could almost feel her clit swelling as it engorged with blood.

He waited for his mother and held himself back as she came closer to the edge. When he finally heard the sweet words, "Baby…oh…I'm coming…come with me… Jason…come in me…fuck…OH…" He let go. The initial discharge was a bolt of cum that felt like a projectile to her. She made pleasurable sounds as each subsequent hard spurt filled her with her son's soothing cream. As he continued rubbing his mother's sensitive nub, a second eruptive orgasm surprised Janice. She felt her insides explode and experienced an unusual release of her own fluids as her son's slippery cock continued to release the last seeds of love into his mother. What she said when they were done was, "Oh my God…what was that?" They both released a satisfied and exhausted laugh.

Neither of them wanted to move from bed even when they had recovered sufficient strength. Janice turned on the radio and they listened to a program that was playing Miles Davis. They talked about dreams, wishes, and plans as they often did holding each other after sex.

Janice confided that when he was in her, sometimes she fantasized that they were high school sweethearts and got married so that she could be pregnant with his child. He told her it was a lovely fantasy and that she was his high school sweetheart because he'd loved her since then - as a woman as much as a mother. They talked of exotic beaches and foreign cities that would probably be out of reach for years but the sweetness of the words lingered on their tongues.

Janice asked him to tell her what they would do on 'their island' and he described a perfect day in paradise from breakfast served to them in bed to the midnight swim on a deserted white sand beach. He told her how the moon would make her bare breasts the color of pearls and how he would love her.

As he spoke, she bent over to take him in her mouth. He lightly ran his fingers over her breasts as she began to raise and lower her head over his cock. He loved to watch her nipples become long and rubbery as she sucked. He marveled at how much of his big cock his mother could take to the back of her throat before drawing back with her soft lips tightly encircling his full girth. Janice tasted the sample of cum that oozed on her tongue and anticipated the full expression of his desire for her. She sucked her son with a passionate urge to please him and to hear him tell her how good it felt when he came in her mouth.

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