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The Black Bears Ch. 01

by gimmie_your_load©

"Well, I think that's it, we're going to have to call for another bus." Said the bus driver to Coach Daniels.

"Shit..." muttered the coach under his breath, "this time of night, in this rain? It will take them hours to get here " When the driver just shrugged in response, and closed up the engine of the bus, Coach Daniels shook his head in disgust and headed back on board to break the bad news to its passengers.

The atmosphere on board the bus was one of silent tension. The Black Bears university basketball team had lost badly in their tournament over the weekend, and everyone's spirts, so high on the trip to the tournament, were subdued and sullen on the return trip. The boys sat in small cliques throughout the bus, talking quietly, playing cards, or sleeping. The cheerleaders all sat up front, away from the guys. They were also very upset, as heckling fans had thrown garbage at them while they cheered. The bus was a powder keg of resentment as the coach cleared his throat and asked for their attention.

"Well guys... and gals, I have bad news. This bus isn't going any further tonight." He explained. He raised his hands in a calming gesture in an attempt to quell the groans and protests of the team.

"Listen, there is nothing more we can do at the moment, we're on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere. We've called for another bus to come get us, but it will be several hours before he can get here. In the mean time, we have the bathroom in the back, and lots of water and snacks. Everyone just stay calm, and we'll wait it out." With that the coach moved back to the front of the bus to talk to the driver.

The tone on the bus, where before it had been silently sullen, was now boisterous and belligerent. Both the cheerleaders and the team members cursed their fates and complained to one another. As soon as the talking started up, arguments about the tournament broke out, with players blaming one another for failures on the court. Although still under control, the bus was quickly escalating into a verbal war zone.

In the very back of the bus were two people who weren't arguing. Joe was a freshman, and the new point guard on the team, recruited by the university on a basketball scholarship. Although not yet a starter, Joe saw quite a few minutes on the court, and was considered a talented rising star. Next to him sat his girlfriend, Lucia. She was neither part of the team, nor a cheerleader, but simply along for the ride. Although normally girlfriends were not allowed to accompany teams on road trips, an exception was always made for Lucia, whose father sat on the university's board of governors. When it came to school issues, what Lucia wanted, Lucia got.

Lucia would not be confused for a cheerleader. While she maintained a toned look, her voluptuous curves were not in keeping with the thin and agile builds of the average cheerleader. Lucia had a very ample chest, 36 D in bra size, sometimes DD depending on the brand. Her breasts, although huge, were not saggy, but rather perfect in their creamy roundness. She made a point of wearing tight sweaters, tank tops, and halters to show off her chest and distract from her lower half. She was very self conscious about her butt and thighs, but while she held them in low opinion, the majority of men would disagree. Her rump was well rounded, and complimented nicely her very tiny waist, giving her a wonderful hourglass figure.

In contrast to Lucia's physical attributes was an unmistakable air of confidence and superiority. Having been born into money, Lucia had a sense of entitlement that often alienated those around her. She was prone to disregarding those she felt were beneath her; for example, the aforementioned cheerleaders. Bad blood existed between her and the blonde bimbos, and as a result, the majority of the bus passengers were unhappy that she was along. Some even blamed her for bringing the "bad luck" that had caused their defeat.

While Lucia's superior attitude sometimes alienated others, it also gave her a sexy "je ne sais quoi" quality that many men found irresistible. Although she was a senior, Lucia often dated freshmen, and Joe was only her most recent. There were wild rumours about her behaviour at parties on occasion, and it was well known that she had used her curves to pick up more than a few young men at the bars. While this bred even more hatred among many women at the school for her, it only added to the intrigue of her allure to men.

Lucia's temptations were not limited just to the young men of the campus. Many of the staff had also heard the rumours about her, and it was said that she had availed herself of what the male faculty had to offer as well. While most ignored such hearsay, many of the professors disapproved of her reputation. Coach Daniels had heard all the rumours, and publicly decried her actions among his peers. Since his hands were tied and he was forced to bring her along on team trips, he preferred to simply ignore her, and affect an air of cold disassociation. In private, however, the coach found himself unable to stop thinking about Lucia. He would often secretly sequester himself in his office and rub his engorged member while thinking about all the dirty things Lucia had done. The fact that he was divorced and had gone months without sex only aggravated matters, and the coach found himself sexually obsessed with the 23 year old slut.

In the back seat of the bus, Lucia was curled up to her young 18 year old lover. Her head rested on his shoulder, eyes closed, while her hand, just inside the bottom of his shirt, unconsciously twirled the hairs of his treasure trail. Joe moaned softly as her teasing fingers traced light circles and designs on him, so near, yet not touching his manhood. While relatively small in stature at 5'8 , Joe packed a surprisingly large tool in the front of his pants, and as Lucia teased he felt blood rush to the area. A noticeable bulge began to grow in the front of his track pants, his cock expanding upwards towards Lucia's fingertips. As she grazed over the head, she became aware of the results of her caress, and a shudder seemed to shake her back to reality.

With a moan, Lucia leaned her soft, full lips in to Joe's ear. "I'm going to suck you off honey." she breathed softly to him; more of a statement than a request.

"Oh yes girl, suck me good." was Joe's reply, with a low growl.

Seated in the rearmost seats of the bus, next to the bathroom, Lucia and Joe had three seats between the two of them. Joe was seated nearest to the window, with Lucia next to him in the middle seat. As she slowly leaned down towards his lap, all that was visible over the seats in front of them was Joe's head. Although they could certainly get caught if anyone was paying attention, there was no one seated in the rows directly in front of them, and the other passengers seemed occupied with their various conversations and card games. Lucia lifted Joe's shirt gently away from his pants, and paused to kiss his stomach, and let him feel her hot breath on his skin.

"Fuck baby you're such a tease, get that dick in your mouth already." Joe muttered under his breath.

Glancing up into his eyes, Lucia responded "Whatever you say sexy."

Without any further delay, Lucia pulled down the flexible waistband of Joe's track pants, and allowed him to lift his ass just enough to shimmy the pants halfway down his thighs. Joe's hardening cock sprang out willingly, and Lucia's nostrils filled with the musky scent of his slightly sweaty balls. Joe's cock was slightly pale, with a head the same colour as his shaft. His cock twitched slightly as he felt her plant her first kiss on him, just below the crown, on the underside of his shaft. Lucia placed one hand on his swollen balls, seemingly filled to the point of overflowing, and juggled them lightly as he continued to gently make out with his cock. Joe had not cum in several days, and moaned softly as he felt Lucia's plump lips moisten his shaft.

Impatient, Joe reached down and grasped his cock by the base, and began to slap it softly on Lucia's cheek. With a big smile on he face, Lucia glanced up out of the corner of her eye and giggled with delight. The expression on Joe's face was all business, as he used his free hand to grasp a handful of Lucia's hair, and guided her head first up, and then, her mouth open and drooling, down onto his thick cock. Joe let out an involuntary groan as he felt his cock slide into her warm cavern, and on his hand, still gripping the base of his cock, he felt a rush of saliva run down his shaft. Pushing down with his hand on her head, Joe guided Lucia's mouth down to the very bottom of his cock, his thick head entering her throat as he did so.

Lucia gagged mildly, as her throat expanded to allow Joe's cock head entrance. She swallowed repeatedly, her throat muscles contracting just below his cock head, around the sensitive rim of the crown. Allowing herself to gag freely, Lucia left her lips nice and loose so that saliva would flow freely down to lubricate Joe's shaft. She moaned as he felt Joe's hips begin to buck slightly, and she began her patented deep throat-fucking technique. Keeping Joe very deep in her mouth, Lucia bobbed her head up and down only about a half an inch, just enough to removed the cock from her airway and take in a brief breath of air. Although hard on her lungs, she could keep this up for several minutes, and the intensity of the motion generally guaranteed her partner would not last long under the onslaught.

Joe, as it turned out, was no exception to the rule. As his breathing became more rapid, Joe's eyes wandered away from the godess engulfing his manhood. Glancing up to make sure no one was noticing his ecstacy, Joe was shocked to see the team captain, Mike, only three feet away, staring wide eyed at the scene before him. Here was Joe, pants at his knees, raging hard on deep in his girlfriend's throat, bucking away with abandon as she gagged on his hard cock, all in plain sight of his teammate. As Joe began to stutter an explanation, a protest, anything, he suddenly found himself pushed over the edge by Lucia's ferocious fucking of his cock with her throat muscles. Abandoning any attempt to warn Lucia, or shoo away Mike, Joe threw back his head, closed his eyes, and let out a long, low moan that would surely be heard by a few of the other passengers.

"Holy shit." Mike murmured, scarcely able to speak above a whisper as his breath caught in his throat. "Holy SHIT " he repeated, staring slack-jawed as he saw Lucia's throat contract repeatedly as she swallowed down gulp after gulp of Joe's load.

Joe's whole body seemed to shudder as he drained the contents of his overflowing balls into Lucia's throat while she swallowed voraciously. As he began to regain his coherence, he recalled what he had last seen before he had blacked out. Opening his eyes, Joe discovered that Mike hadn't gone away, and that rather than a look of shock, his face now wore a wide and mischievous grin. Before Joe could shoo Mike away, the older boy made an announcement to the players sitting in the nearby seats.

"Check out Lucy the Lips back here guys! Joe-Joe is getting his fucking rocks off!" Mike said with a chuckle. Immediately a half dozen heads whipped around in the occupied rows at the back of the bus.

As Joe began to desperately attempt to pull up his pants to cover his quickly softening shame, his found himself blocked by Lucia, who seemed reluctant to remove her lips from where they suckled on his shaft. Pushing on her head, Joe managed to dislodge Lucia, and the unexpected maneuver cause her to spill a small amount of cum she had been swirling in her mouth onto the floor of the bus. Blushing now, Lucia's eyes edged upwards from the floor, pausing only briefly to take in the bulge in the front of Mike's jeans, before locking with his own gaze.

"Jesus Joey!" Mike exclaimed. "You overflowed her mouth! What they hell have you been drinking to build up that kind of load?"

Mike's comments were met by a chorus of laughter from the boys watching, and Joe's cheeks burned with embarrassment. Looking back down to where Lucia was still resting on Joe's lap, Mike followed the line of her gaze down and across, straight to his own crotch. Shaking his head in amazement, he demanded:

"God woman, are you still thirsty? From the looks of it you've already swallowed a whole lake!" He went on. "If you're that interested, I'd be more than happy to feed you." Mike grabbed his crotch with his right hand and winked at Lucia to emphasize his point.

Bordering on a dangerous line between lust and rage at the way Mike was talking to her, Lucia found herself at a crossroads. Truth be told, her stomach felt a little sour from the massive load Joe had pumped into her empty stomach; and yet she could not tear her eyes away from Mike's package. Without even thinking about it, she turned her head and looked up at Joe, as if seeking his approval or support.

Joe was mortified. Although generally a confident, athletic alpha-male, Joe was relatively sexually inexperienced, and he was unprepared to be caught by the older boys in the midst of an intimate moment. Although he loved using Lucia's mouth in public, he had never given any thought to what he would do if they were ever actually caught. Looking down at Lucia, and pointedly avoiding Mike's stare, Joe could only shrug his consent to her unasked question.

With a small smile of gratitude, Lucia twisted her head back around to face Mike, and sat up. She straightened herself, and seemed to regain her dignity even as she reached up to wipe a string of cum that dangled from her lip. Pushing out her chest and squaring her shoulders, Lucia returned Mike's quizzical look with one of imperious judgement. Eying the tall, slender Team Captain up and down, Lucia nodded her head, as if to say to herself "He'll do." She stood up, and as she took a pace forward Mike took an involuntary one back. Realizing that his peers were watching, Mike quickly overcame his sudden moment of uncertainty, and set his chin defiantly. If Lucia was making an attempt to embarrass him, Mike wasn't going to make success easy for her.

"Dinner is served, come and get it." Mike said, more quietly than his previous announcements. He fixed his gaze squarely on Lucia's eyes as she sauntered forward slowly, till she stood nearly nose to nose with him as she looked up to match his eye contact.

To be continued...

Written by: gimmie_your_load

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