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Wife's First Black Cock

by dateingagain©

We had just been stationed back to Germany and were staying in temporary married quarters. There wasn't much to do as far as entertainment, especially since it was hard to find child care. There was a TV set in the room, but good old AFN only had one channel, so we spent a lot of time in the shared kitchen area after the kids were in bed.

We met a few interesting folks there, in particular a black couple that shared some of our interests. My wife was very friendly with them.

About two days later an unaccompanied black soldier arrived and moved in the room across from ours and he struck up a friendship with the black couple and my wife. As I often would stay in the room preparing my uniform for the next day and watching the kids, they socialize quite a lot without me.

A couple days later my wife told me she had been invited to play cards with her friends and the fellow across the hall, I asked where the card game was and she said it was across the hall in his room.

I said that I was alright with her playing cards with them and to have fun. It wasn't late so I took care of the kids and a couple of times my wife came over to check on them.

I asked if she was having fun and she told me that they were really having a good time playing cards and joking around.

Later that evening, I had put the kids to bed and had just finished my shower and was in the bathroom putting my underwear on, when my wife came rushing in the room and called out my name.

I told her I was in the bathroom and she came in and asked what I was doing, I told her I had just finished my shower.

She looked at me kinda funny and asked "Did you play with yourself?"

I told her that I had not, and she said "Good."

I asked her why she wanted to know if I had jerked off in the shower and she got a big grin on her face and reached in her jeans pocket and pulled out a pair of black panties and showed them to me.

She then lowered the zipper and pulled open the top of her jeans exposing the hair at the top of her pussy and said "See no panties."

I asked her why she had taken off her panties, "Did you wet yourself laughing?"

She said "No silly, I did it!"

I played along with her cryptic explanation and asked her "What did you do?"

She then looked at me and said "I fucked him, I fucked a black man!"

I think I said something like "Wow," and then she took my hand and pulled me into the bedroom.

She was saying "Hurry, if you want to have the freshest just fucked pussy you've ever had," because not five minutes ago, his black cock was filling my pussy with his sperm.

My cock went from rest to attention in about two seconds.

I stripped off my underwear as she was pulling off her jeans and she pushed me back on the bed, climbed over me and placed her soaking wet pussy down on top of my cock and began to slide her pussy up and down on my cock.

She looked me in the eyes and asked me "Am I wet enough?"

All I could say was a resounding "YES."

She continued to slide up and down for a moment more and then paused and asked me "Are you ready?"

I just nodded and she arched her back and my cock lined up with her pussy hole and in one motion, I slid inside of her just fucked, wet pussy.

Her pussy has always felt good when she comes home from a date full of her lovers sperm, but this time it was so fresh and warm, the feeling was indescribable. Also knowing that she had just fucked a black man really added to my excitement.

His sperm didn't have much of a chance to escape as she told me later that as soon as he came in her, he pulled out and she jumped into her jeans, sans panties, telling him she had better get back so her husband didn't worry about her.

It felt like I had just put my cock into a pool of liquid fire, her pussy was so open, it felt like I had...lets just say, it was the best her pussy ever felt up to this point.

She then just pushed down on my cock allowing me to savor the moment, and asked me "Are you proud of me?"

I asked her what she meant and she replied "Well, I just fucked my first black cock!"

I told her yes that I was proud of her, and asked if she had enjoyed it, she said she did, then she resumed a slow sensuous fuck.

As we were fucking she asked me "How does it feel, fucking your wife's pussy, knowing that I was just fucked by a black man, and I am full of his sperm?"

Well, I told her that it felt really, really good and I was glad she had done it.

I tell you, I was so excited that it took me less than 5 minutes to come in my wife's pussy, what an incredible orgasm I had. She loves it when I fuck her after her dates, she knows she will always get a big load from me. But this time it was like a volcanic eruption.

She just pushed down on my cock as I began to come and purred and said "I love it when you fill my naughty pussy full of your sperm."

This all happened so fast we didn't have a chance for her to tell me what happened, so after I grew soft and pulled out of her, I got a look at her pussy. Her pussy lips were engorged, red and wide open, and I watched as our sperm oozed from her hole onto the bed sheets.

We then laid down side by side and I put my arm under her head and she snuggled up close to me and asked me if I wanted to know how it happened. I told her that of course I wanted to know, so she began to tell me her story.

She began to tell me that over the course of a few days of socializing with him she found he was a nice guy and that she was maybe a little bit attracted to him. She guessed that subconsciously she wondered what it would be like to fuck him.

So when she was invited to play cards with him, she jumped at the chance to be close to him. She intentionally did not invite me to come play, so that there were only four people in the game. She made sure she was his partner so she could sit close to him.

As the night wore on, she told me that we had all been laughing and teasing during the card game, leading way to a little sexual innuendo here and there between my wife and him. She said there was a little footsie here a little touch there and lots of flirting going on.

After a couple of hours, the other couple got up to leave, and the other wife said to my wife, "Looks like you guys want to be alone." My wife just looked at her and winked.

My wife went on to tell me that as soon as the door closed she went up to him and began to kiss him, he immediately responded by pulling her close and running his hands over her body. She said they continued to make out and she felt his cock begin to get hard against her.

She then reached down and felt his cock through his pants and said "I want that." She then stripped off her jeans and panties and laid on the bed, he followed by removing his clothes.

This was the first time she had seen a black cock and she said she had thoughts of how it was taboo for a white woman to fuck a black man, let alone a married white woman. She said it really did add to the excitement of fucking him.

They then laid together on his bed and fondled each other for a short time, and she said to him "We have to make this quick, my husband is waiting for me."

So she laid back, opened her legs and he climbed on top, she raised up on her elbows to get a good view as she watched his black cock sliding into her white, married pussy. She said it was incredibly erotic, sexy and taboo all at the same time watching his black cock fuck her pussy. She then laid back and they began to fuck in earnest, she remembers how good it felt as it had been around six months since she had fucked another man, and here she was fucking a black man.

She said he was very energetic and he lasted maybe ten minutes. She assumed it had been some time since he had fucked anyone, cause she said when he came in her, she said he kept pumping his sperm in her for what seemed forever.

At this point I must tell you, my wife says that one of her favorite parts of fucking other men is when they come in her pussy. She loves the feeling of their cocks growing and pulsing inside of her, squirting her pussy full of their sperm.

She also loves knowing that when she gets home, I am going to be so excited sliding my cock into her naughty pussy, feeling her lovers sperm surrounding my cock.

She laid there feeling her pussy being filled with his sperm, thinking how happy I was going to be when I find out she just got fucked. She then got up and quickly got dressed.

She paused a moment at the door and asked if he would like to fuck her again the next morning after the kids went to school? He said he would love to and she told him to come over to our room about 9:30 am. She told him, that way we would have a couple hours to fuck and play around.

She then left his room and walked the few steps to our room.

By this time my cock had recovered and she spread her legs and I entered her pussy in one thrust.

I was in heaven, and I told her so.

She remarked by saying "I guess you like knowing your wife just fucked a black cock!"

After I shot another load of sperm in her, we relaxed and after a bit, we got up to shower.

When she got up she looked at the bed sheets and told me to look at the wet spot on the sheets. I looked down and there was a huge wet area where her butt had been.

She remarked as to how much there was and said "I hope there is more tomorrow morning after he leaves, and you come home for your desert."

Unfortunately I got stuck at my office and couldn't make it home for lunch, but I can tell you, there was a nice sized pool of dried sperm and pussy juice on the sheet, where she had fucked him that morning, but I had to wait till the kids went to sleep before I could fuck my wife. It wasn't as wet as last night, but it sure was good, I really liked this new chapter of my wife's dating days.

As a foot note, we stayed there for six years and there were many more men and many more stories. I was a happy man.

Written by: dateingagain

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