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My Sister, My Roommate

by Shadow_chaser©

I have been unemployed for 2 months now. Broke and borrowed nearly $1500 from my current roommate to pay my bills. My sister came over one evening. I was home alone. She offered to buy me dinner. I took her up on it. We went out to a nice steakhouse and she offered to let me move into her place and live for free will I got a new job.

She said there would be conditions though, that I had to keep the inside clean, and have dinner ready when she got off work each day, and I had to keep up with our laundry. I didn't have much of a choice and besides it wasn't that much work. I agreed but told her I owed my current roommate $1500. She said she would pay him back for me, and she said she would pay my cell phone bill and car insurance and put gas in my car for me too as I needed it.

I went back to her place that night to spend the night there. She had a huge room, huge bed, offered to let me sleep in her bed. I showered, we watched a movie, and we went to bed. She got up early the next morning to work. I got up with her, she handed me a key to the house and said to move my stuff in today and use her closet and her dresser. She said she would call me where to meet her for lunch today too and handed me $1500.

I went back to my place, paid off my roommate, and began packing. Met my sister for lunch, let her know how everything was going and asked her about where I would be sleeping in her house. She had 5 bedrooms, it was a he house and her room was the size of 4 rooms. She told me I would be sleeping in her bed with her. I really didn't mind since she was extremely hot, but I couldn't help to ask her why.

She had just gotten out of a 5 year relationship and was used to having a guy around, and sleeping with one. I was filling that void for her she told me. I smiled and said I can do that. She went back to work, I went back to finish moving.

That night, I finished moving in as she was getting home. She took me out to dinner again to another steakhouse and told me this weekend we were going shopping for food, to get me some new clothes, and a haircut. It was Friday night. She took me out to a movie after we ate. I didn't mind since I was totally broke and had no job, plus I always got along good with my sisters, especially this one since she was so beautiful.

We went to the movies; she had her arm wrapped around mine as we were walking. Luckily hardly anyone if anybody knew we were brother and sister. I didn't socialize with her around her friends much, and my friends never met her or saw a picture of her. She bought us soft drinks and we went and watched the movie. It was nice, we have the same taste movies and television at least, and food as well. We went home, and went to sleep shortly thereafter.

Next morning, we got up, and finished unpacking my stuff from the boxes. She was only wearing a thong and a t-shirt. Nipples were poking through easily. I couldn't help but stare periodically, they looked so delicious, and her ass was so perfect. She busted me several times staring. She finally told me she didn't mind if I checked her out or stared at her body. I reminded her that we are siblings and all, but she said we were just looking at each other and not doing anything.

I asked her if she had been checking me out too, and she said yeah I had a nice ass and a nice package. I told her I am in love with her tits and ass. She just smiled at me, and we continued unpacking.

After we finished, we went in the living room and started talking. I asked her about the sleeping arrangement telling her I really like to sleep nude. She smiled at me and said go ahead, but you're still sleeping with me. My dick started getting hard and was easily noticeable in my boxers. She saw, smiled and said I'm glad your dick approves of my answer!

She then asked me when the last time I got laid or a blow job was. I told her and she told me when the last time she got laid was. She asked me several sexual questions like favorite position, etc. My dick was very hard now. I asked her how good of a kisser she is, and she said she never had any complaints. I asked her if I could find out for myself. She came over to me, sat next to me, and we began passionately kissing.

She said I was a great kisser, I told her the same, and we kissed for like 20 minutes. I had laid down and she was laying down on top of me, her pussy was right on top of my hard dick, but I was wearing boxers, she was wearing a thong. As she got up, she looked at my cock, and said I have a very nice dick. She told me I can kiss her anytime I wanted and anywhere I wanted. We got dressed to go shopping.

We went and bought me some nice new clothes. While shopping for clothes, I called her sis at one point. She told me to not call her sis or sister or anything like that again and that we could get into big trouble. She told me she wanted me to call her bay, sweetie, or just by her name, and that I was to consider her my girlfriend.

I passionately kissed her and said no problem sweetie. We help hands off and on, I was a bit nervous, and she could tell. She told me not to worry, it'll grow on me and I'll get used to it. We went grocery shopping, she told me to get whatever I wanted. We got back to the house, put the groceries away, and she told me she wanted to make out with me.

I asked her if she was sure about all of this in choosing me to replace what she didn't have when she broke up with her ex and all. She said I was the perfect replacement, she already knew me and everything about me, and I knew her very well too, plus she said I was the best kisser she ever had, and she loved my dick. She began stripping down to her bra and thong. She told me to strip down to my boxers, and I did.

We went to the bed, she laid on top of me, purposely grinding her pussy on my cock as she was reaching down to kiss me. I told her my cock really likes her, she said good as she was slowly grinding my cock. It had been 20 minutes now, I told her I was about to cum if she didn't stop. She smiled and grinded a little harder. She asked me how what makes me cum more when I am cumming, I told her biting my neck and sucking my tongue. I told her I am about to cum, and then she started leaving hickies on my neck and sucking my tongue.

I came so much not only did the cum soak through my boxers, but through her thong as well. After I was done cumming, she got up, smiled, and we went and watched a movie in the living room. My dick was still hard as she sat next to me. She paused the movie, and went to the bathroom, came back with baby oil. She told me to take off my boxers and lay down.

I did just that as she jacked me off, making me cum yet again. She said I came a lot, and she was impressed I could cum that quickly again. My dick was still somewhat hard, but we finished the movie with me nekkid the rest of it.

She told me she wanted me nude from now on when I am in the house, I said ok as she was passionately kissing me and rubbing my cock and balls. She knew how to get what she wanted. We ate a quick dinner and went to bed. Next morning she woke up. My dick was inside her pussy.

I pulled off her thong and took off her bra while she was asleep. I was just finishing and cumming inside her as she was waking up. She looked down and saw my cock in her, saw my face and asked me if I was cumming inside her, I said yes. She said come here, and she began biting my neck and sucking my tongue as I pushed my cock balls deep in her pussy.

I had left hickies on her neck and breasts while she was asleep too. We got up, she said come take a shower with her, and I did. We went out for breakfast. She told me she would also be nude in the house from now on and that I could fuck her or do anything I wanted with her anytime I wanted to. I kissed her passionately and rubbed her tits.

She told me I could cum inside her pussy, ass, or mouth if she were to give me a blow job, and she said she will suck my dick anytime and she swallowed. I was free to cum on her face, tits, and stomach, anywhere I wanted. I fucked her 3 times that day, cumming inside her pussy each time.

Next morning, she got up to go to work. She asked me to look at her computer to make it go faster cuz it was dragging. She gave me all her passwords to get into it and into her programs she uses like her outlook. I went back to sleep for a few more hours after she went to work.

I eventually got up, went to look at her computer. I uninstalled unnecessary software, and optimized the boot up process, and ran virus scan, and removed malware from her computer too, and it was running like new. I went through her documents and pictures, and found a huge picture folder of her. There were literally thousands of pictures of her, clothed, with her ex's, friends, vacations, family pictures, and several of her nude, fucking her ex's, sucking them, a lot of pictures too.

There was several pics of her with 3 guys, and another set of her with 5 guys. She didn't look too happy in some of them, but she was smoking hot.

I registered a domain name in her name, and made a website out of her pictures. I copied the pictures and movies she had made of her fucking, sucking dick, and masturbating over to my computer, I then made dvd backups and his them on my car and took a set over to a friend's house also.

I uploaded the backup files to 5 separated file hosting sites also. I started dinner, she came home, we ate, watched TV, made out on the couch, went to bed, and fucked. I began to ask her sexual questions and about her sexual experiences with her ex's, like if she ever been in a threesome, or gang banged. She answered yes, her recent ex had basically raped her twice. Then she said technically it wasn't rape though because she never said no and she didn't' resist.

She told me about how her ex had 3 friends come over and fuck her one night without telling her or asking her, she did resist a little at first. A few weeks later, he had 5 guys gang bang her she said. I asked her what she thought about it, and she said that wasn't' why she left him, and at the time she was pissed, but she got over it after they were done with her.

She said she was extremely turned on beyond her control once it had started. She noticed my dick was hard, and she told me to not get any ideas about doing that to her. I kissed her and said to her as if you would stop me or resist much! She just said you are very bad with smile on her face.

I asked her if another guy she cared about wanted to do that to her again, what would she do, and she kissed me and said she would let him. She said to not tell her about it though and to just do it. I told her I loved her, kissing her some more, and we went to sleep.

Next several days, I laid around the house, watched TV, cleaned, did laundry, ate lunch with her each day, made sure dinner was ready each night she got off work, fucked, and slept. The next weekend, she told me she was OK with me not working and staying at home to basically take care of her.

I had already gotten into the routine and was ok with that, and figured this was probably her plan all along. I asked her about me seeing other girls, and she said no. It was too risky, and I agreed with her. She got a call from a friend about her website I made of her. It was Saturday afternoon, she pulled it up on her laptop, and cussed me out for it. I told her I didn't post the videos at least because I didn't have the money for it really.

She begged me to take it down, but I refused. She then asked me to blur her face and change the domain name at least, I also refused that. The site was getting nearly 50,000 hits a day. I pulled up the statistics, and she was sooo aroused, I could see it in her face. I went to google her name, and the site came up first in the search results.

I started kissing her, and she kissed me back. I started taking pictures of her, and she smiled and worked with me for the pictures. I took hundreds of pictures of her all I could. She confessed to me that is like an ultimate turn on for her pics to be on the internet like that. I told her I would post her pics on several adult websites as we were fucking.

I told her I wanted to get a hotel room next weekend for her and I and I needed her credit card. She asked why, I told her not to worry about it. She called a hotel and made the reservation herself for next Friday through Sunday morning. That week before, was pretty much same thing, she worked, I stayed home, ate lunch with her every day, had dinner ready every night, watched TV, fucked, took pictures, went to sleep.

Wednesday though she asked me what I had planned for this hotel room while we were at lunch. I smiled, kissed her, and said not to worry about it. Friday night, we went to the hotel. I had arranged for 3 guys to come fuck her pretty much as soon as we got there.

I had her strip down, and took all her clothes to the car. Went back to the room, guys showed up, I let them in. I setup the video camera, and was also taking pictures as they had there way with her. They all came inside her and left. We fell asleep shortly afterwards, woke up the next day, went out and got some breakfast. Went back to the room, had her strip down again, and 5 guys showed up and gang banged her.

That afternoon, another 3 guys banged her, and that night was like 7 mexicans with her most of the night. They spent the night in the room taking turns with her. We all woke up about checkout time, she didn't' say anything much, just goodbye, kissed them all and thanked them for everything, and we all left. We went back home, got cleaned up, and went out for lunch. She gave me a credit card she had gotten in my name so I could use it for anything I wanted and she would pay the bill.

She said now you can afford the extra bandwidth for the website. I kissed her and told her I will post all the videos today on it, and market her website. I also told her I was thinking about going through her email and sending some of her contacts the link to her website. She said noooo as her nipples got hard. I laughed and said don't worry I'll only pick a few, and I will email them from your email account also. She kissed me and said I love you so much. I told her good cuz I'm gonna spread you all over the internet.

Next day she took an extended lunch break. We went and signed release agreements. She was giving me legal permission to do anything I wanted with her pics/videos. We got in her car, headed back to her work. On the way, she told me to not hold back and that this was the ultimate turn on for her. I kissed her and told her don't worry cuz I'm gonna turn you on more than you dreamed of.

She said please do as we kissed and I was playing with her tits. I had her give me her bra before going back in to her office. Her shirt was semi see through, nipples poking through it easily. I was holding her bra in my hands so anyone could see as we got out, kissed, and I walked to my car, and went home.

I took all her bras and curt them up and threw them all away. I took all her dress shirts for work, and removed the top 4 buttons on them also. When she got home, I took her shirt she was wearing and removed its top 4 buttons. Then I showed her the bras in the trash can, and I showed her shirts, telling her I wanted her braless from now on, and showing of her tits more. She kissed me and said anything you want.

For the next 3 months, every other weekend, we got a hotel room and she was gang banged by random people. Her website was growing with all the pictures and videos I was making of her. We got a call from mom for us to both come home and visit. We did the next weekend, and our other 3 sisters were there too. Mom showed us the website of my sister and that I had registered the domain name and all.

We confessed everything to her and our sisters. My mom said that was hot and she approved of everything. My sister and I were pleasantly surprised and we kissed. We spent the night there and slept together in her old room.

Next morning, we woke up and our other 3 sisters were standing around our bed watching is. We were both nude, she was on top of me, my cock was inside her pussy, and we were uncovered. As my sister sat up, I moaned as it felt so good rubbing inside her pussy.

She didn't get up and we asked out sisters what's up. They all just smiled and said nothing they just wanted to see us together. My sister smiled at me as she began riding my cock. I went along with it, sucked her tits, kissed her as she rode my cock good. My mom came into the room but we kept going. I felt someone's hands playing with my balls, and one of my sisters started playing with her tits as she rode me.

I spread my legs and enjoyed it as I came inside her more than ever. My sister got off me, and I could see my mom was playing with my balls still. She began sucking my cock, and she fucked me. I was helpless to resist. The other sisters fucked me one after one, finally 2 of them sucked my cock and balls making me cum enough for them both to get a nice load in their mouths. We went downstairs, everyone was remaining nude now.

My sister offered for my other sisters to move in with her. She set the conditions of all nudity, unlimited sex, pictures and all, and they all agreed. They all moved in over the next week. Two of them got a job, the other one was to stay at home with me to help me clean, cook, do laundry, and to keep my company and fuck me while the others were at work.

Written by: Shadow_chaser

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