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A Demonstration

by Hi_Literotica©

As she did she became aware of movement at the top of the stairs. She turned her head and was shocked to see Pete standing there, naked, on the upper floor. She froze and stared into his eyes fearing what may happen next. Pete had no expression on his face at first but then he smiled down at her like a Cheshire cat and put his index finger to his lips silently making a "Shhh" sign.

Cassie relaxed and smiled back at him realizing that this was indeed what Pete wanted. Looking her husband directly in the eyes she said "That's it Marcus, fuck me harder!"

Pete had been sleeping soundly when he awoke to hear noise coming from downstairs. Without thinking of dressing in his drowsy state, he got out of bed and crept down the hall to investigate. What he saw and heard absolutely floored him.

The hottest scene he could have imagined was being played out in the sitting room downstairs. It took a moment for all his neurons to consolidate what he was viewing. It was then that Cassie had looked up at him and he made split second decision to be just a voyeur and let her enjoy herself.

With her smiling up at him now, his cock was also getting involved. Pete began to stroke his dick realizing that "Marcus", he thought he heard her call him, couldn't see him as long as the black man was on top of Cassie, due to the overhang of the staircase. It was a like a one-way blind for him to watch his wife live out their mutual fantasy. He stroked slowly as his wife was being nailed by this muscular black man.

"Come on Marcus, fuck me faster! Fuck me harder. Make me cum on your thick cock," Cassie commanded. Marcus was happy to oblige. Cassie could feel a strong urge building in her pelvis. His balls, shaved smooth, slapped against her ass adding to her stimulation. She looked at Marcus and then down to his cock. The sight of his chocolate fuck stick driving into her was like candy for her eyes. She could see her bald pussy lips grasp his big veiny cock each time he pulled it back. It was as if her pussy had a mind of it's own.

Marcus put his forearms under her thighs to hold her legs up and get more leverage for the intense fucking he was about to give her. He leaned forward and began to fuck her faster. It felt to Cassie as though he shifted into another gear. His cock was now mercilessly slamming into her. She began to chant "Yes, yes, yes!" as she took in the sensations of this masterful fucking.

Craving her imminent orgasm, Cassie reached down to her clit and began to rub in quick, shallow circles. Her other hand went to her head as she grabbed her hair pulling her own head forward. Her eyes screwed shut as she felt the burning wave of bliss wash over her, radiating upward from her pussy flooding her body with heat and bursting with sweet release. She took a deep breath and held it as her hands slammed down beside her to force her pelvis up taking Marcus's cock back into her twitching cunt. She exhaled hard as her heels dug into his ass pulling him deeper still. "Fuck, fuck, yes fuck! Push it in deep" she shouted.

Marcus drove his cock deep inside her, feeling her pussy contract around him. He held it there as the woman rode the waves of pleasure that coursed through her body, writhing and rubbing her hands all over her luscious body.

As her orgasm ebbed she looked up at Marcus knowing he, too, was close to coming. She upped the ante and began to urge him on with her lewd talk. It was as much for Marcus as it was for Pete's enjoyment, knowing her husband was taking this all in.

"Oh baby. You know how to use that big cock don't you. I want you to fuck me like a little slut and fill me with your hot cum."

Marcus resumed his assault on her pussy.

She continued, "That's it baby, drive it into me. Fuck me harder. You want to cum sooo bad, don't you?" she said reaching out her middle finger thrusting it into Marcus's mouth. He sucked on it as he continued to fuck her dripping cunt.

Listening to Cassie's nasty talk as she urged him to "Fuck her slutty pussy" was too much for Marcus. He grunted, "I'm gonna cum, baby."

Cassie looked up and pulled him down on top of her, legs still wrapped around him. She turned her head toward her husband. She gazed up at Pete as she said "Yes Marcus. Cum inside me. Shoot your hot load in my pussy. Fill me up, baby."

He pulled his hips back up one last time and drove his meaty prick deep inside the wanton woman, spreading her pussy wide. "Ugh, fuuuuck!" he gasped as his cock began to twitch, shooting his massive load deep in her cunt. His balls covered her sensitive ass, contracting and spurting the thick, milky fluid from his prick. He ground his pelvis into her harder.

Cassie could feel his ebony cock jetting cum deep inside her. The walls of her vagina were coated with his seed. The force of his ejaculation felt delicious and she purred "That's it baby, fill me up. Give it all to me." She crossed her ankles behind his ass and used her legs to pull him deeper inside her.

As Marcus collapsed on top of her, Cassie turned her head and silently blew a kiss to her husband. He was transfixed staring at his wife as she was being mightily pounded by Marcus. Pete's hand was barely moving around the head of his cock. Cassie knew he must be close to cumming himself but was saving it until Marcus left.

As the intensity of his orgasm subsided Marcus raised himself up from Cassie's embrace. "Holy shit, Cassie! That was awesome," he said. "Alli will enjoy hearing all the details of your 'Fleshlight demonstration'," he quipped.

"Well I certainly hope so," Cassie replied. "Tell her to call me if she has any questions," she said winking at Marcus. Marcus began to withdraw his cock. The dark flesh was coated in a mixture creamy white cum and pussy juice. Cassie licked her lips.

As Marcus stood up his slick penis had a string of cum drooling from the end. Cassie reached out and caught it, wrapping her hand around him. She sat up and pulled his cock back to her mouth. Then she licked him clean, knowing that Pete would be enjoying this sight. Marcus bucked involuntarily as Cassie tongued his over-sensitive cock head. She laughed knowing what she was doing to the man.

"Cassie, I hate to shoot and run but I really need to get going," he joked, pulling away. "I still have some things to take care of"

"I understand. So do I," Cassie replied thinking about Pete's hard cock but not wanting to look up and give away his voyeuristic vantage point.

Marcus quickly got dressed as Cassie reclined on the ottoman noticing that Pete had disappeared from view completely. The black man leaned down and kissed her deeply on the lips. Her hand wrapped around his neck as she kissed him back, her tongue probing his mouth. As they broke their embrace he smiled down at her and said "Thank you."

"No, thank you," Cassie said enthusiastically.

He stepped to the door and was gone.


When the door closed Cassie let her head fall back. "Oh, lover" her voice lilted up to where Pete was standing, cock in hand. "I have a treat for you."

Pete reappeared and came down over the stairs smiling. "That was the hottest fucking thing I have ever witnessed!" he confessed. "I was so close to coming about a dozen times as you were getting fucked by him."

Cassie smiled and said "You are a very naughty boy. Standing there watching your wife get fucked like that. I never thought you would let it happen," her head tilted slightly as if to pose the question.

"I never thought you would go through with it," he replied. "I meant it when I told you to get a fuck buddy. You finally did it and I love you for it, baby." He lowered himself to her and kissed her fully on the lips. The salty tang of Marcus's cum was still noticeable from her cleaning the black man's cock, but it was not unpleasant.

"You want your treat now?" she asked.

"What do you think, my little slut." he retorted.

"Lie down." she said softly.

As he lay back Pete could feel the heat of Cassie's body radiating from the ottoman where she lay as she was being fucked by Marcus.

Cassie crawled on top of him and looked him in the eye saying "Here's what you wanted, baby."

She swung her body around to position her cum-filled pussy over her husband's head. She moved downward to get into the 69 position that they both enjoyed so very much. "Lick me baby. Eat all of his cream from my pussy," she cooed as she lowered her mouth to his throbbing cock and began to work her magic once again. She knew this was one of Pete's secret fetishes. He had often gone down on her after he filled her with his own cum, much to her delight.

Pete gazed up at her swollen pussy. Marcus had been intense, fucking her relentlessly until she came. Then he had filled her with his cum.

Her pussy looked stretched and her labia were puffy. As he reached up eagerly with his tongue to massage her clit a dollop of white cum began to slide out of her well-used cunt. Pete was in another world.

Cassie began to expertly suck his cock while stroking him into her mouth with her hand. The sensation was incredible and his lust for her increased. He would do anything for her now and he craned his head up to thrust his tongue deep inside her, tasting the salty sweetness of her juices mixed with Marcus's cum. She moaned around his dick.

The two of them were like a perpetual motion machine; each of them energizing the other with their actions. Pete continued to lick Cassie's hot pussy pushing her closer to her second orgasm. He slowly dragged his tongue across her crimson clit as she began to quiver. The throes of another orgasm consumed her. As she came her vagina contracted and pushed out more of the other man's seed for Pete to enjoy.

This was more than her husband could endure and he erupted into her welcoming mouth, spewing his own hot seed down her throat. As she sucked greedily on his cock, swallowing, Cassie felt completely fulfilled and sated.

The two of them drifted into a euphoric state holding each other in the mutually oral position. Cassie sighed and rolled off Pete. She shimmied up beside him and kissed him.

He held her close and said "I love you Cassie."

"I know," she replied. "I love you too."

"This is just the beginning," he said, smiling.

"I know that, too," she replied.

Written by: Hi_Literotica

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