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Dirty Laundry(PANTY)Day!

by kebbyman©

19 year old Jason Leary crouched at the open hamper in the laundry room that his mother had just brought in minutes ago before she had left for work. His 18 year old sister Denise had left for class earlier and there was no one at home to keep him from rooting in the week's worth of dirty clothes his mother and sister had deposited in there. He wore a rose patterned nylon Vanity Fare brief of his mother's that he had slipped into because they were on top and the first pair he had gotten a hold of when he'd started his treasure hunt. He was now leaking profusely into them as his one track mind thought of one thing: more musky panties!

His shaky hands dug through the full hamper as he pulled a week's worth of his mother's and sister's dirty panties from the tangle of other clothes. Each pair he pulled out he held to his nose and took a long deep inhale to savor the aroma of the two sexiest women he knew.

Both were extremely hot. His mother, Barbara, was 43 and smoking. She was a little on the chunky side but in ALL the right places. Her perfect tear drop behind was hard not to stare at she paraded around the house in tight skirts or shorts. He was always on the lookout for VPL. All his friends always made comments about her that made him proud and angry at the same time.

His sister had a tight little body that she kept in shape by being a cheerleader at the local community college. She hardly ever wore much clothing when she was home and was constantly giving Jason peeks of her silky panties when she bent over in her mini dresses or over sized t-shirts that were a staple of her home attire. He loved the way her tight silky panties stretched across her beautiful bubble butt.

When he had fished the other 11 pairs of dirty panties out of the hamper, he separated them into piles; his mother's in one and his sister's in the other. His sister's panties were all bikini style and mostly from Victoria's Secret. There were so many bright colors and patterns that just looking at them made his aching prick stiffen even more inside the silken panties he wore. All of them were nylon or silk and buttery soft. He held a bright blue pair open to look at the cotton gusset and could tell by the mess left in there that Denise had probably worn them for cheerleading practice. Her cheer panties were always full of crusty goodness after practice. He swiped his tongue over the large stain and was rewarded with a tangy taste of his sister's womanly center.

His mother's panties were mostly full briefs and high cuts. They were all very silky and a few were gossamer thin and delightful. They felt wonderful as he slid them between his fingers and across his face. He grabbed a pair of nylon neon yellow Joe Boxer briefs from the pile as they were a favorite pair and studied the stained crotch of them as he had just done to his sister's. He did not know what his mother did during the day to stain her panties as she did but every pair was usually loaded with a delightfully musky crustiness that he cherished. He stuck out his tongue and took a long swipe of his mother's goodness squeezing his throbbing cock as he did and felt another blob of pre-cum burble through the wispy material of the panties he wore.

He spent several minutes going back and forth between his mother's and sister's panties savoring their different yet similar taste. He loved to taste them both at the same time and before he knew it had cleaned the gussets clean of both their dirty panties and each now only held a wet spot where he had sucked their essence completely from them. He tossed them back in the hamper and stared rooting through the piles again.

As he was fishing through his sister's pile his fingertips brushed across what felt like wetness. He picked up a bright pink pair of string bikinis with bright yellow and green daisies on them and discovered that the gusset was soaked with his sister's girl cum. She must have had them on this morning and came in them before leaving for school. It looked like she had not only cum in them but used them to wipe up her wetness when she was finished because they were that gooey. When he looked into the gusset he could see thick creamy girl cum coating the cotton lining entirely. He made a decision then, this was the pair he was going to shoot in. There was so much of his sister in them that no one would know that he had busted into them as well.

He pulled his mother's Vanity Fares to the side releasing his steely dripping cock from it silken confines. He gave it several quick pumps which just made it harder and then lowered the wet pink panties over his aching manhood. He could feel the slickness that his sister had left in them envelope the leaking head of his rampant cock. When he was completely wrapped in his sister's silken wetness he began to slowly stroke the drenched gusset up and down his turgidness. It felt wonderful and now he just needed a pair of his mother's panties to bury his nose into and he would be well on his way to unloading the large nut that had been building in his aching balls since slipping into his mother's dirty panties a half hour ago.

While stroking into his sister's panties with his right hand he used his left to search through his mother's pile for a pair he would drape over his face making sure his nose was placed directly into the stained and crusty gusset so he could inhale all her musky aromas and really bring himself to huge gushing panty drencher. He snatched a shining white pair of Coco's Secret briefs from the pile, made sure there was an aromatic stain crusting the dirty gusset and pulled them over his head placing his sniffing nose directly over it inhaling his mother's strong womanly essence.

Jason was very close to blowing his sister's little panties apart when he heard someone gasp behind him. He whipped his head around and looking through the leg hole of his mother's panties, saw his mother standing in the laundry room doorway with her skirt pulled up around her waist and her right hand deep inside her paisley print Vanity Fare briefs working her clit furiously. She must have been there for some time because she appeared as close to cumming into her panties as he was into his sister's.

"I'm glad I forgot my lunch," she said thickly as she worked her hand even faster in her panties. "Don't stop on my account. I was really enjoying the show. I know what you've been doing with our dirty panties for some time now, but I haven't been able to catch you at it until now. It's alright, honey, I think it's hot that you use our filthy panties to get yourself off. I don't want you to stop; I just wanted you to know I was watching. Your sister and I have been talking about the condition we have found our panties in and were wondering who would be the first to catch you at it. I guess it's my lucky day!"

Jason who had stopped his rampant pounding to stare openly at his sexy mother working herself to an orgasm before him began to slowly stroke his cock again, which had not lost any of its steeliness, into his sister's panties as his mother watched from her perch in the doorway.

"You're not mad?" he asked as his pumping began to pick up speed.

"Mad? Hell no. Sweetie, I have used the seed you have left in my dirty panties on several occasions to bring myself off. I've even sucked it out of my panties as I worked my clit and cum sooo hard! As a matter of fact, I was wearing those white ones you have wrapped around your face a few days ago as I sucked one of your big loads from your sister's dirty panties. I came so hard from your tastes. Can't you smell how much I came?"

"Yes," Justin replied through clenched teeth, the knot in his bloated testicles growing larger with each stroke. He couldn't believe he had just heard his mother tell him she had eaten his loads from hers and his sister's dirty panties.

The sight of her furiously working her clit in her panties and the thought of seeing his mother lick his seed from his sister's panties pushed him very close to the edge. He pulled down with his right hand stretching his sister's soaked gusset tightly over his cock head and pushed another large dollop of precum through the silken material.

"Ooo," his mother cooed when she saw the large clear drop of fluid push through her daughter's wet panties. "That did it!" she said huskily as her legs began to shake and he realized that she was cumming in front of him. "Oh God, I'm cumming so hard!" she said. "I've wanted to watch you do nasty things with our panties for so long, I can't help myself! Oh! Oh!"

Jason stopped stroking to watch his beautiful sexy mother cum in her panties. She had cum so much he could see her juices soaking her gusset and running down her legs. He just stared at her open mouthed until her spasms began to subside.

"Your turn!" she said as she got herself under some kind of control.

Looking her son directly in the eye, she began to peel the paisley panties down her shapely legs and then walked over to him and removed the white panties from his face, placing the soaked gusset of her just removed panties over his nose holding them securely in place.

"Sniff hard my sweet and fill your sister's panties with that huge tasty load I know is just waiting to gush out!" she said, voice thick with motherly lust.

She squatted next to him as he lay back on the laundry room floor still holding the gusset of her cummed panties against his nose. He turned his head slightly and could see between her legs, catching a glimpse of her swollen labia still dripping with her womanly essence. With her left hand she reached between his muscled thighs and began to tease and tickle his bloated balls with her perfectly manicured fingernails. It was all too much for poor Jason. The sight of his mother's swollen womanhood and the incredible teasing and tickling she was giving his engorged aching balls with those unbelievable fingernails of hers sent him right over the edge of the yawning abyss.

"Oh mom," he said releasing the breath he had been holding for what seemed like an hour, "Oh, mom. I'm cumming! I'm cumming in sissy's panties" and as he opened his mouth to gasp, his mother pushed her drenched gusset into it. He sucked hard on his mother's fresh girl cream, let out a loud grunt and began pumping a huge nut of his plentiful boy cream into his sister's destroyed panties.

Throwing another surprise his way, he watched as his beautiful mother leaned over his cock as it dumped shot after shot of his burning seed into his sister's dirty panties and still teasing his emptying balls, capped his spewing cock and sucked out his large thick load right through his sister's filthy gusset.

She held on for dear life and sucked hard making sure to get all of his copious seed in her mouth.

The taste of her son and her daughter was too much for the 43 year old mother and she reached between her legs to pinch her swollen clit and made herself cum a second time with just a few quick flicks of her finger. As she came down from her second orgasm, Barbara continued to suck on her sons now deflating cock making sure to get his entire viscous load in her gullet. When he had finished dumping his heavy load Barbara took her daughter's panties from around Jason's cock and sucked on the totally destroyed gusset, cleaning them entirely of her son's and daughter's essences.

As she stood on shaky legs, she spied a clean pair of her panties on the dryer and reached for them. They were a pair of her satiny aqua blue Warner's high cuts. She stepped into them and as she pulled them up her legs she looked down at her totally spent son lying on the floor in a pile of her and her daughter's dirty panties and smiled to herself. She had been wanting this for a while now and was glad the ice was broken. And what an ice breaker!

She bent over and stroked her son's forehead. As he opened his eye to look up at her, he could see up her dress to the new panties she was wearing and noticed a wet spot growing in the gusset. She saw him looking and said, "these are for later you naughty boy, when your sister is home. I am so late for work but we'll have so much more time tonight when I get home. Right now, while you're in here why don't you throw a load in the washer for me, when you catch your breath." and with that she was gone.

As Jason got himself up off the floor he started throwing clothes in the washer. He was going to take off the rose print VFs he was wearing but decided to keep them on. He wanted to surprise his sister when she got home.

Written by: kebbyman

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