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Love Thy Neighbor's Pussy & Ass

by Anal Slave©

We just moved into a new neighborhood and I was standing in the bedroom looking out the window when I saw the women next door fucking her pussy with a dildo out back by her pool. It looked like she had a huge dildo in her pussy and she didn't know anybody was watching. She fucked herself for a good five minutes I had to stop watching because my wife came in to the bedroom, she looked down at my tent I had in my pants and said; take that big, hard cock out and I will suck it, you look like you need to cum. I took off my clothes and she wrapped her thick lips around my cock as I looked out side again and watched the woman masturbate.

My wife is the best cocksucker you have ever seen, she knows how to get a good load of cum out of a cock. But there is one problem, she will not swallow my cum, she will take it in her mouth, then she will French kiss me and make me eat my own sperm. It's called snowballing, she has done this to me ever sense the first time I fucked her. I always thought it was a small price to pay for a wonderful blow-job. And now I enjoy the taste of my fresh cum and love to eat it. My cock is about to shoot my load when she notices that I am about to cum and she rams a finger up my asshole, which makes my cock shoot thick, rich, ropey strings of cum into her mouth.

She keeps sucking till all the cum has drained out of my balls. She then gets up and pushes the cum out of her mouth into mine. Some of it had leaked out onto her breast and I licked that up to. I pulled my pants up and told her I loved her. Over the next few days I notice the women next-door masturbating everyday about the same time. I have never seen her husband just her and her daughter. Her daughter is at least 21 years old and fine as hell. I come home from work one afternoon and the woman and her daughter was over at the house my wife introduced me to them the woman's name was Joann, Jo for short and her lovely daughters name was Rita.

As soon as I got eye contact with Jo I knew she knew I had seen her masturbate with her dildo, she reached down to her pussy and patted it threw her dress, as my wife was looking the other way. My cock got hard and I had to get out of there. Over the next few months Jo or Rita was over at the house every day Jo and my wife become best friends. Then one morning I was late getting out of bed and I looked down at the pool where Jo usually hangs out and I seen Rita laying down with her legs spread and Jo, her mother sucking her pussy.

It was the horniest thing I ever witnessed Rita's young pussy being ravaged by her own mother. I was so horny I jacked my cock off right there in front of the window, that wasn't enough for me I ate my cum too. Jo had Rita on her knees and she was licking her asshole and pussy at the same time. My cock got hard again and I started jerking it off again just as the first shot of cum came out of my cock my wife walked in the room. She said; what in the hell are you doing?

I turned around real fast but cum was flying everywhere I couldn't stop cumming. She said you nasty boy jacking off without my permission after you clean up all of the cum that your big cock shot all over the room you will be punished. She than looked out the window to see what I was looking at. She saw Jo eating Rita's pussy she turned back around to me and said I guess the secret is out Jo, is a Dominant Mistress and her daughter is one of her sex slaves. Now get over here and suck my pussy till I cum and I will tell you what is in store for you. One thing, Jo is not going to like knowing that you was spying on her satisfying her daughter's sex drive, you see Rita is 21 years old and she is still a virgin.

She will suck a man's cock or let you fuck her in the ass but she will keep her pussy a virgin till she gets married. When ever she gets real horny and thinks she needs a cock in her cunt her mother will suck her off and make the erg go away for a while. My wife continued to talk as I stuck my lips around her asshole and was sucking and tonguing her asshole she had half of her hand shoved up her cunt while I ate her asshole out.

Then she stopped me and said; Jo has been fucking me with a strap-on dildo for over a month now as she fucks me her daughter licks my clit from below. I can't live any more with just your cock I must have the love of a woman too. I am one of her sex slaves and she has had me lick two of her other girlfriends pussy till they cum in my mouth. About that time my wife started cumming all over my face and I sucked and licked her cunt till she couldn't stand it any more.

Then my wife pulled my head from her pussy my face looked like a glazed donut with all of the pussy juice that was drying on my face. She said I want you and Rita to fuck me at the same time. Later on that day Jo and her daughter came over my cock was rock hard looking at them two I started wondering what young Rita's pussy tasted like it being a virgin and never being fucked. When all of a sudden Jo told her daughter to suck my cock. Rita fell down on her knees and inhaled my cock all the way up to my balls, my god what a lovely cocksucker she was.

Then she bit down hard on my cock and my knees got weak. I let out a yell and the next thing I knew Jo had a rope around my ball sack and said to do as I am told or I will lose my balls forever. When Jo had my balls tied down Rita quit sucking my cock and got off her knee's and looked over at her mother, Jo handed her a strap-on cock and told her it was time to learn how to fuck a man's ass. Rita was excited and was putting on the strap-on as fast as she could. Jo ask my wife were the Vaseline was and my wife said we didn't have any.

Jo said without some kind of lube it would be real bad on his virgin asshole. Jo then told Rita to suck my cock till I cum and then come back here and let it roll off of your tongue into his asshole; fresh cum makes a good lube. It didn't take long for Rita to suck the cum out of my cock and she got up and started tongue fucking my asshole with the sperm in her mouth it made my asshole all wet and loose till she stuck the end of the dildo in my ass and I tensed up. In know time at all she was fucking my ass like a pro and I was taking a cock in my ass like a slut whore.

Like most men, I wanted to take a cock in my ass but the opportunity never was there now I have a fake cock from a 21 year old virgin fucking me good and my wife is standing there watching all of this going on. Jo looked down at my cock and said look at his cock its hard as a rock, he likes getting fucked in the ass, Hell there's pre-cum leaking out of his cock go get a rubber and stick it over his cock and catch the pre-cum he can eat that later. Jo than pushed her pussy into my mouth and I sucked her cunt off as I was being fucked royally.

Then Jo started massaging my balls and every time I was going to cum she stopped Rita was fucking my asshole with long deep strokes and my asshole was enjoying the ride. Every time Jo stopped massaging my balls I could feel cum leaking out of my cock into the condom, this when on for a good hour. Now my ass was hurting and Rita kept fucking me while Jo kept milking my balls. I looked down at the condom and the reserve tip was full of cum and I haven't cum yet.

These Bitches was making my cock leak all my cum out threw pre-cum. They was making me cum and I couldn't feel it, then Jo told Rita to stop fucking me that she had got all the cum my balls had to offer. Rita pulled that big strap-on out of my ass and I felt something else slip out of my loose ass. Rita yelled son-of-a-bitch has shit coming out of his ass. My ass was so numb I didn't feel a turd slip out, Jo rolled the condom off of my cock and told me to get my nasty ass in the shower and clean up. I was so embarrassed, couldn't believe she fucked the shit out of me. Jo said that happens a lot to a man getting fucked in the ass the first time.

After I got out of the shower my wife came up to me and ask how I liked being fucked in the ass? I told her that if that is what I have to do to make her happy then FUCK ME IN THE ASS. She gave me a kiss and I could taste Jo's pussy in her mouth. Then she said remember that I wanted to be fucked by you and Jo at the same time. I looked down and Rita was sucking my cock back to life as Jo was putting on the strap-on, then Jo came up and handed me a condom full of cum and said here cum slut drink your cum out of the rubber so you will have a little extra to deposit in your old ladies asshole. I took the condom full of cum and turned it up to my lips and sucked it down my throat. My wife came up and licked some of the cum that had escaped out of my mouth.

Then Jo lay down and had my wife get on top of her and inserted the dildo into her pussy, as Jo was fucking my wife I was licking her asshole and masturbating. Then Jo told me to insert my cock into my wife's ass, it slipped right into her asshole my wife looked up and said Jo has been stretching my ass for a week or two. I started fucking her ass and I could feel my cock rubbing Jo's dildo that was in her cunt every time I would say I was going to cum Rita would reach down and squeeze my balls hard and I wouldn't cum.

These Bitches knew how to keep a man from cumming, my balls was turning blue from all the abuse they were receiving. I was buried balls deep in my wife's ass and it felt so damn good if only Rita would quit smashing my balls. Then Jo told Rita to quit holding my balls and to insert a couple fingers in my ass. When Rita shoved two fingers up my ass I cum all inside my wife's ass. Jo pulled her strap-on out of my wife's pussy and told Rita to suck the cum off of my cock. Rita's mouth was like a vacuum cleaner she sucked my cock clean and just as I was going to sit down Jo told me to get over here and clean the mess I made up in my wife's pussy. I got down and started licking the cum out of my wife's cunt. I was exhausted and my wife was too. Later on that week I come home early from work and I heard sex sounds coming out of the bedroom, at first I thought it was just Jo and my wife fucking and sucking each other.

But when I got to the bedroom door I noticed my wife sucking the cock of a young man. They didn't hear me come in so I just stood at the door peeking in and listening to my wife as she was sucking his cock with a lot of force. She kept saying that she loved his big hard cock and that she wanted him to fuck her in the ass with it because she had never had a cock in her ass that big before. I had pulled my pants and shirt off and was jacking my cock when I turned around and Jo was standing behind me.

She said is that all you like to do is stand around and watch people have sex while you masturbate. About that time my wife looked up and saw me and pulled the young mans cock out of her throat. Jo told my wife that she had caught me watching them and jerking off. My wife said Thanks Jo I caught him jacking off one day when you and Rita was having a little fun in your back yard. Jo said I will punish him for his sneaking around. The young man looked at Jo and called her Mama. I looked at Jo and said is this your son? Jo walked over to the young man and reached down and grabbed his cock and said; yes this is my son all 10 inches of him, his name is Andy. Then she bent over and sucked the head of his cock in her mouth then she took it out of her mouth and motioned for me to come over to where his cock was.

I walked over to Andy and Jo took my hand and put it on Andy's cock she said suck his cock NOW. This was the first time I ever touched another man's cock and it made me feel real horny and nasty. It felt a lot like mine but it was a lot bigger and harder my wife took my head and guided it down to his cock. I had wanted to suck and fuck a real cock and now was my chance I started sucking on his cock and in about 10 minutes.

I was a pro at it I sucked his cock licked his balls I even stuck my tongue in his ass while I was jerking on his cock my wife was right there watching me suck another man's cock and she was playing with her pussy. I wanted to taste his cum but they stopped me and stood me up and I bent over and Andy stuck that root of a cock right up my ass. I was so horny knowing that this turned my wife on that I started bucking my ass back on young Andy's cock His cock swelled up so much I thought I would die and then he started pumping young rich cum into my ass. I just fell down on the bed with my ass in the air and Jo was licking the cum of her son's out of my horny slut ass.

When she was done cleaning my asshole she went over to Andy and kissed him on the lips. When I regained my composure I rolled over and was looking at Jo when she told her son Andy to fuck his sister Rita. Jo grabbed her son's cock and made him hard again and Rita came over and lied down Andy got on top of her and inserted his cock into her ass, they did some wild fucking. Andy shot a big load of cum up his sister's ass. He pulled his cock out of her ass and Jo told me to lick up the cum and don't get any of it on her pussy, she doesn't want to get pregnant, especially from her brother. It was hard for me to believe Rita was still a virgin in her pussy. But was such a whore slut with her mouth and ass. The wife and I were sitting on the bed watching as Andy had his cock in his mother's cunt and his mother was sucking his sister's pussy. Jo looked over at me and said; stick your cock in Andy's ass it will make his cock harder in my pussy! I got up behind Andy and was rubbing my cock on his ass when he stopped fucking his mother and reached back and inserted my cock in his ass.

This was the first male ass I ever fucked and it was much tighter than my wife's ass I swear I could feel Jo's cunt all the way threw Andy's asshole. Life hasn't been the same since we moved here Jo controls my wife and me and we both love it. Were all one big happy family I can't wait till Rita gets married she said I could fuck her pussy after her future husband gets her cherry.

I wonder if that pussy will still taste as good? My wife loves Andy's cock she has it in one of her holes every day. My favorite position is Andy on his knees sucking my cock With Jo sucking on my ball sack and Rita and my wife fingering and licking my asshole.

It's a Wonderful Life as a slut whore slave.

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Written by: Anal Slave

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