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A Lesson in Hiding

by AngelkissNkill©

Tristan narrowed her eyes and glanced over her slumped shoulders as she hastily crossed the street to her usual lunchtime spot, Cal's diner. Her stomach growled its approval as she opened the door and her senses were assaulted with the mouthwatering aroma of fresh from the oven cinnamon rolls and the popping sounds of bacon on the grill. She smiled congenially at the big man behind the grill and waved at the always ecstatic redheaded waitress.

"The usual Trish?" Melanie's tinkling voice sounded out from behind the counter as she grabbed a menu and two empty mugs.

"Yeah and make sure Matt burns the bacon, I'm tired of the chewy half cooked stuff he usually gives me." Tristan winked at the big man and smiled as Melanie took a seat across from her.

It was hard to believe she had been forced to move here 3 months ago. Her body still trembles from the memory that forced her to come to this nearly desolate place and leave her entire life behind. She felt her mouth turning down into a slightly frown as she contemplated the gravity of the situation she was in. Because of a few crooked men, with powerful political ties and the unfortunate witnessing of her boss being murdered by them, had her in the protective custody of the FBI and relocated to the middle of nowhere.

She sighed and brushed a strand of nearly black hair from her face before looking up at her only friend and pushing those painful memories to the back of her mind as she listened to Melanie prattle about the days customers.

"Did you see Mr. tall, dark, and oh so dreamy when you came in?" Melanie's eyes glazed over as she glanced pointedly at a few table across from us.

Tristan curiously followed her gaze and blushed horribly as she met a set of smiling dark brown eyes that roamed freely and without embarrassment over her partially concealed body. She felt her face heat miserably as she lowered her eyes to the table and cursed herself mentally, a light touch to her hand had her jerking her head up in response and glancing around.

Melanie's amused expression faded when she saw the look of terror in her new friends eyes, surely she couldn't have known the man that came in, Spence hardly ever frequented town and his last visit would have been a few weeks before Trish had gotten here. She eyed her friend over again before standing and moving to get the coffee pot, she'd make sure to question her about it later, from the firm set of Trish's jaw and nearly wild look in her eyes Melanie knew she'd get nowhere while they were in here.

Spence watched as the delectable little woman shift nervously in her seat and his throat tightened at the frightened look she wore on her face. He tilted his head back slightly and scented the air, frowning a bit as his heightened senses were saturated with her fear. What could possibly have this wisp of a girl on edge, he didn't know, but from the intense anger he felt rise up in him he was sure he would find out and rid her of whatever was bothering her.

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he glanced at her, soaking in the way the way the sun turned parts of her black hair to red or depth of those sparkling green eyes. He swallowed hard as his eyes traveled lower and traced the outline of her pouty soft pink lips and frowned as the urge to capture and claim those lips filled him. What the hell was going on with him? Was his seclusion from the world making him crazy?

A lean, slightly angry looking man sat down across from the girl and he bit back the growl that was rumbling in his chest. Who did this guy think he was, he has no right to sit so closely to her.

Tristan smiled politely up at Rick before lowering her eyes back to the table, the man's intense gaze always set her on edge and she couldn't keep looking at him in the eyes. She picked at the food Melanie placed in front of her and sighed loudly when her companion didn't start talking.

"Okay Rick, I know I messed up, but do you blame me?" She winced and coward back in her seat as he openly glared at her, causing her skin to crawl and her face to heat.

"Yes I can blame you! Had you been recognized this whole situation would have gotten worse. I'd hate to see the rest of your living family end up like Greg." The steel of his voice and the mention of her dead boss's name sent chills racing through her body.

"I think you need to get some air." Spence's large hand clamped over Rick's shoulder as he stared down hard at the man. No one would talk to his woman like that.

"Hey buddy this conversation has nothing to do with you so why don't you go back to your meal and mind your own business." Rick was furious that this inferior male was trying to scare him out of doing his job.

Spence glared down that the man before glancing down at the intrigued woman across from him. His heart leapt up into his throat as a slow smile spread over her face and those startling green eyes danced with humor. She had to be the most beauty woman he had ever laid eyes on, and the smell of wild honeysuckle and coconut that perfumed her delicate skin sent his senses in overdrive and had him craving the touch and taste of her delectable skin.

Tristan blushed slightly at the large and very handsome man's appraisal, something within her hoped that he would approve and the rest of her scoffed at the need of any man's approval.

He was tall, standing over 6' she guessed before her eyes scanned quickly over his short dark brown hair, that had that sexy disheveled look, to his god-like chiseled features and finally came to lock with his warm brown eyes. Understanding and compassion burned in their abyss like depths causing her stomach to turn and anger to rise up I her. How dare he pity her, he didn't even know her!

"Can I help you?" Her tone was crisp and harsher than she intended.

Spence fought the urge to laugh as fire blazed in his little woman's eyes. He instead extend his hand to hers and sighed softly as her startled expression faded and she grasped his hand, sending shocks of electricity straight through him.

"Is he bothering you?" Spence glanced at the smaller man and grinned as he bristled at his dismissal.

"He always bothers me, but unfortunately I have no choice in whether I want to see or talk to him." Tristan glared at the nearly sinister looking face Rick was giving her, if looks could kill she would have been six feet under.

"Shut up Trish." Rick growled out as he clenched his jaw, restraining the curse words that threatened to follow if he opened his mouth.

"I will not tolerate you talking to her like that. I, unlike her, don't give two shits about who you are." Spence grabbed the man by the scruff of his neck and forcefully ushered him out of the building. "I won't be so nice the next time I see you sulking around her."

"You just made a huge mistake buddy! You have no idea who you are fucking with" Rick bellowed out as he kneaded the back of his neck, the man defiantly had a grip to reckon with.

"Let me make myself clear." Spence's control of the rage that was building up inside him teetered on the edge as he felt the challenge in the other man's words. "I don't care who you are, or who you work for. If you touch a hair on that woman's head or talk to her with anything but respect I will rip your throat out and feed it to the wolves. Do you understand me?"

Rick looked stunned at man that blocked him from his target. If he wouldn't move willingly Rick would have to urge him with force if necessary. "Yeah buddy I understand that you're some sort of misguided eavesdropper that needs a serious lesson in manners."

Spence would have ripped the self righteous bastard apart had he not felt a tiny hand on his arm. He glanced down into Trish's wide eyes and steadied his frazzled nerves before turning to stare daggers at the walking dead man before him.

"Make no mistake, just because she saved your life today doesn't mean we won't run into each other again." Spence turned on his heal, draped an arm around Trish's shoulder and walked her casually back into the diner praying the guy would fuck up and follow him back in, he needed to find a release for this pent-up anger.

Written by: AngelkissNkill

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