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Tamed Cougar Ch. 04

by Tappy_McWidestance©

As you might have guessed the bar car was packed. Fortunately the couple I had dinner with was not there. I didn't want to continue our conversation. I'd have never made it without bringing them back to my room. There wasn't anywhere to sit at the moment so I made my way to the bar. Susan, the porter I'd met earlier, was working behind the bar. She greeted me warmly and I ordered a white wine. She brought me a glass and as she was pouring I caught her staring at my nipples.

"Air conditioning," I said as I dropped $5 on the bar and turned around. There were still no seats available so I made my way to the observation car. There was one open seat upstairs so I took it and began to sip my wine. The alcohol helped relax me a little, but the bouncing and rocking motion were still unnerving. I found that the second level of the car rocked more than the first. The rubber bands were totally unnecessary too. I know my little buds would still be just as hard. I closed my eyes and let the sensations wash over me. I was aroused beyond belief. I looked at my watch. It was 8pm. I had three more hours to go.

When I finished my wine I walked back downstairs to get another glass. Susan served me once again. I didn't think she bought my air conditioning excuse but I didn't care. The bar was a little less crowded by now so I forced myself to stay downstairs and flirt. I really just wanted to go back upstairs and let the motion of the train be my foreplay. But that was not my destiny. I looked around for another single woman. At least if I was going to flirt it could be with a girl. Unfortunately all the women were already attached to other guys. There were a few single men so I forced myself to strike up a conversation with some of them. Their attempts to pick me up were pathetic although they all liked the show my nipples were giving. As we stood rocking back and forth one even managed to wrap his arm "innocently" around me as the train took a big bump. He shot me a look of complete surprise when his hand came back wet from my ass. I knew it was time to get away from him so I just shook my head and quickly retreated back to the bar. Thankfully he took the hint and did not pursue me. Susan served me another glass of wine and I went back upstairs.

It was now after 9 and as the sun set, the observation deck cleared out pretty quickly. Soon I was left on my own free to think my nasty thoughts. I was floating in and out of consciousness rocking with the train and thinking about Mrs. Forrest when I heard someone behind me. I snapped back into the present and turned to see Susan coming up the stairs holding the bottle of wine.

"Hello Miss. Sorry to disturb you," she said.

"No problem," I replied.

"You had not been downstairs for a while so I brought you a refill," she said waving the bottle.

My glass had been empty for quite some time. In fact I wasn't even sure what time it was so I asked.

"It's about 11:30. We're closing up downstairs so this is last call."

"Thank you," I replied.

I held up my glass and she began to pour. Once again she was staring at my nipples. When she finished she held the bottle up in front of the light.

"There's only one glass left. Finish that one up and I can kill the bottle."

I quickly downed the glass and just as fast it was refilled. I wondered if she was trying to get me drunk. I wasn't wasted but I was feeling good. Shockingly she asked me about my nipples and the way I was dressed. She told me I had been the hot topic of conversation in the bar that night. I must have turned five shades of red, but in the limited light she probably didn't see. The alcohol and hours of teasing had lowered my inhibitions. I quickly drank the last glass and then made a full confession about what was happening.

Susan sat down and listened to my story. I held her full attention as I described my entire day and even the three toys I had hidden beneath my sexy clothing. She told me she thought what I was doing was incredibly exciting but that she could never do something so bold. She said she was divorced now and had not had a relationship in quite a while. Just then we hit another big bump and the balls and plug once again came together to make me gasp.

"Sorry Susan," I said. "That damn plug again." I saw a longing in her eyes.

"I've never had anything in my ass before. I don't think I could do that. It's dirty."

I told her that was what I thought until a few months ago but really it was very stimulating. We hit another bump and this time I moaned. See stared at me as if she was trying to decide if I was nuts or if she should be getting turned on. I did see some growth under her blouse, but her bra was doing a fine job of keeping things under wraps. I saw in her a woman who needed to break free of the social bonds holding her back much like I had been that first Saturday with Julie. I thought of something I wanted to do for her.

I asked her how long she had to work tonight. She said as soon as she finished in the bar she was done. I asked how long that would be and she said maybe 15 minutes. I told her I'd be right back.

I handed her my now empty glass and began to stagger toward the stairs. The decent was tricky with the alcohol now joining my trio of heels, plug and balls making every step an adventure. The bar car was empty as was the dining car. Everyone seemed to have crashed for the night. As I moved through the two passenger cars separating the car with my room from where I was I saw a few people still reading, but mostly everyone was asleep. I did see the man who put his hand on my ass still awake and he gave me a look as if he was asking if I changed my mind. I just shook my head again. He might fancy himself a player, but it wasn't my game he was playing.

Back in my room I opened box number 1 and grabbed the small butt plug and the lube. There was a small plastic bag in the bathroom so I put the plug in it and began to stagger back to the bar. If I'd taken the time to think about what I was doing I'm sure I would have stopped. What kind of woman gives a complete stranger a butt plug as a gift? I'm sure my highly aroused state and the wine were clouding my judgment, but when I found Susan closing up the bar I joyfully handed it to her. She peeked inside and then looked at me with shock.

"It's the only spare I have with me. I want you to have it," I told her. In retrospect that must have sounded really weird, but in my mind it made perfect sense.

Susan didn't say a word. I think she was searching for what to say. But I'd made the commitment not to cum until after 11 and since it was already well past and I was ready to open box 2, I spun around and hightailed it back to my room without waiting for her comment. I flung myself onto the bed. The sofa had been turned down by a porter sometime during the time I'd been at the bar. I hope he didn't look in the box. I hadn't thought of that when I retrieved the plug for Susan. Damn, I must be getting quite a reputation on the rails.

I hurriedly opened box number 2 and a broad smile spread across my face. I looked down into the box hoping to find some kind of erotic implement that would relieve my two weeks of frustration. What I found was that and a whole lot more. Of course there was an envelope. I was sure it contained instructions. I only hoped it didn't contain an admonition to further abstain from cumming. I was relieved that the first sentence told me that for the rest of the night I was allowed to cum as much as I wanted. In fact, the writer said she was sure I would. I looked at the contents of the box. It was much bigger than box number 1. I found leg cuffs, curiously with a hook attached to the short chain between the cuffs. I found a roll of pink bondage tape and a long strap. I found an inflatable penis gag. That looked nasty. I found a white extension cord. Weird. I found a heavy duty blindfold with a strong buckle. What is it about her and blindfolds? I found a box which contained handcuffs. That didn't surprise me, although when I read the label I was surprised to find that they had a built in timer. The last item was a Hitachi Wand vibrator. Now I understood the need for the extension cord as this toy was AC powered. I picked up the note.

"Tammy," it began. "You are doing great. It is time for your reward. I want you to strip out of your clothes. Next pull out the plug and balls. Be sure to clean them as you already know you must take care of your toys. Take care of whatever needs you have in the bathroom. If you chose, you may reinsert the plug and balls. It is up to you."

I was shaking as I read my latest instructions. I decided to complete these beginning tasks before reading the rest. The plug was pretty foul when I pulled it free. I was grateful for the private bathroom so I could wash it without anybody else seeing me. The balls were easier. After my holes were finally free of their tormentors I began to get a hollow feeling. I'd had that uncomfortable hunk of plastic up my ass for 6 hours. I should have been happy to be free of it, but in a perverse way I missed it. I decided to use the facilities before deciding whether to reinsert the plug. I figured I should probably read the rest of the instructions too before making that call. Bodily functions complete, I washed my hands and went back to the box. The instructions were quite clear as to how things should be done.

Step 1: Wrap the strap around the end of the upper berth near the window. Make sure it is tight.

Step 2: Plug in the extension cord and run it over to the lower berth.

Step 3: Attach the leg cuffs to your ankles.

Step 4: Use the bondage tape to wrap your legs and thighs together.

Step 5: Place the wand so the ball end is directly over your clit. The body of the wand should be taped to your thighs.

Step 6: Take the handcuffs out of the box. Read the instructions and set the timer for 15 minutes. Do not put them on yet. This is a safety step to make sure the timer works and that you know how to set it.

Step 7: Insert the gag inflating it until you are full, but not stressed.

Step 8: Test the wand. Turn it on for no longer than 30 seconds.

Step 9: Wrap the blindfold around your forehead so it is ready.

Step 10: When the cuffs reopen and you know they work, prepare for the final steps.

Step 11: Reset the cuffs for no less than one hour. If you think you can handle more, feel free to set the time for longer.

Step 12: Hook your legs on the strap around the upper berth.

Step 13: Turn on the wand.

Step 14: Secure the blindfold.

Step 15: Secure your hands behind your back.

Step 16: Cum your fool head off.

Step 17: Thank me later.

Heck, I almost came just reading the instructions. I was about to bind myself to a powerful vibrator which was not going to run out of power. How great was that? My clit was already so sensitive I bet I would come just from testing the wand. I quickly made the preparations shown in the instruction. If I followed the hand drawn diagram, my legs would be in the air, but my back would be on the lower bed so it shouldn't be that uncomfortable. I looked at the handcuffs as the timer counted down from 15 minutes. Did I dare set them for longer than one hour?

I tested the wand. I practically doubled over as I came almost the moment its bulbous head began to buzz against my clit. The relief I sought for the past two week and especially tonight in the bar and observation car washed over me. I should have been happy and just gone to sleep, but instead my orgasm only fueled my lust higher.

I put in the gag and pumped it up until it filled my mouth. I remember thinking if I ever had found a guy this size maybe I would not have given him up for girls. Looking back down at my tape bound legs I decided probably not. The girls who started me on the path that put me in this position had far more power over me than a guy with a big dick and made me cum so much better. I affixed the blindfold so it was ready to be used. And then I waited.

My preparations had taken less than half the 15 minutes required for the handcuff test. I could have turned on the wand and had another cum. I'm sure it wouldn't have taken any longer this time. But I didn't. I tried to be good and follow the instructions. It was maddening to watch the time count down. I was ready to begin, but the cuffs were not. As I watched the numbers tick away I had the realization that I'd never last an hour with the wand turned on. I came immediately the first time and as the anticipation built to the cuffs opening again I realized just how long 15 minutes was. An hour with the power on would be far too much for my poor body to take. I was even scared to go for 30 minutes. I decided to reset for 15 minutes again and if I made it that long without issue, I would add 15 minutes until I couldn't take it anymore. That seemed sensible. Certainly Mrs. Forrest would understand.

It has been said that a watched pot never boils. What I was experiencing was watched handcuffs never open. Finally the timer reached all zeros and I heard a click. I tested the lock and the cuffs swung open. I reset the timer to 15 minutes and made my final preparations. I never had any doubts as I turned on the wand and pulled down the blindfold. Instantly the room went dark. The instructions had not said to turn the room light off so I didn't. With my legs suspended from the top bunk I knew my ass would be visible through the window. But the train was sailing along at over 70mph and it was the middle of the night. Even if somebody did happen to look at my window the fleeting glance would be minimal. I hooked the first cuff around my left wrist. Before I could hook my right one behind me I came again. I screamed into the gag as a powerful orgasm took me. I tried to catch my breath, but I could feel another climax building. I howled again into the gag.

I almost decided against cuffing my hand and turning off the wand. But I had to see this through, at least for a quarter of the time. Before my rational mind could protect me, I pulled my wrists behind me. It was a struggle, but finally I heard the ratchet click shut around my right wrist. I came again.

Along with the sounds of the buzzing wand and the click on the train on the tracks, my body continued to build and release a series of orgasms. They were not huge ones. The wand prevented that kind of tease and build up. But they were fireworks inducing cums and my brain was on overload. I twisted back and forth as the wand worked its magic. I had another small orgasm and then another. I was glad I was wearing the gag as without it I would have woke the entire car.

I was unable to hear the handcuff ratchet in my orgasm induced fog. The buzz of the wand and the train prevented that. I was pulling my wrists furiously waiting for the moment of my release. My clit was sore and I think I was getting dehydrated from all the juice I was spilling around that damned wand. Finally I felt the cuff release and I quickly freed my hands and turned off the wand. I'd managed to drive myself crazy with lust in just 15 minutes. Thank God I had not set it for 60.

I lay back on the bed trying to calm down. A series of aftershocks caused my body to continue to convulse and I continued to enjoy the afterglow of great sex. Finally I calmed down enough to remove the blindfold and unhook my legs from the upper birth. I sat up on the bed swinging my tape bound legs to the floor. I looked at the wand still taped over my abused pussy. Did I have the courage to submit myself to another 15 minute round?

As I was pondering that question I noticed two new boxes and an envelope sitting on the floor. I knew they were not their when I put the blindfold on. Somebody had been in my room. I began to shake. I didn't bother to remove the tape. I carefully hopped off the bed and grabbed the envelope. Looking at the note I noticed this one was hand written. It was not typed like the others had been. The handwriting was very neat. Elegant would be a better description and decidedly feminine.

"Very disappointing that you chose to set the timer to 15 minutes. A good submissive must follow all orders without question. I would have rescued you before you reached your threshold and rewarded you. Now you must be punished. Failure to comply will be the end of your journey."

I was crestfallen at my foolishness for not trusting her. I read the rest of the note.

"In the small box is an electrical timer. Plug the extension cord into it. Then return to the bed. On the handcuffs select 240 minutes, the maximum setting. This time leave the blindfold off and turn out the lights. Turn on the wand's switch and cuff your hands behind your back as before. In box 2 are clothes for you for tomorrow. There is a fresh change of underwear, blue jeans and a shirt. Depending on how you perform tonight, we will continue when we get to Chicago or you will go home."

The note left no uncertainty that if I chose to just go to sleep sexually happy now, I'd be going home tomorrow. Could I live with that? I'd had a great adventure, but was I giving up the opportunity for more? I opened the small box and looked at the timer. It was a light timer with a slider for 1, 2, 3, and 4 hour settings. There was also one marked R. The slider was taped in the R position. I looked at the back and there were simple instructions. There was a sensor which turned on the light when it got dark, hence turning off the lights. The R setting turned the timer on and off at random intervals. Knowing what I did about timers, I knew this was designed to turn your house lights on and off at different times. I could hardly last 15 minutes and this timer looked like an hour was the minimum!

I noticed the screws on the back of the timer had been tampered with and there were scrape marks at the edges. Had this timer been modified? It took me about 10 minutes to finally decide I had to trust my mistress and hook up the timer, turn out the lights and resecure myself to the bed. I had flipped the wand's switch, but it did nothing. I guess the timer was waiting to decide I'd "come home."

Without the blindfold I could watch the darkened countryside fly by. It was now 1am and I knew my wrists would be cuffed until at least 5. Unless, of course, my mistress took pity on me and removed them early. I then had the thought that I didn't see in the handcuff instructions how to reset the timer to release them early. Well it must be possible, I decided.

I watched the world roll by and I thought about my mistress. The rocking motion of the train had my clit moving ever so slightly against the ball of the wand. Certainly not enough to get me off, but enough to realize it was there. My legs were getting tired of hanging above me. I both dreaded and prayed for the timer to turn the wand back on.

As I lay in wait, my mind drifted to all of the sexual adventures I had throughout my life. Even without power to the wand my pussy was moistening in anticipation. I was thinking nasty thoughts as the pressure on my clit held my lusts inflamed. The room's alarm clock now read 1:15. I'd made it another 15 minutes in bondage but instead of 7 or 8 orgasms, I was just teasing myself. I definitely preferred the other way. By 1:30 I was starting to feel desperate again. Alone with my thoughts in a dark room my mind wracked my body with lust as the slight movement on the wand which had initially been an annoyance by 1:45 was driving me crazy.

At 2am I decided I understood what the punishment was. The timer had been modified all right. It didn't work. I had bound myself for 4 hours with no way to free myself, get myself off or even stop the damn wand from teasing me. In frustration I started to cry, although no sounds escaped from behind the gag.

I must have eventually fallen asleep. I was having a particularly nasty dream about being used in my classroom by a bunch of students. They had me spread naked on my desk. While two girls on either side of me slapped my tits, a third was between my legs with that damned Hitachi Wand. They made no effort to hold me down and I was making no effort to escape them. The pain in my nipples was shooting down my torso making a direct connection with the vibrations in my clit causing me to cum over and over again. The girls were just laughing at me as I total lost control under their knowing hands. I didn't know how I got in that position or what power they held over me, but they were definitely in control of when and how I could cum. They made me beg. They made me pledge to eat all their pussies. They were driving me crazy with lust. And then I felt a big bump and woke up. Damn, I was just about to cum again too :-(

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