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Making Dad Cum in My Pussy

by Giveandgetoral©

Sonja sat on her dad's lap. Her head was on his shoulder and she was crying. At 18 and a senior in high school, she'd had a series of disasters in her love life and her latest boyfriend had just broken up with her.

Dan was trying to comfort his teenage daughter but all he could really do was hold her and hope to help her through it all. His hands slid over the back of her shirt and he felt the sobs that racked her body as well as heard them. He loved his daughter but was completely out of his element to try to understand what she was feeling.

Dan's hands got lost in his daughters long blond hair as he tried to give her comfort. Her hair felt luxurious, then he fussed at himself, this was his daughter for goodness sake. But in spite of himself, his hands kept going back to run through her hair.

Sonja felt his fingers in her hair and smiled. She loved her long blonde hair, the way it felt to the touch and how it sparkled as it caught the light, and even though it was her dad that was doing the playing she was glad he felt that way about her hair too. Her tears stopped and she felt a warm feeling just being with him.

Sonja concentrated on how it felt. Besides taking pleasure in the feeling, she could hear her dad's heartbeat as her head lay on his shoulder. The love he felt for her was in his touch as his hands slid up and down her back. She smiled as his hands seemed to keep going back to her hair. She thought, "Could you scratch my back dad?"

"Sure honey, if that's what you want."

Sonja froze, had she said that out loud? She must have because her dad had not only answered her; his hands had made claws were exerting more pressure on her back. She was soon relaxing again as his hands coaxed the stiffness out of her muscles. She softly sighed and kissed his cheek, "Thanks dad that feels wonderful."

She lay like that for a few minutes then whispered, "Go under the shirt." She was surprised that she liked the idea of her dad touching her skin she had always been uncomfortable with it for some reason. She felt his hands start to pull at her shirt; she knew he was hesitant so she just waited to see what he did.

Sonja felt her shirt slowly being pulled out of her jeans. His hands would make slow passes over the base of her spine and gently come back up until his fingers ran into her shirt. Every time his hands were at the bottom, she would feel him tugging her shirt to make it come up farther. She leaned back some to make it easier for him and was rewarded by his fingers scratching her stomach as well. It felt electrifying.

Sonja was no stranger to sex, at 14 she'd already had the body of an adult woman. With a sexy body and pretty face it didn't take her long to realize that she could have as many boys as she wanted. She had fucked quite a few before she realized she wanted more. She wanted someone to touch her heart not just her body. So she had basically stopped having sex until she could find that someone. It had led to quite a few boyfriends that had only wanted sex and broke up with her when they discovered they weren't going to get it. The latest one had been today.

Her dad was trying to be as gentle as he could and still scratch. She realized that her shirt was now at the middle of her back and wondered how far he intended to go? She wondered how far she wanted him to go? Her mind was confused. On one hand, this was her father for Pete sake! She shouldn't want him to do anything. On the other hand he alone wanted to reach her heart and had never asked for more. It was a love she could always count on.

She loved her mom but it was her dad that she was closest to. He was the one she would come to as a little girl when she was afraid of a storm. It was her dad that she lay next to in bed and found comfort because his arms surrounded her. No longer a child, it would be her dad she would call if she had an emergency. And she knew in her heart he would always come for her and be there for her.

It was wrong and she knew it, deep inside she knew it. Then why did she sort of hope he didn't stop? Maybe she was worried for nothing. He apparently realized that the next time he raised her shirt her breasts would be exposed because she had no bra on. His fingers were leaving little white trails over her tanned skin. As his hands were on her front Sonja leaned forward a little so that the back of his hand brushed her still covered nipples. Electricity shot through her.

Dan loved that way it felt to have his hands on her smooth skin. Her body was doing things to his and it shouldn't. He had raised her shirt as far as he dared, the next time it would not be a father comforting his daughter but a man that wanted a woman. He knew it was wrong, he should stop! Her young body was generating heat and where she was sitting that heat was making him very uncomfortable.

Damn! He had accidently brushed her nipple. He froze and waited for her to get off of him and tell him off for touching her that way. He loved her, but not that way! His mind was telling him to stop. She wasn't getting up! His hands went around her back, raised her shirt and he freed her breasts of the material. He saw the white flesh of her breasts showing, the pink aureoles and nipples were peaking out.

Sonja felt her dad run his fingers along the taught skin of her back and the smooth skin of her flat stomach, and it felt so good! She also felt him getting an erection. She was making her dad get hard!

The contact he had made with her nipples had made them hard in an instant. Now his fingers purposely scratched the sensitive flesh of her lower breasts, his thumb accidently rubbing across her hard nipples. He could feel her heart as she reacted to his touch. He had never thought of doing anything to her and he knew she felt the same way as he did. So how had they gotten to the point where he wanted to touch her and she wanted him to? It was the only explanation. He liked what he was doing to his daughter and she was obviously letting him because she only had to stand up to stop it, so that meant she liked it to.

He knew he couldn't stop, he didn't want to. He put his fingers on her flat stomach and moved up until he had a breast in each hand. The nipples were hard with desire and standing out proudly from the white flesh of her breasts.

Sonja glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw that her dad was looking at her breasts with desire. She should stop him now! This had already gone too far, but they could still pretend it didn't happen if they stopped now. It wasn't too late to go back to just being father and daughter.

Even as she thought those things, she felt her nipples trapped between his fingers and thumbs. She gave out a soft moan as he sent shivers through her young body. She knew it had been too late for awhile now. The minute they both discovered they wanted this it had been too late. The minute he had permitted himself to explore, the minute she hadn't stopped him, it had been too late.

Sonja placed her hand on the side of her dad's face turning him toward her. She placed her lips to his and gave him a soft kiss, "I love you dad."

Dan kissed his daughter, "Honey, I never...ah...I mean I haven't..." He was stopped from talking by another kiss from her.

She smiled at him, "I know dad, I've never thought of you this way either." She kissed him again, "I do know that I have liked what we have done so far and I don't want it to stop." Her hand dropped between her legs to his hard cock trying to escape his jeans. "I think you feel the same way as I do." She felt him answer with his lips on hers. After the kiss, she saw him start to say something and put her hand to his lips. "I am not a child being abused by my father; I'm a grown woman wanting to make love to the one man that loves me even if we never did anything."

Dan watched as she slid off of him and stood up and held out her hand to him. He put his hand in hers and let her help him stand up. Dan let his daughter lead him up the stairs to her bedroom. Nothing was said as they walked, both were lost in their own thoughts.

They got into the room and Sonja dropped to her knees in front of her father. Her hands were practiced and soon his jeans and underwear were in a pile at his feet. Her fingers wrapped around his cock. He was still semi-hard from before as her fingers explored him he continued to get harder. She kissed the head and put her lips around it. She held just the head in her mouth as her hand explored the shaft and balls. She wondered what kind of sex life her mom and dad had.

She took her mouth away from him, stood up and kissed him. She went to the bed, took her clothes off and lay on her back. She watched her dad's reaction at seeing his little girl like this. She had a nice body and she worked hard to keep it that way. Her face was pretty and her blonde hair caught the light with sparkling highlights. Her breasts were large with big aureoles with nipples that stood out proudly from her breasts. Sonja was pleased at the way he was hungering for her.

Dan saw his daughter as a very desirable woman for the first time. He took his shirt off and he stepped out of the pile of jeans and underwear, shoes and socks were next. He sat down on the edge of the bed and bent down to kiss her. "I love you but right now I want you and not as my little girl."

Her hand closed around his hard cock, "I love you too, and I want you." She placed her hands on either side of his head, "Dad, we don't know what each other like, so can we tell each other? I love having my nipples sucked." Sonja felt him move down and she sighed softly as his lips closed around her nipple. She placed her hand on his and guided it to her other breast.

Sonja felt a warm sensation spread from her nipples. Her dad switched from one nipple to the other and she absently ran her hand through his hair. "Mmm, I wish I had you do this a long time ago."

After a few minutes of this, Sonja watched as her dad moved so that one leg was one either side of her and his cock was in the valley between her breasts. Using his hands so that one was on the outside of each of her breasts he squeezed trapping his cock.

She watched as he slowly fucked her breasts. She thought what else could you call it? He was moving back and forth so that his cock would slide in and out of the prison her breasts were making. She giggled when she saw just the head of his cock peak out at her only to retreat back inside. "Does mom let you do this to her?"

He laughed, "Not hardly, she won't let my cock anywhere near her mouth."

"Move forward some more."

He did but had to let go of her breasts to do it, when he squeezed her breasts together again his cock nearer her mouth.

"Bunch the pillow behind my head."

Again Dan had to release his cock from their fleshy prison but with the pillows arranged he again started to fuck her breasts. This position made his cock rub against her mouth on the forward stroke.

Sonja opened her mouth and accepted his cock as he thrust. Back and forth and in and out his cock travel between her breasts and across her parted lips.

Dan started to move off of her when her hands pushed his hips forward. This caused his cock to go into her mouth and down her throat. He realized what she wanted him to do so he started fucking her mouth.

Sonja looked at her dad's face as he saw his cock disappear into her mouth. He was fascinated with what she was doing to him and she loved it that she could give him this. She got a look of concern and used her hand to take his cock out of her mouth. "Dad, has mom ever let you cum in her mouth?" She thought he had been kidding before.

Dan bent down to kiss his daughter, "Honey, you are the first woman to ever have her mouth anywhere near there."

Sonja was upset with her mother for not giving her husband every possible pleasure with her body. She determined to give her father one hell of a blowjob the first chance she got, but not this first time. This time she wanted his cock deep inside of someplace else when he got off.

Sonja watched as he moved off of her and using his tongue he made a wet trail down her body. He stopped at each nipple to give them a lick which sent electricity through her. She really did like that.

She watched him stop, and move his legs between hers and his face just inches above her hair. She could feel him gently blowing on her. "Honey, I was wondering if you would let me do something to you there using my mouth?"

Sonja knew about oral sex, of course, but she had never gotten off that way. The boys just weren't experienced enough and didn't know how. "You can do whatever you want to dad." She watched as he gently lowered his mouth to her. She bit her lip as she felt his tongue slide into her pussy and come back out to lick her clitoris.

She felt him start to lick and actually fuck her with his tongue. "MMMmmm" escaped her as she felt her pussy lips continually parted by his wet tongue. " this..mmm?"

"No, she thinks it's dirty." She saw him take his hands and spread her pussy lips apart. "I do so love to do it too." She felt him actually put his lips to her clit and start to suck it.

Sonja clawed the sheet of the bed as waves of pleasure were being transmitted through her young body from her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she was having trouble remembering to breathe. She could understand her mom not wanting to suck her dad because she probably didn't want him to cum that way, but she could have done it for a little while if she gave a damn. But this wasn't requiring her to do anything but enjoy it, and her dad really wanted to do it even if he got nothing.

Dan raised his head up, "Do you like it?"

Did she like it! Fuck! "It's wonderful dad."

Very softly she heard him say, "Please let me make you cum this way. Would you tell me when you cum?"

What else did the bitch not do? She knew damn well he wouldn't be asking this crap if she did anything besides just lay there.

Sonja's wrapped her legs around her dad, "Dad, how far can you put your tongue in me?" The look of surprise and delight on her father's face was all she needed to know. From now on she would find out what he desired to do and let him do it and she would find out what he desired to have done to him and give it to him.

She should be furious with her mom but as she felt her dads tongue slide into her pussy as deep as he could get it she was actually very glad for what her mom had done or not done. That just meant more fun for father and daughter.

After his daughter had encouraged him, Dan was like a kid with a new toy. His tongue, lips and teeth licked, sucked and nibbled the sensitive flesh of her pussy. He wanted to shove his tongue in her as far as he possibly could. He was everywhere at once. No part was secret. No part was out of reach. Most important, no part was off limits, no more places he wasn't allowed.

Sonja felt her dad let loose and it was all she could do to not scream. She arched her back because of the pleasure, which brought her pussy closer to his mouth. Up and up, higher and higher her dad sent her. Damn, how did he learn to do that? Then she realized the truth, it wasn't that he knew how so much as he had always wanted to do it so bad. He had probably fantasized about doing this and he knew exactly what he would do if her mom ever change her mind.

Her pussy was on fire! She felt the pressure building. She was making constant moaning sounds and her body was completely raised off of her bed. "Dad, I'm going to cum!"

Dan had wanted to hear those words for years. He instantly went faster, driving his tongue deeper, fucking his daughter with it!

Sonja exploded! Her orgasm rocked her entire body! Wave after wave of intense pleasure coursed through her 18 years old body. She couldn't see anything. The few times she could open her eyes everything was a blur.

Her brain was somehow able to figure out that she had told him she was having an orgasm. It told her that she was experiencing the most intense orgasm she had ever had and he wasn't stopping! Her first orgasm finished, wracking her body as another took its place. Her dad was making her cum again! Sonja beat her fists on the mattress and screamed!

Sometime later, and she didn't know how long that was, she could think again. Her dad had stopped and was doing something else. This felt nice whatever it was. She finally opened her eyes as saw him licking her pussy not to turn her on but to clean her off. She watched his face and to her shock he was crying. Why was he crying? She watched her dad raise his head and look her in the eyes.

Dan smiled at his 18 year old daughter, "Thank you for giving me that honey."

Sonja bit her lip and thought what an idiot her mom was. Her dad deserved better. Then she got a huge smile, her dad deserved his daughter. "Dad put your cock in me where it belongs." Sonja watched him position himself over her, and then she realized that she should have told him that she was very sensitive because of what he had just done to her.

She froze in anticipation as she felt his cock start to enter her. She knew his body needed a release and she expected he would slam into her hard and deep. She braced herself for what was surely going to hurt. A soft sigh escaped from her and she was amazed as she felt his cock slowly ease its way into her. His hard cock slowly slid farther and farther inside her pussy. He wasn't brutal, but gentle. Did he always think of things like this? How long had he suffered? How long had she been so blind?

He was all the way inside of her. His hard cock was buried deep inside of her and never once had he cause her pain. He had a look she had never seen on his face. It wasn't so much a look of pleasure as peace.

Dan had his eyes closed as his cock penetrated his daughter. "Oh honey, you have no idea how incredible it feels to be inside of you." He held it deep inside of her and didn't move. "I'm not talking sex, it feels like I belong."

As her arms went around him and she kissed him, she wondered how long it had been since he had just felt needed. "I love you dad."

Sonja felt him ease his cock back just as gently as he had put it in. She knew he had to be raging inside and yet he was controlling what he was doing. How did he do that? "Aaahhh" escaped her as his cock slid in and out so agonizingly slowly.

There was never any pain only a soft warm feeling that spread slowly from her cock filled pussy. She'd had sex but this was very different, this was making love. In and out she felt him. On the trip in he would just hold it in deep a few seconds before he moved. On the trip back out he would hurry and reverse his thrust when he was almost out of her as if he was afraid she would stop him as if it wasn't going to happen.

Sonja choked back the tears. She wouldn't let him see that she felt his pain. She made herself concentrate on his pleasure. When he was all the way in and was just starting to withdraw himself, she would tighten her muscles making her vagina actually try to suck his cock back in.

Dan withdrew from her totally and kissed her on the lips. He started to run his hand through her hair and then lay down beside her on the bed.

She felt him trying to get her on top of him. She flipped on her side and put one leg over his. It felt odd not having him in her since he hadn't gotten off. She positioned herself with her legs on either side of him and with one hand guided his cock to her pussy. She lowered herself so that the head went in her and then she let her weight make it slide into her. "UUUmmmm! That feels so...o...o good, dad."

"Please make me cum honey."

Sonja looked into his eyes and she saw how much he wanted this. She started to rock back and forth causing his cock to slide in and out. There was no need to ask him if her mom ever did this.

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