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Quickie: The Van Ride

by Agnol©

With a soft slurp my cock slipped from her pussy, Kim pulling us apart by leaning forward. Reaching down to her ankle, she grabbed her bikini bottom and slipped it onto her other leg before pulling it up quickly. I could feel more bodies moving around, the row directly behind us emptying out slowly; soon Aunt Angela would see that we were still seated with her daughter atop my lap.

"Hurry," I hissed, trying in vain to get my cock back into my shorts. The woman next to us was making a big show of getting herself back together, 'Carlos' whispering fiercely to her, wondering why she had embarrassed him by faking the orgasm so loudly. She turned and flashed me a smile, her eyes narrowing meaningfully as she nodded towards my still exposed groin.

At last Kim stood up, arranging her top carefully, making sure nothing was out of place. I was finally able free to lift my ass off the seat and pull my shorts up and tuck my still hard cock back inside. I looked up and Aunt Angela was standing there, a questioning look on her face and my heart fell into my stomach, we'd been caught.

"You two okay?" she asked with a glare to our neighbors who were at last heading towards the door. "You didn't see anything, did you?" she asked Kim.

"No, mom," Kim replied a bit exasperated. "Sheesh, even if we did, I'm old enough to see a porno." She grabbed the towel that had been left on my lap, I reached for it desperately but she had it tied around her waist before I could think to cover myself, the tent in my shorts on full display to my aunt.

I saw Aunt Angela's eyes dart to my lap, her mouth slowly opening in surprise at the state of my body. Covering up reflexively, I avoided looking at her face, desperate to get out of the van and into the hotel. Kim waited for her mother to lead the way, following close behind her but not before she grabbed my hand and pulled me after her.

I thought it was all over and done, the little adventure in the van that could be remembered on cold lonely nights, never to be spoken of again. I sighed, relief and regret mixed together, ready to let the rest of my vacation be a bit of a let down from the high of fucking my cousin in a crowded van.

Aunt Angela climbed out of the van carefully, holding on to the door so that she didn't slip on the slick concrete in her beach shoes. Kim's small hand pulled me closer, my still hard cock once again poking into her soft ass as we crouched in the cramped space of the van.

"So what now?" my aunt asked, turning to face us.

"Jason and I are getting some room service," Kim announced, stepping out of the van quickly, pulling me behind her. "I'm starved!"

We walked into the hotel, Aunt Angela right behind us, a puzzled look on her face. I didn't dare turn around and look, afraid that if I did I'd have given her evidence of our misdeeds. The elevator was directly across from the sliding doors of the entrance and we hopped into one that just opened as we stepped up. For a moment Aunt Angela was distracted, searching for something in the large bag hanging off her shoulder. Kim reached out and pressed the seventh floor, where my room was.

As the metal doors began to close Kim reached up and pulled my head down to look at her, her leg wrapping around mine and then she was kissing me. Her mouth was wide open and her tongue was diving past my lips. My heart was racing, this kiss hotter than any I'd ever had before, but something was wrong. I had expected to feel the elevator moving, but it hadn't started and it most definitely should have.

I looked up as a young boy was stepping into the elevator. Unnoticed while Kimmy was kissing me, he had stopped the doors from closing and now he was pressing the button for his own floor. My head flew up and my eyes found Aunt Angela's shocked face. My heart sank once again, after all that had happened, we'd been found out anyway.

"Your mother is going to kill me," I whispered.

Kim, her body still molded to mine, turned and saw her mother stepping into the elevator. The doors closed with a soft swish and then we were rushing up, the silence full of unbelieving stares between Aunt Angela, her daughter and I. The little boy hummed softly, blissfully unaware of the incredible awkwardness that was exploding around him.

At last, the bell rang and the doors opened. The boy skipped off and disappeared down a carpeted corridor.

Aunt Angela turned to face us, her face softened, her eyes smoldering as she took in the sight of us. My heart raced in my chest, the tensions almost too much to bear as I waited for the outburst of anger and horror, but it never came.

"So when did this," she gestured to the way Kim still hung on to my neck, her body pressed up against me tightly, "happen? Hm?"

"Aunt Angela, I'm sorry, I-" I tried to explain.

"In the van," Kim cut me off, her voice quiet and accepting. She let go of of me and stood staring at the ground. "It just sort of happened, mom. Neither of us meant for it to, but you can't always control these kinds of things."

The elevator stopped and the doors opened on my floor. I put one foot out the door, blocking it from closing, then turned back to look at Kim and her mother. I didn't want to leave my cousin, but I was too afraid to ask her to come with me.

"Go on," Aunt Angela said, nudging Kim towards me. "A little summer loving with a cousin never hurt a girl. God knows I wouldn't mind being underneath him tonight."

Kim looked at her mother, the shock on her face mirroring my own. With a devilish grin she slid back into my arms and then started to pull me away.

"Maybe tomorrow night," Kim said quickly before the doors slid closed, laughing at the look of pleasant surprise on her mother's face.

Written by: Agnol

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