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The Discovery: Prison Inmates

by poshbillionaire©

No luck.

Rhys just held him tighter and covered his mouth with his, plunging his tongue into the gasping mouth without a second thought. He was determined to do this and do it right. It didn't matter to him (was just sex after all) but it seemed a big deal for Jamie. He planned to make it good for Jamie but as he deepened the kiss, he realised he really was going to enjoy this a lot more than he had thought.

Rhys tried to pull together memories of his gay friends Aiden and Jon and anything they may have said pertaining to their sex life. Nothing major came to mind; he already knew about anal sex and had done it with a few girls before so he knew about the need for lubricant. That was out of the question obviously in this place. He would have to improvise. And for the rest, he'll simply go with the flow.

He could feel Jamie slowly melting into the kiss, his tongue beginning to move around his exploring one. He loosened his grip on Jamie's body and began to stroke the small smooth back, digging into the groves of his spine from his long slender neck to his small bum and feeling and thoroughly enjoying the shivers he was causing. He continued to kiss him deep, tilting his head so he could delve deeper into that surprisingly delicious mouth.

Jamie's erection grew against his and soon as he felt its heated length, Rhys began to grind Jamie against him. Soon they were both moaning and grunting at the friction. Rhys' hands and fingers were all over Jamie's body, he couldn't think straight, they were in his hair, on his neck, tweaking his nipples, teasing his belly, dipping into his navel...while his just held on for dear life. He couldn't believe he was beginning to enjoy this, he was losing his mind.

So much that he didn't realise where Rhys' hand had gone next till he felt his now engorged cock being pulled out of the waist band of his track downs. Rhys began to stroke his length, slowly familiarising himself with the veined solid slimness, surprised that he was already imagining taking the sweet piece of Jamie in his mouth.

"Aww" Jamie cried out in between the kisses, trying to jump away but unable to get away, shock reverberating through his mind. Rhys let him push at his chest, his stricken face looking down repeatedly at what Rhys was doing to him in disbelief, trying to fight the building pleasure in his loins.

When he started to lift his hips involuntarily to meet the movement of Rhys' stroking hand, Rhys stood up again. This time he pulled both their prison order track downs down to their feet at the same time without much effort, sitting back down immediately and resuming his stroking, the tempo increasing a little. He caught Jamie's whimpering mouth again and began to trace every corner inside of it with his tongue. Jamie's responsiveness excited him beyond words, it had never felt so good to make love to someone before. He was so fucking hard.

Jamie's body tensed and then began to buck as his orgasm exploded into Rhys' welcoming hand. The hand kept going till he was milked completely and he slumped against Rhys' broad chest. Rhys stood up slightly to lay him gently on the bed on his back while he slid lower to the smaller man's parted legs. He stroked himself, coating the entire length of his cock with Jamie's come and then shifted his attentions to the rosebud before him. He circled the spasming entrance for a while and then after a momentary thought, started to lick at it.

Not even having a chance to recover from his recent orgasm, Jamie became incoherent now, this new sensation blocking all other senses completely. His cock was up again in minutes and it welcomed Rhys' immediate licking with renewed vigour.

Rhys slid one wet finger into that channel at the same time as he took the throbbing cock in his mouth. Jamie was about 6 inches hard and Rhys found he could literally swallow him whole.

Which he did.

"God...awww yes...."

Jamie was thrashing on the bed, keening with ecstasy and a growing yet unknown need. He took in another gentle probing finger to the hilt, torn between two mind blowing sensations.

Rhys cupped Jamie's small bum in his large hand and lifted him up, not stopping any of his ministrations but positioning himself and adding a third finger, gently stretching. He stayed that way till he felt Jamie stiffen dangerously on the threshold of coming. Then he pulled out his fingers.

"No...please Rhy...please I need to..."

Jamie didn't wail at the emptiness for long, because the bulbous head began to find its way in. His heightened mind struggled to register the pressure of the coming invasion as Rhys gathered him into his arms and pushed in at the pace of a baby snail. His back arched in confused pain as Rhys popped through the tightened entrance.

As the scorching length filled him inch by slow inch his legs began to shake. "Nnnngh....oh God...fucccckkk"

"God...." Rhys gasped at the same time at the heat and tightness he was becoming engulfed in. He never thought it would be this good. Already he was becoming unsure at how long he would last in this fire for he could already feel himself bubbling inside.

The shock of the fullness cleared Jamie's fuzzy head a bit and he raised weak hands to push Rhys off. Rhys simply wrapped the small hands high and tight around his neck and began to soothe the panicking man with kisses as he waited for him to relax to their joining. He knew he couldn't move till Jamie relaxed, he was big and long. At almost 9 inches long he could not, would not take chances.

He began with small short winding thrusts, pressing the weight of his lower body on Jamie so that their crushed bodies could give Jamie's cock some attention too. Slowly their kisses worked their magic and Jamie began to undulate with him, the thrusts increased and found the right spot. Then Jamie went crazy, moaning and begging without inhibition. Begging for more.

"Please...Rhy...more...fuck...oh fuck...more...please gawddddd"

Oh he got more.

Long deep thrusts targeted to that right spot each and every time, the lean hips pulling out till just the head was in and then driving back in with a smooth curve, grinding hard into Jamie's groin before repeating the move so fluidly the small man practically started convulsing as his silver eyes disappeared into his head. Rhys gave him more painstakingly but he made sure to cover the screaming mouth with his to keep his screams to himself as they built up high and agitated with the first orgasm erupting from his small body.

Rhys did not stop, exhilarated at the discovery of how to drive this beautiful man berserk, making him harder than ever even through Jamie's clamping orgasm. Revelling in the smooth steaming grip Jamie had on him, the longdicking blowing both their minds as he kept on.

By the time they came together, Jamie for the second time and the contracting heat finally forcibly dragging Rhys' out of him with manic ferocity, Rhys knew it was not only Jamie's screams he was muffling but his as well.

They shuddered against each other as their orgasms spewed on and in each other. Rhys collapsed on Jamie for a minute then leaned to the side, drawing a low groan of protest from the boneless body as he slid out. He chuckled weakly and gathered the small man to him in a tight squishy spoon.

They slept.

Rhys woke up feeling the small man bumping against him. It was pitch dark as it was way past lights out. At first he thought Jamie was crying and he leaned over to see. He felt himself become rock hard as he realised that Jamie was wanking as quietly as he could, small sounds escaping his lips.

Oh God.

His hand slowly snaked to the base of Jamie's turgid length and took hold. Jamie gasped in shock that Rhys was awake but his thoughts jumbled up again as the large hand flicked his away and took over the stroking. He didn't realise he was pushing his bum back against Rhys' hardness with each stroke. Rhys struggled to control himself but as he kept on pushing he couldn't resist his hand snaking between those slick cheeks. He wet his fingers and one slid in easily, Jamie shuddered around it, grinding back even more. Another finger joined in and was welcomed with the same ease.

Rhys couldn't take it anymore, he took out his fingers and slid his thigh between Jamie's legs and lifted his thigh up. He slid gently into that still wet heat with one smooth stroke and Jamie cried out in ecstasy, overwhelmed by this double assault he had never known before.

"Yes......fuck....Rhy ohh..." His cries increased as Rhys began to move, whimpering and mewling into the darkness.

"Shh tiny...fuck..., this is for us, alone..." His fingers slid into Jamie's mouth after a few minutes for the small man couldn't stop the cries. He sucked at the fingers like they were lollipops, moaning as he went. The sucking was so intense that sent a sizzling sensation through Rhys' hand and straight down to his groin.

"Fuck Jamie...oh God oh fuck" his thrusts increased and their sweaty thighs slapped deliciously together. He bit into the slender neck in front of him and Jamie bucked against him. He knew they were close and he slammed harder and harder, crying out as Jamie's tightness constricted around him like a gasping vice, feeling his pounding hand enveloped in hot liquid as Jamie came, feeling himself explode and fill the bucking man with his essence.

"Oh God...oh God....oh God..."

Rhys came so hard and so long he couldn't believe himself. He found he was still grinding against that little body like his body wanted more. He bit into the small man's neck again till the last bit of his come was drained from him.

They were both overwhelmed by the intensity of their joining and once Rhys turned Jamie over to face him, they were kissing like full fledged lovers, wanting to melt into each other, legs intertwined and tangled, hands all over each other getting them both hard again, Rhys stroking Jamie who is no longer holding back but is giving as he was getting so that Rhys found himself losing control and the cries becoming twofold.

"Rhy..." Jamie pleaded softly as they kissed and stroked, "Please I ...want... I need... inside"

" too tiny...yes...God I want to be inside too"

They made love thrice more that night.

It took all of Rhys' strength to get up afterward and pick up their trousers. Jamie had practically blacked out and couldn't move even if he wanted to. He smiled to himself in wonder as he dressed him quietly and then himself. Then he curled up around him and fell asleep once his head touched the pillow.

They were woken up violently by a bucket of icy water turned on them by one of the guards. Typical. They were both surprised that the warden did not show up with them. Rhys was sure he was sulking that they had not fought too hard, he knew he would still be out to get them again, if only for that alone.

He squeezed Jamie's hand as they were led back into the main prison area towards the cells. Rhys wasn't surprised that the smaller man wouldn't meet his eye, he had already guessed he was the shy type. He took a deep breath to compose his thoughts and not think of the beauty of the night before. Something to remember about this place, even if nothing came out of it.

He shook his head, if nothing came out of it? Of course nothing was going to come out of it. What was wrong with him?

Rhys Foxton was not gay, simple and short.

They walked by Jamie's cell first and Jamie scrambled in without saying a word to him. They guards moved and he followed, wondering why he felt bad. He looked back to absorb the location and number of Jamie's cell and saw him by the bars looking at him. Their eyes met and Jamie looked so wide eyed and lost, Rhys wished he could go to him and tell him he was as confused as he was so there was nothing to worry about but he was dragged off to his own cell on a different wing.

He went to work with his messages once he hit his cell, there were a number of things he needed, that Jamie needed too.

Written by: poshbillionaire

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