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The Adventure Continues

by dateingagain©

This is a fantasy as it has not actually happened. It is written from my wife's perspective. It is entered under the "Loving Wives" section as an example of what a "Loving Wife" will do for her husband's erotic fantasies as well as her own. My wife loves me deeply and I do her. It was her idea and verbalization that sparked the writing of this little story. Who knows, maybe it will come true.


After all these years, we began fantasizing about me resuming my naughty ways, You have got me so excited my cunt is dripping as we plan and dream. I want to do this. My cunt has not had a strange cock in it for so long, you and I need this.

In my fantasy, I visualize that this is one way it would happen.

I want to dress up in nice provocative short dress that show off my tits, and legs. I would be wearing black nylons, a black garter belt and a pair of black silk panties, and no bra.

What I want to do is to go out with you to a place where I can dance. I want to have you watch me as I am flirting.

I would want you to go in first and check out the bar then come back out and let me know if it is OK, by that I mean it looks safe and there are some good looking guys inside.

I want you to sit off to the side while I pick up a nice looking man. As I am sitting at the bar, I would talk and tease, get close and, I would let my dress ride up my leg, just enough so that he could see the top of my nylons.

I would want to dance with him. Hopefully we would dance some slow dances so I could feel his body up against mine, I want to feel his cock get hard so I could rub my pussy up against it. I hope he would get daring and want to touch my breasts and my ass, maybe even put his hand in front of us and feel my pussy.

Can you see us, I am dancing close to him. I begin to kiss him, I can feel his cock grow as we kiss, so I get closer to him rubbing my pussy up against his hard cock, as he puts his hands on my ass and pull me against him, I don't resist.

Can you see as he slowly raises one of his hands and caresses my breast. He slowly rubs my tit through the fabric of the dress, my nipples get hard immediately and he takes one between his fingers and gently squeezes it, rolling it around between his fingers as I continue to rub up against his hard cock.

You see me whisper something in his ear as I pull him from the dance floor to our table.

"Tom, I am really starting to get wet." I begin to kiss him more passionately as he put his hand back on my tit, with his other hand he begins sliding his hand down the front of my dress, he slowly takes the hem of my dress and pulls it up to where he can rub my panties.

I reach over and begin rubbing on the bulge in his pants. He then starts to touch my pussy on the outside of my panties, feeling my pussy from the top down like you like to do.

First his hand rubs on the hair at to top of my pussy, as he goes lower I spread my legs so he can continue to move his hand lower, I arch my back as his hand reaches my bald pussy lips, he moans as he feels what you love so much.

Can you imagine how I must be feeling, as this strange man begins to pull my panties to the side so he can touch the bare part of my pussy. He takes one of his fingers and begins feel between my pussy lips, he touches my clit and I jump, feeling the electricity from his touch, he continues lower, Tom, my pussy is practically dripping now as he slides a finger in my hole, I am so wet.

He begins to finger fuck me, I feel so naughty, this stranger has his finger in my wet hole, I can't stand it any longer, you know what that does to me. I have to have his cock in me. I whisper in his ear..

"Lets go outside to my truck"

He looks at me, as if to say "Are you sure?" I just nod my head.

We stand and I take his hand and as we are leaving I glance over at you and I see your smile. I can't help but think as I lead him outside to the truck, " Thank you Tom!"

We climb into the back seat and begin to kiss and touch each other. I begin to unzip his pants, I can't wait to get my prize, I pull his pants and underwear down and I see his cock for the first time.

Tom, it was so hard and sticking straight up, I raised my hips and pulled my panties off and gently laid them on the floor. I reached over and pulled him to me as I lay back on the seat. I couldn't wait to get his cock in my pussy.

I took it in my hand and began to rub the head of his cock between my pussy lips. Up and down several times. I could not help but think about you, I sure you are all excited, cause you know I am going to fuck this man, as I put the head of his cock up to my soaking wet hole, I think about how happy you will be, as he begins to slide his cock into me.

Tom, his cock feels so good as it finally goes all the way in and I feel his balls against my ass. He begins slowly moving in and out of my married pussy, I feel so naughty.

"Tom are you excited knowing right now another man is fucking your wife? Sliding his cock in and out of my pussy, this is what you and I want."

I love fucking other men, I love the feeling of their cocks in my hole. I am so happy you want me to do this.

As we fuck, he is kissing me and touching my breast, he begins to fuck me faster and I feel his balls slapping my ass, Tom, I love that feeling of his balls, I reach down and take them in to my hand, they feel so full, I cant help but think, "I hope he has lots of sperm in them," you know how much I love having my pussy full of another man's sperm, I cant wait for him to erupt inside of me.

He them pulls my top down and begins to suck on my hard nipple, Oh God Tom, you know what that does to me, I begin to shake, and start having my never ending small orgasms, my pussy is so alive and sensitive. I am moaning this guy is so good.

"Tom, I love the way he fucks."

I wish I could have his cock in my pussy forever.

He then takes his hand and begins to pinch my other nipple and I can't help it, I begin to really push against him rubbing my clit on his cock, In about 30 seconds I am coming hard on this mans cock, just like I do with you. I moan and put my hand to my mouth so I don't scream too loud.

"God Tom he fucks so good." I wish it would never end.

A few minutes later I begin to feel him move differently and feel him beginning to expand, I know the best part is near. He looks at me and I tell him.

"I want you to come in my pussy, fill me up with your sperm."

He then begins to move faster, his cock is so hard and big. He starts to moan and breath faster. I feel his cock begin to pulse, I know he is coming in my pussy, he slows but continue to fuck me, I can feel him filling my pussy with his hot sperm.

"Tom it feels so good."

He slows and them stops, I feel his cock as he continues to squirt, I cant help but think.

"This guy is really filling me up, Tom, I know you will be so happy, my pussy will be so full and wet from his sperm."

I got what I hoped for, he is emptying his big balls in my hole. We rest, and kiss and hold each other as he slowly begins to get soft in me. We didn't talk much.

I remember thinking "I have to fuck him again!"

I asked him if he would like to see my again and he said "Yes," so I gave him our number, and I wrote down his.

He got dressed and left, I remember thinking as he walked away, "Too bad he can't stay, I would have liked to have seconds."

But I knew that soon I would be getting seconds from you. Besides I knew I would have his cock in my pussy again soon.

As we had planned you would have been outside watching from a discrete distance to make sure I was safe. Your queue was to wait until he left and you would come and find me in the back seat of the truck. I was so excited, waiting for you to come find me.

I'll bet I looked a bit of a mess, I know my mascara was smeared, I was sweaty, my hair was a mess, my breast had little bite marks on them, my lips were puffy from kissing. The truck smelled like sex, sperm and my perfume, I remember you saying that combination of those smells drives you wild, well it is so strong, I may have to call "911!"

But the best part is my pussy feels so well fucked, I turned on the overhead light and took a look with my mirror, Tom, you won't believe how good it looks, my hole is still open from his cock, my whole crotch is wet, and I can't wait for you to see my pussy lips, they are absolutely huge, you can see his sperm in my gaping hole, I can't wait to show you.

I see you approaching the truck, I won't put my panties back on for you to feel how wet and naughty I was, that will be for next time when I come home from my date.

I can't wait to feel you cock in my well fucked hole. I am so excited, I did it.

I hope this is what you really want.

I know I used to do it before and have fucked other men hundreds of times, it's been a while, but I hope you really want me to continue, I really want to fuck other men just like I did tonight, I love the feeling of another cock in my pussy.

I want you to be so proud of your little slut. I hope you are.

Written by: dateingagain

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