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Slave to a Couple Ch. 03

by SecretPirateWench©

When we had all finished eating, I cleared the table and, although I was unsure of what exactly was expected, stacked the dishes in the sink. This seemed to be alright, because Master took my leash then, leading me back toward the basement. I followed obediently behind him as he pulled me down the stairs.

We reached the lower level; a dungeon to me, a playroom to them. Master led me past the furniture and into the bathroom, where he commanded me to get on all fours. Upon further instruction, I folded my arms in front of myself and placed my head on my forearms. I heard him moving about behind me then felt his fingers probing between my ass cheeks. I involuntarily clenched and he swatted me, not hard enough to hurt but enough to get my attention.

"Relax, slut."

"I'm sorry, Master." I did not raise my head and my voice was muffled by my arms.

"I'm only telling you for your own good, slut. I don't want to hurt you any more than I have to." A lubricated finger entered my anus and I did my best not to clench again. "Not yet at least."

His qualifier made my body tighten in anticipation and fear. Master laughed out loud at my reaction.

"This is just a basic drugstore enema. You'll have to take more in the future, but for now, I just want you clean without being stretched out." His finger moved around, spreading the lubricant inside me. "Your first time should be special, after all." Like before, the feeling was both uncomfortable and arousing.

He pulled out his finger and walked away, moving about the bathroom and giving me a few moments to think. Absently, I wondered where Mistress was. Shouldn't she be here for this? I thought. It was strange how I had formed an attachment so quickly to a woman who had been nothing but severe with me.

Suddenly, Master was back and I felt his spreading my ass cheeks with one hand while something small and firm was inserted in my anus. Then, there was a pressure as something cool and wet flowed into me. It felt strange and I wanted to try to pull away from it, but that would obviously have been a bad idea, and I held my position, as awkward as it felt, until the flow stopped.

Master removed the strange thing that was in my anus, the nozzle I guess, and patted my ass cheek. "Now you need to hold that for a few minutes, slut. Tell me when you absolutely can't hold it any more."

It was a strange feeling, but not a painful one. There was an odd pressure building in my bowel and I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on something else, but all I could think about was what had happened to me and what was to come. A few hours earlier I had been a virgin in every way and here I was, lying naked on a bathroom floor preparing to have my ass fucked by a man who had been a stranger to me less than a month before. I squirmed uncomfortably as I felt the need to empty myself.

"Master?" I began to ask.

"Not yet." He replied.

I tried to breathe deeply while I held it in. The urge to evacuate grew and I clenched my ass cheeks together to try to stem it. I could feel a pressure, like gas trying to escape and I moaned with the effort it took to keep it inside.

"Good girl," he patted my ass again, "just one more minute."

I did not think I would make it without embarrassing myself, but somehow, I did. Finally, he pulled on my leash until I was standing and led me to the toilet. All hope that he would leave me alone for this part vanished. I didn't think I would be able to void my bowels with him watching, but the urge was too great and I let go, closing my eyes in embarrassment as water and filth flowed out of me.

Master handed me a wet wipe to clean up with, then told me to get on all fours again so I could be "rinsed out" and the whole process was repeated.

When I was on the toilet for the second time, Mistress entered the room carrying two frightening looking items. One looked to be a paddle of some sort, the other the riding crop from earlier.

She handed the implements to Master and waited until I was done wiping, then grabbed my leash and pulled me out the door and to the spanking bench. She locked me in place, then spread my ass cheeks apart, pushing her dry finger a bit into the hole between them. There seemed to be some lubricant left there and it did not hurt, but I feared what she would find.

"Are you all clean and ready for your master, slut?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Well, you'll just have to wait. I want to discipline you a bit, first." She did not pause before hitting me across the bottom with the paddle, I could feel the warm tingles of pain radiating outward and could not help but ask a question.

"Please, Mistress, what did I do?"

"Do, slut? You haven't done much of anything yet." She hit me again, harder this time and directly on top of the last mark.

"Why am I being punished, Ma'am?" I wanted to know what I had done wrong, why I was being shown discipline. She only laughed. It was Master who responded.

"You are not being punished for any particular transgression now. You are our slut slave and therefore need to be disciplined sometimes to remind you of your place." Mistress hit me twice more with the paddle while he spoke, once on each ass cheek.

I wanted to point out that the nudity and collar/leash combination did an excellent job of reminding me of my place, but I wisely held my tongue on that subject and instead asked. "Should I count?"

"That's not necessary." Mistress said cheerfully. "I'm almost done!" The strikes continued for another few minutes then stopped. I was just beginning to relax when suddenly there was a sharper, more localized pain and I knew she had switched implements.

The riding crop fell much faster than the paddle had and although the pain was more cutting, I found that it actually hurt less. A dozen strokes later and the strikes stopped completely. I blinked my eyes and a few tears leaked out. I heard the now familiar click of the camera and I wondered what they planned to do with all of these pictures. Would they start a slut scrapbook for me? Were they posting them online? I decided to ask sometime when either one seemed in a conversational mood. That was not right now.

I felt Master's fingers between my legs, moving around and dipping into my cunt. "Look how wet that got her," he said to his wife, "I think we have a pain slut here after all." Mistress's fingers came next and she spent even more time than he had playing with me before she declared me an irredeemable slut, then came around to my face, where she pushed her fingers into my mouth and told me to clean them. I obeyed. The taste was similar to that of Mistress's pussy but less strong and a bit sweeter. I tried to ignore the fact that this moisture had come from between my legs and licked all of it from her fingers.

I was unbuckled and led back to the bed where I had lost my virginity not long before. I could see that the white sheet was stained with a pinkish smudge. I supposed it was a combination of Master's come and my blood. I tried to ignore it.

Mistress told me to kneel in the middle of the bed, I did so and leaned forward onto my arms when she bade me. I closed my eyes and prayed that the enemas had cleaned me out completely when her fingers began probing between my ass cheeks. I could feel her long fingernail as she pressed it slightly into my anus and failed in my attempt not to clench.

"Stop that!" She smacked one buttock. "Remember what you were told about relaxing your pussy? Well, it's twice as true about your ass. Now, hold still." I felt Master's hands holding me open then a cool, wet sensation just outside my anal opening. Mistress's finger was back, working the gel into my hole. She added more as one finger thrust in and out, then two fingers. It was beginning to be painfully tight and I wanted her to stop, but I bit my lip and said nothing. I knew if she stopped the pain, the pleasure would go away as well and a strange pleasant feeling was growing in my lower stomach.

She added more lubricant to the point where I worried I would drip all over the sheet. I then remembered that it was already stained and this would make little difference. "Now, slut," she said in a lecturing tone, "don't think you'll always get special treatment like this. We want you well-lubed up now so you don't tear anything or chafe your master's cock. " I almost laughed at that, it couldn't be a real possibility, could it? "In the future, you'll be expected to make your own lubricant."

I wondered what she meant by that, perhaps my saliva or the juices from my pussy she had used before. Either way, I expected there not to be much to work with. I felt Master settle onto the bed behind me. I leaned further onto my elbows so that I could lift my ass up to him. I did my best to control my breathing, but it was unnaturally fast. This was as much of a turning point as my actual virginity, this would make me truly depraved.

Master spread my ass cheeks and I felt something press against my anal opening. Something much bigger than Mistress's fingers and perhaps slightly rounded. I knew it must be his cock. He had not asked me to prepare him like before he entered my pussy. I suppose that watching Mistress do what she had to me had aroused him enough. The small bit I could feel certainly seemed hard enough. He pressed forward and I could feel more of him, it was like he was fighting to go into a place that was much too small to enter. He pushed a little harder and there was a slight pop, not a sound at all, but a feeling, like a barrier that wasn't really there had been breached. I groaned at the uncomfortable feeling of it.

"Shut up, slut, that's just the head." Mistress sounded as though she was taunting me.

"Relax a bit more, girl, it'll hurt less if you do." Master sounded nurturing, except for the reason behind his words, of course. He pulled my cheeks apart further, which relieved a bit of the pressure and pushed forward again, which immediately took away any relief I felt. The feeling grew and intensified into a dull sort of pain as I was more and more filled until it leveled off and I could feel Master's pelvis against my ass.

"Take it all, there's a good slut." He began to pull back, only marginally less slowly than he had entered me and I felt both pain and relief, but he did not withdraw completely and soon he was filling me again. The thrusts sped up incrementally until he was well and truly pounding my ass. It was painful, yet I did not want it to stop, the deep tingling feeling in my lower stomach and pussy had intensified and I felt like it was building toward something. Despite the pain I felt in my stretched asshole, I knew there was a wonderful feeling that could come out of this.

It was surprising to me, given the harsh way he had taken my pussy earlier, how much of an effort he seemed to be making to be gentle. It hurt, to be sure, but I was certain that it could hurt much more and he was keeping it from being that way this first time.

All too soon, given my yearning, Master's thrusts became shallow and erratic, then he held my hips flush against him as he emptied himself within my bowel. It was a stranger feeling than when he had done so in my pussy. I wanted to try to expel it, but I knew that would be frowned upon. Besides, I expected there to be more photographs taken of me in my humiliated state.

I was not wrong. Master pulled out and I desperately wanted to press my legs together to prolong the sensation I was having between them but I held myself in position, determined not to misbehave at all. Although I had been aroused by the discipline I had received earlier, I wished to postpone another session for as long as I could, so I remained as still as possible as Mistress moved around me, her camera clicking. I did remember to say "Thank you, Master" when he patted my ass cheek gently.

Even after the photo taking had stopped, I stayed on the bed for some time, bowing to nobody with my ass in the air. Finally, I felt a welcome tug on my leash and I clambered to my feet. I did not stay standing for long, Master's hand on my shoulder pushed me down to my knees where I remained while Mistress asked me a series of questions to gauge my levels of humiliation, pain, and pleasure. They were not questions for which she required explanations and I knew that I was not supposed to disagree, that left me only one response.

"Do you enjoy being spanked like the filthy little slut you are?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Does it make you wet to have somebody hurt you like you deserve?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Did you want your master to keep fucking your ass?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Are you a horny little slut to like that sort of thing?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Will you need to be disciplined again soon?"

"Yes, Mistress." I so wanted to say no to that one.

"Is your ass sore inside and out?"

"Yes, Mistress." Master laughed aloud at that one. The inquisition continued in that vein for several more minutes, with Mistress asking embarrassing questions and me agreeing with her. Finally, she asked a question I had to say no to.

"Have you ever had an orgasm?"

"I don't think so, Mistress."

Now it was her turn to laugh, but it wasn't a humorous laugh, it sounded almost cruel. "You'd know if you'd had one, slut. We have rules about orgasms here, you can't have one unless you're specifically allowed. That being said, I guess we can't expect you to avoid something if you don't know what it is. Get up on the table." She pointed toward the exam table which I had already grown to fear. Nothing came from it but humiliation.

I was already conditioned to obey, however, and I climbed onto the table obediently, settling my legs into the stirrups so that Mistress could fasten me in, which she did without speaking. She then took a wooden spring-loaded clothespins and grabbed one of my nipples, twisting it sharply, then letting it go. She repeated this process once more then, after deciding it was hard enough, she pinched it in the clothespin.

I screamed loudly, the pain had been unexpected. Mistress told me to shut up, then grabbed my other nipple, pulling and twisting it until its shape met her needs as well. She had another clothespin, hidden God only knows where, and she used it to attack my second nipple, causing me to yell again, despite having been chastised for being noisy just a moment before.

Mistress stood there, staring at me, until the pain began to dull, when my nipples had become almost numb with the compression of the clothespins, she grabbed the small bits of wood and twisted, this time I controlled my volume and I only moaned, she seemed to approve and let go.

This time Master held the video camera and he made no pretense at all of hiding it from me. He moved away from my breasts, filming me top to bottom, panning slowly, before bringing it to a point where my groin would be in the center of the frame. Mistress then moved between my legs, sitting on a stool so as not to block his shot. She inserted a single finger into my still sore pussy and I flinched at the sensation.

Her finger moved slowly up inside me and she seemed to be looking for something, I could feel her pressing the pad of her finger up against me, sometimes hard enough to hurt a bit, but not quite enough to take my mind off my nipples. Then, all of a sudden, there was a different feeling. It was as if I had to pee but I liked it. I made a noise when she pressed there and through my almost closed eyes, I could see Mistress smile in her calculating way.

She kept pressure on that one point inside of me while she used her other hand to stimulate my clit, I cried out again, it was too much. She began to stroke lightly, then more roughly as she increased the pressure on that spot inside me as well. With the added stimulation of my clamped nipples, that strange, pleasant knot in my stomach became so tight that I thought I couldn't stand it any more then all of a sudden, it was gone and I was floating. There was no pain, no camera or restraints, no Master or Mistress, only the amazing feeling of the tension letting go and filling me with warmth.

I struggled slightly to catch my breath as Mistress pulled her fingers from my pussy and removed the clothespins from my nipples. When she did so, there was a sting of pain and it was as if I had received some sort of wonderful electric shock. I felt a delicious pulse in my lower belly and cried out again involuntarily. By the time I had opened my eyes, Mistress was taking pictures of me once again.

She quickly put down the camera. "That, slut, is an orgasm. Did you like the feeling?"

"Yes, Ma'am, very much."

"Well, you must remember that you pleasure belongs to us as much as your pain does. You may not come again without permission and we rarely give permission."

This was the cruelest torture yet. It was as if she had given me a single bite of the most delicious cake in the world only to forbid me from taking a second. "How will I stop myself, Mistress?"

"You will learn control. When you feel an orgasm coming on, you will stop it. If you fail, you will be punished." Her glare left no question as to the severity of the punishment that would be handed down if I failed to obey.

Mistress walked away and it was Master who freed me from the table and helped me up. He gave me a few minutes to rest, which I did sitting on the chair that now reminded me of worshiping them both with my mouth. Too soon, I was pulled to my feet by my leash and led to an empty part of the basement, with neither carpet nor furniture.

Master explained that there were several positions I would be required to learn, and he talked me through all of them, assigning a name and number to each. I practiced for what felt like hours as he barked orders. When he said "one," I was to stand with my feet shoulder width apart and my hands behind my neck. "Two" meant I should kneel with my knees apart and my hands crossed behind my back. "Three" was on my feet again, but bent at the waist so that my hands could grasp my ankles. The list went on.

Finally, he seemed satisfied that I knew the positions and let me remain before him, kneeling in supplication as he spoke.

"Have you ever been spanked on your cunt?"

He must know the answer to that, they had asked me about spanking before and I had told the whole truth then. Still, I answered respectfully. "No, Master."

"Position six." He commanded.

I immediately rolled onto my back and pulled my knees up to either side of my chest, holding them in place with my arms. I knew that I was very exposed, perhaps even more so than when I was on the exam table. I remained still while I heard him moving about outside my field of vision, I closed my eyes, trying to think about anything but how humiliating this whole thing was.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain between my legs as something struck me. My eyes flew open and I saw that it was the riding crop. He landed five more blows, one of which hit my clit hard enough to bring tears to my eyes. It was a struggle not to move, but I managed to get through it.

"Position two." He said and I struggled to my knees.

"Thank you, Master."

"You may now go upstairs and make dinner, slut."

"Yes, Sir." It was not too difficult to get to my feet, but it was painful to walk with my pussy on fire the way it was. I moved gingerly, trying to keep my labia from rubbing against each other or my thighs, but I found it impossible. The application of Master's hand to my ass reminded me that I needed to move faster and I winced as I hurried to the stairs and up to the kitchen.

Mistress was already there, cookbook in hand as she sat at the table. She set it down, open to a brightly colored picture of a pasta dish. "Make this." I skimmed the recipe and was grateful to see that it appeared to be a basic spaghetti sauce, nothing I couldn't handle.

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