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Masturbating My Son

by woodsonn2004©

This story is based on certain true facts that occurred when I was a teen. Much of the material in the story comes from my late Mother's personal diaries. She was meticulous about maintaining a written record of her life. If you are offended by mother-son sex, please read no further. All characters are 18 or older.

My sincere thanks to the volunteer editors for their time in reviewing this story.

Chapter 1

My name is Susan but preferred to be called Sue. I am 45 and have a decent body, although a bit on the curvy side. I am blessed with firm, large breasts that I (unsuccessfully) try to hide. This is a story about my Son and I. My Son is 18. His name is Ray and he is a wonderful Son and a beautiful boy. He is so sensitive and caring, nny Mother would be proud of have such a Son.

It's Friday afternoon and my Son is home from school. He is waiting in his room for his mother's daily visit. As I walk towards my Son's room, I can't help but think that it's not supposed to be like this. A Mother is supposed to love and protect her child; not sexually use him to satisfy her perverted lust that I shall describe later. Each time I go into his room, the most forbidden and licentious acts take place. He invokes the most intense carnal and illicit desires in me. Only he can satisfy the need he helped create. It seems as it he has infected me with this malignant cancer called incest. I cannot get enough of my Son. I experience the most intense and shattering orgasms during our forbidden acts.

Afterwards, and without exception, I feel shame and disgust for what I did. I swear it will be the last time and I will never do it again. But like a drug addict, I keep going back again and again. This has been going on for the last year.

It was not always like this.

We were a happy family living in the San Francisco Bay area. My husband (John) had a great job as an accountant and was a good provider. We have two beautiful kids - Ray and Nicole. Nicole (Nikki) and her brother are twins. John and I had been married for 18 years. We had a perfect life, or so I thought.

About two years ago, I came home unexpectedly and caught my husband in bed with our daughter. His face was buried between her legs. Her legs were dangling on his shoulders. Both were going at it like two wild animals on our bed. At the time Nikki was just 16.

"John...Oh My God....Nikki..." I screamed and ran out of the bedroom.

I was shocked beyond belief. It was as if someone had plunged a knife in my heart. How could this happen? We had a good sex life, and I trusted John implicitly. Why would he do this?

John begged me not to report him to the police and I agreed providing he leave and stay away from us. A divorce quickly followed and he quietly moved back to upstate New York where he has family. I enrolled Nikki in to a private girls' school in Northern California. She lives at the school and returns home during the summer and Christmas breaks. I asked Nikki about what had happened between her and her Father.

"Mom, I Love Daddy....Its none of your business what I do with him" She screamed.

I was shocked. She was shameless. How dare she talk to me like this!!

"How long have you been doing this?" I asked.

"None of your business. HE is MY FATHER AND I WILL GIVE HIM ALL THE LOVE HE NEEDS" she hissed back and stomped out of the room.

Given her anger and insolent behavior, I thought it was best she move to the all girls' school. She put up a lot of fuss but in the end, she agreed to move and attend the private school. My Son stayed with me and continued his schooling at the local high school. Soon, we fell into a daily routine of work and school.

The terrible experience with my husband so horrified me that I have lost interest in men. I have not dated anyone since my divorce. Instead, I devoted myself to my work and my Son. To help overcome the recent trauma, I began paying more attention to my body. I started exercising and soon, my body began to firm up and if I do say so myself, I looked attractive.

The changes in my body did not go unnoticed by Ray. Several times I saw him peeking when he thought I was not looking. Almost always, he was drawn to my large breasts even though I would wear conservative clothing and never any low cut tops showing any cleavage. Yet, his peeking continued. I attributed this behavior to his raging hormones. Since he was shy around girls his age and I was the only available female in his life, I could understand his reaction.

Come to think of it, not only was he the only man in my life, he had by default assumed the role of being the Man of the house. Therefore, I reasoned, it was my duty to take care of him and his needs. My feelings were entirely platonic, however. Not sexual.

About a year ago we were on the couch watching TV. This seemed innocent enough, but I noticed Ray moved closer to me so that our legs were touching. At the time, I thought it was odd but I did not pay much attention.

"I love you Mom" he whispered as he reached out and held my left hand. His breathing seemed labored.

I was deeply touched by my Son's genuine affection. I looked into his eyes and saw a beautiful, loving Son. I felt so lucky to have such a wonderful boy in my life.

"Mama loves you also...even more" I said as my eyes began to moisten with emotions. I felt so happy and so special. As these emotions swept through me, I barely noticed that he lad let go of my hand and placed it on my left thigh. Then, ever so slowly he began to massage my upper thigh. Since I was wearing a loose dress, he had easy access to my naked thighs.

He leaned over and gently kissed me on my cheek. It was just a peck. Completely what any mother would expect from a loving and caring Son. I put my arm around his neck and brought him closer to me. After the kiss, I leaned my head on his shoulder. It had been a long time since I felt loved. His hand that had been slowly massaging my thigh now started to move between my thighs. I squeezed my thighs together signaling that he was not to go any further. No words were spoken...only his breathing increased as if he were hyperventilating.

We watched television for another 30 minutes and I excused myself and started walking upstairs to my bedroom. Even though it was a Friday night, and it was only 9:30, I was tired from a long week and wanted to go to bed.

"Good night baby, come and give Mama a goodnight kiss" I said. Ray walked over and I kissed him gently on his cheek. This time his arms went around my waist and he drew me closer. Our thighs touched and my breasts pushed into his chest. Then I felt a bulge in front of Ray's pants. I was taken back...this was not right. How could my Son get an erection holding his own mother? Perhaps it was my imagination. I could not fathom my Son getting an erection for his own Mother. It was not possible I thought and quickly ended the kiss and as I tried to pull away.

"I love you, Mommy." He repeated.

" Mommy loves you too, now off to bed" I told him and firmly pushed him away. He reluctantly left for his room as I went to my own bedroom. Lying in bed, I stared at the ceiling wondering what was happening to me. I did not sleep well that night wondering if my own Son was lusting after his mother or was it my imagination?

Next morning, I was up early and was making coffee when I was startled by my Son's appearance in the kitchen. Normally he sleeps late on weekends, so I thought it was unusual for him to be up so early. He walked up and hugged me from behind.

"Good Morning Mama" he said. His arms were around my waist just below my breasts as he hugged me from behind.

"Good Morning Baby... did you sleep well?" I asked, trying to avoid looking at him. Just then I felt his arms tighten around my waist and I felt his crotch pushing into my buttocks. Not just his crotch, but I felt a noticeable hardness and this time it was unmistakable!! Since I was wearing a thin nightgown, and he was wearing just a pair of boxer shorts I felt the full force of my Son's erection!!

I gasped as I gripped the counter.

"Oh my God, not again," I thought as I briefly closed my eyes.

This time there was no doubt.

My Son had an erection...a full blown hardon! Then, I felt a subtle push into my ass. Oh my God, he is humping his Mother! This time his cock aligned perfectly with my ass and forcibly separated my ass cheeks. I felt his breath on my neck as his cock continued to drill into my ass trying to lodge itself between my cheeks. He pushed again, a bit harder this time. No doubt he felt the soft flesh of his Mother's ass against his stiff erection. While it lasted but a fleeting few seconds, it felt like an eternity.

I stood there not knowing what to do. I was temporarily immobilized and speechless.

It's probably just a morning erection I reasoned. Still, it was completely unexpected and the experience left me shaking.

I grabbed his wrists to free myself from his embrace and politely walked over to the fridge. As I turned around I glanced at his crotch. There was no doubt My Son was aroused.....very aroused. I gasped again not knowing what to do.

It is just a morning erection, I thought. All boys and men get them, don't they?

"Don't make a big deal out of it," I thought to myself. "All boys and men get morning erections" and dismissed the brief albeit uncomfortable encounter with my Son.

Still, it affected me. Since I had not had any contact with a man for a long time, the encounter had left me a bit shaken and nervous. My breath became shallow and my nipples hardened. I was shocked by my own response to the encounter with my Son. Is this how a normal woman responds after she has been starved of physical intimacy? I shook my head and went about my daily work.

The rest of the morning was uneventful. We had breakfast and I told Ray to clean the back yard and our swimming pool. I went to work cleaning the house. By noon, I had most of the house cleaned, except my Ray's room. I though to myself why not take a break and enjoy the sunshine in the backyard.

I changed into a one-piece bathing suit. It was quite modest, but given that I am busty it did show a generous amount of cleavage. I went into the backyard wearing my shades and with sunscreen and a magazine in my hand. I laid down on my back on the lounge chair.

I wondered where Ray had gone to...... I did not think much about it and soon was absorbed reading my magazine.

"Hi Mom" I heard Ray's voice near the house. He walked up to up to the pool wearing his Speedo shorts. He is not very much into the latest fashions, but he loved wearing these shorts. I wondered if he knew the effect he had on all the women around him? The shorts hugged his ass and highlighted the bulge in front. He jumped in the pool and did some laps while I continued to read.

After about 15 minutes, he yelled "Mom, can you get me a towel?"

I got up and gave him my towel as he got out of the pool dripping wet. As he dried himself, I glanced at his body. I could not help but notice his very lean and muscular body. He had chiseled abs and powerful thighs. I also noticed quite a prominent bulge in his pants indicating that my Son was no longer my little baby boy. He had turned into a handsome young man.

While I was checking him out, he was doing the same to me. As I expected, my Son's eyes were drawn to my large breasts and cleavage. He stared and his familiar labored breathing returned. Not only that, but the bulge in his Speedo had noticeably grown.

I quickly returned to my lounge chair and tried to get back to my reading. But the damage was done! I too had become aroused looking at my own Son. Looking at the bulge in his swimming suit had ignited a fire within me.

This could not be happening. First my ex-husband, then my daughter and now my Son and I were infected with incestuous lust. What is wrong with this family, I wondered?

Quickly I went back into the house and poured myself a stiff drink hoping to calm my nerves. God, I was shaking, My nipples were hard and once again my pussy was wet!!

After finishing my drink I went upstairs to finish cleaning my bedroom and after that I went into Ray's room. As usual, his room was a mess. Dirty clothes and the usual signs that my son was a chronic masturbator. I have seen all the signs before – stained rags and towels by his bed. Bed sheets with dried cum stains and the usual stack of girlie magazines under his mattress. I was mildly amused. After all, he was a teenager and his hormones must be driving him crazy. I would be worried if he did not relieve himself.

Then I saw one magazine that was under his pillow that caught my attention. It was a glossy magazine with a picture of an older woman kneeling in front of a teenage boy. She was naked and her heavy, pendulous breasts hung from her chest. The boy's stiff cock was in her mouth as she stared at the camera.

Besides the explicit picture, the title of the magazine shocked me - - "Mothers and Sons". Judging by the folded pages, this magazine was worn and had seen plenty of use!

I did not know such magazines existed!! I felt dizzy after seeing it. I sat down on his bed, in case I fainted!! Should I invade my son's privacy and look through his magazine? Staring at the cover had made my heart race. A combination of curiosity and intrigue took over me, and I took the plunge and started looking though the magazine. There were pages and pages of young boys engaging in explicit sex acts with older women. They were very graphic indeed. They were supposedly pictures of mothers and their sons.

One page showed a young boy with his stiff cock in his mother's pussy. Another showed a beautiful woman with her mouth open showing her son squirting his cum into her mouth. The pages had titles like "I Love My Son's Cock... Masturbating My Son...Making Mother Pregnant and Cumming Home to Mother." I was both horrified and aroused. My panties were soaked. Why was I so affected by these images of mothers and sons engaging in forbidden incestuous acts? Were there families that engaged in incestuous relationships?

Rather than confront my feelings, I went back to cleaning Ray's room although my mind was racing and in turmoil. In 15 minutes, I had finished cleaning his room and then went downstairs to confront my Son with the offending magazine.

He was still in the backyard near the swimming pool.

"Ray, come inside" I yelled at him.

"Mom...what is it...can't it wait?" He replied.

"No!! Get in here NOW" I shot back. I was shaking and not at all sure how I would deal with my sick and perverted Son. My own flesh and blood.

"Ok, Mom what is it"? He said with an annoyed tone as he came into the house.

"This" I said and threw the magazine at him. It landed on the floor. His face turned red and was speechless. He looked down at the floor avoiding my gaze.

"Well, what is this crap, where did you get this?" I screamed.

"Mom, I am sorry... I... I..." he stammered unable to speak coherently.

"Where did you get this magazine...ANSWER ME" I shouted back. "Tell me Ray...Answer me. And how long have you been looking at this crap" My voice beginning to shake.

"Mom....I,...I, it from Bobby" he started to sob. "Mom, I am so sorry" he continued.

"You mean Bobby Hollander, Brenda's son"? I asked. "I don't believe you.....tell me the truth" I insisted.

"Mom, it is the truth....please believe me, I am telling you the truth....please" he pleaded with me. I thought he was about to cry.

"I am going to call Brenda first thing in the morning. I WILL get to the bottom of this and you better not be lying young man" I hissed at him.

"God, No Mom, please don't call his Mom. He will get in big trouble... please Mom, please don't call his mom" he pleaded.

"Ray, now tell me, why do you look at such filth and where did Bobby get this magazine anyway?" I asked.

"Bobby said his Mom got him the magazine" he blurted out, still avoiding my gaze.

"Ray, what are you saying....this is so sick, you can't be serious." I said, my voice rising again.

"Son, I know Bobby's Mom and I know she would not buy such a magazine. She and I go to church together" I told my Son.

"Mom, you don't understand. Bobby and his Mom are very close" He blurted out. "Very close" he repeated.

I ignored his last comment, not fully comprehending the message.

"Now Son, answer my question, why do you look at such magazines...tell me?" I persisted.

"Mom, I like them. Please.... I look at them and then masturbate. It really turns me on to think that some boys are so close to their Moms" he said as he continued to avoid my gaze. His face streaked with a combination of fear and shame.

"Bobby said he and his Mom are very close just like the people in the magazine" he said. "Bobby even asked me if I was close to you like he and his Mom" he continued.

"Ray, listen to me. Brenda loves her Son just like I love you. I don't believe any of this. I can't imagine Brenda doing these things with Bobby" I told him shaking my head in total disbelief.

"Now go to your room" I told him.

He did as told and I too went to my bedroom, closing the door. I took off my clothes and got under the covers. My nipples were very stiff and my pussy soaking wet! I felt so sick that I thought I was going to throw up.

It was as if my body had become disconnected from my brain. My body reacted with incestuous lust and a strong, shameful need that could not be denied... regardless of the shame and disgust I was feeling. The shameful truth was that I wanted my Son just as much as he wanted me.

My fingers snaked down towards my soaking wet pussy. I stuck in 2 fingers and then rubbed my clit. I closed my eyes savoring the intense, forbidden pleasures that swept through my body. With my left hand, I pinched my nipples.

Then images of my son flooded my imagination. Ray in his pajamas with a huge tent at his groin.....images of my Son in his bathing suit sporting an obscene bulge....images of him dry humping me from behind as he did in the kitchen; images of me kneeling in front of him lowering his pajamas.....images of his beautiful, stiff cock staring at me....embracing his waist with his cock resting on my cheek....leaving a trail of pre-cum and the last image of my fingers wrapped around his stiff cock, slowly masturbating my Son until he spurts and spurts his incestuous seed for his Mother to taste and savor.

The last image triggered a huge and shattering orgasm. I moaned as wave after wave of intense pleasure shook my intense was my orgasm that I thought I would pass out. It felt as if I had ejaculated. Blissfully, sleep overtook me and I descended into restful slumber. I would call Brenda in the morning and ask about the magazine. be continued.

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Written by: woodsonn2004

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