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My Amish Mom

by worst10©

The relationship with my mother began to change. We started hugging me more often, in the morning and every time I did something nice or something that pleased her. She began to act strangely towards me, she started threaten me kindly and making sure I am around the house or that I am always around her. We started talking more often and she seems to be asking for my help even with things that are trivial or wouldn't need my help. But it's always my pleasure to be around her because it gives me the opportunity to take a peak her body her full cleavage and her large buttock even with her large gown on. My mom was going soft, and was changing from her mean personality to a kind and more delightful. But she was still mean to my siblings, it seemed like she was treating me differently from the rest of my siblings.

My sibling noticed that my mother was treating me different and commented about it but they thought that it was because my mom hasn't seen me in years. The next day was a Monday since we don't farm on Saturday and Sunday's I have not made any physical contact except for the occasional hugging I enjoyed with mother. The good thing about the weekend is that we used this weekend to get closer to one another I spent most of the week end talking to my mother and helping her around the house, which was something I never did before. I must have spent all my strength last night masturbating in anticipation of my mom sitting on top of my laps the next day.

I came out early that Monday, prepare the carriage and farm tools before my dad saddle the carriage to the front lawn so the rest of my family would enter the carriage. I unzip my khaki pants so my penis could slip out and dry fuck mother's buttock when she sits on my lap. I was already sitting and waiting for mother to come sit on my laps. The carriage door was already open so my mom came in and sat on my laps, my sibling followed behind her.

And my dad saddle off to the farm. My mom didn't smile at me when she got in the carriage she was upset with one of my sibling about something that I don't know. As her buttock rested on my lap I noticed something deferent with her huge hip, I couldn't see her underwear line, 'wow' mother wasn't wearing any panties. Maybe she forgot wear her panties or something because she was in heist. Nevertheless, knowing that my mom was not wearing any panties thrilled me so much that my penis was rock hard and poking her buttocks crack.

My confident was higher than it was last week, so I had to make a move now. I slowly spread my legs apart so her legs would spread apart, my rock hard penis immediately slipped out of my trousers like a dolphin jumping out the water and aimed straight between her legs, poking on what I think was her pussy. I was so excited at that point that I almost came. My mom wasn't wearing any panties so the only thing that separates my dick and my mother's pussy was her thin layer cotton dress. I positioned myself so when we hit a pot hole I will try to move my penis deeper into my mother's clothed (her dress separates my dick and her pussy) pussy. As soon as we hit a pot hole I pushed my hip higher so my dick moves deeper into her clothed pussy.

Now my dick was partly inside my mom's pussy, I tried to move my hip up and down with every opportunity I could basically dry fucking my mother's fat cunt while she comfortably sits on my laps. I look up to see my mother's reaction but she didn't seem consign, she acted like nothing was going on and was holding a conversation with my sister Michelle who was sitting on my left hand side and me on right hand corner of the carriage. My other siblings were sitting on the front row sit and also lapping each other. I looked around to see if my siblings noticed anything but they were busy telling jokes to each other. I slowly dry fuck my mom till we arrived at the farm.

When we got to the farm, my siblings in the first row sit got off the carriage first so we at the back sit could get out. After my sibling got up from the carriage, my mom stood up from my laps bent her head and walked out of the carriage and I followed close behind her. When we got out of the carriage and was on the farm I noticed my mother had a wet spot on her dress below her buttocks were I was poking my dick, sign that mother was wet as October when I was dry fucking her in the carriage. During the farm work I tried to work as close to my mom as possibly.

I enjoyed watching her bend down and her fat ass expand with the wet spot on her dress showing. I went into the wood to masturbate twice. After the farm work, my mom sat on my laps even when there was space for her to sit. the same thing happened on our way home except that this time my mother was actively participating in the dry fuck, I took advantage of every gallop and pot hole on the road so my siblings wouldn't notice. We slowly dry fuck our way home.

The attraction between me and my mom was now obvious to me, she hug me for any reason, most time we hug longer than necessary with my cock stabbing her stomach when we hug. The next morning I walked into the kitchen and my mom was making breakfast she was alone. I said good morning mom and she turn around and gave me a tight huge we must have been hugging for a few seconds before two of my sibling walk in on us, We quickly break our embraces and I walked out of the kitchen.

I think it was Deborah and bethel two of my youngest siblings so I don't think they suspected anything. But it was awkward thou, I came back to the kitchen a few minute later and help my mom with chores in the kitchen.

That afternoon on our way to the farm we dry fuck just like we did the day before. This time my mom was actively rocking her fat buttock slowly back and forth on top of me, she also had no panties on and my khaki pant was unzipped so it was just her cotton gown that stands between my dick and mother's count. The dry fuck in the carriage went on for about 3 days or so, (she was now ridding the carriage with no panties on). I think she was afraid to make any further move, but it was obvious neither any one of us had the courage to break that barrel of taboo and restriction that the society has put on us, and actually fuck.

But we both acted like the dry fucking was normal and never talked about it. One day the unthinkable happened. It was on a Friday as we were preparing to go to the farm as usual. My sibling has already settled down on their various positions, and I took my sit at the back of the carriage unzip my khaki trouser as usual. I am determined at this point to take it a step further, to risk it all and try to fuck my mother in the carriage in the midst of the my siblings in the presents of my father. My plan was that as soon as my mom comes to sit on my laps I will reach down and pull her gown backwards so she would sit naked on my laps with nothing separating my dick and her buttocks.

So as soon as my mom was about to sit of my laps I discreetly reach down and pull up her gown so she would sit on my laps stark naked, and she sure did. At first she was uncomfortable; she tried to stand up and pulled her dress down to cover herself but my sisters where sitting too close to us, and would notice the commotion so she stayed calm. but the contact has already been made and the only thing that separates my dick and her pussy was my unzipped pants, she made a second attempt to cover herself but I used the opportunity to take my dick out of my pant and hold her down with both arms on her hip so she wouldn't stand up and cover herself I didn't care whether my siblings notice or not it is now or never.

She tried to close her legs to prevent my dick from penetrating between her thighs but I thrust my hip upwards forcing my dick between her thighs. I moved my hip higher causing my penis cap to penetrated mother's pussy, she made another attempt to get away by moving forward but I followed her motion causing half of my dick to slip deeper into her already wet pussy.

Our commotion was drawing attention from my siblings so we freeze for a moment. I couldn't wait any longer I didn't care whether my sibling was watching I slowly started thrusting my dick up and down fucking my mother count, only half of my dick was able to penetrate because mothers buttocks was so huge.

But I was content with that. I raised my head to see my mother bent her head down and closed her eyes tightly. I fucked her pussy slowly till we arrived at the farm. As soon as we arrive at the farm my mom waited for everybody to get out of the carriage before she stood up from my dick and walk out. I quickly put my dick back in my pants and unzipped it.

Written by: worst10

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