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Kiki, the Town Slut Ch. 01

by eatoure©

Kiki sat leaning back, languidly, on the stool, resting hand on the bar as her cigarette burned. In that position the thin fabric of her skimpy black dress showed off her nice-sized tits, with a hint of erect nipple. The dress was cut low in the bodice, so the man talking to her could see the creamy white tops of her breasts, and it was also cut low on the hem, so that he could see her long, shapely legs and even the inside of her thighs halfway up to her crotch. He couldn't tell yet if she was wearing panties but the absence of a bra was an encouraging sign.

She was feeling relaxed and in control after three daiquiris. She knew she could handle more alcohol without acting drunk but this was enough for a pleasant buzz that added to the flirtation. Kiki was well aware that the man was undressing her in his mind and thinking how he was going to get her in bed tonight, while he was talking trash about software.

The good-looking, broad-shouldered young man standing in front of her was six years younger than she was but he didn't know it because she looked so good. The flimsy dress gave her breasts no support but they still sat proud, high, and firm. His dick was aching to get into her.

The man was going on about how his company's new household inventory app was going to change the way people lived, making it possible and even convenient to keep track of everything in the frig, the freezer, the cupboard, ending calls home to figure out what was left off the shopping list, all the while making comparison shopping easy and fun with continually updated price quotes from all the major retail chains. It was a game-changer for the whole family!

This was a lot less exciting than the last software developer she had taken to bed. That guy had invented a program that took two any two scanned images of a woman, as long as they were taken from different angles, and calculated her measurements and bra cup size from a 3D volumetric reconstruction and comparative anthropomorphic measurements, taking into account the tightness of her clothes, if any. Now that was impressive. By comparison, this was shit.

Fortunately, Kiki wouldn't yawn in this guy's face. She had not gotten out of bed until noon that day and had even taken an unplanned nap that afternoon when her afternoon lover fell asleep.

When Kiki smiled to herself, the edges of her mouth turned up slightly, cat-like. Most people did not catch the expression and only her closest friends knew what it meant. Men were so predictable. This guy only knew that she seemed to be hanging on his every word and smiling, so he must have really impressed her with his business smarts, right? Now he had to close the deal – get her out of this hotel bar and up to his room, preferably naked. Well, maybe not. Maybe she was just waiting for him to get to that peculiarly male point in the seduction where he felt he had finally overcome her resistance through his masculine charms. She knew from the moment he bought her that first drink she was going to fuck him.

One hand was resting on her leg, right on skin, just below her hemline.

"So," he said, trying to seem like it was a natural break in the conversation. "It's been two hours and your friend hasn't come. Do you want to go upstairs and maybe we could have room service send us up a bottle and some fajitas?" The bar served finger food, and he knew it, but fajitas was not on the menu. If she happened to be a fajitas lover, this was a good come-on, because the hotel restaurant had already closed, so room service was the only option if that was the preferred food selection. However, any pickup strategy that depended completely on a love for fajitas was not very reliable.

Fortunately, it did not have to be. Kiki was more than happy to play along – in her own way, of course. She made a big show of checking her PDA again to see if there was a text of voicemail message from the imaginary Larissa.

"That sounds divine! But ...." Kiki's expressive blue eyes clouded for a moment. "maybe instead of going upstairs we could go to my apartment? I've got food in the frig and some drinks, Alf." Alf was his name. He thought her name was Mary.

The guy was surprised. "Where do you live?" he asked, thinking it would be close. He was leaning over her now, their heads close together.

Kiki named a street that was on the other side of the college town. The guy, who was just finishing a business trip to Kiki's town, didn't know where it was, so Kiki told him, slightly exaggerating the distances and mentioned a taxi fare that was on the high side.

"Why?" he asked, shaking his head. As bad as he wanted to get into her he wasn't interested in going clear across town and then having to take a taxi all the way back when he had a perfectly good room upstairs in the hotel.

Kiki bit her lip and her blue eyes filled with water.

"There's a problem."

The software guy straightened up. "Wait a minute. Are you a pro? Are you going to ask me for money now?" He looked mad and he looked like he could be mean when he was mad. At that precise moment, Kiki's pussy got wet. However, this was was no time to enjoy the sensation.

Kiki burst into tears and sobbed, softly. "What kind of girl do you think I am? You come in here and make a girl feel all relaxed and comfortable with you and then you accuse her of filth! I lost my job, my rent is coming due and I'm $300 short this month, and I don't even have money to go home! This was supposed to be a girl's night out – Larissa's treat to make me forget my troubles! Larissa was going to drive me home but she never came!" This time the sob could be heard by others at the bar. The bartender was acting like he didn't know Kiki.

Kiki didn't have any friends named Larissa, only an acquaintance she didn't really care about.

The reason that name popped into her mind was that just the week before an old schoolmate named Larissa had looked her up, asking for sex advice. That was very common – by now almost every woman still living in town who had gone to school with her had asked her for advice on something sexual, because of her vast experience. During the course of their conversation, Larissa had shown Kiki her oversize, thoroughly juicy and man-intimidating pussy. (If you find this interesting, read "Between Larissa's Legs.") For the last several days, Kiki had been having fantasies about that Larissa, while she masturbated, not caring much about Larissa's very ordinary sex problems. Kiki wished she could taken Larissa to bed herself that day.

The guy, who knew none of this, joined her in lamenting the incredible irresponsibility of some other imaginary person named Larissa. He wanted her to cheer up fast because he did not want a scene at the bar. Soothingly, his expression softening, he put his other hand on her other leg, also on skin. "It's ok! Look, I'll give you cab fare to get home – don't worry. I know what it's like to be short at the end of the month! I've been there!"

Kiki choked up with gratitude (but did not make a scene) and soon they were off to the elevator, the bar tab paid in cash to keep it off his hotel bill, which would go to accounting when he got back. While they were walking down the corridor, Kiki stopped for a moment to take off her shoes in order to get "more comfortable", which she did while standing there for a moment, which happened to show off her legs, shapely and long for her height, and her feminine feet. It also made her even shorter next to the man she was with.

After they left, the bartender noticed that Kiki had left her cigarette lighter behind. He picked it up and tossed it into a small cardboard box under the bar that had "Kiki's stuff" written on it.

Alf and Kiki, who Alf thought was named Mary, went up to his room, all thoughts of fajitas gone, and when he opened the door with his key Kiki strode forward and looked around. "Oh, this is nice! What a nice hotel room!" as if she had never before been in a room at that establishment. (At the same time, she noticed with surprise that the bed had not been turned down, because she knew that the staff usually did this by 7:00 if nobody was in the room.)

"It's ok, Mary." This fellow, Alf, was a bit surprised that she was so thrilled with a perfectly ordinary, no frills, hotel room. He assumed that she didn't get around much. He closed the door behind him and walked past the bathroom to where the bed was. On the way he got a good look at Kiki's ass for the first time and confirmed that there was no panty line under the skimpy, short dress.

Kiki turned and hugged him around his chest, to his great surprise! This lady was full of wonderful surprises. "I just want to thank you for being so sweet," she said, looking up at his face. "You are very considerate and you make me feel very comfortable and safe! That's why I came up here with you. I've never done anything like this before."

Alf's chest, which Kiki had noticed was big, broad, and hairless, just like she liked them, swelled with pride. Here he was, Alf the salesman, protecting a damsel in distress. Here he was, also, initiating an obviously naïve young thing into the wonders of spontaneous sensuality. He had found a miniskirted, braless, pantyless innocent in a bar, lost soul who needed both his manly protection and his erotic ministrations. He saw no contradiction in any of this.

Alf's broad hands could not reach as far down as Kiki's bottom, so he leaned over to kiss her neck and in so doing reached his target. Her ass was not too small, even slightly large for her size, since she was not a large woman. He reached under her dress – which was very easy to do – and each of his hands rested on a hemisphere of firm, warm flesh. Definitely no panties, not even a thong. He kneaded her butt and she giggled. He liked that reaction.

"You're nothing like the other men I know!" she purred. "So confident and self-assured!"

With delicate hands, she pushed him away from her neck and for a moment the guy was afraid that she was going to resist, but Kiki surprised him again. She started unbuttoning his shirt. He didn't complain! Her fingers ticked his manful chest as she did this and he looked down to a very nice view of her boobs, creamy skin, blue veins, hard nipples poking through the dress. He could hardly wait to see them naked. He bet they would be very soft to the touch. Then Kiki put her face to his chest and her arms around him inside his shirt and he felt those firm nipples press against his skin through the fabric. He instinctively raised his hands off her butt and embraced her, holding her tight, as she murmured "You make me feel so secure!"

His cock, which had been stiffening for the last two hours, became rock hard and, given the difference in their heights, pressed into her upper tummy as they held each other tight. Then, as if by signal, they relaxed their hug and Alf's hands migrated to Kiki's front, cupping her breasts without preliminaries or subtlety.

Wrong, he thought. Her breasts are very firm. She must be even younger than I thought. This is so hot! Thinking that, he flicked her nipples with his thumbs, just to show her he was in charge. She gasped loudly.

Kiki then looked up at him and whispered "Will you be gentle with me tonight?"

That was it. Alf could not stand it any more! He picked her up bodily, and planted a kiss on her mouth while he held her suspended in air and then swept her up and laid her on the bed. In his haste, he had forgotten to remove her dress, which was easier to do standing up, but between her wriggling and him pulling it came off from the bottom up without ripping (a very real possibility) and ended up on the floor by the foot of the bed next to her shoes.

Kiki was sprawled naked on the bed, a look of simultaneous shock, hungry anticipation, and passion on her face (an expression very difficult to pull off, by the way). Facing her and staring hungrily into her eyes, Alf shrugged off his shirt, unbelted his pants, pulled them off pulled down his jockey shorts, and remembered to take off his shoes and socks.

Kiki worked hard at watching with rapt attention while this all happened. But when Alf got down to his shorts, she knew it was going to turn out worthwhile. The man was hung!

Kiki was well prepared for his nine-inch rod. All those hours, for days on end, playing with bigger and bigger dildos, followed by fanatical devotion to Kegel exercises to tone up her vaginal muscles kept her almost virginally tight but able to take any dick she'd ever seen on the first thrust. She was so glad that she had made the effort! It meant that she could just wet herself (Kiki's vagina juiced easily, for which she was very grateful) and relax without having to think about it. She could devote all her attention to bringing her lovers off and then slipping in to a deep, satisfying orgasm herself, even if her lover wasn't that great.

But this guy was pretty good! As soon as he got out of his clothes his awkwardness ended and in a flowing motion he lunged at her and she was pinned under him. He kept his weight on his elbows, though and started nuzzling her neck and shoulders and kissing her. He worked from her face down her chest to her tits and sucked them hard, getting the nipples as hard as diamonds and then flicking them with his tongue. All the while Kiki could feel his big, nude dick rubbing along the inside of her leg. After a while, he raised up, looked her in the eye, and put the tip of his cock right at her hole.

He pushed hard and straight, looking her straight in the eye the whole time as his long, thick cock slammed into her excruciatingly tight but very wet tunnel! Kiki let out a muted scream (the walls in this hotel were not well insulated) and cried "This is so wonderful!" while he pushed and pushed until he felt his dick rub against the rubbery ring of her cervix and then push even further. Alf couldn't believe his good fortune! She had taken him all the way and she was just as tight as when they started!

Kiki was enjoying this immensely. After a minute or two, she relaxed her pelvic muscles and let him slide more freely in and out of her but the initial penetration had felt great. It was nice not to have to do any of the work after keeping a grip on the first thrust. He was pistoning awesomely now, pounding her little cunny and hitting all her favorite places. He wasn't much on foreplay, obviously, but she didn't really need it this time. She would have liked a little clit play but she was ok without it. Her pussy had already been feeling primed when they started, a juicy leftover from fucking her afternoon lover. The day guy was a regular who was gentle and sweet but often, like today, left Kiki wanting more rough treatment to finish her satisfaction. This Alf guy obviously had no way of knowing about her afternoon tryst but it had made for a good deal for both of them: Alf got an exceptionally wet cunt and Kiki got the rougher fuck she had been craving. Kiki lay back and thoroughly enjoyed being fucked now by a dominant man with a big cock who knew what he was doing and was using her hard for his own pleasure.

He thrust away for a long time without changing positions or coming – an unnaturally long time, Kiki thought, although she certainly wasn't complaining. She wondered if he had taken a pill!

She was taking deep breaths now, as she neared her own orgasm, and her face was near his armpit. He smelled clean, manly and vigorous. Sweat broke out on his forehead (the room was warm) and upper body and dripped off him and right onto her, even on her face. Sometimes when that happened she thought it was gross but this time Kiki didn't mind at all. She was getting close!

Kiki suddenly closed her eyes, tightened her vaginal muscles, her tummy went rigid, her toes curled, she took in a deep breath, her pretty pale chest turned all pink, and slid into a long, deep, reverberating, total-body, cosmically intense orgasm, one of the best and longest she had experienced in a very long time! It churned her inside and took her to someplace out of this world where time was like a ball thrown up in the air, freed from gravity, suspended for a moment, then speeding back to earth, where it hit hard and then bounced, and bounced, and bounced ..... She started to feel like she was floating, coming down from somewhere.

Kiki suddenly realized that she must have had four or five orgasms in a row – she was multiorgasmic tonight! It must have been all the priming that afternoon, when her lover ate her out for half an hour, unintentionally getting her body ready for the unexpected main event with this new guy! As she came down from the high of these climaxes, one right after the other, she realized that the bed was wet. She had squirted! Kiki was proud of her ability to squirt when she was really excited! It didn't happen often but it was one of the things she liked best about her body.

Alf had reached the limit of even his awesome staying power. He was so stimulated by Mary (her name, to him)! The way she moaned turned him on so much – she was completely in his power sexually and he was doing sexual things to her body so she would never be the same again, he thought. Her incredibly tight pussy that loosened up a little as he fucked her, but she stayed tighter all the way through than most cunts he knew were at the beginning of a fuck. And so wet! He couldn't believe she gushed when she came! Guys would kill to make a girl squirt and he had done it on the first fuck with this babe! And how hot! She just kept coming and coming and coming..... Not only that but she was pretty and sweet and looked like a china doll and his dick was all the way inside her and he had rubbed against her cervix and .....

His orgasm was powerful and rippled in his groin as he thrust his hips, making Mary (he thought) gasp from the force and then his dick erupted with a gusher of molten creamy hot semen that poured out of him into her deepest body and slushed around her already damp cunt, foaming with his thrusts, pushing out around his piston, mixing on the bed with her cunt water and making a puddle of their body fluids....

He shook his head, causing a more drops of sweat to fall above Kiki's head and on her forehead. He was feeling lightheaded and a bit out of it because his own orgasm was so powerful and mind-blowing. As he came down from the climax, he was aware that his penis had never felt better, deep in this warm, wet, tight channel that received him with such enthusiasm.

Although Kiki was recovering from her orgasm more slowly, she had come first, so they got over it at about the same time. Suffused with deep pleasure and drowsiness, he let his sweaty body drop onto hers, enveloping her much smaller body and covering it completely. She squirmed and got into a comfortable position when he rolled onto his side and snuggled up to him.

Kiki loved the feel of semen dripping out of her cunt and she was not disappointed that night. That feeling, plus the naked slide, was why she was willing, even eager, to let strangers come inside her without protection. It was almost as much a turn on for her as the sense of control she felt when she was with a big lug of a guy who could hurt her if he wanted. The game was to control him, so he never would, but the fun was that he could. That little moment when Alf had started to get mad, thinking that Kiki was a hooker, was the moment that Kiki started to wet herself.

They fucked a second time that night, after they woke up and took a shower together. It was much slower but also very good. Maybe better for Alf, since he came a second time, not quite as hard but very well, and Kiki orgasmed again but only once.

The sun flooded the hotel room with light when Kiki woke up. She was lying alone in a wet bed that smelled of semen, with a faint hint of pussy. Dried come was sticking to her pubic hair and thighs. She glanced at the hotel radio-clock. It was late in the morning. Alf had said that he had to catch a plane this morning. Maybe he had already left.

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