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Kiki, the Town Slut Ch. 02

by eatoure©

When Charlie pulled out, the semen gushed out of Kiki, as it usually did, before he could wipe her with a napkin. At the same time, Odette was dripping into Dev's groin as she stood up. Kiki began to appreciate the seat covers and why there were so many napkins and scented towels around. She was sure that this was an expensive place and the guests probably paid a premium for the privilege of depositing their body fluids on the furniture as well as inside one another.

The two couples rested for a while, drinking Cristal and nibbling on the finger food. No one made an effort to dress or to cover their nudity while they were in the vip room but Odette and Kiki used the vip room dressing gowns hung on the back of the door when they went barefoot to the ladies' room down the hall. Those gowns didn't cover much – Odette was admiring Kiki's shapely exposed legs as much as Kiki admired her tits through the gaping front of the gown – but they maintained decorum and prevented hustling in the hallway, since there were other vip guests going in and out of other rooms.

While they were washing up, Odette said to Kiki, "You know, when I was fat I would have hated you because you are so beautiful and you have a gorgeous figure and all the guys who started out talking to me at parties went home with girls who looked like you but now that I'm slim and I know what it's like to be hit on all the time and it's hard when you look like you do to have a life that doesn't revolve completely around sex. Not that I'm complaining! Dev is obsessed with my body and every little change in it and that gives him the urge and keeps me well fucked but I'm the same person I was when I was heavy and nobody paid attention to me then."

Kiki thought to herself, maybe it had something to do with people tuning you out because of your motor mouth, but it was not a great thing to say out loud. "Well, he's clearly in love with you and why not? You're stunning! Something special on your chest and – I couldn't help noticing! – between your legs!" Another thing Kiki had noticed about Odette is that she had very small, delicate hands, just right for fisting girls. Someday, maybe.

"You're sweet!" Odette giggled. "Yeah, I've got big ol' pussy lips, too. Maybe I'll get 'em pierced so Dev will have even more body parts to play with. I read somewhere where a relationship based on a sex fetish is usually more stable than just attraction alone 'cause men don't get tired of it so fast and they keep coming back for it and it leads to long-term intimacy on top of real love so I feel real lucky with Dev in my life, 'cause he loves my droopy tits and not many men would. Don't take him away from me – ok? You're gorgeous and you could do it. Just fuck him if you want but don't lead him on, ok?"

Wow, thought Kiki. There's more to this girl than meets the eye. "Ok," she said, "I'm happy with Charlie. I warn you, he's got a huge penis so you're going to have to relax to take it all in!"

"Don't worry," Odette smiled at the welcome advice. "I'm loose. Dev likes it that way 'cause he has a hair trigger so he lasts longer in me."

The two young women, rapidly becoming friends, padded their way back to the vip room together, under the appreciative eyes of several other club guests who were coming and going. Odette didn't even try to cover her tits when the dressing gown loosened as they walked back.

When they got back into the vip room, Charlie and Dev were about halfway through their cigars and there was a new round of drinks and snacks on the table. The two girls took off their dressing gowns and the four of them lounged naked as they relaxed and refreshed themselves. Charlie was particularly interested in Odette's pussy, which she showed off by sitting with one leg curled under her. Dev certainly appreciated his girlfriend's body but for the moment he was staring at Kiki, thinking that it would be nice to fuck a more conventionally sexy hardbody for a change, just to remember what it was like.

So it was to be expected that after they had rested a while the action started again, this time with a swap of partners. Dev ran his hands all over Kiki's body and sucked her nipples back to erect position. He was enjoying touching Kiki because her body felt so different, a nice change. He fingered her pussy. Good thing I've already come, he thought to himself, so I'll last a good long time in her tight, wet pussy. He was eager and although he loved to lick Odette out, he was in a hurry to get to penetration with this hardbody and so he mounted Kiki in the missionary position without any more foreplay.

Kiki was relaxed already and soon she let go and surrendered control of her body to the man fucking her, which is the way she liked it. But all the while he was humping her, obviously enjoying the tightness of her naturally well-lubricated twat, Kiki noticed that he was watching Odette, not her. He was giving it to her good but what was turning him on most was watching Odette take Charlie, not Kiki's body. This was unusual but Kiki smiled to herself because she remembered what Odette had said to her in the ladies' room and she thought it was nice that here was a couple so much in love and so turned on by one another's bodies that even when they screwed other people they were thinking of each other. Then Kiki felt herself going over the edge and she held that warm, comforting thought as she rode out a wonderful, glowing orgasm.

Odette had gotten on her hands and knees across the loveseat and had raised her newly skinny butt up in front of Charlie, who was kneeling on one end with his feet on the floor and his knees resting on the sofa cushion. He was deep inside her and she had her eyes closed and she was moaning as she took his huge cock in her deep, loose vagina while Charlie rocked back and forth. She took it more easily than Kiki but still it filled her up. Although Odette's arms were straight, her tits were hanging down so low they were dragging on the sofa cushion and Kiki wondered how it felt for her for the nipple to rub against the fabric every time Charlie lunged into her. It obviously felt fine because Odette was next to orgasm, shuddering, tits shaking all over, yelling "fuck that's good!" over the sound of the music outside. She was caught in a long, drawn-out ecstasy when Charlie straightened up and pounded her a few times and then went rigid as he spurted over and over again deep into her capacious cunt, filling her until the foamy white come dripped down the insides of her thighs!

At almost the very moment that Charlie released his sperm into Dev's girlfriend, Kiki felt Dev's cock twitch in release and her own cunt was filled with his creamy semen as he bucked his hips and held her tight, as if she would slip out from under him. All the while, Dev was watching Odette, who was not only coming down from her own monster orgasm but was revving up for another one as Charlie kept pounding her while his dick stayed semi-hard for a while longer. Odette had another orgasm with Charlie and then sank down on the loveseat on her elbows with her butt held up in the air by Charlie's rod, a big smile on her face.

When Charlie pulled out of Odette, there was a gush and she could feel her vagina empty out a little, making a mess on the covers on the loveseat. No matter. Gushing was part of the fun! Kiki had already disconnected from Dev and was trying to sit up, a little dizzy from her own powerful climax. Odette crawled over and sat next to Kiki and they hugged one another. Dev and Charlie were laughing and gave each other a high five.

"Did you taste Dev yet?" Odette asked Kiki. "He tastes really good!" Dev heard her and beamed in pride.

Kiki scooted down in the seat, reached between her legs, and scooped out a big gob of fuckjuice with two fingers. "You're right!" Kiki exclaimed. "Salty oyster with a hint of almond!" The two girls giggled. "Now you taste Charlie and tell me how it compares! I think he's the best."

Odette did the same. "Smoky, bitter herbs, and a hint of vanilla!" She laughed, "it's good but I like Dev's better. Here - if you like Charlie's spunk so much, you can have my share!" and she turned so her sloppy cunt would be in Kiki's direction. As she lay back down on the sofa, her tits fell to either side, all the way to the seat cushion.

"Help yourself to Dev!" offered Kiki.

Now was the moment for Oedtte and Kiki to come together! Kiki crawled on top of Odette so they were in a 69, lapping the sperm from each other's messy pussies holding the fertile splooge of their own boyfriends. Kiki could suck big gobs of semen out of Odette's vagina now, which Odette helped expel by bearing down to push it out. Occasionally she paused to take Odette's generous pussy lips into her mouth and pull. After a few minutes of this, Kiki noticed that the fuckjuice was becoming more watery and changing taste. She was getting less of Charlie and more of Odette's own secretions. Delicious!

Odette was licking Kiki at the same time and sucking out the sweet remains of her own lover's come from the other woman, while running her tongue over Kiki's erect clit. That's why Kiki was the first to orgasm this time, a nice, long rolling climax that made her legs twitch. Odette followed a minute or so later but that might have been triggered by Dev sticking two fingers up her while Kiki was panting too heavily to suck her out! Then Kiki felt a warm liquid dripping on her ass. She knew what it was without looking, because Charlie was standing over them and she knew that he had been masturbating and had just ejaculated on her.

It had been quite a night and there were no showers in the club, of course. They took a long time cleaning each other up with moist towelettes and damp washcloths with water from the washbasin. Kiki figured this was how people washed up in the old days, before there were indoor sinks.

They didn't break up the party right away, but soon it was time to go. It was getting close to 3:00 am and tomorrow was a workday for Charlie, although he never started serious work before noon, if he could help it. They helped each other get dressed, not hesitating to cop a feel if they felt like it, and hugged and promised to do it again soon. Charlie settled the bill and Dev thanked him for his generosity, then they filed out and through the noisy club, where the action was beginning to wind down. Kiki would go home with Charlie and stay the night and after a good sleep she could expect a righteous wake-up fuck. Dev and Odette looked like they were going to jump each other again as soon as they got home! What a hot couple!

These vips rooms are a great idea, Charlie thought. It's fun to have sex with friends and to swap. He and Kiki had done it here before with other friends. Hell, he thought to himself, maybe they'd come back here and do it again, right here in the same place, tomorrow night.

Written by: eatoure

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