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Kiki, the Town Slut Ch. 10

by eatoure©

Kiki could kick herself around the block for showing Viku Dicae her anus in public and pantomiming anal sex in order to get the ever-tumescent Professor Dicae's attention away from the foxy daughter of the College's biggest donor. Only to find out that the girl was a lesbian!

She had promised her ass for nothing! And now she was going to get anally reamed by the longest cock she had ever seen!

Not that she had a problem with anal sex, but Dicae's cock was abnormal: thin but incredibly long. Kiki had done anal lots of times but never, ever, with a cock this long. Ordinarily, thin would be perfect for anal, but his member was too long.

Not that it didn't function spectacularly well! His penis had been deep up inside her for hours at a time, in her mouth, down her gullet, deep in her pussy and between her lovely, creamy boobs, where it run all the way between her tits and still enter her mouth at the same time, and she knew it would fill any orifice it penetrated her in and deposit a big, sticky load of semen every time. But it was also long enough to go halfway to her stomach and she just didn't know how she could take it all in the ass!

Dicae was getting more and more irritated just then at how she dawdled on the short walk from the classroom to the cottage where the College had put him up during his visiting professorship. She had promised him her ass and now she was holding back! He couldn't grab her hand and pull her behind him with all these people around. Even though Kiki always dressed in a loose blouse and short skirt without underwear, they had to keep up the pretence in front of other people that she was just his teaching assistant during his three-week visit. He had figured out her undercover job a long time ago, to keep his cock out of the female students (or, for that matter, the male ones if he was so inclined) by keeping him distracted and sexually satisfied. He played along willingly because she was such a great lay and because three weeks of ravishing her sexy young body suited him just fine! The arrogant, pedantic prick had been pumping her anytime he wanted, day and night for two weeks, like he owned her!

Now, after a week and a half of this, she was "graduating" (as the students said) to giving up her asshole to Dicae and it was all a mistake! The student she had been so concerned about keeping him away from, the one she was giving up her anus to protect, the daughter of the College's biggest donor, was a lesbian!

As soon as they closed the door to the cottage, the handsome but much older professor grabbed her hand. "Shall we make good on that little promise, sweet one?" he asked in Moldovan.

She didn't understand every word but she got the idea and pulled away and moved toward the sofa. She was so nervous, she forgot her language skills, so she could only say, in her weirdly accented, pidgin Moldovan, "You were wonderful at the seminar! Really got the students thinking! Shall we celebrate with a bottle of wine?." Unfortunately, there was no hard liquor in the cottage, a campus rule. If there had been, she would have belted back enough to dull what was coming. "I need a cigarette." She was stalling. What she really wanted to say was, "Please don't put that long stiff thing up my butt," but she didn't know how to say that in Moldovan. Besides, he wouldn't appreciate it if she said it in English.

Dicae was in no mood to wait. He said something short and angry, but he said it in Russian. Kiki didn't understand Russian! (Dicae explained later, after they sort of made up, that he had spent three years in the Soviet navy before university, so when he talked about boats, sex, and shit, that was the obscene language he used!

But Kiki, of course, didn't understand Russian slang, or really even conversational Moldovan, beyond a few memorized phrases. She watched, wide-eyed, as Dicae went to the refrigerator and got two slices of bread and about half a stick of butter remaining on the butter dish. What is this? She thought, he's going to make a sandwich now? Then he walked over to her, grabbed her shoulder and turned her around roughly! When she opened her mouth to scream, he jammed the bread in it and pushed her over the arm of the sofa, forcing her to extend her arms in front of her. She bounced on the cushion but before she could do anything Dicae had pulled up her miniskirt, front and back, and had his hands on both her butt cheeks, spreading her just like she had spread herself for him that afternoon!

Suddenly, one hand went away and Kiki felt something cold and soft on her bunghole. Dicae pushed the butter stick half way in and then unbuckled his pants while he leaned over her, taking his time while the butter softened to gaze at the last of Kiki's holes he would violate. The College had set her up to keep me distracted, drained, and away from the students, he thought to himself, so she had taken on personal responsibility for my sexual needs and now I need to ream her ass.

Oh well, Kiki thought to herself. This is the point where I just let go and let it happen. So she did!

Once he got going, she felt the butterstick being pushed up through her sphincter, smearing and lubricating it, followed by the head of his penis followed by a shaft that slid inside her easily, that she could feel up inside her for a couple of inches, and just kept on going, on and on, more and more length! It was unbelievable how much hard shaft she could feel passing through her tight little butthole and disappearing into her guts. She felt fuller and fuller, stuffed to discomfort in her pelvis and then it seemed in her abdomen. Finally, after the longest penetration she had ever known, she started to feel cramping and a funny pulling feeling in her gut and a wave of nausea, like she was hit in the solar plexus and she thought she might pass out. But she didn't! She just broke out in a sweat on her forehead. She kept the bread in her mouth so she wouldn't scream.

Kiki was gritting her teeth and had her eyes closed. Her abdominal muscles were starting to ache because she found that she could just about tolerate the stuffing if she kept her body perfectly straight, but if she bent her torso the cramping would get worse. And then finally, to her relief, she felt his bloated oversize balls slap against her ass cheeks. Dicae was in as far as he could go! "Marfa!" he said approvingly.

With a big but cruel smile on his handsome, rugged face, Dicae pulled his extra-long schlong out of her a little ways and then rammed it back inside her with full force! Kiki would have screamed but she still had a mouthful of bread. Uncontrollably, she reached back to her butt with both hands to protect herself but this meant that she lost the support of her arms and fell, her body bent at the waist, and she could feel the invasion even deeper now that her trunk couldn't be held straight and every time he pistoned into her rectum they both felt more sensations and it felt even deeper.

He was dominating her in every way, treating her like property, a fuck toy, like she was a three-week sex slave reserved for his pleasure. But if she was going to do her job, she had to let him! They both knew that Kiki was a decoy disguised as a personal assistant, but Kiki couldn't admit it openly because the reputation of the College was at stake so Dicae took advantage of the fact that she couldn't complain to ravage her! And her butt was his prize and her rectum was the victim!

On and on, over and over, back and forth, he pulled out and then pushed back into her ass while Kiki sobbed and twisted to give easier passage to the long, stiff invader. Kiki felt like her abdominal organs had been rearranged, the same overpowering, empty-feeling, gut-wrenching, on-the-edge of nausea, cramp-like feeling that she got when someone was fisting her and had her (usually her bi girlfriends did it to her) clenched fist all the way up her vagina, way past her cute little dimpled cervix, and was almost punching her insides they were pistoning so hard.

And then something remarkable happened. The excruciating feeling of being stuffed and the crampy pain from her abused intestines were still there but along with them something was building, a tension in her pelvis and a tingling in her nipples. She was starting to feel twinges of deep pleasure! Dicae's hands on her full breasts and his tweaks to her nipples could barely be felt against the greater stimulation she was feeling. He was handling her boobs roughly, which she generally liked, so roughly that her peasant blouse tore at the sleeve! The pressure of his assault on her ass was rhythmically pushing her cunt into the arm of the sofa, where it rubbed against the coarse fabric, but the pressure was broad, not focused on her clit. It still felt good, even with her butt packed and full to bursting. How could it feel good at a time like this? But it did!

She was building up. The big, long cock in her guts angled forward and she felt a hint of pressure on her G-spot, far away and across her vagina. She imagined that the tip of his cock was poking the bottom of her stomach, making her queasy and lightheaded.

Then something even more remarkable happened! The more she relaxed and let him ravish her ass, the more her clit stiffened. It came out and started rubbing bare against the sofa. Finally! Direct stimulation! It was all too much!

Then Dicae went over the edge! He grunted, groaned, and bucked his hips HARD and Kiki felt the monster cock swell and jerk inside her, over and over, and she knew that at that moment a huge load of semen was being deposited deeper inside her than she had ever taken it! And his dramatic orgasm touched hers off and with a jolt she started to come!

It was a ragged orgasm! She didn't get it from the usual points of stimulation and she felt like she was skewered on a stick but it still hit her with full force! It seemed to start from where her uterus would be - but why would it if he was fucking her rectum, not her cunt? -- and as it gathered strength there was a really funny popping sensation all through her abdomen and a feeling like her insides were being shoved around. As her internal muscles tensed out of her control, the stretch and the pressure inside her felt even stronger and she felt like she was going through her convulsions inside her guts as much as in her pelvis. And her vagina was pulsing frantically even though there was nothing in it and wetness on the sofa arm under her told her that she had just squirted and didn't even realize it!

She collapsed on the sofa cushion, butt still high in the air pinned by Dicae's cock and locked against the arm of the sofa by his legs. He stayed still, obviously enjoying the heat from her body on his cock and the last few muscle contractions as they rippled through her intestines.

When he pulled out, he didn't say anything or apologize. He just went to the bathroom to clean himself off and left her lying on her face, with her ass in the air, her pussy juiced and still oozing, and her anus gaping open, revealing the dark pink inside her abused rectum.

On his way out, Dicae was holding his Speedo swim trunks and told her that he was going for a swim at that great pool across from the Hotel Vincennes, just two blocks away. He was going to be a sight with his monster cock stuffed in that little stretchy sack!

Her friend, Laura, a fellow townie she had known since elementary school, was the towel girl at the pool and she would love it! Laura was a big girl, built like a tank now but she had just been tall when she was younger, never very curvy but pretty in the face. She played women's lacrosse in high school, until she gained so much weight.

Gingerly, Kiki pushed herself up. Her anus was still gaping and wasn't closing right away she tried to clench it, so when she stood upright there was goo coming out of her and dripping down her leg. She didn't mind it when glop came from her cunt but it was disgusting coming out of her butt. It smelled like butter. She reached behind her and pushed her cheeks together to hold it in and waddled to the bathroom.

Fortunately, Kiki always carried a couple of those squeeze-bottle enemas in her overnight kit, because she wanted to be prepared. You never knew who might call and what a sugar daddy might be in the mood for when he called for her! She guessed, correctly, that this was only the first anal penetration she was going to experience with Dicae and there would be many more to follow, beginning that night, when they came back from the reception! She had to be ready for him in her back hole now whenever he wanted, now that he had a taste of her butt and liked it, and also she didn't want to fart the smell of buttered popcorn all during the reception that was coming up in an hour and a half.

As she had cleaned up the worst of it, she thought of something! Right now Dicae was on his own at the swimming pool, wearing a tight bathing suit that showed off his humongous cock! Danger! Danger! She ran to the phone and called her friend Laura, the towel girl! Laura would like to be a bit of a slut herself, but she didn't look anything like Kiki and not too many guys were interested in her but she would happily put out for any guy who was.

Laura assured Kiki that she had the matter in hand! Literally! After swimming a few laps, Dicae had started to talk to a couple of women students who were still in the water after swim team practice and who were obviously interested in his package! Laura had already had the wits, because Kiki had told her before about this guy and the threat he posed to the students, to interrupt them, since it was her job to pick up towels. Then she made a joke that implied that he had stuffed his crotch to look bigger! He got mad and pulled down his Speedo to prove himself but the students had already taken off, laughing at him and calling him a perv! Laura then took the matter in hand -- the matter being two rather large but tender balls, to be precise -- and told him that if he didn't leave the students alone she was going to squeeze his balls and make sure his screams would bring security and he would be arrested for indecent exposure! The fact that her hand was big for a woman (she'd never let Laura fist her! Kiki had always thought) and his testicles were tender from ravishing Kiki and filling her with sperm all the time only added to the persuasiveness of Laura's hold on him. That had been ten minutes ago and he had been behaving himself ever since. And she had really enjoyed fondling his enormous cock while she had him by the balls!

Kiki started smiling again when she heard that, her trademark grin with the corners of her mouth turned up.

Dicae came back from the pool a defeated man, grumpier than usual because not only had he had stymied in his efforts to seduce the students, but he had been roughly manhandled by the least feminine young heterosexual woman he had ever encountered. Kiki was obviously going to be his only sexual outlet for the rest of his stay. Well, no problem with that, really, because Kiki was a great fuck anyway. She could also take his monstrously long cock in all three holes, whether she liked it or not, and with Dicae having no other sexual outlet for the next week she was going to get it good and often, and that was that.

In the coming week, the drug store down the street would be amazed at how many bottled enemas one young seemingly healthy and not obviously constipated-looking woman would buy.

Written by: eatoure

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