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Fucking My Cousin

by Bi_sarah©

We stepped out of the elevator in to the lobby and I dumped her stockings in a trash can I passed. A quick thrill for the night janitor. She took my hand and led me down the hall to the far end of the lobby and towards the mail room. She took out her key, opened the door. We walked in. She turned on the lights the closed and locked the door. "After four no one is in hear, we have the place to ourselves. "

She walked to the very back of the mail room, unbuttoning her shirt as she walked. She hung her blazer on a cabinet, sat down on a large cardboard box and spread her naked legs. I undid my pants and walked over to her. My Hard Dick sticking out of the pee hole. We kissed, long and slow. Our mouths getting to know each other. "Umm, ok dear cousin. My pussy needs to be eaten. Show me what you have learned in college."

I got on my knees and gave it the old college try. I dug in to her shaved Pussy like a man possessed. I worked my tongue over her Clit while my fingers opened her Lips and I began to Fuck her with my Fingers as I used my other hand to steady my self on the box. While I was slurping away, she was playing with her nipples, pinching them and rubbing them to heighten her pleasure.

"Ohh baby. It's so good. Yes, yes. I'm going to Cum all over your face dear cousin. Ohh god yes. That's it, right there. That's my spot. Ohhhhhh"

She was humping my face with her Cunt and had now wrapped her legs around my head. I kept licking away at her Clit while my fingers beat a furious pace in side her Cunt.


With that she jerked and I tasted the sweet nectar of her Cum as she panted and moaned above me, I kept licking long after her rush had subsided making sure I got every drop of her Cum. "Ummm that was so good. Now it's my turn."

I stood up and kissed her and slid my Dick in to her pussy, while I fingered her Tit's. She gasped as I slowly slid it in her and smiled as I began to pump in her with a slow, steady pace. "Oh god baby, your Dick feels so good. But I had something else in mind."


"Do you want to Cum all over your Cousins Tit's?"

"Hell yes!"

With that Jordan leaned back further and I stood up on my tip toes and placed my Dick in her mouth.

She placed a few small kisses on the tip, then flicked her tongue back and forth across the top. She licked one side and then the other, like a greedy kid licking an Ice Cream cone. Then she took my whole Dick in her hot mouth. Man did my cousin know how to Suck Dick.

She never gagged once, even when I was all the way in her mouth and my Dick was hitting the back of her mouth. No one had ever deep throated me before, it felt great. She began to work on the top, bobbing her head up and down, while playing with my balls.

I could feel my orgasm building up. She must have known by the way I was moaning and trying to shove more of my Dick down he mouth because she pulled her head back and popped my Dick out of her mouth. She guided my Dick in between her Tit's and squeezed them around my Dick.

"Fuck my big Tit's cousin, Cum all over me! "I think she was getting close to Cumming just from feeling my Dick in between her Tit's. I had Fucked Zee's Tit's but this felt a thousand times better, knowing I was going to Cum all over my Cousins Tit's was such a turn on. I could feel a huge load of Cum boiling up at the base of my Dick as I started to fuck her Tit's. She handled the act like a pro, knowing just how to squeeze her Tit's to make the friction and feeling the best. It was so warm and soft, like fucking Silk. She was panting and moaning and I think maybe Cumming, she started talking dirty to heighten the excitement.

"Ohh baby. Are you going to Cum all over my Tit's. Ooooooh I am going to fuck you every day for the next two weeks. I am going to suck your Dick and let you eat my pussy. Ohh your Dick feels so good, yes I can feel it. Ohh baby I want you in my mouth, in my Pussy, in my Ass. Oh god I love it. Ohh yes little cousin, Cum all over your cousins Tit's. How can something that feels so good be wrong, Incest be damned. Fuck em baby, Fuck my Tit's." With that I shot a huge load of Cum all over her Tit's and face. Needless to say the next two weeks were great, we Fucked every chance we could. She sucked my Dick and I Fucked her Tit's, Pussy and Ass all the time.

After Vacation was over we had Phone Sex once a week and tried to see each other at least once a month. Even when we had other people in our life we managed to get together. The four years I was at college was like a sexual smorgasbord, and when I got offered a Publishing job in Oregon I knew my sexual adventures with Jordan were just beginning.

With every moment I cannot wait for the next chance to fuck my Cousin.

Written by: Bi_sarah

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