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Captured Ch. 04

by antonia_pleasures©

Antonia held on to Olivia's hand as they snuck through the cellar hallway,staying on the lookout for the masters. There were no one except for the slaves and their clients in their locked rooms. The two women hurried to the stairs and ran up to the first floor. They pressed against the wall of the staircase, their naked bodies heaving in fear of being discovered. Antonia pressed a finger to her lips to indicate silence, and she slowly peeked out, scanning the hallway with her brown eyes. After scanning twice to make sure, Antonia nodded and pulled Olivia out into the hallway, then they ran down the bright hallway. Antonia's cum-covered brown hair scraped her back uncomfortably as she ran, ducking when they ran past doors with windows on them. When they reached the end of the hallway, they ducked behind a large fern plant, gasping for breath.

"Where's the door?" Antonia whispered, peeking through the leaves on lookout. Olivia turned around and pointed at the large window behind them. "Ah," Antonia said, standing up and opening the window. Outside, she saw a large forest stretching into darkness. Something about those trees looked awfully familiar. Suddenly it hit her. This place was near the place she was captured!

A few days ago, Antonia had been on a mission to investigate missing females. She had scouted his hideout for days, but ended up being captured anyway. Finally, she could go outside again! She can go home and expose the evils of this place. She and Olivia would be free.

Antonia was about to climb out of the window when there was a scream. Antonia whirled around and saw a large man holding small Olivia around her waist, his thick muscular arms squeezing her.

"Olivia!" Antonia cried. "Let go of her!" she yelled. The man laughed.

"And miss you punishments? No way!" he laughed. He leaned over and grasped Antonia's hair, pulling her along as he walked the two down a secret staircase, going deeper, past the cellar. There was a large hallway, with barred cells that resembled a jail's.

He unlocked one of the cells and threw Olivia in, then locked it. Olivia looked at Antonia sadly as she was dragged further away, and was pulled down another flight of stairs.

The room Antonia stumbled in was truly amazing. It wasn't a good amazing, but a freaky-amazing. There were chains and cuffs everywhere. High racks, low racks, metal chairs nailed to the floor. There were machines with colorful dildos strapped to it, and a long control panel with many buttons and switches.

The man dragged Antonia to a seat-less chair and tied her arms behind the chair. The man put her legs over the arm rests and strapped them down, and put a metal box with to dildos underneath. They were both thick and long, and attached to a thin vertical stick. The man fiddled with the controls on the box and it began to whir, the dildos rising until they penetrated her cunt and her asshole. Antonia gasped at the intrusion, her senses tingling. The toys kept rising until the pushed hard against her walls, then slid out and pushed in again in a slow, mechanical way. The man pushed a button and the dildos began to vibrate, sending out weak electrical currents every few seconds.

As Antonia squirmed over the machines, the man clipped two metal clips onto her nipples, making Antonia cry out. Then he attacked silver cords to each clip, and attached it to a black leather collar he put around her neck. The cords were short, and when it was attached, Antonia's nipples were pulled upwards. As a final touch, the man took another cord and attached it to the back of her collar, and pulled it down to the floor, fastening it to a small loop behind the chair. With Antonia's head pulled back, her tits were pulled up as the cords stayed fastened to her collar.

The man admired his work. Antonia squirmed over the dildos as they pushed in and out, their buzzing echoing through the silent room. As she squirmed, her tits were pulled and stretched, her dark nipples elongating. As a final thought, the man poured an amber syrup into her mouth, which was supposed to make her horny. And it did. Antonia made sexy grunts as the dildos fucked her, and within minutes, she came violently, the jerking nearly tearing the clips off. However, the dildos gave Antonia no time to rest as they continued pumping in and out.

The man slipped a ring on his finger and smirked. It was one of those buzzers which shocked you when you pressed the button. A cheap but effective little toy. The man knelt in front of Antonia, pressing the ring against her clit. The shock made Antonia scream, her lower body jerking away in vain. The man laughed and kept the ring pressed against her clit. When he pulled away, she had already came and her clit was throbbing painfully. Then he took a whip and lashed at Antonia, hitting precisely on her soft breasts and her exposed pussy. Antonia screamed, feeling as if her skin was on fire.

"That's what you get for trying to escape, you dirty whore," the man grunted as he whipped her. "And you little friend too! That whore is getting exactly what she deserves!"

"Wh-what are...what are they Olivia?" Antonia gasped, her face flushed as another orgasm approached. The man laughed.

"They're probably prying open her pussy and filling her up with cum! Since she loves it so much, it shouldn't be much of a punishment for her!" The man gave Antonia a final whip on her pussy and threw the whip aside. He turned the dildos off and pushed them side, inserting his long own cock into her abused pussy. Antonia sighed as his cock sank in, and she clenched her pussy around it tightly.

"Oh yeah," she moaned as he began to fuck her, his hips thrusting roughly. He pulled the metal clamps off her nipples and he began to suck on them, his teeth scraping the bruised buds.

"Oh yes, oh keep going," Antonia cried, the man driving her to the brink of yet another orgasm. Soon, all thoughts of Olivia escaped her mind as another orgasm washed over her.


Olivia's cell was crowded of men who wanted to fuck her. Almost every master in the house were there, circling her, spilling out into the hallway. They even brought in a few clients who paid a hefty sum of money to have this girl fuck them, for them to release their cum onto her petite, slutty body. Olivia wasn't sure how many men had came in her, and she lost track of how many times she came. She was exhausted, and cocks were being shoved into her holes, non-stop. Her small breasts were red from the dozens of teeth that bit down on them, her body coated in thick layers of cum. When all of them men were gone, the crowd dispersed, leaving Olivia shuddering and alone, in a large pool of cum. Suddenly, someone pulled a hose up to the bars and sprayed her with forceful blasts of water.

"Can't have a dirty slave for our clients," the man said gruffly. Olivia welcomed the water gratefully, glad that it was washing away the disgusting mess away from her body. Olivia retreated to the corner of the cell and sighed. She had seen Antonia go down the stairs, and she knew what was down there. A slave told her on the first day, as a scare. There were multiple machines of pure and raw sexual pleasure. Olivia wished with all her heart that somebody, anybody would come and save her.

Written by: antonia_pleasures

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