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Lucia the Teacher

by gimmie_your_load©

Paul was just 18, and desperately in need of the job as a teacher's assistant for summer school in his small town. The town was so small in fact, that if he didn't get the position, he had no idea how he was going to make enough to attend university in the spring. On top of that, his guidance counsellor the previous year told him that if he wanted to get into education, he would need to get some teaching-related experience to put on his applications. Paul really needed this job. He sat nervously at the desk in the office, looking at the floor.

Sitting across from him was Lucia Barducci, the Italian-born teacher who was offering the job for the summer. He glanced up as she reviewed his paper application, and couldn't help but notice her enormous chest, unconcealed by her fitted suit. She pursed her lips as she read, an unconscious movement that highlighted the incredible fullness of her lips, which always seemed to glisten with lip gloss. Paul swallowed hard and looked back at the ground, not wanting her to catch him leering. When he looked up again, he was startled to find her eyes locked on his, gazing at him with a surprising intensity. For a moment, she said nothing, seemingly just taking him in, staring into his soul.

After what seemed like an eternity, she finally spoke. "You are to apply for a teaching degree, yes?" she asked, the accent of her home country unmistakable.

"I would like to." Paul stammered. "But I really need to experience to make my application for attractive."

"So I can see." She said, pursing her lips again. "You do not have usual qualifications for this job."

Paul blushed, trying desperately to keep his voice from wavering as he answered. "Not yet, but I'm a very fast learner and a hard worker!"

The corner's of Ms Barducci's mouth turned up slightly in a smirk, but only for a moment. "We will see about that." she replied.

Paul blushed even redder, unsure what to make of her comment. Was that innuendo, he wondered, or was his mistaking her meaning entirely.

"I will put you on a trail period." Ms Barducci finally said, to Paul's relief. "Summer school does not start for 3 weeks. You will come in and work for me next week, and if you do well, I will keep you on. This works for you?" She asked in a tone of finality.

"Yes. Thank you! You won't regret it!" Paul exclaimed. He was so excited that he almost didn't catch the lustful look in Ms Barducci's eye as she watched his excitement, pursing her lips her again.

* * * * *

"Ohhhhhhhh..." Paul moaned softly to himself, trying to stifle his groan of ecstasy as he felt his orgasm bubble to the surface, trying to keep from waking his parents down the hall.

As he felt his cum surge from his cock, he thought about Ms Barducci's pursed lips, her face watching him with a look of disapproval. As his cum splattered down onto his belly, he imagined it shooting onto her lips, making them shine like the gloss she so often wore. Though he had never really been with a girl, let alone a woman, Paul was enormously turned on by the facials he had seen in pornos, and let out another groan as he conjured up images of his cum flying all over his new boss's face, her cold demeanor unchanging as his warm cum covered her.

He was thinking about her still as he drifted off to sleep, laying in a puddle of his own seed.

* * * * *

Paul found himself scrambling as he worked on Monday afternoon, working himself into a frenzy as he tried to complete all the tasks Ms Barducci had assigned him before the end of the day. He could tell already that she was going to be a slave driver, but he found himself almost physically aroused by the way in which she gave him orders, leaving no room for dissent, and no confusion about what she expected of him. Before he lost himself in that daydream entirely, he refocused on the task at hand, preparing a series of worksheets for the students to use three weeks later. Finally finishing the last one, he smiled to himself as he realized he was finished an hour ahead of schedule. As he collected the papers he had printed, he hoped to himself the Ms Barducci would be impressed with his work ethic.

It was eerie being in the empty school in the summer time, he realized as he walked down the hall towards Ms Barducci's office. Pretty much the entire staff was using this week for vacation prior to coming back and preparing for the summer students, with only his boss staying for that week to get ready early. Though it was early in the afternoon, the school had a dark feel to it, with few windows in the hallways and all the nights turned off to save on electricity. He heard the sound of his footsteps echo around him as he paced down the hall, lost in thought about the possibility of getting a smile from his hard-to-please employer.

He walked into the office, and didn't immediately see Lucia as he placed the papers in a neat pile on the desk. Wondering if she had already left for the day, Paul began to tidy the desk, trying to make busy work while he waited to see if she came back. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard her voice, more husky than usual, from behind him on the other side of the office where a small love seat sat cramped between book cases.

"What are you doing here so early?" Ms Barducci asked him in a tone that revealed neither pleasure, displeasure, or even curiosity.

Paul felt immediately nervous and on guard despite knowing he had done nothing wrong. As he turned around to face her, he felt his face immediately flush with embarrassment, and his cock flush with blood flow. Ms Barducci was lounging on the love seat sideways, her legs up. He could clearly see the line of the top of her black nylon stockings, leaving a full inch of bare flesh of her upper thigh before the line of her rather short skirt. She looked at him as a tiger might regard a meal, staring while he tried to find his voice, her right eyebrow raised in silent question.

"I uh... I finished early." He said, staring at the floor, then deciding that was rude and nervously looking back up to meet her gaze. "Is... is that okay?"

"Inexperienced people often do." Ms Barducci answered. "Those of us who are older have learned that there is no sense rushing through a job. Better to relax, take your time, and do the best job that you can."

Paul blushed, and wondered yet again if she spoke in such easily misinterpreted phrases on purpose. "Is there anything else you need from me today?" He asked.

Ms Barducci pursed her lips, and seemed to look him up and down, as if seeing him for the first time. "There is one more thing." She answered, sitting up in her chair.

"What is it?" Paul asked, suddenly very nervous.

Ms Barducci began to slowly unbutton her suit jacket, before removing it to reveal a low cut and lacy white bouse, which was tucked into her skirt revealing her very small waist and accentuating her extremely full curves of chest and hips. A full six inches of her creamy tanned cleavage was visible, and Paul tried hard not to stare. She seemed not to notice, her gaze locked below his eye level. Paul followed the line of her eyes, and with a start realized they were looking directly at his crotch, where a very obvious erection was straining to escape his pants.

"Oh my god..." Paul exclaimed with embarrassment. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to..." he quickly tried to readjust, but realized that if he touched his cock he was afraid it might go off in his hand, leaving him with a hard on and a sticky mess to embarrass himself with.

"Come here." she ordered.

Paul looked up at her, dumbfounded. He watched as she slowly undid the buttons on her bouse now, removing it to reveal a lacy white bra beneath, her dark nipples visible through the thin fabric, her enormous breasts barely contained by it. He faltered for a moment, but he no-nonsense gaze made him obey before he fully realized what he was doing. He approached her slowly, shuffling uncomfortably with the tent in his pants obvious.

As he reached her, he felt his knees nearly give away as he looked down at her face as she gazed lovingly at his crotch, from only inches away from his cock. He shivered as she slowly and gently caressed her fingertips over his thighs, taking in a deep breath. "Take off your pants." She commanded quietly, longing obvious in her voice.

"Ms Barducci..." Paul started, and then stopped immediately as her gaze shot upwards, her face hardening to remove the loving lust that had been there a moment before. Quickly, with fumbling hands, he popped open his belt, and undid his fly. As he worked, her gaze turned back to his cock, and he saw her face soften again as she pursed her lips, pouting. His belt buckle hit the floor with a clank as his pants fell to his ankles, and Paul quickly remembered to take off his shoes before trying to step out of his pants, his face red at the thought of tripping in front of her.

"The underwear too." She said, glancing up at his face briefly. As he reached down to obey, he hands stopped him and she leaned in, he pouting lips approaching where his head strained against the fabric of his boxers. Opening her mouth slightly, she took just the tip of it into her mouth, sucking gently through the fabric, planting a wet, open-mouthed kiss on his cock. He felt his cock pulse at her gentle touch, and saw a wet circle form as she took her mouth away. She motioned for him to continue with her hands.

Paul felt his cock bounce free, pointing up at an angle as it stood proud and erect before her. She seemed to explore it with her eyes, taking in his hairy and heavy looking balls, his rock hard six-inch shaft, and his large, flared circumcised cock head. A flicked of a smile crossed her lips.

"This will do perfectly." She said, leaning in to plant a wet kiss on his shaft.

Pal groaned as he felt her lips touch his bare flesh for the first time in his life. He felt like his cock was on a hair trigger, ready to go off any second, and tried desperately to calm down, not wanting to make a fool of himself. He groaned again as he felt her lips travel down lower, and her long tongue snaked out and bathed his balls in a lick flickering motion. She sucked on them one after the other, working slowly, pulling them out and away from the base of his cock. Despite the amazing feeling of it, Paul actually felt himself regain a measure of control as his balls were pulled down lower, and he began to relax and enjoy her work.

He looked down and watched as she continued to work on his balls, taking in the amble heaving of her chest. He watched and felt his cock leap as he saw her tweak her own nipples through the fabric, making them hard. He threw his head back and moaned loudly, and when he look back down, he saw her deep brown eyes looking back up at him, locking with his own gaze. As he watched, she opened he mouth wide, and her tongue formed a large flat shape as it started an excruciatingly slow, wet, lick up from the underside of his balls, all the way up his shaft to the head. She paused there, raising her eyebrows in a mock question, before slowly taking the head of his cock into her mouth.

It felt better than anything he had experienced in his entire life. Her wet, warm mouth bathed his cock in saliva, and she moved very slowly up and down his shaft, taking him about 3/4 of the way to the root. Paul moaned and squirmed, finding himself quickly approaching orgasm again. He felt himself give up trying to hold back, unable to resist the urges any longer. He opened his mouth to warn her, but was unable to form any words as he pictured himself unloading his virgin load into her hot mouth. Feeling just seconds from the point of no return, Paul let out a low groan, growing in intensity as the air escaped his lungs.

It was at that moment that Lucia suddenly stopped, and he felt her warmth pull back off his cock. Paul opened his eyes and looked down, still feeling himself on the brink, and watched as she calmly began to blow a jet of cool air onto his glistening cock. Paul shivered at the difference in temperature, his wet cock cooling quickly as she blew. With one hand she cradled his balls, again pulling them down just slightly from his cock, helping him to regain his composure. Paul gasped for breath as his impending orgasm subsided slightly, and left him feeling as if his balls were overflowing with semen.

"Not so soon." She said, the words surprising him. "Remember what I said about taking your time?" She chastised gently, a mischievous smile on her lips, and a gleam in her eye.

Paul groaned to himself and closed his eyes, focussing on calming himself down yet again. When he opened them, he saw that Ms Barducci was now leaning back in the love seat, away from him, unzipping her skirt. He watched in awe as she slid skilfully out of it, revealing her long tanned legs, still fit and unmarked by her 35 years. He watched in awe as she revealed her frilly white panties, and his eyelids fluttered as he saw her slide a hand inside them. She gasped as she rubbed herself, still locking his gaze with her own, watching his reactions as she rubbed her clit.

Her eyes never left his for several minutes as she touched herself, her chest heaving as her breathing became harder and harder. Finally she broke their eye contact at the very end, as he body writhed and her back arched with the ecstasy of her orgasm as it shook her whole body. Paul was in awe, the small sounds of her breathing as she came down from orgasm turning him on more than he ever thought possible. His cock pulsed on his own, and he watched her closely as her eyelids fluttered open and her cheeks began to return to her tanned complexion, flushed pink as they were.

She sat back up towards his cock, and Paul leaned his crotch towards her unconsciously, willing her to take him back in her mouth. He wanted desperately to cum now, his balls aching with unspent seed. His whole body quaked as she gripped his impossibly hard cock and slapped it wetly onto her outstretched tongue before using it to slather his head in saliva. He moaned and felt his cum begin to boil in his loins as he silently begged her with his eyes to let him reach the end. She winked at him before stopping again, this time using a hand to grip his cock tightly, one thumb pressed hard right below the head. Paul shook and his cock pulsed, and nothing came out as his orgasm was delayed yet again.

Paul gasped for air, and closed his eyes tightly. It was torturous, what she was doing to him, the most exquisite torture imaginable. He blew out a long slow breath of hot air before opening his eyes again to see hers looking back at him with a quizzical expression. He nodded to her weakly, and she took it for ascent to continue, kissing his cock head passionately, and slathering it with her tongue wetly. She slowly stroked his cock with one, hand, playing with his balls with the other.

Yet again, Paul felt his orgasm quickly approaching, and this time Lucia showed no sign of stopping. She continued with her slow stroking, kissing his head and moaning softly. Paul felt his chest heaving as he began to shudder, and let out a quiet warning. "I'm going to cum."

"Yes, I know." was he reply, smiling up at him.

Paul could barely keep his eyes open as he approached the final explosion, but did not want to miss a second of what would follow after all the nights he had spent cock-in-hand thinking about Ms Barducci. After years of desire, here he was, about to unleash his cum into the beautiful face of his old teacher. As he saw her purse her lips, he lost all control, and let out an almost animal sound as he finally climaxed. Lucia flinched only slightly as the first massive stream of cum blasted into his lip before ricocheting up along her left cheek, under her eye. He could hardly believe the force of his orgasm as he saw the second and third streams shoot out, plastering her lips and chin in his seed, on shot narrowly missing going straight up her nose. He felt three more pulses shoot more weakly from his cock, and watch as she opened her mouth, letting them fall onto her tongue.

Paul shook as he watched her swallow the mouthful, and the last two little spurts splattered onto her chest as she stroked him till the end. He groaned as the cum subsided, and he was unable to keep his eyes open as he felt her lips close around his head, sucking out the last remaining drops. As they opened again he took in his handiwork, committing her jizz-soaked face to memory after so long fantasizing about it. Her eyes met his and a look of contentment came over her face as she gazed at him.

"Tomorrow you will come back at eight." She said slowly, her lips connected as she spoke by lines of sticky cum. She reached up, and seemed to rub his cum into her skin absentmindedly. Paul stumbled backwards, and searched for his pants.

"Next time." She said. "You will learn to pleasure me with your mouth."

Paul nodded weakly, and began to feel his cock stir at that thought. He liked taking her orders.

Written by: gimmie_your_load

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