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Journal of an Agent Ch. 30

by carnagejackson©

"Well, in case you didn't know, there are a lot of people in my house and I need to go watch over them. Do the sociable host sort of thing. You two girls have a good night - oh and Drew, make sure you clean Virginie up a bit before you leave, if you know what I mean," I said with a wink. Drew turned to Virginie, taking her face in her hands and kissed her softly as I got dressed.

"No problem there. Come on girl, let me teach you a few tricks for later on..." Drew said as I walked away into the house, shaking my head. My clothes were sticky from the Jacuzzi as I made my way inside, passing a few stragglers who had probably come out to see what all the screaming was about. Heading inside, I walked upstairs again, finding it to be completely quiet from all the bedrooms down the hall. It was starting to push 11:00 and I could tell that for a lot of people, the party was winding down. I didn't care though, I just felt like I needed a shower.

Walking into my bedroom, I stripped off my clothes and turned on the water, waiting on it to warm up. After it did, I stepped into the warm heat of the stall and let the water wash over me. Standing underneath the water, I started to think about all that had happened today. How I had started the morning with Damon and went on to have sex with six different beautiful women and watched four others get off by their own accord (well, Rachel DID have a little help from me). I couldn't help but smile over this thought, but inside I still felt a little troubled. As much as I had tried to shake the question, I felt like today was a day of decisions, of making up my mind and trying to figure out where I was going to go from here. Everyone who wanted me to stay in the business seemed genuine and sincere, but I couldn't help but wonder what position they would be in if I hadn't made them all fabulously wealthy and tended to their every need. I tried to focus on the question but my mind kept running from it, distracting myself with other things. As I reached for the soap, I resolved myself to coming to a decision before the night was over.

I must have been completely distracted in my thoughts however, because I didn't hear the door to the bathroom open or see the female form outside of it undressing and standing outside the stall. It was only when I heard the stall itself be pulled open did I come out of my mental state and see the woman standing in front of me.

It was Kristin Davis, one of (and arguably the most beautiful) stars of the hit HBO show "Sex and the City". She must have been in her own world too as she opened the stall, completely naked, and stuck her hand in to turn on the water. She glanced up at me and our eyes met, before she screamed and stepped back in surprise.

"Agh! Shit, sorry! I didn't know anyone was in there! I'm so sorry, I'll leave and come back when you are done," Kristin said, closing the stall. I caught it from her hand and stuck my head out.

"Kristin, it's me, stop freaking out," I said to her. She looked surprised for a moment, putting a name to the face. When she noticed it was me, she smiled.

"Oh Dean, Jesus you scared me half to death. I thought you were someone else," Kristin said.

"Nope, it's just me. Who were you expecting?" I asked.

"I don't know. I don't know what I was thinking actually. I have a lot on my mind with the new season of the show about to start and all and well, the three drinks I had about an hour ago didn't do much to keep my mind sharp," she said. She glanced down at herself and realized that she was naked, suddenly moving her hands to cover her full, jutting breasts with her arm and moving her other hand down between her legs. Her face blushed red.

"It's alright. I do live here you know. Why are you taking a shower anyways?" I asked.

"I thought it might wake me up a little, clear my head. I really didn't mean to barge in on you, I'll let you finish your shower and then if it's ok I'll take one of my own," Kristin said softly, turning to the door. I couldn't help but notice her firm ass as she turned, the flawless beauty of her backside.

I paused for a moment. "You don't have to go if you don't want to," I said. Kristin stopped.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well, the shower is big enough for two people, so you can join me if you want. Besides, it saves water," I said with a smile.

Kristin stepped towards me, her nose wrinkling in a cute way. "Are you sure? I mean, you don't mind if I see you naked?"

"No more than if you mind that I see you. And I think that cat is already out of the bag," I said, opening the door wider for her. Kristin blushed at my comment, but removed her arms, giving me a full view of her naked body. In the steam of the shower, she looked like a beautiful nymph standing there, taking a step towards the shower, the gracefulness of her body a magnificent sight to behold.

"Well, ok. I guess it's no big deal. We are both adults after all," she said with a nervous smile, stepping past me and into the cascading water. I shut the stall behind her, leaving us both standing in the shower, the water starting to sheen off of her body.

We stood in silence for a moment as Kristin got her whole body wet, the water soaking her long brown hair as it fell over her shoulders. She seemed at ease for the most part at standing there, but from the slight movement of her feet as she shifted her weight I knew that she was still a little hesitant.

"I can't believe I'm doing this, taking a shower with Hollywood stud Dean Simonds," she giggled. "I guess this is what I get for drinking a lot in a short amount of time,"

"Hollywood stud huh? Well, coming from someone as beautiful as you, that's a compliment I suppose," I said, reaching for the soap and starting to lather myself up. As I soaped up my body, I held the soap out to Kristin. To my surprise though, she turned away from me and showed her back.

"Here, wash my back for me if you don't mind," she said. I told her I didn't and then lathered up my hands with the bar of soap and began to rub it into her skin. Working my hands over the small of her back, I moved upwards towards her shoulders and neck, coating it in the bubbles of the soap. Kristin moved under the water and let it wash away, my hands now moving lower on her. I hesitated for a moment, trying to decide if she wanted me to take it to the next step. With a little bit of pause, I placed my hands on her ass and began to rub the soap in. Kristin didn't move or flinch or turn away and as I cleaned her tight ass cheeks, the flesh soft and warm in my palms, she seemed to loosen up even more.

"Having a hit show is so stressful," she said, her back still turned to me. "I mean, with Sarah Parker getting pregnant and all, it delayed things quite a bit on the set. And now the anticipation is so high for the next season to start. And even though we aren't really a new show, I still feel nervous before the start of every season. I guess I'm afraid the fans will just abandon us all of a sudden and I'll be out of a job,"

"I wouldn't worry about that," I said to her, moving my hands from her ass up to her waist and around to her tummy, rubbing the bar sensuously across her skin. "Someone like you has real talent and you will be able to find work for a long time to come,"

"I hope so," she said with a sigh. "I just wish I could get an award nomination sometime or something. Any kind of recognition to make myself feel better, to distinguish myself from the other actresses on the show,"

"Again, I wouldn't fret over that. Your character is an important part of the show. And just because you don't get the snappy dialog doesn't make your character any less important. After all, there has to be at least ONE normal woman on the show, don't you think?" I said to her, my hands now moving on their own up to her chest right below her breasts.

"Thanks Dean," she said, turning to me, my hands still stuck right beneath the natural hang of her tits. "You know how to make a girl feel good,"

Now it was my turn to blush slightly. "You don't know how often I've heard that," I mumbled. Kristin grinned at me and took the soap from my hands.

"Here, let me wash you," Kristin said. She turned me around and worked on my back, moving quickly up and down, getting my body lathered up in a speedy fashion. Her pace slowed however as she moved her hands to my ass and waist, dawdling there for a moment before suddenly moving her small hands to my groin and rubbing the soap over my cock. I felt myself start to harden as she squeezed and fondled them with her slippery fingers, her body now moving closer to me. I could feel her hot breath on my neck.

"Maybe you have heard that from a lot of women," she whispered. "But I still think you deserve a lot of credit for all the work you do. I don't think you get paid enough for all that you give to clients,"

"Oh, I take a sizable percentage, you know that," I said as I felt her fingers encircle my cock and start to slide up and down it, just slow enough to tease between deliberate attention and a casual "wash".

"That's not what I meant. I think you sometimes deserve a little bit more," she said, now jerking harder on my prick so that it was at full hardness. "More attention to your own...needs,"

I turned to face Kristin now, and found that beneath that cute girl-next-door smile of hers was a look of lust, just below the surface. It was surprising to see that really, as I had never thought of Kristin in a sexual way in terms of being a client. But with the water falling on her like that and the grin that she was giving me, her cute face masking the desire beneath, my viewpoint started to change quickly.

Kristin released my cock and handed the soap back to me. "Here, you forgot to do my chest," she said with a wild grin.

I placed my hands on her breasts, now squeezing them harder as I rubbed the soap into them, feeling her nipples harden beneath my touch. Her c-cup breasts bounced naturally underneath my busy fingers and Kristin gasped a little as I played with her tits, squeezing them in an innocent manner so that I could keep the tease going with her. I released her breasts after a moment as we stood there under the water, Kristin waiting on me to make the next move.

I pulled her closer to me, setting the soap aside as her body pressed against my own. Kristin leaned her head into my chest, and I watched the water run over her back as I massaged her shoulders. Kristin looked up at me, her beautiful brown eyes gazing into my own, her mouth moving to my neck where she planted soft kisses on the inside of my throat, making my body tingle from the sensation. My cock was hard between us, a fact that I was amazed about considering all the fucking and adventures it had gone through today. I let it slip away from her belly down to between her legs and guided it into her cunt, the tip passing through her lips. Even though I wasn't at my hardest, I could still get my prick up inside of her enough to make it pleasurable for the both of us.

Kristin raised her leg, setting it on the edge of the small seat in the shower (something installed by my father in his later years) as she pushed herself closer to me, my dick plunging like an arrow into her hot hole.

Neither of us really moved that much, we just enjoyed the sensations of each other's bodies: my own coming from the tight grasp of her cunt and Kristin just happy to feel the fullness inside of her. She placed her hands on my shoulders and rocked back and forth on the floor of the shower with her leg, bending her knee slightly as she moved my dick in and out of her body. We didn’t say anything, Kristin's head now resting against my chest once more, the silence of our lovemaking enough to make the situation very erotic, like something you would see in a higher quality soft-core porn film.

I looked down to see her gaping twat stretch and squeeze around my prick as she pushed herself horizontally against me, my dick now finally at it's hardest yet, passing into her opening smoothly, the water of the shower pouring over our genitals to provide ample lubrication. Kristin's breasts were pressed firmly against me as I moved my hand down to finger her nipples, rubbing the tip of her left breast between her thumb and forefinger, pinching it slightly.

Kristin moaned in a slight orgasm from this, neither of us rushing things as we took our time just holding each other like that in a passionate coupling of flesh. The head of my cock battered into her continually, pressing in against her deepest inner walls, touching the back of her pussy lightly as I brushed over her clit and much deeper into her cervix.

Lowering herself off of me, Kristin dropped to her knees in the shower stall, reaching her hand up to turn off the water. We stood in the dripping noise of the shower, my dick jutting out obscenely from my body as Kristin took it in her hand, letting the head slide between her lips. She moved her hand to the base of my shaft and with a bit of squeezing and twisting (very gently mind you) of the foreskin, she began to jerk me off, slow at first but much faster as the final drips of the faucet fell off and onto the tile of the shower floor.

Kristin took my dick into her mouth, her hand still working the shaft as she sucked on it like a lollipop, the tips of her teeth grazing the edge of the skin to give me goose bumps. I leaned back against the shower wall and let Kristin go to work on me, her long brown hair parted almost perfectly around her oval face, the wet strands touching against her cheeks as she sucked harder on me, her cheeks billowing inward to create an incredible vacuum.

The stress and exhaustion of the day caught up to me finally, and I felt a smaller than usual but still very intense orgasm approaching. I reached my hand down and took my cock from Kristin's mouth. She frowned in a pouting way, but leaned back on her thighs as I jerked my cock, waiting for the first shot of cum to arrive.

It shot forth a moment later as I aimed my dick towards Kristin's breasts. She cupped them together and held them out for me, the first two shots landing squarely on her left nipple and the third and final stream landing between her breasts, to dribble down through the cleavage of her flushed skin. Kristin rubbed the cum into her breasts, licking off any excess with her fingers as she finally stood up from the shower and gave me a passionate hug, her hands moving to my ass to give it a gentle squeeze.

"That was just what I needed. Thanks, as always, for helping me out Dean," Kristin said, opening the shower stall and letting the last remnants of steam escape from within. She grabbed a white towel and wrapped it around her body as she headed for the bathroom door.

"My clothes are out there. I'll see you later Dean, call me ok? We can do lunch," she said before disappearing into the bedroom. I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off, reapplied some deodorant and cologne and brushed my hair in the mirror of the bathroom. The shower had felt good: even though I was pretty wiped out from all that had happened that day, the encounter with Kristin had given me a second wind and the heat of the shower just seemed to add to that. Wrapping a towel around my waist, I opened the bedroom door quietly, glancing out.

There was no one out there, so I walked out and chose a new outfit to wear - khaki pants and a loose Hawaiian style shirt that I had usually only worn for parties or around the house, something that needed to look casual. Dressing, I walked out of the bedroom and downstairs, heading for the kitchen to get something to eat.

The house was mostly quiet now, only a handful of voices trickling out of various parts of the house, as I saw a couple of extras whom I represented walking out the front door. I waved to them, but they didn't see me as they pulled the front door shut behind them. Walking into the kitchen, I found Damon sitting at the counter/bar area of the massive room, eating a sandwich and drinking one of those energy drinks.

He nodded at me as I walked to the fridge and got out some left over pizza from a few nights before and grabbed an energy drink of my own, walking over to sit next to Damon at the bar. I sat down with a sigh as he stopped eating to watch me munch on the cold pizza.

"How'd you like the party?" Damon asked, sipping his drink.

"It has been great. I can't believe that you managed to throw this together on such short notice," I said to him.

"Well, I've been planning it for a while, I saw how down you had been lately with all that shit with your brother and I thought you could use something like this to cheer yourself up," Damon replied.

"Thanks, I do appreciate it. Boy, the media would have had a field day with all the guests you managed to snag. You'd think we were handing out awards tonight or something," I said.

"Speaking of which, Halle Berry was here. She said she was sorry she didn't see you but she had an early morning flight and couldn't stay too long. But did you know that she carries that damn Oscar with her all the time?" he said.

I laughed. "No, I didn't. But it wouldn't surprise me, especially the way she put the death grip on it on Oscar night when she won it,"

"Well, she did let it go for a little while she was here. In fact, I put it to some uh, good uses when we had some time alone. Let's just say Oscar knows Ms. Berry inside and out now," Damon said with a chuckle.

I laughed again. "I'm not even going to ask about that one," I said, chugging my drink. I didn't realize how thirsty I had gotten, but the cold liquid felt good going down.

We sat in silence for a moment before Damon spoke again, finishing his sandwich.

"So have you thought more about the thing you mentioned this morning. You know, leaving and all?" Damon asked quietly.

"It's haunted me all day, but to answer your question, no. I haven't decided yet. This party put things in perspective for me, it made me feel very appreciated and happy to be around people that seem to genuinely enjoy me being out here as a person, not just in the typical Hollywood way, you know?" I said to him. Damon nodded.

"It probably doesn't hurt that you've slept with almost every woman who passed through the front door," Damon said, stifling a grin.

"I have not!" I said in a mock defensive tone. "Well, maybe not ALL of them but, well, ok probably half,"

We both laughed again as Damon finished his drink, standing up away from the bar. He stretched his massive arms over his head.

"I should probably head home," Damon said with a yawn. "Got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow,"

"You can crash here if you don't think you can drive," I said. "I know the boss and I think he'll be ok if you come in a little late,"

"That's alright, I stayed fairly sober for most of the night. But I could use a good night's sleep in my own bed. I'll talk to you later Dean," Damon said, walking towards the front door. I followed him as he stood in the doorway.

"You know, even if I do leave Hollywood and do...well, something else, I'd probably leave the business to you to run things," I said to him. Damon smiled, a genuine "aw-shucks" sort of smile.

"Really? That's an incredible compliment Dean, especially since we haven't even known each other for a year," Damon said.

"You're smart and gifted when it comes to networking with celebs and diffusing bad situations, and you always keep me on my toes. I think that you and the staff we have now could manage things just fine without me," I said to him.

"We could, but it sure would be quiet around there without you," Damon said. I didn't say anything for a moment, just letting the thoughts pass by into the warm night air.

"Go get some sleep man, and thanks again for the party," I said, patting him on the shoulder. Damon smiled and turned away, walking off through the yard to his car. He was almost out of sight when I saw a pair of headlights pull into the drive way, a big car coming to a halt behind one of my sports cars that I had left outside earlier in the week. A car door opened and closed and I saw a small female figure walk towards the entrance of the house.

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