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Another Night, Another Intruder

by chitrashi©


I think, I've had one too many tonight. My head is reeling and all I can do is pray that I reach home in one piece. Well, since the date went badly, I did need something to cheer up. And those young men at the bar were not too bad. But now, it's back to the bed.

I don't remember, if I saw Mrs. Willis tonight. I do recall seeing her husband though (I should, remember him of course, he opened the door for me after all). Well, needless to say, I've again lost my key again. The Willis's lived across the hall from me. Since I have this habit of misplacing my keys, I leave a spare set with them for just such emergencies.

I thank Mr. Willis and close the door behind me (now did I do that?). Off go the sandals, and the stockings follow suit. I pour myself a large shot of vodka and then slip out of the skirt, as I spill some on it. Ahhh that feels so much more comfortable and freer. I down the drink in one gulp and head to the bedroom.

I stop as I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Umm not bad, not bad at all for 25yr. old. I stand about 5'3" in my stockings maybe 100 lbs, dark brown hair, bright eyes, dimples in my cheeks, perky handful sized breasts and an ass you could rest your head on. I am a pretty girl, even if I say so myself. I have a beautiful face, soft features and full lips. Add to that some nice boobs, and nice hips and ass, and then I am neither slender nor pudgy. On the whole, a very nice package. (So why is it that I am alone on a Friday night?) I mix myself another drink and head to the shower. After all that alcohol down my system I do need to get my head cleared up.

As I stand in the shower, water running down my body, the lights go off. (Damn, did I remember to pay the electricity bill?). I reach out for the towel, it's not there. I step out of the bathroom, hoping I can find the torch or the matches, water dripping down my naked body (Well who is here to see me anyway). I reach the bed, (To hell with the lights, can deal with it in morning when I am sober.) all I want to do now is crash, that's precisely what I do.


Hmmm, so the slut has been partying again. It really is the outside of enough, the way she rings our bell at all odd hours, asking for her spare keys. (I wonder why Mary even tolerates her, let alone encourage her like this). And look at those "Fuck Me" clothes. They reveal more than they cover, the almost see through skirt, the blink and you miss it tank top. Hell her hair cover more of her breasts than that top. She really does need to be taught a lesson. (God, I need to fuck that bitch right now, actually why not?)

I walk across the hallway and enter her flat. I can see her clothes and sandals and the glasses of drink strewn all across the floor. I hear the sound of the running water. So she's in the shower. (I wish I could have seen her take that shower, just to see that gorgeous body all soapy and wet.) All the apartments in this particular building were built on the same plan. I went to the mains and switched them off. It took me a second to get his bearings right, and then I was in the bedroom.

There she is, my sleeping beauty hair pushed to a side, so I can see her face. She lay on her side dreaming. I can see the curve of her body under the covers and thought how nice it was going to be to ravish that body until I released my tension.

I slide my hand up and down over her tight tummy, she shifted a bit in the bed. I can see goose bumps where my hand had been, she must have liked it and her body was responding to my touch. I cupped her tit in my hand. Just the right size, I take a thumb and flick it over her nipple which makes her moan a bit and the nipple grow. I take her hand and cup it around my 10" cock, and slowly moved it along the shaft. I sweat in anticipation of what I would do next.

I lift her back off the bed, take the pillows, stack them up and pull her up so she is sitting up a bit. I then turn her head slightly to the left so she is facing me. I unzip my pants and let them fall to the floor, my cock is rock hard and throbbing looking at her sitting there propped up by her pillows.

I take one of the nipples in my fingers tug lightly and flick my thumb over it, the nipple gets harder and larger, I bend my head down and take the nipple into my mouth to suck her sweetness. (God she smelled so good). I twirl my tongue around the nipple, and hear her inhale deeply. Ahh!!! so she was enjoying the feeling. She shifts slightly and parts her legs. I notice that she is breathing hard and her nipples are shooting for the sky, it's making me very excited.

I rub a finger across her slit, and she opens her legs WIDER, as if to say MORE. (She is totally BARE, she must be waxing or shaving it, wish Mary learned this trick, I love a smooth pussy) She is gorgeous and totally wet.

I move her legs up and open them as far they would go. I need to taste her. I get in the bed and assume the position between her legs. I take in the smell of her sex and started licking, She moans and moves her hips up to meet my tongue. I part her lips and find her clit which I then suck hard on, she cries out, I take my tongue and plunge it deep into her pussy, she shudders with pleasure. I smiled at the thought that she must be thinking she's having one hell of a wet dream.

I take the pillows out from under her and throw them aside, move up her body and place myself right above her sex and slowly pushed inside. She was so tight, I push further up. I tell myself that I should stop, she might wake up any moment, but how could I bring myself to stop when I was sooo close, so hard, so wanting. I thought Screw it. It's not like she'll ever find out it was me anyway.

I pull out again and again slowly pushed myself forward and thrust myself in is her, entering her to the hilt. She jumped and cried out this time in pain. I held her close to me so she would get used to the feeling of my big dick deep inside her pussy. She relaxes and slumps back into my arms, I lay her back down, as I do so I kiss her full lips lightly, she parts them for me so I take advantage and stick my tongue deep in her mouth. Kissing her feels so good, and she is kissing me back! Again I move down to her sex with my dick and put it in. Her tight pussy holds my dick so tightly I almost come with out even pumping.

I sit there not moving for a while, to my surprise she moves her hips up to take me deeper, it gave me such a shudder. I don't want to disappoint her so I start pumping her pussy slowly. In and out picking up speed, she moans as my balls start slapping her ass. Faster, faster, deeper, deeper, I am settling into a nice rhythm breathing harder as I go on pumping. I hear her moaning loudly, so I go faster. I know we are both on the brink of orgasms.

I hear her moans growing in desperation and they were coming faster and faster she almost sounded like she was saying YES. (Good God does she know what's she's doing to me?) I can feel myself starting to cum, and I know she was right there too, so I ram her as hard as I could. "AHHHHH I'm cumming", I scream out loud and I know that she was too cause she started twitching under me.

I shoot my load in her tight cunt, I keep pumping until I am sucked dry. She stops moving but is breathing like she's run a mile. I smile when I see how sweaty she is, I get off the bed, scoop her up into my arms and carry her to her tub. I turn on the water wash the sex off of Angelica, rinse her off, dry her, and carry her back into her room. I lock the front door, and go out the way I came in. I think of what I just did and smile. Other than having a sore pussy she will have no idea of what happened. Good For Me.


I wake up in the morning, still feeling hung over. My head is splitting, but I can't get the images from my dream last night out of my head. Did I actually dream that Mr. Willis was fucking me? Gosh, I must be drunker than I thought. He's forty if he's a day. Though he does have a nice body (I shudder as the vision of him jogging past my window every morning, flashes in my mind.) Gosh, look at those sheets, they are still wet, did I really cum imagining him fucking me. Well why not. he does have sexy body, plus Mrs. Willis is going to be visiting her sister all this month. Should I try to seduce Mr. Willis, instead of trying my luck on these chancy blind dates?

Written by: chitrashi

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