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Very Discreet Office Party Ass-Fuck

by Jack_Love©

The most bland elevator music imaginable played as co-workers and various office-mates mingled, many of them strangers, some of them acquaintances from my floor. The annual fiscal year-end office party (yippee.)

I'd come alone, but was hanging out with a girl from my floor, Isabelle. She was hot, dressed funky, had class, was friendly and cool. We both felt like fish out of water, and were glad of each others' company.

After many a glass of punch, I broke the 'brown' ice, so to speak. 'You ever take it up the ass?' I enquired casually between sips.

Isabelle pretended to look shocked and offended, but relented and offered up a saucy smile from under her thin, plucked eyebrows. 'Why?' she asked, 'You like to give it to girls up the ass?'

'As a matter of fact, Isabelle, I do,' I said, to which she blushed and smiled. 'As a matter of fact, I've had my eye on your backside ever since we were introduced in the office.'

'Really??' She seemed surprised and flattered. I thought she'd have been more confident of her looks, smoking hot, slim, big-boobed and apple-assed as she was. Her enormous alcoholically dilated anime eyes stared up at me from beneath her straight, yellow-blonde bangs with twin, sexy-cute braided ponytails on either side of her petite head.

'In fact,' I ventured, 'we could do it right now, right here, right over there in the corner.' Her mouth gaped. 'Don't think I hadn't noticed your sexy zip-down miniskirt.' I added. 'We could pretend we were just standing together, or dancing.'

'Huh!' she gasped. 'But what if someone came over to talk to us or something??'

'Has anyone yet? Besides, it wouldn't be a problem. We could just say we were dancing. So, what do you say? Is your big sexy ass ready to have 10" of cock up inside of it?'

Isabelle blushed again briefly, glanced around, and said OK!

We downed our punch, downed refills, got still more refills, and headed casually to a quiet corner of the room. Nobody really noticed as they all mingled and chatted, some sitting on couches, many standing, and no one dancing.

We took up our position there, me behind Isabelle. Luckily, her funky platform-high-heels were so high that I barely had to bend my knees at all for my dick to be at the right height to fuck her. She zipped down the back of her miniskirt until it was almost completely undone, exposing a pearl-white thong up the sexiest crack of ass I'd ever seen. But from the front, it would have looked more or less completely normal. I'd have to be careful that her skirt didn't come completely undone though, or else it would fall right off!

'Just pull my thong aside, you fucker,' Isabelle whispered turning her head to the side so I could hear her better. She sounded slightly out of breath, that is, aroused. I reached down, unzipped my fly and freed my lengthening cock. I glanced round, and nobody seemed to suspect or notice us in the least. I carefully pulled Isabelle's thong to the right and spread her thick, soft, perfectly sculpted ass-cheeks apart to gaze down at her waxed arse-hole and glistening cunt lips. My dick raged to full hardness at the sight of her, and I fed it down into the valley of her bum. The faint aroma of her fuck-holes rose amidst her perfume.

The head of my dick slid down over her asshole until it was smooshed right between her wet cunt lips, at which point I slid it up and down, lubing it up amply with her own fuck-juice.

'Not my cunt, fucker! You can fuck that later, if you're lucky. Put it up my ass, my fucking ass, alright?' she whispered urgently.

'You got it, Babe,' I said and slid the tip of my cock up and into the brown doorway of her hot, sexy shit-hole. She let out the slightest muffled exclamation as my 10" of cock slowly penetrated her tight fart-hole, deeper and deeper until I was completely up inside her ass, and we stood, catching our breath. We sipped our punch and tried to look casual.

'Goddamn,' I whispered to her, 'your ass feels so fucking amazing around my cock, you have no idea...'

Isabelle gave her anal sphincter a few tight squeezes and said, 'This is cool, but I can't wait to get you home to my flat for an after-party of real hardcore fucking. My roommate's an amateur porn star, and I'm sure she'd love to join us for some late night fun, if you'd be up for it.'

'Oh, I'll be up for it alright,' I said, and pressed myself a full inch or two more up her arse for good measure.

'We can't fuck here,' she said.

'I know. We don't have to. I can cum like this. Can you?'

'Let's... sway a little, let's 'dance,' OK?'


We swayed slowly, like teenagers at a prom, my 10" sliding, imperceptibly to the crowd of office drones, deep up Isabelle's hot, tight, lubed-up brown-cunt. Back and forth, subtly left and right, we sipped our punch, our orgasms silently building.

At one point Don, her boss, came up to say hello. He shook her hand, then mine. I held Isabelle gently, as if we were a couple, and they had a brief bland chat. Don noticed nothing as my dick slid, imperceptibly to him, deep up his employee's hot horny asshole. The bore finally left.

'I can't take this, Isabelle, I want to pound the shit outta your asshole right now!' I whispered urgently.

'Wait, Lover...' she eased. 'Besides, I'm about to cum like this, don't stop what you're doing yet, please...'

Her shit-hole soon spasmed, alternately gripping and releasing my cock. I heard her pussy gush and could see and smell her juices dripping down her legs.

'Oh shit,' she said breathlessly, 'I hope no one sees.'

'Don't worry,' I said, 'I'm gonna... cum!' And my cock blasted a huge, hot load 10" deep up her rectum. I pressed into her as I ejaculated long and satisfyingly up her bum.

'Oh my god!' I whispered as I came, 'It's so fucking good!'

'Mmm! For me, too!' she cooed, subtly grinding her ass into my cumming dick.

We stood still, catching our breath, my spent wiener still up her freshly fucked shit-hole. I pulled out. I stuffed Willy away, did up my fly, replaced Isabelle's thong and zipped her miniskirt back up. We strolled quickly straight to the door and left arm in arm.

A short cab ride to hers, and we were naked in the living room and all over each other in an instant. It wasn't long before my dick was back up her ass, my balls slapping her wet pussy as we fucked standing up, one of her legs slung up over my shoulder, she supporting herself on the sofa with her hands. Her massive tits swung to and fro with my aggressive, deep thrusts up her irresistible shitter.

Just then her roommate, Mandy, came home to the full-on scene of us anal fucking right in front of her there in the living room.

'Oh,' Mandy said nonchalantly, 'cool. Hi, I'm Mandy. Mind if I joins you?'

'Fuck no, I don't mind!' I said to the smoking hot babe, sweat dripping from my forehead as I fucked Isabelle's tightest hole. I felt a bit crazed from all this good luck and the indescribably pleasure I had had, was having and was gonna have that evening.

I redoubled my arse-fucking intensity, until Isabelle moaned loudly, her pussy squirting a violent blast of juice all over the coffee table and the rest of the room as she came hard, my cock pistoning in and out of her ass like a jackhammer. I felt like a wild-porn-animal-fucker!

Spent, Isabelle fell down into the armchair as Mandy came, naked, to take her roommate's place. She was, unbelievably, no less hot, and apparently quite the little slut!

I took her through the paces, like in a porn scene, until she came too, my dick up her butt in doggy, her cunt gushing all over the carpet as she wailed for me to fuck her harder. Isabelle snapped pics with a digital camera from the sidelines.

Finally I blasted another load deep up Mandy's arse, squeezing her ample tits as I came hard. I pulled out and she squatted over Isabelle who had laid down on the carpeted floor. She proceed to shit out my cum into her roommate's mouth, who swallowed it all down, and giggled.

I found it slightly gross, but obviously insanely hot at the same time. We all sat naked, lit up a fatty, and watched cartoons until we crashed.

Written by: Jack_Love

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