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Cabin in the Woods

by theo_minor©

Jean and Walt have been best friends to my wife Sharon and me forever. Jean and Sharon first met when they were in fourth grade together; they were best friends all through junior high and high school, and when they graduated, they went to the same college, just so they wouldn't have to be apart. Walt and I met in the dorm at college; we just kind of hit it off with each other, and went from there.

Sharon and I started dating in our junior year of college, and when we were pretty sure we were going to end up marrying each other, we introduced Jean and Walt to each other, knowing how much they'd like each other. When Sharon and I got married, Walt and Jean were the Best Man and Maid of Honor, and when they got married six months later, we did the same for them. So, we've got a lot of history together. Walt and Jean eventually moved to a town an hour or so away from Sharon and me, so we saw a bit less of each other after that, but we still got together several times each year.

A couple years ago, Walt and Jean bought a cabin in the woods up north, and they invited us to come up with them to 'officially' break it in, for a whole week. Of course, we were only too happy to spend that much time with our closest and dearest friends, in the middle of all that nature and fresh air.

We wanted to have as much time at the cabin as possible, so we left after work on a Friday and drove up. When we got there, Walt and Jean were already there, waiting for us with glasses of wine already poured for us. The sun was just setting as we arrived, so we quickly unpacked our car and started getting settled into the cabin. The cabin was delightful -- a rustic log cabin, although it did have hot and cold running water, and a shower. The woodsy smell of the logs permeated the air.

Once we were at least settled into our bedroom, Walt and Jean forbade us to do any more work until the next day, and demanded that we relax with them over the first of what would become many bottles of wine. We talked and laughed for a couple hours, until Jean finally excused herself, saying she was dead tired. We all were, really, so we all headed to bed.

Sharon and I spent a few minutes getting our things situated in the bedroom, and then fell into bed, thinking that we might have some relaxed lovemaking before dropping off to sleep. It was then that we discovered a unique feature of the cabin -- the bedroom walls were eight feet high. And no higher. Above that, the entire cabin was open to the roof. Which meant that the sound from one bedroom was completely audible from the other one.

We discovered this because, as Sharon and I were just beginning to cuddle, we heard Jean giggling softly from over the wall. We stopped what we were doing to listen. It felt a little naughty to listen in on our friends like that, but honestly, we could hardly have done otherwise. After a while, the giggling gave way to happy purring sounds, and then to something more like groans of pleasure. Obviously, Walt and Jean had similar ideas to ours. I began fondling Sharon's breasts, and she was lazily stroking my cock, as we listened to our friends, who were obviously trying all they could to make as little noise as they could, but the open space above the rooms meant that we could hear everything.

And then, we heard it -- the rhythmic squeaking of bedsprings. It began slow and steady, but as it continued, the tempo slowly increased. And Walt and Jean became gradually less able to stifle themselves. Soon they were both breathing heavily and Jean was making little mewling noises, and the bedsprings were squeaking fast and furiously, until Jean groaned, and Walt grunted, although they were both trying hard not to make a sound, in between urging each other to be quiet. Then the squeaking stopped, and we heard them both panting, trying to recover their breath.

Sharon and I looked at each other, and stifled our own laughter for having 'caught' our friends 'in the act'. I whispered into Sharon's ear, "They're gonna hear us no matter how quiet we try to be. What do you say we give them a show?" Sharon grinned and nodded her agreement. So we resumed our foreplay. I bent down and took Sharon's breasts into my mouth; first one, and then the other. I made little humming noises as I suckled her, which I was sure Walt and Jean could hear over the wall. In response, Sharon purred happily, perhaps just a bit louder than she really needed to.

I crawled down between my wife's legs to lick her pussy, and as I did, she groaned loudly, as I made happy slurping sounds while I licked her. "Yeah, baby," she moaned, in a stage whisper. "Eat my pussy. Make me come."

I thought I might have heard Jean groan from over the wall.

Soon Sharon was thrashing around in orgasm, digging her ankles into my back, and clenching her legs tightly around my head, making absolutely no effort to keep quiet.

When her climax had subsided, she pulled me up on top of herself. "I want you inside me now," she asserted, in a husky voice. "Fuck me, baby."

I put my cockhead against her opening and slowly penetrated her, causing her to groan. Once I was all the way inside her, and could feel my balls against her ass, I slowly withdrew, and then began fucking her with a slow, steady rhythm. Our bedsprings were every bit as noisy as Walt and Jean's. Maybe more.

As our bedsprings squeaked, Sharon began groaning little encouragements to me -- "Oh yeah, baby, I love how your cock feels in me; you fuck me so good." When she paused momentarily, I talked to her -- "Yeah, baby, your pussy feels so good." And the springs kept squeaking.

Finally, Sharon began to increase the tempo, and her breathing became more ragged, as another orgasm began to grow within her. "Oh yeah, baby," she groaned. "I'm gonna come! Come with me!"

So I began to thrust hard into her at a rapid pace, grunting with each stroke. When she came, she fairly shrieked, while I practically roared like a lion as I pumped my sperm into her.

Afterwards, I lay on top of her, both of us giggling, both for the joy of our mutual orgasm, and for the audio show we'd put on for Walt and Jean.

Once we'd recovered enough to not be panting for breath anymore, Jean called over the wall, "Sleep well, you two," chuckling as she spoke.

"I'm sure we will," I replied. And we did.


The next morning, the four of us awoke around the same time. Sharon and I ventured out from our bedroom to find Jean making breakfast, while Walt brewed coffee. As we all sat around the breakfast table, Jean made some teasing remarks about our 'show' from the night before. "Hey, you guys started it," I answered, and we all had a good laugh.

We spent the morning doing little housekeeping chores, and finishing our unpacking. Then Walt and Jean took us on a walking tour of the property. It really was lovely. The property covered a few acres, all thickly wooded, except for the small clearing around the cabin. A short trail led down to a lake, which had a perfect little sandy beach for swimming. Walt and Jean's property was on a small inlet from the main lake, so even the lake was virtually secluded and private. It was perfect.

After lunch, the women wanted to go swimming. Walt and I said we'd join them, but Walt wanted to show me his outdoor grill first. We all got into our swimsuits, then the ladies went off to the beach, and Walt showed me the grill.

Evidently, we spent longer at the grill than our wives preferred, because soon they were yelling at us, wondering if we were coming to swim with them or not. We waved them off momentarily, intending to finish up our investigations and join them, but they decided we were simply taking too long. I was about to tell Walt we should go join our wives and finish with the grill later, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sharon and Jean reach behind themselves, and strip off their bikini tops. They swung the bras over their heads and flung them onto the beach. Then they stood in the waist-deep water shaking their breasts at us. That was the end of our attention to the grill.

As Walt and I jogged down to the lake, I savored the wondrous sight of four of the most beautiful breasts I've ever seen. Sharon's are round and full and firm, standing out from her stocky, muscular body, with large, dark areolae surrounding her nipples. Of course, I've gotten a lot of pleasure from them in the years we've been married. Jean's tits are also large and round, but on her lithe, lean body they look even bigger. Jean has a paler complexion than Sharon's, and her areolae are smaller than Sharon's, and pink in color.

When we got to the shore, the women turned and started running toward the deeper water, but Walt and I quickly caught up with them and pulled them down into the lake with us. There was much playful underwater groping of our wives, and both of us couples emerged from the water with the husband fondling his wife's breasts from behind. I started to get a hard-on, which Sharon felt against her backside, and she engaged in some playful groping of her own, stroking my cock through my swimsuit, underwater where Walt and Jean couldn't see.

When we'd had all the swimming (or whatever water games we were playing) that we wanted, we walked onto the shore and back toward the cabin. Both Walt and I had stiff hard-ons poking out against the fabric of our swimsuits. Jean and Sharon giggled and made comments about us being all 'excited', and Jean grabbed hold of Walt's erection and pulled him along by it, toward the cabin. "Come on, lover," she giggled. "Let's go to bed." And Sharon did likewise to me, making jokes about how it was time for another 'show'.

My mind returned to happy thoughts of the previous night, but then another thought came to my mind. I said, "You know, we could listen to each other fucking over the wall all week, if we want to; but am I the only one who thinks it would be really hot to fuck in the same room together -- where we could see each other, and not just hear? I mean, we don't have to swing or swap, or anything like that -- just have sex with our own spouses, where we can watch each other."

Everybody stopped, thinking carefully about what I'd said. Finally, Jean spoke up cautiously. "I think that would be unbelievably hot," she said. "If everybody else is OK with it, I'd love it!"

Sharon grinned shyly. "Me, too!"

The three of us turned to Walt, who was grinning like a kid who'd been locked in the candy store for the weekend. "Far be it from me," he said with a chuckle.

So we all walked into the cabin, but instead of heading back to the bedrooms, we went to the living room. Walt took Jean in his arms, and I embraced Sharon, stroking her back, and rubbing my chest against her tits, causing her to purr happily. She reached between us and took hold of my stiff cock, stroking it through my swimsuit. "We've got to get you out of this," she said in mock-frustration, and then she slid my trunks down off me, stretching them to get over my straining erection. And Jean did likewise to Walt. I slid my hands down from my wife's shoulders and slipped them inside the back of her bikini bottom, fondling her ass directly under her suit, before sliding it down over her ass until it fell around her ankles. When Walt took Jean's bottom off, all four of us were naked.

For a few minutes, we kissed and stroked our respective spouses while simultaneously checking out the other couple's naked bodies. Sharon, being of Italian ancestry, is olive-skinned, with a thick, abundant bush of black pubic fur that she couldn't always keep from peeking out the legs of her swimsuit. I saw Walt's gaze fasten on my wife's hairy cunt like it was the first one he'd ever seen. Likewise, I found myself closely checking out Jean's pubes. She has beautiful auburn hair, and I now had uncontestable visual proof that it was 100% natural. Her pubic hair is not nearly as abundant as Sharon's, but it adorns her pussy beautifully. Jean is tall -- nearly as tall as I am -- and long-waisted, which only serves to highlight her large breasts and lovely round hips all the more.

And the women were openly checking out our cocks, which were both stiffly erect, and standing straight out from our loins. Walt, like his wife, is quite tall -- well over six feet -- and his erect cock stood at least nine inches long. Sharon smiled as she looked it over. My cock is not as long as Walt's, but it is considerably thicker. I don't know if Jean was imagining it stretching her opening, but she wore a look of wondering curiosity.

I laid Sharon gently down onto the rug, and crawled between her legs. Gently, I began kissing and nibbling at the insides of her thighs, gradually moving higher up her legs toward her warm pussy. I inhaled deeply of the rich scent of her arousal. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Walt and Jean lie on the floor next to us, positioning themselves so they could watch me minister orally to my wife.

When I had reached the nexus where Sharon's legs met at her vulva, I teasingly tugged with my lips at her pubic hair. I nibbled at her outer lips, which by now were puffy and soft. I ran my tongue along her slit, gently probing inside, and licking at her inner lips, while my wife groaned with arousal. With my tongue, I continued probing and exploring the inside of her tunnel. Finally, I covered her entire pubic mound with my mouth. I made long, ice-cream licks, starting at the bottom end of her slit, and running along its entire length to her clitoris at the top. Then I lightly sucked on her clit, like sucking the nectar from a peach. By now, Sharon was groaning loudly, rhythmically bucking her hips against the workings of my tongue.

I heard another groan. It was Jean, who was busily stroking Walt's cock while he fingered her. "God, look at him eat her," she whispered hoarsely.

With this encouragement, I continued licking Sharon's pussy until she raised her hips up off the floor and cried out in orgasm. I kept licking her through and after her climax, until she reached down and pushed my head away. My face was wet with her juices.

"Oh god Walt, fuck me now," Jean gasped, pulling her husband on top of herself. Sharon and I turned to watch as the head of Walt's cock pushed against Jean's pussy lips, parted them, and slipped easily inside, as both of them groaned with pent-up arousal. We watched as Walt slid slowly, lovingly in and out of his wife. It was just incredibly erotic and intimate, to be sharing ourselves and our sex with our closest friends like that. I don't think we could ever do anything like that with anyone else -- there's a level of trust with Walt and Jean that I just can't imagine with anyone else.

As we watched Walt and Jean mating slowly and sensually, I laid on my back next to Jean, while Sharon mounted me and slid herself slowly onto my cock. She was still well-lubricated from my oral ministrations, and in short order, she was bottomed-out on the base of my cock. She rocked slowly back and forth, clenching her cunt-muscles around my shaft. The sensation was utterly transcendent.

Before long, Jean's breathing grew ragged. "Oh, god," she panted, "I'm going to come!" With that, Walt began to pound into her at a furious pace, while Jean gave out a wavering, climactic wail. When her orgasm had crested, Walt thrust himself deeply into her and, with a roar, discharged the contents of his balls into her. Watching them both come, from scant inches away, was simply incredible.

Sharon continued to grind on my rod for a little while longer, but once Walt and Jean had recovered enough to watch us again, she increased her tempo. Her jaw dropped in a silent cry as her orgasm slowly built up, until finally, she came with a loud cry, clenching her pussy tightly around my shaft. Which was more than enough to send me over the edge, and my cock exploded into her, filling her with my cum.

We all laid together on the rug for a long time afterward, catching our breath and basking in the afterglow of some pretty amazing sex. Finally, Jean spoke. "That was incredible!" she sputtered. "I don't think I've ever had sex like that!" Sharon and I could only agree with her.

Walt wore a mischievously thoughtful look. "I was just thinking," he said, "that it would be really cool for all of us to just go naked the whole time we're here. It could be like our own little nudist camp. That way," he continued, at least partly tongue-in-cheek, "we don't have to keep putting our clothes on and off all the time, and it will make packing up at the end of the week a lot easier. What do you guys think of that?"

Of course, having just made love, and watched each other make love, everybody was tuned to a high erotic pitch, and only too happy to keep it there. "Naked Week!" I shouted, and the women echoed.

"Then Naked Week it shall be!" Walt proclaimed.


Naked Week was amazing - an ongoing visual and erotic feast. Everywhere I looked, the view was sexually exciting -- I had my choice of four large, luscious tits, two beautifully lush pussies and a pair of lovely round asses. Both our wives are high on the scale of Beautiful Women, and yet their naked bodies are beautiful in completely different ways. Both Walt and I spent most of the week at least semi-hard, and the musky aroma of our wives' arousal permeated the air almost constantly. Whenever the mood struck one couple or the other, they would recommence sexual activities, and the other couple would immediately join in.

We did, however, hold to one unwritten rule -- Hands to Your Own, so to speak. We could enjoy looking at, and even checking out, the other couple, and look on closely when they fucked, but we stopped short of any kind of sexual contact with the opposite spouse. That was a line that we weren't willing to flirt with. At least at first.

We had been at the cabin for four days (I think it was Tuesday), and each couple had probably fucked something like a dozen times, while the other couple either watched, or fucked alongside, or both. Walt and I were sitting on the living-room sofa, while our wives knelt between our knees, stroking and sucking our cocks. I just laid my head back and relaxed into the sensations of Sharon's hands and mouth, alternating my gaze between my wife's ministrations on my cock, and Jean's work on Walt's.

Suddenly, out of the blue, Sharon sat up and turned toward Jean. "Hey Jeannie," she called, "you wanna come over and check this out?"

Jean looked at her questioningly. "Are you sure?" Then she turned to Walt, who gestured that it was OK with him. When she looked at me, I just said that if it was OK with Walt and Sharon, I wasn't going to object.

So Jean waddled over on her knees to where Sharon held my cock. "I just thought you might like to get a closer look at Ben's cock," said my wife, backing away so Jean could have access to me. Jean reached tentatively toward my bulging manhood.

"Go ahead," Sharon urged her. "We've been here four days, and I know you've been wanting to check it out. So go ahead and check it out."

So Jean checked it out. First, she gripped my shaft in her hand. "My god, it's thick," she whispered to no one in particular. Then, holding my shaft upright, she cupped my balls in her other hand, and gave me a detailed visual inspection, rubbing her thumb along the frenulum, and then just softly stroking it. She turned to Sharon and said, sort of absentmindedly, "Very nice; I can see why you like it."

Suddenly, Jean brought herself up. "What am I thinking?" Uh-oh, I thought to myself, here's where it starts going bad; I gave Walt a concerned glance. "Goodness!" she snapped to herself, "Where are my manners? Of course, if you want to check out Walt's, please feel free." Walt and I exhaled, and Sharon kneed her way over between Walt's legs and gave his cock a similar inspection, pronouncing it equally worthy.

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