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Date Night

by hotwife32sd©

In the doorway of the big house, Dave stopped in his tracks and stared at the stunning sight in front of him...

Painted on "Daisy Dukes" wrapped low round her hips and ass were held together by a thick brown belt. Her thighs were golden tanned and muscular and her long shapely legs ended in delicate feet with red toenails capped in a simple black heel.

His eyes moved up her body. Her thick, long chestnut hair swirled down her back. Her bright blue eyes, perfect teeth and smile were stunning. The two-sizes "too-small" red-checkered sleeveless shirt was unbuttoned, with both halves pulled taunt and tied in a bow, barely held back her grapefruit sized breasts.

At 40 she was hotter than ever, with a body any teenage temptress would have been proud of.


"Dave? Oh Dave! Are you listening? Hellooooo?"

Her words brought him out of his trance. As he stared at her, a drop of sweat from her neck trickled down the tight valley of cleavage before disappearing slowly between her large perfect juggs. He felt his cock grow as he watched the bead of moisture slide between those twin mounds of pleasure.

Nancy noticed the reaction immediately.

"Hi hon, I see you approve," she laughed in that sexy way of hers. "I'm glad you didn't forget our weekly date night!"


What a wonderful idea," Dave said, settling deep into the seat of the Tahoe as Nancy slipped behind the steering wheel.

"Being chauffeured? I never dreamed of it. I'll be the envy of all my friends."

"Of course you will, honey," Nancy said, putting the SUV in gear. "Now where should we go first? Charlie's?"

"Yeah! Sounds perfect!"

Charlie's was his favorite bar and tavern. And none of the people who worked there or frequented the saloon had ever met Nancy. Their eyes would pop out when they saw the wet dream walk in with him.


"So you see, guys, when you've got life by the balls, you've got it by the balls!" Dave joked. Around the table, six of his casual friends laughed.

"And I've got life by the balls! You can believe that!"

"You sure as hell do!" One of the men said, casting Nancy a long, appreciative look. He was obviously excited by the amount of skin she was showing. His eyes followed the trail up her long legs to her tiny "daisy dukes" before admiring the way the two halves of her shirt strained to cradle her large perfect breasts, proudly displayed for all to see.

All the men stared at Nancy's gorgeous stacked body.

Loving the attention she just smiled at the men, not saying anything as Dave bragged and told his stories. With every envious glance in her direction, she felt her hot sex grow moist. Knowing how much she was exciting the strange men was turning Nancy on big-time.

"Come on, she doesn't look like the kind of woman who'd do anything you said!" one of the strangers said loudly. But judging from the way his eyes were devouring her, Nancy suspected he was lying.

"Not this sweet doll."

Nancy looked the man straight in the eyes and said in a steady, level voice. "That's where you're wrong. I'd do whatever he asked of me because that's the kind of girl I am -- and the kind of man he is."

She gave the men a knowing smile, turning to look each one of them in the eye as if to throw out a challenge.

"Now, gentleman, if you still doubt me then I guess the only way to convince you is to show you," she said softly with a sexy smile.

As she breathed deep, her chest rose and fell. With every eye staring, the men were transfixed, mesmerized by the sexy woman. She brought her right hand up from her lap and very lightly touched her nipple through her blouse. When the tingling nub prominently displayed itself through the thin fabric of her blouse, she heard the men gasp.

Glancing at them as she toyed with her hard nipple, she purred softly in an exaggerated southern drawl, "If you'd all be willing to follow us to the parking lot, I'm sure Dave and I can provide a show that you won't ever forget."

Nancy's hips were swinging in a slightly exaggerated fashion as she led the troop of men through the tavern and out the back door. She could feel the pussy-juice oozing to her cunt lips, getting her hot and wet and ready to take on Dave's big, hard fiery prick. Her erect nipples were rolling tautly inside her blouse with each step she took.

The parking lot of Charlie's had just enough light for everyone to see her. When the men surrounded her and she was reasonably hidden by cars on all sides, she turned to Dave and gave him a wanton smile.

"How do you like these?" she asked softly, undoing the halves of the shirt to show off her big, creamy, pink-nippled tits.

"Nice, huh?"

There was a collective moan from the crowd of horny men surrounding Nancy. She felt naughty! Real fucking naughty!

Unbuckling her belt and unsnapping her tight cut-off's, Nancy slipped her thumbs inside her tight-fitting panties. She brought them down slowly, first exposing just a few strands of her curly bush of cunt hair and then giving the men a full show of her bush.

Naked, she held her arms out wide so that they could appreciate her voluptuous naked body.

"She's fuckin' gorgeous!" one man shouted.

"Look at them tits!" another exclaimed.

"What a fucking babe!" a third grunted.

They all shuffled a little closer.

Nancy slipped the tip of her middle finger between her cuntlips, rubbing her clit softly. Having the men watch her, their eyes baring into her voluptuous body, made her feel as horny as she had for a long time. She gently, slowly, finger-fucked herself with one hand and massaged her tits with the other, watching their jaws drop as she pinched her pink nipples.

A couple of men reached out for her but she easily swayed away from them, dancing slowly and shaking her curvaceous, voluptuous body for them. Laughing sexily, she rolled her tongue obscenely out of her mouth, licking her red lips to make them shine erotically.

Sliding up to Dave, she reached boldly between his legs and cupped his half-hard cock and balls, squeezing them firmly.

"I'm going to turn you inside out," she hissed lustily. Her blue eyes were filled with the sizzling cock-hunger that consumed her.

"That's what I'm going to do......right in front of all your friends!"

Shaking her body, showing the men her big, bouncing tits and her gorgeous heart shaped ass, Nancy turned it on for them hard. Most of the men were already sporting big bulges from their crotch as they stared at her naked body.

One of the guys was bold enough to take out his big hard cock and stroked it right there and after a quick glance at Dave, Nancy danced close to the stranger.

With a slow bump and grind she slowly swayed her naked body against his cockhead as he stroked it, aimed right at her tits. Kneeling quickly, looking around at all the staring faces, she smiled a naughty smile before she gave the stranger's big cock a long slow wet lick.

His grunt was almost drowned out by the murmured gasps from his watching friends. Every one of them wanted to be in his position.

She started at the base of his balls and slowly travelled up the veins on the fat shaft. One long lick took her all the way from the base to the bottom side of the shiny fat golf ball size cockhead.

He moaned again, more loudly, begging her to suck his cock.

She shook her head. That would come later. Without warning she stood up and walked back to Dave, her eyes blazing with lust.

Pushing him back against a car side, she knelt and with trembling hands she opened his slacks, pushed them down to the tops of his thighs and pulled out his big cock and balls. Grabbing his prick by the shaft, her need was such that she began to jerk it, almost violently.

"I'm going to drain you dry!" she hissed.

The tingling in her cunt was strong, demanding that she get fucked. Being watched only added to her exhilaration.

The men crowded closer to Nancy as she stroked Dave's cock. Looking around at the staring faces she leaned in and kissed the tip with a loud wet smack, purring softly, rubbing the fat cock head all around her cheeks.

"Want a blow-job, stud? Huh?"

Dave tried to speak but couldn't. He licked his lips, but his tongue felt bone-dry. Finally he nodded, his heart pounding in his chest, unable to believe how much Nancy was getting off from this exhibitionistic show.

Her mouth was salivating as she stroked Dave's prick. The contact of his cockhead against her cheeks, lips and nose was electrifying, sending warm, erotic tingles throughout her body.

"I've just got to suck your cock!" the big-tittied wife purred, rubbing her nipples against Dave's bare thighs.

Standing quickly she bent over at the waist, her full tits swinging away from her body and her ripe firm heart shaped ass-cheeks proudly on display. Holding his cock by his throbbing, rigid shaft, she planted a series of warm, loud smacking kisses on his fat cockhead. Inhaling deeply, she could smell the musky aroma of Dave's cock and it turned her on even more.

She could feel the eyes of the strange men watching her as she worked her wet lips over his meaty cock. Feeling the intensity of their lust made her tremble. She intended to give the men a show they'd never forget.


"I so LOVE cock!" she moaned loudly between wet, smacking licks.

Snaking out her tongue, she focused on Dave's large cock-head. She lapped at the fleshy crown, swirling her tongue around his prick tip, salivating freely from the masculine flavor. Continuing to lick and stroke Dave's cock, Nancy squatted at Dave's feet and dropped her left hand to her pussy and lightly touched her tingling cunt lips.

They were already hot and moist with pussy-juice.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" she moaned deeply as she once again stretched her sweet lips over his thick cockhead.

She took his meaty fuck-knob deep into her gorgeous mouth. She drew a strong vacuum on his prick tip, dancing her tongue around the crown of his cock as her cheeks squeezed in to surround it.

Sucking hungrily, she spread her feet wider apart and shoved a finger deep into her cunt. She took over half of Dave's cock into her throat and began to bob her head up and down faster, the shiny wet shaft glowing in the dim light, visible for all the watchers to see.

A deathly quiet had fallen on the crowd as the watchers stood nearby, enthralled by the cock-hungry show the naked woman was giving. Eventually, she heard appreciative whispers as the men moved even closer.

"Fucking hell, she's incredible!" someone's voice said.

"Damn right I'm incredible!" Nancy thought with a toss of her long chestnut hair, as she chewed softly with her lips on the broad, throbbing shaft. His cockhead throbbed hotly against the roof of her mouth, his cock stretching her lips filling her mouth.

Dave didn't feel in the least bit uncomfortable having his cock sucked with all of his friends around. Even as Nancy sucked and nibbled on his rod, he was picturing the stories in his mind -- all of them complimentary and envious -- that would be circulating about him before the evening was over. Pushing his fingers through Nancy's luxurious mane of hair, he guided her face up and down over his turgid prick, his cock being bathed in the warmth and moisture of her passionately sucking mouth.

Hot, slick pussy-juice trickled down Nancy's fingers and into her palm as she rubbed her cunt lips and clit. Trembling, moaning, it seemed to her that she'd never tasted anything as erotic as the cock she was now sucking. Knowing that she was turning on men she'd never seen before, men she'd never see again, added an unbelievably hot dimension to the eroticism that made her quiver with lust from head to toe.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned, feeling his cockhead pulsing powerfully against her slithering tongue. She sucked passionately on his cockhead, thirsty to receive a reward of thick spurting cum.

Dave pumped his hips slowly, pushing and pulling the shaft of his red-hot cock between her tightly massaging lips. The feel of her probing tongue working over his cockhead tantalized his senses, making his cock grow to its full, jaw-gaping size.

Nancy dragged her lips back and forth over Dave's cockhead, her tongue in constant motion. She jammed two stiff, titillating fingers into her pussy, rubbing her tingling clit, spreading her cunt lips far apart. The pink, lust hardened nipples capping her big tits seemed like they were on fire and the big tittied hard body housewife wished she could have another mouth sucking on her fiery tit-tips while she enjoyed this big prick deep between her red lips.

She moaned in ecstasy around the hard cock in her face while she vigorously bobbed her head along its length. One of her hands was rolling Dave's balls between her fingers while her other was ploughing three fingers in and out of her pussy while she remained on her knees.

With her mouth filled with Dave's cock, Nancy heard one man say, "Why don't you fuck her, eh? Fuck her like she ain't ever been fucked before!"

A soft, throaty chuckle told Nancy that Dave didn't think it was such a bad idea.

Pulling her fingers out of her cunt, she fondled his balls softly, rolling them between her moist fingers, hungry for the feel of his bone-hard prick to take the place in her pussy.

When she let his cockhead slip out of her mouth with a rather loud popping sound, she couldn't help but notice the moans of approval from the men gathered round. She was really getting into being watched.

Standing upright, her eyes glittering with the burning lust that sizzled through her veins, Nancy just stood there for a few moments to let the men admire her gorgeous bit tittied body. Turning away, she moaned softly as she leaned over the hood of a car, exposing the delicious ripe globes of her firm ass for all the men to see.

"I want your cock inside me," she rasped to Dave, in a husky voice loud enough for all the men to hear.

Nancy, wishing this was all being filmed, gave a little wiggle of her ass as she watched for their reaction as she moaned, "I've just got to have your big cock deep inside my pussy!"

It was obvious she was ready to get fucked! Her cunt lips and clit tingled madly and her pussy-juice glistened in her curly bush of cunt hair.

The hot wife's big tits pressed against the cold metal of the car's hood and she moaned even louder than before, cradling her head in her forearms, anticipating taking Dave's thrusting prick deep into her pussy.

"Fuck me," she moaned loudly.

Her eyes opened narrowly so that she could watch some of the men moving even closer. The slapping sound of hands moving over cocks told her that at least a couple of the men couldn't resist the urge to whack themselves into bone hard erections.

Dave, his pants at the tops of his thighs and his monstrous cock standing straight out from his body, stepped up behind Nancy. He put one hand on her ass, his other hand guiding his throbbing, bullet-shaped cock head to the big-tittied woman's hot, juicy cunt lips.

"Fuck me, honey!" Nancy moaned loudly as she felt his big wet cockhead probing the entrance to her pussy.

She pressed her tits harder against the hood of the car, delighting in the coldness of the smooth metal surface. It was in such strong contrast to the heat in her pussy and made the touch of Dave's hot cockhead against her cunt lips that much more stimulating.

"Awwwwww!" Nancy groaned, making sure she did it loud enough so all the men could hear her pleasure.

Dave's massive prick forced her cunt lips wide apart, driving slowly but steadily into her pussy. He watched her gorgeous golden ass cheeks part slightly as his rigid cock pried her cunt lips apart, the knob of his prick disappearing into her pussy. He shoved a full third of his prick into her cunt before pulling back. With Nancy's cunt lips surrounding only the very end of his cockhead, he could see pussy-juice gleaming on the shank and knob of his unyielding prick.

Trembling, spreading his feet a little wider apart so he had better balance, Dave shoved his cock into the beauty again, this time burying all of his big cock into her seething pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah!" the lovers moaned in unison as his crotch mashed tightly into Nancy's incredible asscheeks, signifying to the crowd that he had given her all the cock he had to offer.

Nancy trembled, rocking slightly back and forth as Dave began to pump his prick into her cunt with long, strong strokes. As though from far away, she could hear the strangers cheering, urging Dave on, telling him to fuck her harder. Knowing that she was being watched as her pussy got filled with Dave's fiery prick made her shiver with lust.

The underside of his big cock rubbed smoothly against her clit, sending passion sizzling through her veins. As she felt her cunt lips spreading and ovaling around the heavily veined shaft of Dave's prick, her knees bumped against the side of the car.

"You're so goddamned sexy!" Dave grunted.

He slid his hand up Nancy's back, beneath her unbuttoned shirt. Her skin was velvety smooth against his palm, making his cock throb hotly, powerfully. He rammed his cock into her pussy with extra force, and his tingling balls slapped against one of Nancy's thighs.

Nancy shook her ass a little, her voluptuous body trembling as Dave's cock pumped back and forth between her massaging cunt lips. Each time he drove the full length of his cock into her cunt, she felt the slow building pressure of pussy-juice inside her body. This is going to be one hell of an orgasm, she thought ecstatically. Oh, yeah! One fucking hell of an orgasm!

Both of them were moaning and groaning as the wet sounds of their slapping bodies filled the corner of the parking lot on this hot summer night.

If anyone had been passing by, they wouldn't be able to resist heading over to see the source of all the naughty noise. And their fucking eyes would have popped out when they glimpsed the little x-rated show going on for all to see.

For what seemed like a long time, Dave fucked the buxom wife steadily. Their sweaty bodies collided together noisily in the otherwise quiet dark corner.

Nancy breathed rapidly through her open mouth as she wantonly imagined having a big hard prick to suck at the same time Dave reamed out her tight pussy. When he pushed an ebony lock of hair away from her cheek, then touched her lips, she quickly sucked a finger into her mouth.

Rolling her tongue around his finger, bobbing her head up and down, she made sure it was clear that she was sucking on it like it was another big hard cock.

As Dave's prick rolled back and forth in her juicy pussy, with exaggerated movements of her head, she stared at each man in turn and made sure all the guys watching knew exactly what she was thinking, needing.

"Look at her! I'll bet she's wishin' she had a cock to suck!"

It was the frustrated guy who had received the unfinished blow job!

"Not a chance, buddy boy! This one is mine! All mine!" Dave replied quickly, an undertone of a threat in his voice as he continued to plough his sizzling hot cock into Nancy's cunt.

"She's all mine... and I'm not sharing her. The only cock she sucks is in her cunt right now!"

"Yeah, yeah! Sure thing, Dave," the man said very softly. "I didn't mean nothin' by it."

A soft, sultry smiled curled up on Nancy's luscious mouth. Being watched was such a fucking turn on! She gave her ass a little shake and tightened her cunt around his invading cock to let him know without words that she appreciated what he'd just said.

"Ohhhhh Guys, this has got to be the hottest, tightest pussy I've ever fucked! No kidding. Absolutely the greatest little pussy in the world!"

The moans and groans from the watching men intensified.

Nancy sucked loudly on Dave's finger making all the men wish she would suck on their cocks at the same time she took his prick between her cunt lips. It was all so hot, so sexy for her. The underside of Dave's skewering prick kept rubbing against her lust-hardened clit, pushing her slowly closer to the brink of ecstasy.

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