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Gina Seduces Her Daddy

by Boxlicker101©

Gina Martin was one of the best looking women in her college, with sumptuous curves and a pretty face with short, curly dark hair, and nobody would have ever suspected she had a problem with her sex life. It wasn't that she had any difficulty finding partners; figuratively speaking, she had to fight them off with a stick, but the one man she really wanted to bed acted as if she didn't exist. That's not strictly true. He obviously knew she existed, but he acted as if he didn't know she was a sexual being, with strong carnal wants and needs, because that one man was Kyle Martin, and he was her father.

She did everything she could to tempt him, including flaunting her sexy body before him in the most alluring lingerie she was able to buy. Gina realized being naked might have brought greater success, but she was reluctant to go quite that far until he gave her a sign of his interest. What she wanted was for him to make the first move, and she did what she could to entice him into making it. Some evenings, this included wearing nothing but a translucent nighty and pressing her body against him while they watched videotapes on the television after dinner. Even that didn't produce the response she wanted, and Gina wondered if her efforts may have been too subtle.

She didn't know it, but the object of her lust was well aware of her, and was riddled with guilt over feelings he constantly tried to overcome. Whenever he saw her strolling about the small apartment they shared, dressed in nothing but her skimpy underwear, he lusted for her sexy body. He thought of himself as a terrible person, some kind of monster, but he couldn't help but notice her large, shapely breasts and voluptuous ass and the slender waist in between.

Sometimes, when they watched something on the television she hugged him affectionately while wearing what he thought was called a negligee. It should have been called a "negligible', he quipped to himself, because it didn't conceal any part of her succulent body, and her breasts, even her lovely pink nipples, were clearly visible. The temptation was strong to tear it off her and ravish her on the small sofa, or whatever it was called where they were sitting. He hated himself for the shameful feelings he had for his sweet and innocent little girl, whom he affectionately called "Angel," but couldn't seem to avoid them.

One Friday night, after they had watched an "R" rated movie, which came far closer to an "X" than anything he had ever seen, Kyle stumbled off to bed. He was hardly able to walk because of his raging erection, brought about partly by the movie but mostly by his daughter's lush body and the way she had been rubbing and pressing it against him and by her kisses and her other overt demonstrations of affection.

Gina remained on the love seat she had been sharing with her daddy, probably even more aroused than he, but equally unable to do what she wanted and needed to alleviate that sweet but troubling condition. Abruptly, she decided she had to do something, to cross the Rubicon, so to speak, and she would do it that night. First, she would have to wait until he was asleep. Once she was sure of that, she would join him, completely naked, on his bed. Exactly what she would do once they were together in that most intimate of places would depend on circumstances and her daddy's responses to her.

Gina was aware the object of her lust was a heavy sleeper, so she waited for the longest thirty minutes of her young life, before tiptoeing over to the door of his bedroom and stripping off her skimpy attire and carrying it with her. She liked the idea of leaving the intimate garments on the floor nest to the bed she hoped and intended to share with him. There was really no need for her to be that quiet until she started to open the door, but it seemed necessary to her. For a minute, Gina listened and, hearing no sound but a light snoring, she carefully pushed open the door and stepped inside Daddy's bedroom.

She left the door open to provide enough light and waited a few minutes for her eyes to adjust to the semi-darkness. When she could see well enough, Gina sneaked over to the bed, where she was elated to see the man of her fantasies sleeping on his back with just a light covering over his body. She carefully pulled down the sheet and single blanket and was elated with the sight that rewarded her. The studliest man in the world to her, the only one she really wanted, had an erection protruding through the fly of his cotton pajamas. She gazed on it with lust and began to lightly fondle her clit, which was already swollen. Gina could feel her pussy lubricating too, and had a tremendous desire to put those juices to their intended use on that bed and to do it that night with Daddy.

Looking at him and his cock was not even close to being enough for Gina, and she had no intention of stopping there. After a minute of gazing with adoration, she leaned forward, supporting her weight on both hands, which she placed next to his body, and her tongue started stroking the object of her long-time lust. The head of her daddy's cock felt better than anything her tongue had ever touched, like warm velvet, and she leaned even closer and nestled the mushroom shape between her lips while her tongue caressed it. The longer she continued the oral homage, the better Daddy's cock felt to her mouth, and the more she wanted all of it, there and in her pussy. Gina leaned in even closer to envelop as much of it as she could, until she felt the tip against the back of her mouth.

She slowly stroked the shaft between her lips, while her tongue caressed the hard cylinder going in and out of her mouth. Gina reveled in the way it felt, and in how she was doing something she had wanted to do for so long. However, it still wasn't what she wanted more than anything, so she decided to take it as far as she could. She raised her face, giving the hard cock a last affectionate stroke with her tongue, and climbed cautiously onto the bed beside him. Gina had no condom, but was taking birth control pills, so pregnancy was not a concern, and was quite confident she and her daddy were both free of any disease.

Kyle stirred in his sleep. He was having a dream, one of the most erotic he had ever known, about the most beautiful woman in the world pleasuring him in bed. He was still asleep, but murmuring happily as his daughter, unbeknownst to him, moved over so she was kneeling on the bed, her legs straddling him.

From the raunchy movie they had been watching together and the feel of her daddy's cock in her mouth and the thought of what she was planning to do next, Gina's pussy was dripping wet. Still with one knee on either side of his stretched out legs, she slowly moved up on his body until his cock was pressed against the exact place she wanted it to cram. She carefully rose up, crouching over Daddy, her pussy dripping juices on the head and all down the shaft. Using her fingers to spread her lips, Gina slowly lowered her body until she felt the head pass between them. A minute adjustment was needed before the tip of her daddy's cock was perfectly centered and, when it was, she moved still lower and felt the head wedge into her wet pink hole.

Great waves of pure joy flooded her body from the first penetration, and she stayed in that position for a few seconds to relish it fully, before lowering her body slightly more and feeling more of the erect cock ease into her. Once again, she paused briefly before imbedding it more deeply and, in small increments like that, Gina continued to envelop the hard giver of pleasure she had been yearning for. Once the entire shaft was fully imbedded in her pussy, she began to move slowly up and down, reveling in the massive waves of pure joy that swept through her body. It was not the first cock she had entertained there, but it was the one that meant the most to her.

Kyle's dream was becoming more and more realistic, until he suddenly realized it was no dream. His eyes popped open abruptly and, by the light coming into the room through the open door, he saw somebody towering over him and felt soft legs surrounding his own and an incredible delightful sensation around his cock. Still a bit disoriented, he thought at first of the woman down the hall, whom he had paid for sex a few times, until he realized it couldn't be anyone but his own sweet, innocent daughter who was fucking him.

One arm reached over to the nightstand and pressed the switch on the lamp cord, and he beheld Gina's naked form moving up and down on top of him and taking her cock in and out of her body, while her luscious breasts bounced and swayed with her motions.

"Hi, Daddy," she greeted him, not missing a stroke.

"Gina! What are you doing?"

She saw no need to answer right away, but leaned forward, straightening her legs until they were parallel with his and the entire length of her sexy body was pressed against him. "What does it look like I'm doing, Daddy? What does it feel like? It's something I've wanted to do for the longest time."

"This isn't right! You're my daughter!" Even as he spoke, Kyle's hands reached up and gently held the succulent breasts, he had been ogling, and he thrust his cock up into her, meeting the stroke of her pussy.

"Shhhhh, Daddy. Don't worry about that. Just lie there and enjoy."

He hated to admit it, even to himself, but he was enjoying it. Kyle wasn't just lying there, though. Besides thrusting up to meet the strokes of his daughter's pussy as she engulfed his cock, his hands began caressing her gorgeous young body, going from her breasts and stroking her sides and down to her succulent ass, his fingers even reaching inside her cheeks to touch her hidden rosebud.

"I love that, Daddy. Stick your finger in my ass."

He drew the line at that, but Kyle did not remove his hands from Gina's body, nor did he stop thrusting up into her, meeting her strokes and cramming her pussy with his cock. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever fucked, even though she was his little girl and, until that night, he had been deluding himself into thinking her an innocent virgin.

There was nothing the least bit innocent about her moans and sighs of bliss as she moved up and down, repeatedly enveloping and releasing his cock. Gina's body was starting to rock from side to side on top of him as she slowly drew nearer to her orgasm. She knew it would be the greatest of her life, because of the wonderful man whose cock was bringing it about. With every movement she made, forward and back, she felt that object of her lust stuffing her pussy full and lightly massaging her engorged clit.

By that time, Kyle had reconciled himself to going to Hell for the mortal sin he was committing with his daughter, and decided to enjoy the trip. He was taking her suggestion seriously and, when her face moved above his again, he kissed her lips. Eagerly, Gina kissed him back, her tongue quickly finding his and becoming as intertwined as their bodies already were. Neither of them could speak, except sighs and moans of joy, but they were having too much fun to do anything about the lack of communication.

Gina changed that when she could feel her orgasm was imminent. She raised herself from her daddy's body, bent her knees again and moved back into the cowgirl position, her favorite when she was ready to cum. She fucked faster too, moving up and down and leaning back so his hard cock was in full contact against her clit with every stroke.

"I'm ready to cum, Daddy," she urged him. "Really pound it up into me."

He was close to a climax too, so Kyle did what she wanted, which was what he wanted more than anything. His hands were on her hips, but just for leverage, not for control, as he rammed up to meet her stroking down on him. Over and over and faster and faster, their bodies came together, splashing the plethora of juices from her pussy onto both their bodies.

"Yes! Yes!" she cried out joyously. "I'm cumming!"

His daughter's movements were wild and erratic, but Kyle's hands held to her hips to keep her upright as he continued driving his cock in and out of her wet pussy. Her body swayed from side to side and back and forth, but he kept her in place, and alternated filling and emptying her pussy for as long as she was cumming.

"Oh, my god!" Gina cried out in total ecstasy as she climaxed.

All her muscles spasmed and immediately relaxed, and she was like a rag doll on top of her daddy's body. He held her upright and rammed his cock up into her pussy until his own climax flooded over him. It had been building up in his body, seemingly from as far away as his fingers and toes, until every sensation concentrated in his groin and exploded through his cock. After his first strong ejaculation, he didn't stop, but kept driving up into his daughter until two more bursts of semen gushed into her pussy. He was through then, for a while at least, and let Gina sprawl forward on top of him until she covered him and his arms cuddled her body against his own.

They lay like that for a few minutes, catching their breaths and resting, until Gina spoke. "I've been wanting to do this for years, Daddy, and I'm glad I finally did."

"I guess I am too, Angel, if I can still call you that."

"I'm still your own little Angel, Daddy, but now I'm yours in another way too."

His cock had softened enough to slip out of her pussy, so Gina raised herself off him and knelt at her daddy's side. She hoped they weren't through for the night and, if she had anything to say about it, they wouldn't be. Holding his semi-erect cock in one hand and his balls in the other, her tongue avidly licked off all the juices, his and hers, and she took the shaft back into her mouth. Two things happened then that made her even happier than she had already been. His cock started becoming stiffer in her mouth, and she knew it would be ready in no more than a few minutes, and she felt Daddy's hand fondling her ass.


Thank you for reading this story by me, Boxlicker101. Here is link to many more of my stories. I hope you had as much fun as Gina and her daddy did and will continue having. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

Written by: Boxlicker101

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