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Orgy In The Backyard

by BigTimmy©

(This story was original interactive, in as much as people got to choose where it went between each part. Here, the story is presented in full version.)

"Oh, look at you, you naughty boy! You're drooling precum all over mummy's brand new bikini!" said Rachel, the busty mother of eighteen-year old Bobby, as she held his horsecock in both hands, slowly yanking the giant shaft and milking more and more precum from his oversized hairless balls.

"Mommy, ooh, don't stop, I'm gonna come!" cried Bobby as a wave of pleasure coursed from deep within his loins, spreading to his enormous turgid rod. The 15-inch long pillar of boymeat turned into solid granite as the first bolt of his virile seed blasted from his engorged cocktip and splashed all over his mother's upturned milkbags. He covered the top half of her chest with globs of his viscous sperm and aimed more salvoes at her tiny two-piece red bikini.

"Ooh yeah, Bobby, mommy needs some hot cream! Cover your slutty mommy's tits you bad boy!" yelled Rachel as her son continued to plaster her chest with unending wads of ball-batter. She pulled her top to the side, exposing her large, heaving breastbags, letting her son unload the voluminous content of his aching gonads over her soft pillows and hard nipples.

"Eat my cream, you whore!" cried Bobby, positioning his disgorging helmet close to her mouth, and blasting a heavy wad all over his mother's face. Rachel opened her mouth, her tongue slurping up all the excess syrupy offerings around her lips, enticing her son to deliver more salty nectar directly down her throat. Bobby obliged, his orgasm not over by a long shot, and ejaculated huge pellets of his boyseed into his mother's mouth, filling her to the brim with a single shot. Rachel tried desperately to swallow her son's immense loads, making room as fast as she could for the next salvo. Her son kept coming over and over, wanking his oversized python with great vigour, his muscular biceps bulging with virility and his six-pack abs tensing up with every heavy delivery. His baseball-sized testicles could produce thick, viscous sperm at an alarming rate, allowing him to empty the large contents of his hairless balls and remain ready for more immediately afterwards. Rachel had to milk her son regularly, twice in the shower in the morning, twice more after breakfast before he set off for school, and up to five or six times when he came home before dinner, and again a final session of heavy fucking before bedtime. Bobby was insatiable, always ready to satisfy his busty mother's sexual needs. She liked it rough, she liked him to talk dirty, she considered him as her Adonis of sex, not caring that he was so young and she might corrupt his fragile mind forever.

"Ooh, yeah, sssoo much, Bobby! Mummy is a complete slut for your god-like cock! Treat me like a whore, you nasty boy!" she encouraged, as her potent son continued to douse her face and body with long ropes of cum.

"Yeah, you're my little cum-bucket, aren't you mommy? You can't get enough of this, you filthy whore!" exclaimed Bobby, aiming his final salvoes at his mother's neck, giving her a pearly necklace that drooled slowly down her already-caked cleavage. Milking the final dregs from his cum-cannon, he let a giant dollop fall directly into her hungry, upturned mouth. "Wow, that was great mom! Now pull your g-string off, I'm going to ram my giant dick up your slutty pussy!"

"Oooh, yes, my hung boy-stallion! Mommy has been very bad and needs to be punished!" gleamed Rachel, positioning herself on all fours on the deckchair, her cunt glistening with wetness.

Bobby placed his tubesteak at his enthralled mother's pussy's entrance, feeling the folds of her puckered lips with his apple-sized knobhead, collecting some of her vaginal fluids to lubricate his mammoth ramrod. Over-excited as he was, he let loose a volley of clear precum that whitewashed the already-soaked cuntlips. Gathering his thoughts once again, the horse-hung teenager lunged forwards into his mother's fleshy cavity, pushing the folds of her shaved camel-toe inwards as several inches of forearm-thick megacock brutally invaded her innards.

"Shit, Bobby, you're so fucking HHUUGE!" screamed a delirious Rachel as her son continued to pummel her love canal with his giant dick. At the twelve inch mark, he withdrew his rockhard tool until only the massively-flared head stayed inside, then rammed his humongous pussy-pleaser back into his mother's cunt until its head bumped against the back of her cervix. Despite the pain of such a violent onslaught, Rachel garnered enough strength to further encourage her son. "You're hurting mommy so good Bobby! Keep going, fuck mommy's brains out!"

Bobby complied and then some, hammering away at lightning speed, burning his mother's pussywalls as his invading red-hot monster scraped against them. Over and over, he ploughed his helpless mother's body with his tireless 15-inch dick, his heavy seedmakers loudly slapping against her bruised thighs. Loud manly grunts echoed throughout the backyard as the incestuous mating continued unabated, until Rachel felt the tinges of her first orgasm. Her powerful, muscular teenage son sensed it too and redoubled his efforts until his buxom mother climaxed, her whole body shaking with orgasmic convulsions around his unyielding bullcock.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't my beloved slut of a mother taking advantage of her daughter shopping with friends to take first picks at her son's giant cock! You should be ashamed of yourself, mother, it was my turn today to go first!" laughed Jenn, the full-bosomed teenage daughter of the family. The nineteen-year-old beauty queen instantly removed her top blouse, exposing her massive DD-cup bra to her little brother's glaring eyes. As she disrobed her miniskirt, Bobby could see his dirty sister wore no panties, and his body froze dead in its track, admiring the nubile body before him.

"Shit, sis, you're so fucking hot! You're gonna make me come!" yelled the over-excited teenager. Unable to hold off his incoming discharge, Bobby firmly held his mother's hips as the first pellets of scalding cum bolted out of his cumslit, filling her uterus to the brim instantly.

"Bobby, you're filling mommy's pussy so much, you naughty boy! Mommy can feel it sloshing around inside her!" beamed Rachel as she reached yet another climax from the powerful whitewashing of her insides.

"Take it out now Bobby or I won't show you these!" teased Jenn, holding her overfilled satin bra from the sides and pushing her giant mammaries together. "It's my turn and I want that load in my mouth!"

"No Bobby, mommy needs to be punished, keep it inside, please!" begged a delirious Rachel.

Confronted with such a dilemma, Bobby decided to play it magnanimous.

"Right, turn around mom, and you sis, get on your knees, you're both going to eat my sperm, you cum-whores!" he growled, removing his still-discharging cream-cannon from his mother's abused pussy. A massive wad of boy-goo rocketed out and rained down on his mother's back and hair before she had the chance to recover from her impalement. Jenn quickly knelt before her horse-hung brother, unclasping her bra and letting her firm teenage breasts heave in the summer air. Just in time to receive the brunt of Bobby's next salvoe all over her countenance. Hot sperm rained on her face, covering her features with an inch-thick layer of viscous boycream. Jenn opened her mouth and Bobby aimed the next three shots directly at it. The first filled her mouth almost entirely, the next overfilled it, sperm running down Jenn's chin in thick rivulets, and the final splashed mightily against her face as she attempted to swallow her brother's salty offering.

"Yeah, take my load sis, swallow as much as you can, I've got more for you two!" bellowed Bobby as he unleashed volley after volley of plentiful wads, alternating between his sister's and mother's mouths, both females gulping hungrily as they swallowed his youthful nectar. The teenage hunk showered his sister's tits with his final shots, covering the entire surface of both hemispheres with warm goo.

Unbeknowst to the incestuous family, they were being watched from the very beginning. Maggie Jones and her husband had just moved in next door to them a week ago. Soon, the busty thirty-year old high school teacher had noticed the muscular frame of her next-door neighbour's son when he worked out in the backyard. She had been especially enthralled by the noticeable bulge his massive soft dong formed in his tight spandex workout shorts. Never in her career in the education sector had she been faced with a teenager displaying such pure, raw, masculine power. Bobby seemed more muscular than the largest high-school student in all the classes she had taught, and he was only eighteen! For several days now, she had been daydreaming about him and his giant manly cock ravishing her.

Never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined that the young teenage hunk was as endowed as the boy she was ogling through the bushes separating her backyard from Rachel's. And to think he was fucking his own mother, as well as his sister! First, Maggie had been utterly shocked by her discovery, going back inside her house to gather her thoughts. Should she call the cops? Pretend she never saw anything? But curiosity and the sexual attraction of watching the largest stud she would ever meet in her life got the better of her. When Bobby unleashed his second load of boycum all over his mother's and sister's faces, she was fingering herself furiously, her snatch pouring womanly juices all over her hand. As Bobby finished bellowing in the final glimpses of his massive orgasm, she was reaching climax herself.

The sight of of his monumental discharges of glistening sperm had triggered her most primeval female instinct. She screamed as her pussy convulsed around her fingers, unable to contain the waves of pleasure washing over her.

"What was that?" exclaimed Rachel as she scooped fingerfuls of her son's thick cum off her heaving body.

"Shit, it's the neighbour!" answered Jenn when she saw the feminine shape of the ultra-busty peeper. "Hey, you dirty whore, come over here instead of hiding behind the bushes! We need to talk!"

Sheepishly, Maggie came out of her hiding place, after putting her clothes back on hastily.

"You were frigging yourself, admit it!" snarled Jenn. "I saw you naked and that moan! Yeah, I recognized that moan! That's how I moan when my brother impales me on his fifteen-inch cock!"

"Fif..Fifteen inches?" stuttered Maggie. "That's impossible! He's only eighteen!"

"You don't believe me? Hey, Bobby, come over here, show our neighbour your massive log!"

Bobby scooted over, his immense cock swaying with each step he took, hitting his chest repeatedly with loud thumps.

"Feel how hard and heavy it is, don't be shy, Bobby doesn't mind you holding it, right?" encouraged Jenn, guiding Maggie's trembling hands to her brother's behemoth. Bobby was revelling in the current situation and inhaled deeply to accentuate the size of his large pectorals and taut abdominal muscles.

"OMG, it's so big!" moaned Maggie as she touched the object of her recent lust for the first time. "I can't get my hands around it, it's just too big!" Hearing thoses words, Bobby let loose a voluminous volley of precum which covered Maggie's lower arm. "Yeek, he just came on me!"

"No he didn't, that was just precum, Bobby is so potent that he has an unlimited supply of semen in those big balls of his!" reassured Jenn, holding Bobby's giant gonads for Maggie to appreciate.

"And it does fit, you saw me take it and I can tell you, it's the best cock you'll ever feel in the world!" added Rachel, as she parted her pussy lips to show Maggie how distended it was, with Bobby's cum still pouring out of it.

"Let me demonstrate!" said Jenn, winking at her brother. Bobby walked up to his sister, positioned his still monstruously-hard beast between her thighs. Maggie watched in awe as the fifteen-inch rod stuck way past her asscheeks on the other side. Jenn kissed him softly while she sat of his tumescence, grinding her pussy along the base of his mammoth appendage. "Fuck me, brother!" she moaned lustfully into his ears.

Bobby easily lifted his sister up with his strong arms and groaned mightily as he slowly impaled her with his giant cock. The power in his chorded muscles was displayed in its full glory in this standing position as he used his sister as a jacking device for his demanding organ. Grunting and roaring, he powerfucked Jenn, her body rapidly bouncing up and down on his mighty rod, her firm young breasts swaying in front of his face. She had totally relinquished control of her body over to her virile brother, letting him use her body as he wished.

"This is so hot!" moaned Maggie, mesmerized by the sight of the incestuous siblings fucking like wild animals. Instinctively, she removed her denim shorts and started fingering herself. Rachel took her arm and invited her to sit next to her. Both mothers then masturbated their horny cunts while watching the show.

Bobby was soon reaching the point of no return, while his sister was a rag doll in his powerful arms, her eyes closed, almost unconscious from the numerous orgasms her brother's giant cock had provided her. Suddenly, Bobby's whole body tensed up, his hands tightly gripping his sister's buttocks as the first of many giant plumes of boyseed surged deep into her love canal.

"Bobby, you dirty boy, you're filling your sister up with your filthy sperm!" exclaimed Rachel, while her neighbour puffed heavily as she reached self-pleasure. Indeed, her over-endowed son's cum was already running down the sides of his mammoth shaft, thick rivulets of plentiful goo loudly falling on the tiles below. The more the super-virile boy fired his cum-canon into his sister's deepest recesses, the more his overfilling creamy spunk littered the patio floor, until a pool as large as a dinner plate and an inch-thick was formed.

"Yeah, fuck, this is so good!" moaned Bobby as he continued to unload the voluminous content of his overproductive gonads into his sister's pussy. "Mom, why don't you and Maggie make yourselves useful and come over here to lick my come off the floor!"

The mature but awed females both scampered towards the puddle of cum, lapping up the still-warm cream like starving kittens. Bobby took the opportunity to lift his sister clear off his discharging pole and aim the final half dozen salvoes directly at Rachel and Maggie, plastering their hair and shoulders with long, filthy strands of viscous goo while they were sucking up his previously fallen sperm. Gently laying down his semi-conscious sister on the lounge chair, Bobby turned round to Maggie, his fifteen-inch cock still fiercely erect, reaching all the way up to his nipples.

"So, are you ready for your turn?"

Maggie knelt speechless in front of the overhung teeange hunk, paralyzed with fear and lust, long strands of his still-warm goo dangling from her chin, hair and tits. She was awakened from her torpor by the feeling of Suzie's hot tongue lasciviously licking Bobby's cum from her heaving breasts.

"You know you want to Maggie, don't be afraid!" encouraged Suzie between loud slurpings. She tweeked Maggie's nipples who responded with short, lust-filled shudders.

Bobby, whose giant rock-hard cock demanded immediate attention, held the monster with both hands at the base, waving his python in front of the mesmerized busty neighbour.

"Take it now in your mouth, or I'll have to give it to some more deserving slut!" grinned Bobby as he held the apple-sized knobhead mere inches away from Maggie's gaping mouth. Sensing that the mature woman was ready, he slowly advanced his inhumanely large organ, until the tip touched Maggie's lips. Instantly, Bobby let loose with a volley of voluminous clear precum which splashed against Maggie's mouth and nose. Opening up her jaw as much as she could, the sex-crazed MILF engulfed several inches of Bobby's behemoth in one go.

"Way to go, lady! You're doing well for your first time!" encouraged Jenn, after she had recovered from her semi-unconscious state, now furiously rubbing her clit as she watched her neighbour blow her horse-hung younger brother.

Bobby continued to plough his massive log mercillesly deep inside Maggie's mouth, plunging it inside her throat, bringing tears into his neighbour's eyes as she was forced to swallow the giant piece of tubesteak. Holding her head with both hands, he fucked her mouth with ten-inch strokes, oblivious to her muffled cries of pain. Again and again, he used his newly-acquired fuckdoll for his own pleasure, while both his mother and sister watched and urged him on.

Suddenly, a male voice was heard screaming from across the fence and a man bolted into the family's backyard. Ken, Maggies' husband, a small, bespectacled man in his early forties, was furious and he waved his finger menacingly at Bobby while the young boy had his 15-inch rod buried halfway down Maggie's throat. From his standpoint, Ken could not see that Bobby was spectacularly endowed, as his wife's bobbing head blocked his view of the giant piece of boymeat.

"What the fuck is going on? Are you raping my wife? I'll fucking call the cops on you bunch of perverts! My God, the whole fucking fami..." spouted Ken, before he stopped dead in his tracks. He was now seeing ten inches of Bobby's colossal boycock sticking out of his wife's mouth, and he could not comprehend the sight before him. Averagely endowed at five inches himself, he did not imagine anyone could be as hung as young, eighteen year old Bobby.

"I ain't raping her, she's my new cumslut!" answered Bobby sneeringly. To prove his point, he withdrew his giant rod from Maggie's mouth. Immediately, she moaned and tried to pull the mighty organ back into her mouth, muttering "gimme, gimme" incomprehensibly. "See, now she's hooked and she'll never be satisfied by your puny cock!" snarled Bobby at his hapless neighbour.

Ken stood dumbfounded in front of his kneeling wife who was gorging herself on the young boy's gigantic pud. Suddenly, he felt some arms around his waist. Suzie was tugging at his belt, and in one quick swoop, unfastened him.

"Now, let's see what we have here!" she grunted. Pulling down his trunks before he had time to react, Suzie grabbed her neighbour's tiny erection and quickly yanked at his tumescence. "Pretty average." she said matter-of-factly.

"What the fuck are you doing!" cried Ken. "Keep your hands.. Ooh, shit, that's good!" he continued, moaning at the expert ministrations his cock was receiving. After a mere few seconds, Ken's five-incher erupted, a few dribbles of his cum coating Suzie's jacking hand.

"So soon! How disappointing!" laughed Jenn. Suzie licked Ken's small offering clean off her fingers in faint disgust. "I guess now you can concentrate on watching your wife get the fucking of her lifetime! Bobby, please fuck Maggie so mommy and I can get some more of your cock for ourselves as fast as possible!" begged the horny teenager. Maggie, still devouring the menacingly large helmet of Bobby's phallus, grunted in approval at her words. The studly teenager grabbed the wrists that were attempting to encircle his mammoth dong and raised Maggie from her kneeling position, in order to satisfy his hunger for new, unravished pussy. Turning his neighbour around, he placed his demanding cockhead in front of Maggie's convulsing cuntlips. The busty bombshell bent forward, anxiously waiting for the young buck to pummel her insides. When she felt his massive log enter her tunnel, she yelped in anguish, but soon, the sensation of her pussy being filled to the brim and the wide penetrating shaft rasping her inner walls sent shivers down her spine. A major orgasm was slowly building up inside her, her small grunts became louder and louder until she exploded in the throes of the strongest climax she had ever experienced in her life. Bobby felt the trembling walls of her love canal shuddering around his pistoning invader and observed the ten inches of wrist-thick cock he was delivering her coated with more and more of her womanly juices every time he pulled out. After a minute or so, while the mighty orgasm kept on going, Maggie's vanquished pussy erupted giant plumes of juices all over Bobby's ploughing cunt-splitter and giant, swinging gonads. She squirted continuously over and over, emptying her cunt of its lubricating oil, pouring rivers of her juices down her inside thighs.

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