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Orgy In The Backyard

by BigTimmy©

"Oh my GOD, OH MY GOD!" she kept repeating while Bobby continued fucking her unabated. "You are filling me ssssoo much!"

Ken covered his eyes as his wife enjoyed the most powerful orgasm of her life from the super-virile teenage boy who lived next door. What would his future hold, he wondered? As the massively-endowed eighteen year old ravished his wife over and over again, bringing her to countless climaxes, Ken felt utterly defeated and humiliated. He observed Jenn wank the five or so inches of her superior brother's rod that never made it inside his wife's canal, watching how much she clearly worshipped his amazing masculinity. Similarly, Suzie caressed the boy's chiseled musculature, cooing with delight at the feeling of his strong arms and chest, encouraging him to display even more raw power to the watchful cuckold.

Maggie was fucked mercilessly for over half an hour, in various positions, while Ken was forced to watch his wife's re-deflowering. Bobby lifted Maggie in his strong arms, effortlessly bouncing her curvaceous body up and down unfathomable inches of his super-rigid mega-thick dick for many minutes. While Maggie was still recovering from a state of perpetual ecstasy, he took her missionary-style, mashing her giant mammaries against his V-shaped torso, licking her breasts and neck, even French-kissing her, right in front of her husband. By the time Bobby was ready to erupt once more, he had managed to distend Maggie's pussy so much that over twelve inches of his cock sawed in and out of her easily.

"Damn, that's some good pussy!" exclaimed the yound lad. "I'm fucking gonna CUUM!" he bellowed as the first jet of boygoo spumed from his knob. Bobby whitewashed Maggie's deepest recesses with many scalding wads of his creamy spunk before pulling his disgorging python from her overfilled pussy with a loud plop. His gunk cascaded between her crack while the mighty organ convulsed once more and sent a giant plume of white sperm past Maggie's head that landed on the lawn several yards beyond. Ken watched in awe as the young stud covered his delirious wife from head to toe in ounces of boycream.

"Yeah, claim the bitch as yours with your spunk!" applauded Jenn. Suzie immediately dove her head between her neighbour's enormous breast pillows, licking as much of her son's gunk as she could, feeling her hair and face being hit by large wads of his still-erupting cum-cannon. Bobby steered his wildly bucking anaconda from Maggie's writhing body and aimed the next salvoes towards a speechless Ken. The enormity of his discharges meant that the paralyzed neighbour's clothes soon ended up covered in his virile seed, long strands crisscrossing his until-now impeccably clean shirt, monumental stains coating his trousers, splashes of thick goo covering his black shoes until their colour was almost undistinguishable under the creamy layer.

"Fuck yeah! There's more coming! Ummpph!" roared the teenager. Jenn immediately knelt in front of her over-endowed little brother, letting him blast her countenance with pellet after pellet of his red-hot spunk. Overpowered by the ferocity of his own orgasm, Bobby lost control of his discharging rod and Jenn quickly grasped the cannon with both hands, pushing down on the steel-hard rod while it spewed giant volleys of gunk high up in the open air. Finally, she managed to tame the bucking beast, aiming the final jets at her heaving tits, coating her entire upper chest in Bobby's voluminous offerings.

"Come over here, slut!" Jenn ordered Maggie. The subdued mature woman crept up to her and Jenn milked the final dregs from Bobby's colossal cock, letting grape-sized dollops of his aftermath drop heavily onto Maggie's upturned face. "There you go, eat it up. Now you belong to Bobby, like all the women he fucks!" she concluded.

Written by: BigTimmy

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