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Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 07

by RedSox04©

Liz McDonald did not look or feel her best as she made her way down the stairs of "The Rovers Return" the first cigarette of the day between her lips.

"Morning mum," her son Steve said cheerily, "don't forget me and Becky are at the solicitors all morning and I have the brewery service engineer coming to look at the flash cooler."

"That's all I need today, Pete the perv, hanging around." said Liz, images of Pete the engineer flashed into her head and repulsed her.

He was mid forties, grossly overweight, thick glasses and dribbled saliva whenever a female was in close proximity, Liz shuddered at the thought of him and her alone in the cellar.

Around nine o'clock the Newton & Ridley service van pulled up outside the pub. Liz slid back the bolts on the door and unlocked it. Without checking she opened the door.

"Don't you want to see my I. D.?" The question caused Liz to turn quickly. It was not Pete the perv, but a six foot plus black hunk and one of the most gorgeous men Liz had ever seen.

"Sorry I thought you were Pete."

"Pete got fired last week. He has been stealing ladies panties from clothes lines, so the brewery sacked him." explained the man. "My name is Tony, I'm the engineer for this area now."

Liz held out her hand to Tony, "Liz McDonald , pleased to meet you."

"Where's the cellar?" asked Tony

Liz led the way as they descended down the steps.

"Probably the coil, shouldn't be a long job."

Liz thought to herself that was a pity, she was enjoying looking at this very handsome young man, lewd thoughts racing through her mind. She had a long sexual history, but never a black man.

"Are you local?" asked Liz, trying to make small talk.

"No, other side of the city."

"Married or single?"

"Young, free and single." said Tony, flashing a large smile at Liz.

"I bet all the girls are after you." answered Liz

"Some, but I prefer the more mature lady myself."

At that, Liz found herself moistening slightly, just at the thought of this man being remotely interested.

She wished she had dressed in something other than the shapeless grey top and matching jogging bottoms she was wearing.

"How mature?" Liz asked.

Tony again flashed a big smile and asked "how old are you?"

"About 50" stammered Liz.

Tony stood and walking over to her, took her in his arms and said, "perfect." before pressing his lips to hers.

Liz parted her lips and allowed his long tongue to enter her mouth and begin to explore. Her mind was spinning. Twenty minutes ago she opened the door of the pub and here she was about to possibly have sex with a complete stranger and a black, younger man at that, what was she thinking?

What she was thinking was how to get his black cock inside her. She had heard stories about black men and now was as good a time as any to see if they were true.

"Just give me five minutes to fix this and then how about a little fun?" Tony said with a big smile.

"Perfect" Liz replied, giving her time to change into something more appropriate. " The lounge is just through the bar. Don't keep me waiting." she kissed him briefly and climbed the cellar steps.

Five minutes later Liz was peeling the white T shirt from Tony's muscular body, her fingers tracing patterns over the well profiled muscles of his chest and sensually kissing his nipples making them stand proud.

Tony lifted her head and they kissed, tongues thrusting deep into the others mouth. Then Tony lifted the jumper Liz had hastily changed into, revealing a lacy black bra which was quickly removed as Tony sought Liz's breasts with his eager mouth.

Slowly easing her onto the sofa, Tony continued to work his black magic on Liz. Whilst still kissing her breasts, he had unzipped her pants and now had his hand deep inside her panties, his fingers seeking her wetness, which he knew he had found, not only by the touch but also Liz screaming in his ear, "oh yes," as his finger moved deeper into her.

Tony left Liz's breasts and trailed his long pink tongue down across her belly, peeling off her slacks and panties as he did so. He moved down into the sandy brown pubic hair between her thighs. Swirling his tongue through the crinkly hair, his fingers parted her lips and then entered her oh so wet slit.

Liz's head was already spinning when Tony replaced his fingers with that long tongue, seeking out every last nook and cranny of her vagina. He teased his tongue around the soft fleshy interior then found her clitoris and frantically flicked the tip of his tongue against he hard nub of her most sensitive spot.

In all the times men had gone down on her, Liz had never experienced anything like this, Tony was amazing as he continued to perform on her until she came. A long hard orgasm screeched through her, her upper thighs clamping around Tony's head, as if to keep him there for ever.

Tony continued to lap Liz's juices , but very slowly as Liz recovered from her climax and she reluctantly released his head from her vice like grip.

Tony stood up and removed his uniform pants and stood before Liz in a pair of white briefs.

The whiteness of the material, contrasted wonderfully with the blackness of his skin, but all Liz had eyes for was the large bulge in the front of his briefs.

Liz knelt before him and slowly peeled down the briefs, half way down his cock sprang out of the garment. Liz had seen some cocks in her time. Her ex husband Jim was not at the back of the queue when the were handing them out, but this was in a different league.

As Liz reached for it, her hand could hardly reach around its girth , it was so thick and a minimum eight, no, more like ten inches long. A monster.

For a few moments Liz stroked the huge black cock, still marvelling at its length and girth, before taking the head between her lips. She sucked hard and hungrily around the head, pausing to remove the cock to lick around the rim before once more inserting it into her eager mouth.

She then removed it and tracing the route of a very prominent vein, trailed her tongue down the entire length, before taking one of his tight black balls into her mouth and sucking it as if her life depended upon it. She repeated the service on the other ball, before re-tracing her path up the vein to once again take the head between her lips and began to suck.

After a few minutes concentrating around the sensitive head, Liz took a deep breath and began to take as much of the solid black meat as she could into her mouth. She slowly eased it in, inch after inch until the head hit the back of the throat and she gagged.

Liz was amazed that even with the head touching her there, her hand was still encircling a good four or five inches of Tony's cock.

Gasping for breath, Liz slid the cock out of her mouth and smiled up at Tony. He also had a big grin on his face as Liz once again began to swallow him.

Just then the clock on the mantle chimed.

"Oh no." exclaimed Liz, as she took him out of her mouth.

"What's the matter babe?" asked Tony.

"It's half past ten, Tina will be here at eleven to prepare for the lunchtime trade"

Tony started to reach for his pants as Liz grabbed his hand and said, "we still have twenty minutes, why don't you fuck me while I wait for Tina?"

With that Liz fell back on the sofa, spread her legs and waited for Tony to plunge his big black spear into her waiting and oh so wet pink slit.

Tony obliged, ramming as much as he could into her, there was no finesse, no tenderness just a huge black penis penetrating a welcoming white pussy.

Liz thought she would be split in two. He was reaching parts that no other man she had been with had. But large as he was, he was still giving her the ultimate pleasure.

He then withdrew and turning Liz he entered her from behind probing even deeper than before, his action and timing bringing her to orgasm again. She buried her face in a cushion to muffle the screams of ecstasy that were flowing from her mouth.

As he came, Tony withdrew and splattered his come all over Liz's lower back and arse cheeks.

Slowly Liz turned around. As she did she took Tony's rapidly shrinking cock into her mouth and licked and sucked off the last remnants of his jizz.

"God, look at the time." said Liz as she hastily gathered her clothes.

Tony was far more casual and in less than a minute he was fully dressed in his Newton & Ridley engineers uniform, filling out his worksheet for the repair.

As Tina entered the room he was saying to Liz, "and if you could just initial there, to say that the repair took longer than was estimated."

"Hi Tina, this is Tony the new engineer, he's just repaired the cooler, Tony this is Tina."

"Hello" said Tina, before turning back into the bar.

After Tony had left, Tina said to Liz, "wow, he is one hot body, I wouldn't mind an hour with him, I wonder if its true what hey say about black men."

Liz just smiled and said "can you nip into the cellar and get me some mixers?"

Back in hid van, Tony powered up his lap top. He entered up a report on the visit, ensuring to note that a further fault had been found that needed to be repaired.

He then opened up a private file and entered Liz's details on a data base. He thought for a while then gave her eight out of ten, a high mark for a first encounter.

He called up his next job.

A blocked pipe at "The Flying Fox". Tony smiled, licked his lips and looked forward to that encounter. The landlady was an Irish lady, flaming red hair, with large round breasts who liked to be fucked from behind or up the ass, in the cellar, while straddled over a keg of Guinness. Strange the faults seemed to coincide with her husbands golfing trips, he was pleased these were fairly frequent.

About the time Liz started sucking Tony's cock, Carla Conner was just getting out of bed.

She felt crap, having finished off the better part of two bottles of red wine the previous night. She rang "Underworld" the company she owned and said she would be in later that day, taking a "sickie" was a perk of being the boss.

She went to the bathroom and after peeing a large quantity of last nights re-cycled wine, stripped of her pyjama jacket and looked in the mirror.

She traced her fingers through the lustrous black hair, stroked the near flawless skin of her striking, but not conventionally pretty face and then clasped a breast in each hand and offered them up, as she would to a lover to suckle, but this was to her own image.

Removing her bottoms, she looked in the mirror again and saw a woman in the prime of her life. Firm breasts with deep red nipples a nice flat belly, her pubic hair had grown thick and bushy, she made a mental note that it needed a trim. Nice shapely legs and half turning around a very desirable ass.

"Very nice Carla," she said to herself, "very nice indeed, so why the fuck can't you get a man?"

Stepping into the shower she let the jets of hot water sooth away the hangovers pain. She coated her body in a very expensive shower cream, paying particular attention to her breasts which were very sensitive to the touch.

As she was showering, her mind went back to the times she had stood under this same shower with Rosie Webster, who was her P.A. at the time. She slid a finger down into her pubic bush and then it found her wetness. She remembered Rosie sucking hungrily on her breasts, taking the elongated nipples between her full lips and flicking at them with her very talented tongue, making her come over and over again, without going anywhere near her pussy. That girl was a natural sexual artist.

The thoughts of Rosie, combined with her finger action brought her to a very nice little orgasm, that cheered her up a little.

Wrapping a towel around her head, she dried herself before putting on a white cotton robe and with a mug of hot coffee, settled down to watch some TV.

"What load of tosh." Carla said out loud to herself as she turned off the TV set and instead started the MP3 player in its docking station and the sounds of soft smooth jazz filled the room.

Carla started to drift as the music soothed her. Her mind was still pondering how she was still alone, it seemed she had always been in a relationship, she loved sex and was very frustrated.

Her mind meandered to her first time. She was sixteen, quite late compared to her schoolmates. His name was Pete Adams. He was not particularly good looking, but had a good physique and was popular with the girls.

The main attraction to him however is that he was in "show business." His brother was in a band, not big time just local pubs and clubs, Pete was the equipment man. This got him all the girls he wanted, Carla among them.

One night Pete suggested they get into the back of the van while the band was playing. Carla had taken a couple of drinks and readily agreed.

It was there in the back of a transit, on a bed of old blankets used to cover the speakers that Carla lost her virginity. It was over very quickly and Pete just left her there as he went back to the gig.

Next day at college he made it clear that he did not want to see her again. She felt cheap and used.

She vowed that in future, she would call the shots and no man would take advantage of her again.

It only occurred to her a few days later that Pete had come inside her, she was not on the pill and there was a chance she might have fallen pregnant. She worried for a while, until her period came and she could relax again.

While it was not a very pleasant memory, the recollection of her first time had caused a dampness between her legs

She took a drink of coffee closed her eyes, slipped her hand into her robe and started to stroke her breast and switched onto her eighteenth birthday.

She had dated a few times since losing her virginity, but never had sex.

Now on her birthday, she was in a club in Manchester, with her friends from college. She noticed a guy staring at her from across the bar.

He was a good looking guy and Carla's heart skipped a beat when he started to cross towards her.

The first time Paul Conner spoke to her it was a very corny line, "did it hurt? "

"Pardon?" replied Carla

"When you fell from heaven"

Carla laughed and replied "Vodka and tonic for the angel."

Paul smiled and simply said "touché."

The were inseparable from that night on. Despite her parents pleading, Carla scrapped her plans to go to university, to join Paul in his clothing company.

They first had sex during a weekend trip to Blackpool some two months into the relationship.

Celebrating a large contract, Paul booked into a plush hotel. Within a few minutes of booking in they were naked in the king size bed.

Both were more than ready to embark on a sexual relationship and after a very brief session of foreplay, Carla lay back and invited Paul to enter her for the first time.

The first time lasted no more than two minutes, both losing themselves in a frenzy of lovemaking. When Paul ejaculated, he did it deep inside her, as if to seal their love, he wanted her to keep his seed within her.

The memories of that first time came flooding back as Carla loosened the robe and allowed her fingers to comb through her pubic hair, then enter her moist pussy.

After the haste of their first sexual encounter , the second was much more relaxed and equally satisfying.

They just lay in each others arms, kissing with Carla gently stroking his flaccid cock, anxious for it to regain its strength.

As Paul became aroused he moved on top of Carla and his mouth left hers, snaking across her neck, onto her breast then taking her nipple between his lips.

From that moment Carla loved her breasts being kissed, licked and above all nipped between the teeth.

After an age on her breasts, Paul moved down, across her belly and down into the thick curls of her pubic hair. She opened her legs awaiting her first experience of oral sex as Paul moved his mouth towards her waiting pussy.

Back on her sofa, Carla was fingering that same pussy frantically, her mind swirling with images of her beloved Paul eating her, all those years ago.

When his lips first kissed the soft flesh of Carla's inner thighs she thought she was in heaven. Moments later as his tongue penetrated her pussy lips, she was convinced she was.

Paul loved to eat pussy, he was very good, his tongue reaching deep into her, flicking at her clitoris and causing her orgasm to quickly arrive.

Paul trailed his tongue up her body, before crushing her mouth with his, which was coated in her pussy juices.

Paul rolled off her, onto his back and with a small nod of his head said "your turn."

Carla had heard the girls at college talking about, "giving head, blow jobs and eating meat," but she had not only never done it, but she had not even seen one up close. That was about to change."

Tentatively she moved her body, her hand circled the hard cock and she lowered her head.

The first movement was to place a small kiss on the head. Once the initial apprehension was over she became more confident and pulling back the skin her tongue snaked out and licked around the rim.

Then the moment of truth. Could she take this object into her mouth and suck on it?

Without hesitation she took the head between her lips and eased him into her. It felt strange, but nice at the same time.

As she grew in confidence, she started taking more of him, occasionally taking it out and licking down the length before sucking him hungrily again. She was loving it.

On the receiving end, Paul thought he had won the lottery, a beautiful woman, well teenager really, with a fantastic body, who gave blow jobs as good as this, he was one lucky dude.

As Paul's climax neared, he tried to lift Carla's head from his groin but she continued to suck until he came into her mouth.

She removed the cock and looking up opened her mouth to show him the white sticky fluid she had taken.

She swallowed hard, the discharge sliding down her throat as she kissed her way back up his body.

Her still sticky lips met his in a long and passionate kiss, at the end of which Carla whispered "I love you" in his ear, the feeling was mutual.

They did not see a lot of Blackpool that weekend.

They made love in the shower, the bath, in the sauna after a swim and most dangerous of all, up against the window of their room, Carla's pert backside pressed against the glass for any passer by on the promenade to see.

They fucked in every position they could think of. Carla especially liked the Doggy style, but her favourite was the classic "69" The feel of Paul's tongue and fingers around her pussy and anus, while she sucked his cock and balls, was just sublime.

The memories of that first weekend were still as fresh in Carla's mind as if they had been yesterday. Her fingers bringing her orgasm over and over again as she cried out "Paul, Paul I loved you so much."

Then sobbing tears of grief screamed out loud, " Why did you have to die"

Two years after Blackpool, they wed. Their sex life was amazing, they could just not get enough of one another. The business thrived, the one thing missing to make their life complete was a child, but despite all the sex, it just never happened.

Paul, with his brother Liam had just bought "Underworld" when one morning he kissed Carla for the last time, climbed into his car and headed to the accident that was to end his life.

Composing herself, Carla dressed and headed off to work... Life goes on

Later that night, Tony the engineer parked the van on his drive in a nice suburban area of Manchester. Opening the front door he was greeted by the cries of his two year old twin daughters as they ran to him in a flurry of arms and legs.

He scooped them into his arms and kissed them Just then his wife, a striking tall black girl asked.

"Good day at work, darling?"

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