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Personal Training

by chasseur11©

"Yes! Fuck me!" I screamed as he plowed his massive penis in and out of me. It felt so good though I still couldn't believe that I was actually doing this. That I was really having sex with a man who wasn't my husband ... but I guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Maybe I should go back to the beginning where all of this started.

My name is Marisa. I'm 27 years old and have been married now for four years to my husband John. It's been great except for major issues with his work but I will explain more about that in a minute. As far as myself I am a house wife in every sense of the word. He thankfully makes more than enough for us to live comfortably and though I had worked part-time up to recently the store I was employed at went out of business. Leaving me with plenty of free time on my hands. I do like to exercise in nicer weather, either jogging or swimming. I'm far from a stick of a woman though at 5'6" and 150 pounds, and usually have to wear a size 8. Yet, that along with my weight has less to do with any fat than it does with two major factors on my body. One is my hips which are naturally wide. The other is also natural and a real pain in the ass at times, my chest, a size 36DD. They have often been one of the first places guys stare at but up to now the only man who has ever seen or touched them in John. I'm also a pale skinned redhead and to be expected I need to be careful when spending too much time outside. I don't tan, I burn. Friends used to tease me about being so pale I was almost transparent.

My relationship with my husband is well considering. We don't get to see much of each other like we used to sadly. He works as an over the road truck driver currently and is only home three days every two weeks. Which really sucks for us. It wasn't always like this. When we met through some mutual friends he was working at a local company and had plenty of time off. Well, when things started to go bad with the economy they had to lay off many of their workers, including John. He spent over a month looking for a job similar to it but was unable to locate one so he was forced to take a position he never wanted to. He has been doing it now for a couple of years and is still hoping something better will come up soon. Sadly when ever a local job comes up he's always passed over for people whom have been on the job longer than he has. It has taken a bit of a strain on us but nothing that we can't live with until things improve. We still get along well, when he's home that is. The only major blow has been to our sex life. Granted he was never as much in the mood as I am but it's of course far worse then before. I personally have a massive sex drive while his has always been generally low. Which surprised me most of all because I was a virgin when I met John and he was my first and up to now the only man I have been with.

To replace the physical contact we once had I found myself masturbating, a lot. At first just to my own imagination. Then one evening about one and a half years ago I just took some time and checked out what I could find on the Internet to help me get there. Of course it wasn't the first time I looked at porn online but it became the start of what ended up becoming a daily interest in it. I never looked for anything in particular, just generally an equal opportunity voyeur. While doing this I came across something I never considered before, interracial porn. The first time I looked I thought 'well that's interesting' and moved on. A couple nights later I found some more which peaked my interest slightly. I'd say within a month's time it was my main interest. Eventually taking over until it was pretty much all I was looking at was white women with black men or just photos of nude black men. I found out it really turned me on in a major way! Something I worked hard to keep my husband from knowing about.

Now it had nothing to do with the old "big penis" myth since I know every man is different. Also every woman is different as well and a big penis might only go so far. Have seen women take massive things almost all the way or all the way in them and others barely get more than half of it in. Not to mention men in porn are likely to have bigger ones because they are in porn. What really turned me on was the color contrast and more so since I'm so pale. I couldn't help but try and imagine what someone like me would look like up against a black guy. Nothing got me so horny so fast as that thought. I also found myself read interracial erotic stories, and even posting a bunch of photos of me under a second screen name. Then using that name to go into chat rooms geared towards this interest to talk to black men. That was whole new level of turn on for me though I didn't do it often.

While doing this I met a man named Jerome about six months ago, or at least that's what he said he name was. Though it didn't really matter either way. He is 29 years old, 6'2" and a deeper milk chocolate skin tone. We lived in a different state but one that just happened to be right next to the state I live in. Seemed like almost every time I got on he was there. We talked about a lot of things, needless to say almost every time at least some sexual talk was exchanged. More so when I said I am on birth control. He seldom missed a chance to talk about things he'd love to do to me though not in bad vulgar way. Talked about all the things he would do to me if we met in person. Often mentioned about "going down" on me or the like. Yet, in an odd way we become just friendly even with our less than subtle sexual desires. Simply just talking to each other and getting things off our minds. I can't deny I did masturbate to him more than once. Not that I went into it thinking about him, he just kind of crept into my mind.

He was really hot, from what I saw, then again if it was him. He never sent a face photo explaining that he worked with the public and didn't feel comfortable about sharing that. Though he did see whole body and face photos of me, all clothed of course. He sometimes commented on my chest and legs but mostly on my very pale skin which he thought would look hot against him. The photos of his body were nice though. Fairly well built, tall, nice deep brown skin, and from what I could tell he looked like he was packing between his legs. He never sent a nude photo and I never sent one to him either. He was great for my self esteem often complimenting me. He used to tell me how we need to meet in person one day. I would jokingly agree knowing I never could get the nerve up for such a thing. We did get to learn a lot about each other which made me more comfortable. Jerome explained to me that he get's about as turned on over white women as I do black men and like me has never been with one. He also informed me he never thought much about being with a married woman but I was changing his mind about that. It was all in fun though as my dull sex life went on with my over worked husband. Then one evening John hit me with something I never expecting in a million years.

One evening after making love to John about two months ago he said something that blind sided me. First explaining that he wasn't sure how much longer he would have to be on this horrible schedule he went on telling me how he understood that certain needs of mind weren't being fulfilled as I would like. Asking him what he meant he flat out told me sex. That he knew my desire for sex way out distanced his and with his job being another problem I wasn't getting it as much as I wanted. I told him it was fine and not a big deal at all. Interrupting me he said he thought a lot on it for a month now and informed me that he would understand if I found another guy to handle my needs for the time being. I was shocked since we never spoke about this before. I told him I never considered that and I wasn't sure if I ever could. Interrupting me once again he insisted that it would be fine if I did but just not let him know about it. I honestly wasn't sure how to respond. Only just telling him I was fine with what we had to deal with right now and I have no need to look for another man. After he fell asleep I just laid there thinking about what he said. I was surprised and unsure what to think. Could I ever really do that? 'No way!' I thought but the seed was already planted in my head.

About two weeks ago my friend Jessica stopped by on a cold, snowy, and all around crappy morning. We just sat around drinking some coffee and talking to waste some time on an otherwise slow day. During our conversation I complained about the bad weather and that it's preventing me from getting much exercise. Mainly because I enjoyed jogging and walking outside in nicer conditions. Not only was it boring to be stuck inside most of the time but I certainly wasn't going to be able to stay in shape for long. Jessica told me I should join her then at a gym she joined. That it wasn't expensive at all and had all sorts of equipment to use along with classes and trainers available as well. Being in a rural area about forty five minutes from anything of real size I never once considered doing something like that. More so since again being in a more rural location when nothing like that is nearby. Jessica explained to me that it was a newer place and from my house would be about an hours drive.

"Not like you don't have the time" she told me. Saying that they do it as a pay per month system so once the nice weather came back I could just jog the local roads and paths as usual. My interest was peaked more so when she told me she goes two to three times a week and we can just go together if I want.

"I'm going tomorrow afternoon" Jessica said. "You're first visit is free if you go with a current member so as far as I'm concerned you don't have a choice, you have to come with me just to try it out." Laughing I told her why not? I'll go alone since what harm could it do? Well, it was about to cause a major change in my life.

Jessica told me to meet her at her house at 10:00 AM since it would be easier for me to drive there then for her to drive her car to the gym. Putting on my green cotton lycra pants, a good sports bra because with these things you need one, and a comfortable green U necked tee shirt. Yes, I like green and redheads do look good in green. Throwing on a coat, sneakers, and grabbing my purse I jumped into the car and drove to Jessica's house. Parking in her driveway I found her already waiting for me in her car. Hopping in she pulled out and forty minutes later we were parking in the lot beside the gym. It was a massive place like I've seen while driving in other place before but it was still of decent size and full of all sorts of equipment I only wish we had at home. When we walked in Jessica told me I was her guest and I had to show my show I.D. along with filling out a paper for being there today.

Putting our stuff in lockers we went out to the exercise equipment. Jessica asked me if I wanted to join her for an aerobic class she comes here for. I told he I'd pass this time since I was just in the mood for a nice long walk and maybe a little jog. Parting ways I quickly found a treadmill since the place was mostly empty and spent the next 40 minutes alternating between a light jog to a steady walk as I watched one of the TVs they have up on the wall. While I was on the machine I took some time to also glance around the place. It was really nice for what they change to be a member and knew I would likely end up joining myself. I also got a glimpse at two men on the other side of the gym, one white, the other black. From the looks of it the white male was a member and the black guy a trainer as he seemed to be guiding him through some exercises. Plus he was wearing the same type of outfit all of the workers here have on. Of course my eyes were fixed on the black guy. He was well built though not huge but just right, darker skin tone, good looking, and put some really naughty thoughts in my head almost instantly. Physically he reminded me slightly of my online friend Jerome. Snapping out of it I knew this likely was not the best place to have such thoughts.

"Wait until you get home Marisa" I said to myself knowing full well that I was already in the mood. When Jessica came out she said she wanted to take a short shower and asked me if I would be ready to head home or wanted to stay longer. I informed her I was fine with leaving when she was ready. I told her I would take this time to sign up myself here, at least to try it for a month. Jessica was pleased I had a good time then headed off to clean up. Hopping off the tread mill I went over towards the front desk. As I left I took a glance over to where the two men were earlier and both were already gone.

"Damn!" I thought. "Was hoping to get a better look at that black trainer." As I walked up to the front I picked up a form to fill out for joining. No one was there at the time so I fill out the form before hitting the bell on the desk for assistance. Once complete I tapped the bell a few times and waited. Peering around again as I waited I was startled a few moments later by a voice.

"Can I help you" a man said from behind me. Turning around quickly I found myself staring at the same black guy I was watching earlier. 'What luck' I thought. He was even better looking then I thought from the distance I saw he earlier. He stood a little over six feet tall.

"Yes, I just wanted to hand this to someone so I could join" I said with a smile as I passed the paper over the desk top. He smiled back as he looked into my eyes and almost instantly got a strange look on his face.

"I'll go get someone who can help you with this" he said. "Have we met before? You look familiar" he added. I told him I do not remember meeting him, that maybe we've just passed each other sometime at a store of the like. At the same time thinking to myself that if we had met I doubt I would have ever forgotten him. I then told him maybe he'll remember when I'm here next time. He said he might as he called for the lady who is usually here. As he handed her the paper I filled out he walked away but kept taking glances back towards me with a puzzled look upon his face. Jessica soon appeared as I was completing the membership information. Once full done we left for her house where I jumped into my car, got home, and took a nice long shower. Later that night, not surprisingly, I found myself masturbating to the thought of that hot black trainer from earlier in the day before dozing off to sleep.

The next day was pretty uneventful. The weather was crappy as usual, cold with some snow. Spent most of it cleaning while home alone since John sadly wasn't going to be back for another day and a half. In the evening Jessica gave me a call and told me that she wasn't feeling well so she couldn't go back to the gym tomorrow as planned. I wished her well and told her not to worry about it. More so since I joined so I could head over on my own. When I woke the next morning it was snowing again and realized with the low temperature I would pack my workout clothing and dress a little warmer. Throwing on a pair of jeans, black boots, and a long sleeved shirt I stuffed my gym clothes into a bag, put on my coat, and drove over for a nice morning workout. I know I was nuts for going out in this weather, more so with my small car but I tried to take it slow and hoped I wasn't so dumb by doing this that I wouldn't be able to get back home later. I just needed to get out of the house again. When I got there I found I was the only person other than the employees. Guess the weather kept people away. First getting changed in the locker room I went over to the treadmill again.

Several minutes later some movement caught my attention. Turning my head I saw that sexy black trainer again standing near an office door looking at me with a big grin on his face. Being nice I waved at him and he returned the same. The entire time I was there he periodically would watch me which made me a little turned on. Once I was finished I strolled back to the ladies locker room. As I was about to enter I heard a familiar voice from behind me call out for me to "hold up!" Spinning around I saw it was that black trainer again, quickly walking towards me. I stopped and waited for him to approach.

"I knew I remembered you!" he said smiling. "You're Marisa! It didn't really click until I read the name on your membership application. When I got home I made sure and after looking at some photos I realized it was you." I told him I was really confused by what he was talking about. That I never recall ever meeting him before the other day.

"Well, you're right we never met in person" he explained. "We've talked though, many times before online. I'm Jerome!" I was speechless and wasn't sure what to say.

"You're kidding?" I asked.

"No, I'm not!" he said smiling. "I never thought I'd ever actually meet you but here you are! I'm off work in about thirty minutes because we're closing early due to the weather. I want you to wait for me okay? I just want to talk to you in person for a change. Been so long and this is like a dream come true for me." I don't know why but I actually agreed without thinking. As I got changed I was shocked that this had happened. Never in a million years did I believe I would run into him. More so since he lived in the next state over which was a good 40 to 50 minute drive from here just to the state line.

After getting dressed I grabbed my stuff and went into the lobby area. I felt like just running out and driving off. Felt awkward and wasn't sure if I should stay or leave. That ended up being decided for me. Peering out the front window I could see the snow hadn't stopped. In fact it had gotten much heavier since I had come inside. This meant some real problems for me. Our second car I normally use of a small rear wheel drive and not designed for this type of weather. It was bad enough getting here but getting back might be down right dangerous. More so since I had to cross over a small mountain going either way. What was I going to do?

"Shit!" I yelled out loud as I watched the snow fall.

"What's wrong" I heard Jerome say from behind me. Turning to face him I explained my crappy situation. He seemed upset by my plight. Explaining that he was going to take me out to lunch so we could talk but realized now that probably wouldn't be such a good idea. He was quiet for a minute then said he would take me home. I told him I wasn't sure about that. More so since he lived no where near me.

"It's really no problem Marisa. I have a an SUV meant for this stuff and I have nothing else to do for the rest of the day anyway. Besides what other options do we have right now? There's no place to stay around here. You're car will be fine here and I'll let them know it's yours. Plus it's not like you don't know me and I'm some strange creep" Jerome said. I stood there watching the snow fall from the window building up quickly racking my brain to figure out some other solution to the problem. As much as I tried I couldn't figure out another way home, reluctantly agreeing to Jerome's offer. He told me they would be closing in ten minutes and we would head out soon after that. I thanked him for helping me out. Taking a seat in the lobby I just watched out the front windows wondering if I made the right decision. Once everything was settled with his job Jerome came to me smiling and asked if I was ready to go? I said I was, standing up we both headed out to the parking lot.

The drive home was extra long because of the really bad weather. Even with Jerome's SUV we had to take it slow and careful. The normal 40 minutes ended up being over an hour long. We were one of the few cars on the road and the closer we got to the house the worse the weather seemed to get. It was a nice trip otherwise though. We talked the entire time, got to know each other even better, and made me very comfortable around him. We had a pleasant long running conversation and had a good time despite the rough trip. When we finally pulled into my driveway I offered for him to come inside for something to eat and drink before he made the trip back home. Jerome agreed and we were soon relaxing inside of the warm, dry house. I willingly made us both lunch and we both sat down to eat as we continued our conversation. Jerome said if he had known we lived so close to each other he would have tried to get us to meet sooner. That he lived right over the state line, almost literally which is why he ended up working where he does. The trip is nearly an hour but the pay is worth the effort for now.

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