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Best Intentions Ch. 01

by RainierWriterII©

My brief tutorial finally over, I relaxed back onto the pillows and began rubbing myself in earnest. This was no longer a lesson for my son; this was mommy's time to get herself off. I couldn't help it as I moved one foot to Darren's thigh and began stroking with my toes it as I fingered myself. Only a moment later, I came with a gush over my probing fingers.

My body shook with spasms so hard and for so long I was afraid I may actually pull a muscle in my abdomen. As my mind cleared, I realized that I was still slowly rocking my ass into my fingers. When I looked up, I found Darren staring back at me with an intensity he had not even shown towards his beloved video games. There was still a large lump in his pants, and I suddenly felt guilty that I had cum yet he had not.

Still in a heightened state of arousal, I stared at his groin for a moment, and then looked up into his eyes. I could tell by the uncomfortable look upon his face he knew what I had seen, so I gave him a reassuring grin and said, "That must hurt baby, why don't you take it out."

Darren's eyes went wide, as if shocked by my statement. I was certain he was still a virgin, so this was quite a watershed moment for him. There was obvious tension written across his face, so I offered him encouragement. In my most soothing tone, I said, "Take it out for me, mommy wants to see it." He groaned aloud, but did not move a muscle, so I whispered, "It's okay, sweetie. It's just you and me tonight. Don't be shy."

Very slowly, Darren's hand went to the front of his jeans, and began to rub his impressive bulge. I was certain he was about to cum in his pants, but felt relief when he moved his fingers to his belt. After he released the buckle, he opened his slacks and snaked his hand down inside of them. He fumbled around a moment, and then fished his cock out into the soft light of my room.

To say I was stunned would be an understatement. Although not very thick, my son's cock had to be at least eight inches long. I was wondering how I'd never noticed it before, and how the girls at school were not all over my little boy. I found myself salivating as I looked upon it in all its erect glory for the first time, thinking it the absolute perfect size to suck. Giving head was one of my old specialties, and that long, narrow sword appeared perfect for swallowing.

When I looked back up into Darren's face, I could see the uncertainty in his eyes. His whole body posture read, "What now, Mom?" I gave him a soft grin and said, "Go ahead, touch it for me."

Apparently the uncertainty vanished quickly, because Darren's hand shot to his crotch and he began stroking himself with vigor. He seemed to be struggling to rub his cock still partially trapped within the tight confines of his jeans, so I told him to take them off. He seemed reluctant to release his hard member, but he stood and pushed his pants and shorts down and unceremoniously kicked them away. Without being asked, he also pulled off his tee shirt and cast it away as well. It was hard to believe my eighteen year old son was completely naked before me.

Darren sat upon the bed once more and began furiously jerking himself off. My body was aflame as I watched his lewd display. I wanted him to enjoy the moment as much as I had, so I instructed, "Slowly, sweetie, go slow."

Darren's hand began to crawl up and down his shaft, but I could see the urgency in his eyes. I started thrusting three fingers in and out of my pussy, in perfect time with my son's sliding palm. It was obvious he was close to an orgasm, and I wanted to cum with him. I could hear his breathing increase as he sucked in air, and I knew I was about to see juice shoot from his rock-hard cock.

"It's okay baby, let yourself go," I moaned, as I fingered myself rapidly. Darren gave into the moment and began fisting his cock so quickly that his hand was a blur. Seconds later I watched as blast after blast of cum erupted from his prick, splashing in ropes across his chest and abdomen. I had never seen anything so overtly sexual, and came once more upon my driving digits.

I have no idea how long it was before my mind came back to the present, but when I did I found us both gasping for air. Darren had collapsed back upon my bed in exhaustion, while my head rested upon the pillows, as weak as a ragdoll.

Neither of us said a word for a long while, I'm sure equal parts astounded, excited and embarrassed by what just happened. Darren appeared too weak to move, so I decided to be the mom and take control. I pulled the two straps back across my shoulders, and adjusted the nightgown over my chest. I stood on wobbly legs, and made my way to the bathroom, where I grabbed two washcloths. I soaked one in warm water and then rang it out, before heading back to my room.

Darren was still lying prone across my bed, and I couldn't help but think how handsome yet vulnerable he looked at that moment. My motherly instincts kicked in, and I dropped to my knees on the floor beside him. Suddenly he was my little boy once more and I needed to take care of him.

He looked nervous as I dropped the damp cloth on his chest, and gently began wiping up the puddles. I ran the towel across Darren's firm chest, and then moved it lower as I tried to wash the cum from his abdomen. My eyes were riveted by the cock no more than a foot from my face, and ever so slowly I ran the washcloth even closer. It almost felt like an out of body experience as I wrapped it around his flaccid penis, capturing it firmly between my fingers.

Even though I had cum twice, holding my son's cock in my hand sent a tingle throughout my entire body. This was no longer the child I bathed in the kitchen sink years before, but a man. I slowly ran the wet fabric up and down his shaft, and then replaced it with the dry one. I dried his crotch, and then rubbed my way up to his chest to finish him off.

I sat on the bed beside him, and gazed deeply into his eyes. Darren looked so sheepish, like he had done something wrong, so I reached for him and pulled him into a hug. "You have nothing to be ashamed about, sweetie." I whispered in his ear as I stroked the soft skin of his back.

We held onto one another for a good five minutes, until I suddenly felt quite self-conscious about being so close. I pulled back a bit to look him in the eyes, and then gave him a soft kiss on the lips. "You should go get some rest now," I whispered softly, and he simply nodded in assent.

As I watched him collect his pants, it was obvious Darren was hard again. I felt bad sending him away in such an overheated condition, but figured he'd certainly be able to take care of himself in the privacy of his own room. Touched with great sympathy, inexplicably I said, "Darren, if this stays between you and I, well, umm, maybe we can do it again sometime. That's if you're okay with that, of course."

"Heck yea, Mom," he responded enthusiastically, looking as happy as a puppy dog.

"Okay, but we only do it when and if I'm ready. Please don't pester me for a repeat performance," I instructed, trying to regain a measure of control.

"No problem," he replied reassuringly.

I gave him a soft smile and said, "Well, good night, Darren."

"Night, Mom" he replied, and shuffled off towards his room.

No sooner had I turned out the light than I was rubbing myself once more, just as I'm sure my son was in his own room. In all my life I had not done anything so overtly sexual or taboo; not only had my son and I cum together, but I actually cleaned the seed off his penis.

And what a penis! As I touched myself, I couldn't help but imagine taking it into my mouth and sucking him to completion. I was certain I could take most, if not all of his long, narrow shaft down my throat. Then another thought entered my head. A cock like his would be perfect for anal sex.

I was shocked that I could think of my son that way, but after what we shared, I guess it was only natural. After my divorce, the first guy I dated constantly badgered me to try anal sex. I had never done it before, but was willing to give it a shot. Unfortunately, while my boyfriend was only of average length, he was very thick. We tried on a few occasions, but each time I was left feeling like someone was trying to shove a fencepost up my behind. Needless to say, that relationship came to an end rather quickly, no pun intended.

Another strong orgasm was brewing deep within my loins as images of Darren and I together ran through my mind. I could almost feel his cock sliding across my tongue and into my throat as I pictured myself on my knees before him, just as I had been when I cleaned him off. I rolled further onto my back, and pulled my knees up towards my chest. In that position, I thought of Darren sliding up to my bottom, and taking my ass and I came with a groan as my climax washed over me like a wave. Shortly thereafter, I fell into a deep, contented sleep.

When I awoke the next morning, I felt more refreshed than I had in ages. However I was genuinely fearful of what I might find from my son. Would Darren still respect me as a mother, or would he see me as some kind of whore for what I had done? I hoped for the best as I climbed out of bed and slipped into my robe.

As I walked down the hallway, the smell of fresh-brewed coffee wafted into my nose. When I arrived in the kitchen, I expected to find my son, but instead the room was empty. He left a brief note upon the table, letting me know he had to run to school, but there was hot coffee in the pot, as well as a fresh fruit smoothie in the fridge for me.

I honestly felt quite touched. Maybe this was his way of making it up to me for being such a pill the last few months, or maybe he just really enjoyed our special time together and this was his way of angling for a repeat session. Either way, I was happy. In spite of all my trepidation about putting on a show for him, the early results seemed positive.

I was very pleased by Darren's behavior the next few days as well. He was extremely attentive to me, but never once mentioned what we had shared or requested another go. Not that the idea wasn't appealing to me, as it honestly had been hard for me to think about anything else. I tried not to tease, but I felt such a sexual energy around him it was hard not to flaunt myself just a bit.

At work a few days later, Deb approached me to ask how things were going at home. I told her everything was much better, and she actually looked disappointed. Deep down I could tell she hoped things were still bad so she could once more offer her intimate support. I was feeling a bit naughty, so I pulled her into a hug and mashed my breasts up against hers. Just before I broke our embrace, I whispered in her ear, "Thanks for thinking of me." As I walked away, I intentionally put some extra wiggle in my hips and hoped she was watching. God, I was feeling super sexy!

Darren and I were watching a movie on TV just days later, and things on the screen got quite spicy between the lead characters. Although they were under the covers, it was clear they were simulating having sex, with the male on top of the female. I was feeling exceedingly horny, and wondered if Darren was as well. I glanced over, and couldn't help look towards his groin. I was not surprised to see a large lump in his sweatpants, and knew he was enjoying the scene as much as I was.

When the movie ended, I stood and began walking towards my room, but stopped after just a few paces. I turned to look back upon my son, and said, "I think I'll take a bath." After a pause, I asked, "Would you like to come to my room for a bit before you go to bed?"

Darren nodded his head rapidly, as he said, "Yea."

"Okay, give me about half an hour." With that, I headed for the bathroom.

After soaking for a while, my body tingled all over as I slipped into a pair of silk pajamas. I knew they were not nearly as sexy as what I had worn the last time, but I guess I wanted to tease Darren just a bit. Like before, I was sitting back on the bed when he knocked on the door.

When Darren entered the room, my eyes were immediately drawn to the lump that still lived in his sweats. Clearly he was as excited as I was with the prospects of what was about to happen. I told him to have a seat on my bed, and he dropped down in the same position as he had only days before.

I was so hot; I began to softly caress my body without saying a word. My hands danced over the silky material as I teased myself with gentle strokes. My nipples were distended and clearly visible poking through the thin material of my top, and I needed to touch them. Staring into Darren's eyes, I grasped my nubbins within my fingers and began to roll them.

Darren gazed at me intently, soaking in my every move. He had a look of complete adoration on his face, and deep down I had a great desire to please him. I ran my hands to the buttons of my top, and slowly began to undo them, top to bottom. After I had unclasped the last one, I tucked my fingers under the seam, and ran them upwards. Wanting to tease him a bit more, I slid my hands under the material to fondle my breasts, still covered by the fabric.

After caressing myself for a while, I asked, "You want to see, don't you?"

My son, the man of few words as always, simply nodded. I pushed the pajama top outward and eased it off my shoulders, exposing the twins before Darren's hungry eyes. I then pulled it down my arms and set it on the bed beside me. My hands immediately went back to my breasts as I began to rub my hard nipples once more.

His eyes were like a laser beam, pointed directly at my chest. The way Darren looked at me made me feel so desired, much like I had felt when I teased Deb at work. My body had been in a heightened sexual state for weeks and I was experiencing feelings I never had before. There was a throbbing in my pussy I could no longer ignore, and had to address it immediately.

Darren had been so passive; I wanted to get him more involved. I always liked having a take charge guy, so I pressed him with, "Do you want me to take my bottoms off?"


"Well,'re going to have to take them off me." I remained in place, wondering just what he'd do.

Without pause, he scooted up on the bed until he was sitting aside my hip, then leaned over me and grasped my pajama bottoms. With a series of firm tugs, he pulled them down my legs before removing them completely. Darren had a huge grin on his face as though he was proud of himself, which sent a tingle down my spine. That's my boy!

Feeling hotter than I ever had before, I lifted one leg and set it upon his thigh, so he was now nestled directly between my knees. Sitting the way I was, I realized I was spread wide open before him, as lewd a display as I could ever have imagined. Rather than be embarrassed, I gave into my darkest desires. Very slowly, I dipped two fingers inside my pussy and began to slowly piston them in and out.

As I toyed with myself, I had a deep desire to see Darren's cock once more. I gazed down and found his sweat pants mounded up by his stiff flesh. I stared back into his eyes and said, "Take it out for me."

A coy grin broke out across his face, and he responded, "You want to see me without my pants?"

I gave him back my own sexiest smile, and just nodded my head.

Echoing my own statement from earlier, he stated, "Well, you're going to have to take them off me."

I was surprised my son had been so bold, but candidly was thrilled. He seemed to be maturing before my very eyes, and I loved it. He really was going to make a woman happy someday.

I didn't want to stop touching myself, but reluctantly climbed off the bed and dropped to my knees beside him. He scooted his butt off the bed, and I pulled his sweats down and off his legs. When I looked back up, the tip of his hard prick was no more than a foot from my face. I froze solid as if mesmerized, and couldn't move a muscle. When my lips were finally able to form words, I breathlessly whispered, "Rub it for me."

I remained rooted in place as I watched Darren begin to stroke his cock from just inches from my face. I don't know if I leaned in closer of if he scooted forward, but out of the blue his penis seemed to be so near my mouth I could almost kiss it. Two fingers went back into my sex as I began touching myself in time with Darren's strokes. I suddenly realized that if we kept this up, he would cum all over me. I know that thought should have disgusted me, but to the contrary I was so turned on by the idea that I moaned out loud.

My free hand found Darren's thigh and I began to stroke it, trying my best to heighten his arousal. I noticed his fist was moving more rapidly, so I knew he was getting close. My toes began to curl and the muscles throughout my body tensed, and I knew I was about to cum as well. Darren began making grunting sounds; I couldn't help myself as I leaned forward and took the head of his long cock within my lips.

I sucked it hard for only a few seconds, when I felt the first blast of hot cum fire into my mouth. With the very first taste, the realization hit me like a freight train; I was actually sucking my son's cock. I desperately wanted more and drove my face downward, trying to engulf his entire shaft within my mouth. A millisecond later, my own orgasm overtook me, yet I still tried desperately to gulp down every subsequent shot of Darren's salty seed.

After I came, I felt faint and collapsed against him, my head resting on his thigh with his cock still in my mouth. As I fought to regain my breath, I found that I was almost nursing Darren's prick between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, unwilling to let it go.

Even after sharing what we already had, I never expected to suck my son's cock. Sure, I had fantasized about it, but that was only in the darkest recesses of my mind. I had been so sure it could never really happen. Yet sitting there as I was there on my knees before him, my mouth tasting of fresh cum, I felt like a total slut. Suddenly I was wracked with guilt, and ashamed for what I had done. How could a loving mother ever do such a thing?

Standing quickly, I grabbed my robe, and pulled it tightly around me. I was at a complete loss for words, but somehow mumbled, "You should go to bed now." Darren looked at me with wide eyes, and tried to speak, but I cut him off before he got a word out with, "I'm tired sweetie, let's call it a night." Feeling ashamed, I turned my back as he began collecting his clothes.

After an agonizing twenty seconds or so, I heard a soft, "Night, Mom."

"Night honey," I responded weakly, just before I heard the door thump shut.


End of chapter I. If you think this is worthy of a part II, please let me know.

Written by: RainierWriterII

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