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The High Price of Cumming

by WarBunni©

"I've been a bad girl." I confessed.

"What did you do?"

"I came without your permission, Sir."

"Tell me, slut."

Cringing, I related the story of the night before. I had been reading an erotic story online about a novice sub's trials before being accepted by her first Dom. I pictured myself in her role and cast you as the Dominant. While indulging in this fantasy, hubby started playing with my wet slit, stroking it up and down. I was slick with my own juices and his fingers glided up and down over and over, stopping occasionally to dip inside or to swirl around my clit. I was humming in my throat with the pleasant sensation, just floating along reading while he played with my body. When he pushed a finger in my ass, I came suddenly.

I waited nervously for your reaction.

"You will O 18 times between now and when I see you on Monday. You will document each time. Narrative or video."

"18 times? Yes, Sir. Is this my punishment?"

"It is. Enjoy, slut. And no faking."

"No, Sir."

I thought about digging out the egg vibe that I keep in my filing cabinet for when I play with you to get the first one out of the way but decided against it. I would come to regret that decision over the course of the weekend.

Eighteen times would be a challenge, but surely it would be within my means to get it done even though I had never cum that many times in as short a time. The most I had ever done before in a single day was 4 or 5 times.

I had planned on going out with my friend that evening and didn't get home until late, so I went to bed without reducing the count at all. I mentioned my punishment and the reason to hubby, who didn't say anything about it.

This morning my hangover-addled brain tried to figure out how frequently I would need to cum in order to successfully complete my punishment. I came up with something like every two to three hours, if I didn't sleep. I felt a little panicky, but still thought this was doable.


I knew I needed to get started on my task, so I woke my husband up by rubbing his back and sliding my leg up and down his. He finally got the hint and rolled over. I stroked his cock until he was hard then he got on his knees between my legs.

He pushed my knees up against my chest and pushed into my pussy which was already wet in anticipation. Holding my ankles together in front of me with one hand, he played with my clit while stroking in and out of my cunt. He pounded me hard, his balls slapping against my ass each time he drove into me. I was moaning and panting. He squeezed, twisted, and pulled on my clit until finally I came. As my pussy throbbed against his cock, he came inside me then collapsed on top of me. After a brief rest, he got up and ran me a bath.


After my bath, I was ready to go again. I had used the jets from my tub to clean the cum out of my pussy, and it was fresh and feeling empty.

I grabbed my favorite egg vibe and dildo and climbed into bed. I turned the vibe on low to get warmed up and applied it to my pussy lips. The vibrations spread to my clit, and I could feel myself getting wet enough to slide the dildo in. The dildo slipped into my cunt smoothly, and I just enjoyed the feeling while the vibrator continued to hum.

My husband came back into the room at that point and saw me playing with myself and decided to help out. He took over manipulation of the dildo, and I concentrated on the vibe which I had now moved directly onto my clit. When I felt the pinprick of pain in it, I knew I was getting close. I squeezed and pushed against the dildo, straining to cum, until I tossed my head back and came with a moan.


We had gone out for lunch, and I knew I needed to cum again in order to stay on schedule, so I headed to my bedroom and stripped. My husband followed, and I helped him undress as well. Feeling uninspired already, I decided lie in bed and read another erotic story. If they could get me into this problem, they could certainly help get me out.

I began reading from one of the collections of short stories I own, and once again, hubby began playing with my slit. I was lying on my back with my legs scissored with his. It makes it easy for him to fuck me and play with my clit while being low effort enough to maintain for long periods of time. He fucked me slowly and deeply. To help me along, he grabbed my egg and buzzed my clit. The long slow strokes and intense vibration soon had me speeding towards another orgasm, this one more powerful than the first two of the day. A moan was ripped from my lungs when I squirted all over his cock. The pulses left me shaking and spent, but my husband had other ideas.


He wasn't done with me yet. Rather than give me any rest after the contractions in my pussy had ceased, he turned the egg up a notch and started fucking me in earnest. I was whimpering and asked him to stop which he refused to do, saying that it was his turn. I couldn't really argue and thought to finish him off faster by thrusting back against him.

The effect this had was to cause the vibrator to pound against my clit in addition to buzzing. The sensation right on top of the previous orgasm made me cry out with each thrust of my hips. All of a sudden during the pounding, the vibe cut out. A change of batteries proved that it was dead. I had burned out my favorite vibe!

Luckily, there was a bullet vibrator in the bedside drawer. He grabbed it, flipped it on high, and soon we were slamming against each other once more.

I was determined to force him to cum. However, he had a similar plan in mind for me too. Along with his own cock, he stretched my pussy by adding my silicon one. I felt full and stretched, and my now well-used cunt was splashing its juices all over with each thrust of our hips.

The pain from the vibe hitting my clit and the pain from the stretching soon had me building towards climax again. I covered his cock with my cum when I came painfully and squirted around the two cocks impaling me. The extra stimulation of my cumming is all it takes to finally milk his orgasm from his cock, and he shoots inside my still throbbing pussy.


Bedtime. Time to fuck again. Sigh. Funny, how quickly this has escalated into true punishment which I am dreading.

I get into bed naked and position myself on hands and knees. I wiggle my ass at hubby who places his cock at my slick opening. I brace myself, and he slides his shaft in my pussy. He fucks me with a leisurely pace. There is no way this is going to be enough stimulation to make me cum. My mind wanders, and I wonder when he's going to finish, so I can get out my vibe and take care of myself.

After he's done, I lay back and grind the bullet into my clit, hoping the pain will push me over the edge quickly because I am tired and just want sleep. I let my mind drift to the things you have said you want to do to my body and picture your satisfied face when I have done something to please you. I push and strain towards my orgasm, and when it comes, it is a small fluttering in my pussy rather than the violent convulsion I had been expecting.

I drift off to sleep fitfully.


I haven't slept well tonight. I know I'm dreadfully behind on my count, and I'm a little panicky about finishing my punishment. I snuggle up against my husband for comfort, and he spoons me in his sleep. I wrap his arms tightly around my chest, and he groggily begins flicking my right nipple.

Most of the time, he ignores them, so any time they get attention they respond enthusiastically. Shortly tremors start racking my whole body, and I realize it would be easy to cum with just a bit extra. I start tickling my pussy lips which soon part and reveal my clit to my fingers. While he flicks my nipple, I do the same to my clit. The tremors in the rest of my body are soon echoed in my cunt, and I settle down to attempt resting again.


Rise and shine. Eleven more to go in one day. I have no idea how I'm ever going to do that. Just have to focus on one at a time. Breathe.

I lean over and give hubby's cock a sloppy kiss and wake it from its slumber. With a pleased moan, he rolled me over on my back and nestled his hard cock against my cunt. I was not yet aroused, so my pussy lips were stubbornly closed. That didn't stop him though. He pushed his way in and found me warm and wet inside. He picked up the bullet vibe and wedged it between us against his cock before settling his weight on top of me.

It's another fast and furious fuck. I love it this way, with his balls spanking my ass with each thrust. He comes quickly and pushes his cock in deeply, holding it there, pressing the bullet against my sensitive clit. He has my hands pinned to the bed, and he waits there motionless, as my back begins to arch and my orgasm approaches. I squeal as I cum, the feel of the buzzing suddenly too intense on my clit.


There you are! I found you online, and you directed me to clamp my nipples. It hurts but in a delicious way because the pain is for you. Having you here talking to me has set my juices flowing again. I grab my vibrator and apply it to my clit, holding it in place by squeezing my legs together, so that I can still type. You tell me you dreamt about using me the previous night. That word, "use," thrills me and makes me crave your touch. I pull up the webpage with the cuffs on it that I have ordered. I imagine the smell and feel of the leather as you fasten them about my wrists for the first time. Then I hear the click of the lock, asserting with a leaden finality your control over me. I start breathing heavily and cum with a small cry. I thank you for your help in adding another to my count.


I had to go to work. This is seriously going to cut into my cumming time. Luckily, I have a file cabinet drawer with some help. Rather than wait, I decide to get started right away, so I can get another one done.

I stuff the twin of my poor dead vibe inside my panties. I know I'll need to let the vibe run for a while to get me off, so I start working. After a time, I tilt my pelvis forward to apply more pressure to the egg with my desk chair. My pussy feels empty, but I focus on the sensation in my clit, and I'm able to cum with a gasp before returning to my task. I leave the vibrator in place with the remote in my pocket, so I can use it again later.


Right before heading home for the night, I flip the switch on the egg on high and pull up your picture on my computer. I think about the videos you showed me recently. I know you want to do those things to me, and it both scares and titillates me.

My mind moves on to the last time I saw your cock. I get down on my knees and picture myself at your feet with your cock bobbing in front of my eager mouth. The image of me taking your cock in my mouth while you hold my head in your strong hands sends my hand inside my panties to finger my pussy. I fuck my pussy with two fingers in rhythm to the fucking you are giving my face in my fantasy. I feel my cunt clench on my digits as I cum for you another time.


There is no 11. Ten is all I managed to do in the time allotted to me, and I'm frustrated because I know you will be disappointed with me, and that's the last thing I wanted.

Written by: WarBunni

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