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Fixing Up Hubby with Our Babysitter

by WayneGibbous©

Lisa was both excited and so thankful and appreciative when I called her to offer my husband on a regular basis. She did ask me if I was in to girl-on-girl sex and, well, it had been a number of years, but I told her it was fun the last time I did, so she said that she'd be open to that as well.

I told Aaron the latest development and he seemed to be pleased that we would both be able to enjoy Lisa together and that started our threesomes which have gone on for, well, tonight is Friday, she's due here and Aaron and I are only going out to dinner so we can be back as soon as the kids are in bed.

Then, the three of us are headed for bed; let's see, it's been four years now, and Lisa's out of college and working for a local bank. She's like part of the family. A very intimate family.

Written by: WayneGibbous

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Category: Loving Wives Stories