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Sabrina Gets Hers

by Just Plain Bob©

I spent a quiet weekend at home and told Sabrina that I felt up to going to work on Monday.

"I'm still a little weak, but I should be okay as long as I don't overdue it."

Monday evening I again followed Sabrina to the same motel, but it was room 146 and Ron met her at the door and let her in. Five minutes later Mark pulled up and went into the room. I wrote down the info on Mark's car and drove home.

I was still sleeping in the spare bedroom and I faked being asleep when Sabrina got home. I was going to have to find a new excuse for staying away from her; I couldn't use the flu as an excuse forever and I was going to need at least another week to put my plan together. I decided to keep it simple. I would use one of Sabrina's own tricks against her. Whenever we argued over something or fought over something Sabrina's response was always to cut me off until she decided to make up with me. As much as she liked sex it never bothered her to cut me off for as much as six months, but of course now I knew why it never bothered her. She only cut me off, not her lovers.

When I got home from work on Tuesday Sabrina was waiting for me.

"How are you feeling baby?"

"Pretty good."

"Up for some fun in the bedroom?"

"After dinner. I need to build up my strength a little bit more."

I'd thought about it all day, about how to get Sabrina so pissed at me that she would cut me off as far as sex was concerned. It wasn't until quitting time that the idea came to me. I was walking to the elevator and one of the file clerks was walking in front of me. She was wearing slacks and I was admiring her ass and suddenly I smiled - I knew what I was going to do.

We finished dinner and I helped clear the table and then Sabrina washed the dishes and I dried them and put them away.

"Ready to make up for lost time lover?"

"Lead the way."

She was undressing and dropping clothes as we headed for the bedroom and I wondered how she could be so hot for me to fuck her when she obviously didn't give a rat's ass about me. She thought I was a wimp and she told her boyfriend I was. She held me in contempt so why the big push to get me to make love to her? Well, she wouldn't push after I was done with her this time.

She was naked when we got to the bedroom and she got right onto the bed. I told her to get on her hands and knees and she ginned at me as she did it. Doggie was her favorite position. She wiggled her ass and said:

"Hurry baby, hurry. I need it bad. I've gone almost a week without you and I'm going crazy."

I moved up behind her and ran a finger into her cunt to loosen her up and I found that she was wet, really wet and I knew then that she'd had a nooner with one or both of her boyfriends. Was that what her wanting to fuck me was all about? Seeing to it that I got her lover's sloppy seconds? No matter, their juices were going to help me. I took my cum covered finger out of her pussy and slid my cock into her. I started slowly fucking her and then I took my wet finger and shoved it into Sabrina's ass.

"What the hell are you doing?" she cried as she tried to pull away. "You know I don't like that."

Of course I knew it, that was the whole point. She tried to scoot away from me but I held on and scooted after her. She got to the head board and couldn't go any farther in that direction and I had too firm a grip on her for her to turn and move to the side. I pulled my cum coated cock out of her pussy and then I drove it into her ass. She screamed as I started slamming my cock into her:

"Stop it, stop it" she sobbed, "I don't like this, you know I don't like this."

"How do you know that Sabrina, you have never let me try it before. How do you know you don't like it if you've never tried it," I said while thinking "at least you have never tried it with me. Maybe you found out you didn't like it when you did it with one of your boyfriends."

Sabrina buried her head in a pillow and her sobs turned into moans and I smiled as I listened to them and fucked her. I hadn't had sex in over a week and I wasn't able to make the grudge fuck last as long as I would have liked, but it had lasted long enough to accomplish my purpose. I blasted a load into her, pulled out and started to get off the bed.

"Damn, that was fun. I'll go wash my cock and then you can suck me hard. I feel like I can go all night."

Sabrina scrambled to get off the bed, "You bastard! You rotten fucking bastard!" she screamed at me as she ran out of the room. Sabrina didn't talk to me for the rest of the week and didn't that just break my heart.


My plan was not without some risk to me. If I got caught doing what I had to do I would be the one ruined. The fact that I was willing to take the chance showed just how badly I wanted my revenge. It was expensive, but if it did what I wanted it would be the best money I ever spent. Phone calls to friends who had friends who knew people got me in touch with the man I needed and a midnight meeting in a parking lot got me what I had to have. By the following Sunday I was ready and when Sabrina went to work Monday morning the die was cast.

That night I again followed Sabrina to the motel and when she and her two lovers were inside room 136 I got out of my car and went over to Ron's. I found it unlocked and I popped the trunk and planted the half-pound of marijuana behind the spare tire. Mark's car was locked and so I had to use the Slim Jimmy that I had purchased from a Snap On tool man to break into the car. I opened his trunk and planted a pound of grass in it and then locked the car up after sprinkling an ounce of the grass on the back bumper to give the police probable cause for a search.

I drove half a block away and called the cops from a pay phone and reported seeing a drug buy taking place in room 136 of the motel and then I gave the plate numbers of Sabrina's, Ron's and Mark's cars. They asked me for my name and I quickly said: "No way man. I ain't setting myself up to get whacked by no bunch of Colombians" and I hung up.

I drove to another pay phone and called all three local TV stations and gave them the same information I had given the cops. There had just been an election and the new mayor had campaigned vowing a war on drugs and I knew the cops would react quickly. The TV stations knew the same thing and they would get there to get the story.

I drove another block to a third pay phone and called and called Ron's and Mark's wives and told them that their husbands were in room 136 at the Sea Breeze motel with a woman and then I drove back and parked out of the way where I could watch without anyone wondering about me.

It only took ten minutes for the police to get there, but it took them another half-hour to get organized. First a couple of squad cars showed up, then the SWAT van followed by two unmarked cars full of plain clothes detectives. By the time the cops were ready the news reporters were on the scene and the TV vans had arrived and set up. I watched as two SWAT cops took down the motel room door with a ram and let four other SWAT cops go bounding in with guns at the ready.

God, but I do wish I could have been a fly on the wall and have seen Sabrina's face when that door crashed down. Three minutes later Sabrina, Mark and Ron were led out of the room in handcuffs. Mark and Ron had their under shorts on, but Sabrina was naked under the blanket thrown over her shoulders. I hit a preset on my cell phone and called the president of Sabrina's company. When he answered I said:

"Are you aware that three of your middle management people are running a drug ring out of your corporate office?"

I told him who they were and what was going on at the Sea Breeze even as we were speaking. I made the same phone call to all five members of the board of directors and then I drove on home. When the cops searched Ron and Mark's cars the cops would find the planted grass and in Sabrina's purse they would find an ounce of cocaine. Under the front seat of her car they would find four more ounces. Not knowing what Ron and Mark's wives looked like I don't know if they were in the crowd that had gathered or not, but I certainly hoped that they were there.

The story was on the ten o'clock news on channels two and seven. I had to laugh when the anchorman on seven said:

"Mayor Jones started keeping his campaign promise today as the police took down a major drug ring operating out of one of the city's motels. No news yet as to how much was seized."

There was footage of the three arrested "drug kingpins" and we were encouraged to "stay tuned for more breaking news." I turned off the TV, unplugged the phone and went to bed.


I laughed when Sabrina asked me to put the house up as security so she could get bail. She finally talked her parents into putting up the money and when she got out of jail and came home she found the all the locks changed and all of her stuff piled in boxes in the driveway.

"Why are you doing this to me" she asked.

"Because you are a whore and I don't want anything to do with you any more."

"But you don't understand. If you would just let me explai..."

"I got all the explanation I needed when I saw you on the news being led naked out of a motel room" and I shut the door in her face.

I did help her father load all of her stuff in a U-Haul, but I refused to talk with him about his daughter. Sabrina called two or three times a day, but I would never talk to her and when she showed up at my office one day I had security remove her from the building.

She, Mark and Ron just 'happened' to be caught up in a downsizing at their firm. And the three didn't fare too well when it came to their legal problems. Even though they were first offenders, because of the mayor's anti drug stance they did not get the probation that a lot of other first offenders received. They didn't help themselves by continuing to protest their innocence even though they were caught with the goods. Sabrina hurt herself big time when she demanded a blood test to prove there were no drugs in her system. The test showed her as clean as the driven snow which allowed the prosecutor to claim that it was proof that the drugs found in her purse and in her car were for sale and not for personal use.

Because the mayor wanted to show immediate results of his war on drugs the three were offered a deal. One year jail time and two thousand hours of community service. With good behavior they could be out in nine months. Their lawyer told them they were toast so they took the deal. While Sabrina was locked up I filed for divorce as did Ron's wife and Mark's wife.

The three of them did their time and when they got out I kept track of them. When the time was right I went calling on Mark. I heard later that he had three broken ribs and a broken arm when he got to the hospital delivery room. I suppose he could have pressed charges, but I was willing to take my chances in front of a jury. A man stomping the man who was screwing his wife would get me sympathy from the men on the jury anyway. Either Mark apparently figured it would go that way or he felt guilty for what he'd done so he let it drop.

Ron and Sabrina were staying together and I caught them coming out of a bar one night. After I had finished with Ron and had kicked him in the nuts for the sixth time I turned to Sabrina and said:

"Not bad for a wimp huh...RINA? Remember the Christmas party where you sucked off Ron in that little back room? Remember him saying, "If he's the wimp you say he is we could fuck right in front of him and get away with it? Remember that... RINA?"

I saw her face change as it all came together for her and I laughed. "That's right RINA, the wimp got back at your cheating ass. Better call an ambulance for your boyfriend here. He don't look so hot."

She was still staring at me as I got in my car and drove away.

Written by: Just Plain Bob

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