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Freedom Acres

by Lilith760©

The evening started out innocent enough. Once again the promise was only to dance. No pressure on Lilith to having sex with another woman or couple. We would just dance as erotic as we could muster. If anyone was interested in joining us, so be it, but there would be no pressure.

Last time we were at Freedom Acres Lily got a dance floor thrill when, as we danced, a woman, Hispanic but about Lily's height, came up from behind and took her right there. The floor was packed, the music load. I don't know how long the woman had her sights on my wife. At first she rubbed Lily's back, the slid her hands around to Lily's breasts while pressing her own into Lily's back. She unbuttoned Lily's translucent blouse and exposed everything to everyone. Lily arched her arm around to the back to the woman's head and they both swayed side-to-side to the music. She lifted the Mrs.'s short pleated skirt, and started rubbing Lily's panti-less pussy.

Now I just watched giving no regard to my dance steps. I noticed a few other women started to pair up in similar fashion. The boys, like me, stayed clear and just watched.

Lily arched back and it looked like she put all her weight on the woman that was giving her pleasure. As she petted more vigorously and occasionally inserted a finger or two Lily started to shake. Her breathing was labored and quick. She had a kind of Tina Turner stance as she approached the precipice. Up, down, side-to-side they went to the music as the tension rose in Lily. She growled and her knees buckled and she came. She didn't collapse but it was obvious she could not sustain the orgasm and standing at the same time for very long.

She rung the last of the orgasm out her, turned and laid a passionate kiss on the woman. Lily grabbed my hand and we joined this woman, her husband and a few others for further adventures in the back rooms.

On this night though, Lily wore her black shorts that make her butt look great: round and firm. Her top was a white, loose crossover. Her dark nipples shown through like shadows on a shear window curtain. Though many at this lifestyle dance were topless or even naked at the get-go, we prefer some subtlety. Almost showing is much more erotic.

We were the only couple on the dance floor to begin with. It was still kind of early. Lily and I formed to each other just like we spoon in bed. I would run my hands along her breasts pulling gently at the blouse. Lily's nipples were now hard...she was "stealing raisins." From behind I nuzzled and kissed her neck, while my hand slid along her crouch. Lily tilted her head back, then raised her arms and angled them behind my head. My other hand pulled away the blouse exposing a breast -- perfectly round with light Polynesian brown skin. Lily had been sunbathing nude so for now no bathing suit borders.

Others began to dance to the hip-hop music now. At first just a trickle of folks followed us onto the dance floor. One couple who we'd seen when entering the club danced very close to us...too close for the number of people. She wore a white dress with silver sequined edges. It was sleeveless and the hem barely covered her vitals. She was young and dark for a Caucasian. She had low profile braces on her teeth! She had really nice stems in high-heal pumps. He was older, maybe late 40's, somewhat overweight but dressed nicely in slacks and a Tommy Bahama shirt worn outside.

As we danced they would mimic Lily and me. He turned her to face us and ran his hand along his partner's breasts. He flashed them now and again. They were small and gorgeous. She had sharp edged nipples that made perfect circles and had a youthful puffiness. She raised her hand behind his head. She would grind her pelvis while using him to stabilize her dance.

She stared, silently urging with her eyes for Lily to come to her, feel her, kiss her. Before I could bring the forbidden pressure to bear, Lily shimmed over with me in tow. Their clothed breasts met. They embraced and kissed while he and I swayed behind our respective mates. Later we would come to learn that this was Vicki and Dan.

Lily moved Vicki's dress to expose her breast. It was young, somewhat rectangular and soft. I ran my hand round it. Likewise Dan cupped and squeezed Lily through her blouse. I shifted Lily's blouse to expose her boob and Vicki bent to suckle. Dan continued to play with the other side. Lily had one hand covering Vicki's pussy and was massaging her love from outside her dress.

Lily twirled so she was between Vicki and Dan. Now, I was behind Vicki and it was a nice behind. She pressed her cheeks into me. My cock was hard but restrained in a downward direction due to my pants. In all this action no one would be watching me so in one quick motion I reached in and pull him up. Ahhhhhh.

My attention returned to the game at hand. The dance floor was now a convention of barely dressed bodies all swirling around us in their own small groups of pleasure and ecstasy. Obscured to everyone except those immediately adjacent, we continued our play.

Lily, in her new position between Dan and Vicki, put her hand behind Vicki's neck under her barely shoulder-length, straight, light-brown hair. Lily went for a very passionate kiss, tongue deep and lively. My cock, in its new position was feeling the pressure of V's butt and the vision of their kiss made it throb. I pulled away to relieve the tension that was about to burst.

They disengaged from the kiss and Lily bent for her turn on V's right breast. I could see the smear of lipstick on V's areola. Lily's left hand went back to V's pussy outside her dress. I wondered if Vicki wore underwear. V convulsed, and sighed instantly with the touch. This was a sign of things to come. Somewhat startled Lily moved her hand back to Vicki's shoulder to steady herself as she continue to lick the perfectly round and smooth nipple. Though her nipple puckered due to the stimulation it remained round, only smaller and more pronounced from the breast.

All the while Dan didn't seem as affected as I. He kept in play, his crouch pressed on Lily's behind. They freak danced as Lily continued with Vicki. Dan's left hand pulled Lily's blouse open so that both boobs were out pointing down at gravity's insistence. He slid his hand over a breast, then lightly brushed back and forth along Lily's rock-hard nipple.

Dan opened a gap between him and Lily's bottom. His right hand groped along between the checks of her derrière until his forefinger landed on her pussy from the outside of her shorts. He agitated in the vicinity of her clitoris. Now, Lily moaned. A trickle rolled down her inner-thigh.

Lily's hand came off V's shoulder. She reached behind her self. Guided by D's leg she crept up to his crouch. There from the outside of his pants she found his shaft. It was hard but like me earlier held down by his underwear. Lily grabbed hold and stroked his penis in violent downward motion.

Still holding on V's left breast Lily reattached her lips to the other side. I was stunned at her aggressiveness. She was clearly enjoying Dan's attention and the passion she was inspiring in Vicki. I was angling to get re-involved.

All-at-once though, the music stopped. The party host stepped up on the stage to make an announcement of some sort. Vicki, Lily, and Dan straightened and recovered. Unfortunately I could not rejoin in time.

Lily and I went back to our table. V& D gathered their drinks from their table and joined us. It was now we learned their names and where they came from (Long Beach).

We had light conversation but Lily wanted to cut-to-the-chase. She asked if V&D had ever been to this party before and if they'd seen the back rooms yet. As it turned out this was their first time at this club. So we offered a tour. The girls went to the rest room to prep. Dan and I grabbed some towels and waited.

In past visits nobody went to the back rooms until late. Then, as you walked around you could watch all manner of love-making. Groups of couples intertwined, women giving blow jobs, men licking pussy, women licking pussy, everyone sucking nipples and the cacophony of slapping flesh and orgasmic cries.

As we entered the play rooms this time though, there was no one. It was way too early. We made stops at the various alcoves in the maze of rooms. Lily showed us the "no street clothes" room, the double-decker beds, and the cubby holes that fit just one pair of humans. In all the areas people could stand and watch the activities but now there was no one to watch. We might just be the first show.

We settled on a second floor room, lined with king sized beds with adjacent twins running perpendicular. There was a water fountain and that sealed the deal for us.

Lily started things off after a bit of small talk. We were seated around the corner of the bed and Dan was standing. Lily ran her hand up Vicki's back, nuzzled and gave a short kiss on her neck. Leaning away she crossed her arms and lifted her blouse over her head. Dan was transfixed. He obviously was a hooter aficionado like me. There they were, firm, round and dark. Lily's circular nipples are darker but fade into her breasts along the edges of the areola. Dan was about to reach for them when Vicki who was also enjoying Lily's boobs when she stood, reached the hem of her dress and in one motion removed it like a shirt. Talk about your entrance.

In an instant she was naked and oh how naked. Vicki was thin but not boney. She had curvy hips that sprang from a tiny waste. Her breasts as I said before were small but beautiful. They were almost raised soft-edge squares that bulged on the outside. A crease in her tight body lead from between her breast to her diamond belly button piercing. Below that was a completely shaved pussy. She was young, say early 20's, her skin new and smooth. She stepped out of her pumps and push Lily over on her back just as she had finished taking off her shorts. Vicki fell between Lily's legs and suckled her breast as she lay on top.

Lily rolled Vicki over and ran her finger into Vick's pussy and her mouth on the closest breast. Without so much as a how-dy-do, Vicki came. I'd haven't seen an orgasm this quick since a girlfriend of mine in college. It startled Lily. Dan explained then and there that Vicki was "very sensitive."

While Dan and I removed our trousers and shirts Vicki rolled on top of Lily and over to where both girls were on their backs, side-by-side. I mounted the bed next to Vicki. Lily sucked her nearest breast and I ran my hand along Vicki's smooth torso to her cleft. There I started pressing and circling Vicki's clit. I heard the quick rise of orgasm but something bugged her. She pulled my hand away. I don't know if it was fear of Dan being jealous or I was doing something wrong but I didn't pursue it. Soon Lily's finger replaced mine and V began to come again. Lily was clearly enjoying this.

After the second instant-orgasm, with me kneeling next to the intertwined girls Dan encouraged Vicki to suck my fully engorged cock. She demurred. I think it was too new and freaky for her. Lily told her to only do what she liked, that I would be cool. Of course I was cool, but I certainly wouldn't have minded. I was on my knees my penis sticking out over Vicki's chest, well within reach, but it was not to be.

Vicki again mounted on top of Lily, playing with her breasts and kissing. Her body angled up from her head to butt, her knees to either side of Lily. She let me feel her bottom without objection. It was like Lily's breasts: round, firm with a bit of give provided by a thin layer of fat under the skin. It was heavenly.

Lily's legs were spread. Dan preferred to stay up top with the girls so I dove in. What a fantastic scene. I was chewing on Lily while between Vicki's legs, which straddled Lily's hips, I could see Vicki holding and sucking one of Lily's breasts and Dan on the other. Lily's hand and forefinger were stroking Vicki's labia to one side. With some strain I could see this action which was nearly above my head.

Lily began her more gradual but deliberate climb to orgasm. Her breathing became heavy. Her fingers moved faster around Vicki's pussy, knees twitching. Then the rush of trumpets came from her mouth and a slippery gush of natural lubricant flowed from her crevice. It was an exquisite crescendo. I nearly came just hearing it, feeling it.

I hadn't realized it until that moment the Lily had a hold of Dan's penis and was milking it uncontrollably through her orgasm. He and I were on par as far as size but he had dark untrimmed hair. Lily pulled the cock toward her and just gave it a little kiss.

As Lily's orgasm faded Dan step away probably because like me he was on the edge. I too surrendered my position to see where we were going next.

Lily pushed Vicki over on her back, mounted her by her pelvis, and then slid down passed her knees. Lily pushed Vicki's legs up and separated them. Lily went down for a taste of this hairless mound. I could see from my once again kneeling position Lily's tongue dart into the crease and around the clitoris. I was really, really impressed. I watched Lily as I felt Vicki's glorious tits. Dan again encouraged her to suck me or at least grab my cock. Again though, she didn't. Dan bent over Lily and with his cock along the line of her cheeks reached up and held both of Lily's boobs. Vicki sprang to life and came again. This time with an extended vocal aria. If there had been anyone around it would have been the hit of the ball.

Lily was ok with Dan's all-encompassing grip but did not want to have his cock in her. That was our rule. Neither Vicki nor Dan challenged this. But Lily was ready to fuck. She stood straight and came away from Dan and Vicki straight to me. I was now on my back but slanted on my elbows. Lily turned around and shimmied up to my mid-section, backwards! I wasn't sure her objective at first. It turned out to be a tactical move to include Vicki in my climax. Lily grabbed my cock, inserted it in her and leaned back on my chest. She rolled her pelvis to tease my sensitive cock into submission. Vicki took the bait and straddled Lily and me. At first she sucked on Lily's tits while thrusting along with our movements. Then the clincher: she took a hold of Lily's head by the ears and laid a passionate French kiss on Lily. Through the fog of war I could see the breasts and nipples pressing, glistening lips roiling, hair bouncing, and the synchronous pelvis's swaying. I was defenseless. No turning away or thoughts of baseball would prevent me from coming. So I did. Usually, my orgasms are more of grunt but this time as my cock imploded then exploded my yell was like that of the Rough Rider's charge up San Juan hill. Lily stiffened and moaned into Vicki's mouth. She was rigid as she also came.

Vicki dismounted towards Dan who'd watched all this. Lily and I decompressed in our slanted position. Vicki angled her pussy towards Dan's cock and he inserted in a doggy style, perpendicular to Lily and me. Lily and slumped in our upward facing spoon. Dan reached over Vicki's back and played with Lily's breast. And now, I guess since we knew each other and since Vicki's head was so close, she pulled my cock from Lily and started pumping it. I was pretty spent but I didn't mind. She, to my surprise, starting kissing my somewhat limp penis, mimicking Lily's previous engagement with Dan's. I couldn't see this of course, other than auxiliary motions but I could definitely feel it. Her face was essentially buried in Lily's lap below which was my cock. The object here I believe was to tease Dan into submission.

Lily sat forward and motioned Dan and Vicki into another position.

The doggie style changed to Dan on his back and woman-on-top style. Vicki rolled her pelvis forward and back not up and down. It was heavenly. Lily kneeled between Dan's legs. She pressed her breasts into Vicki's back and held both of the smallish breasts from behind. Once again Lily was caressing Vicki's neck with her tongue. Lily let one boob go and fingered Vicki's clit while they pulsated along Dan. Vicki's head leaned back into Lily. She dropped one arm back and found Lily's waiting pussy. She rubbed Lily's tired clitoris and then inserted a finger.

Dan exploded as if he was getting jolted by a defibrillator. Vicki immediately followed. She let go of Lily, moved her hand to Dan's belly, stiffened and lifted slightly. Her body had a seized. She grimaced and let out a mild cry. Together they collapsed. Lily was very proud of herself.

As the panting died out we talked a bit, got dressed and went our separate ways. D&V may have come back to the play rooms later that evening but Lily and I were tired. We hit the Jacuzzi for awhile but then dressed and went home.

One regret: why in the hell didn't we get their phone number!!!

Written by: Lilith760

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