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Lesbian MILF Seductress: Neighbor

by silkstockingslover©

NOTE 1: A special thank you goes to my two editors (Estragon and Steven B) and my good friend Julia who took their valuable time to edit, make suggestions and support my writing.

NOTE 2: Of course, all participants are at least 18 years old.

NOTE 3: Warning---there is light bdsm...


My name is Bree. I am in my first year of college; I am a Lesbian MILF Seductress. I have been for a couple of years now. I don't know what it is about me, but girls will do almost anything to have the privilege of eating from my sweet nectar. At first it was just girls in my school who were desperate for a taste, but I soon realized I had that effect on many women of all ages. Now I still seduce girls my age, especially girls I suspect are virgins or bitches who need to be put in their place, but for the most part I focus on MILFs.

Over the next few months, when time allows, I will share with you one of my many seductions. There is nothing better than turning a sweet, cute, innocent, MILF, into an eager, submissive, pussy pleaser. Having a MILF on her knees begging for just one taste is the ultimate turn on. Just the thought of such submission, gets my tight, shaved, ripe pussy rearing to go. Of course, after I have corrupted her, stained her forever, I get bored and move on to another future dyke. I know it sounds heartless and I suppose it is, but I can't help it. As Popeye says, "I am who I am," or whatever the fuck he says.

I decided to start with the seduction of my neighbor because although she was not my first seduction (although "seduction" may be a bit inaccurate...more of an aggressive domination), she was my first MILF and one of my best friends' mom. I began writing it myself, when I decided, fuck it, let's have the slut herself tell the story. So I called her over to my house and had her lick me to an orgasm, as I told her I planned on having her story published online for all to read. She gave her usual weak-minded protest, but I slid a toy in her cunt, and told her she could not cum until she had finished typing the story. She was shocked that I was going to make her write it and even more surprised when I instructed her to go to my computer and write it this instant.

She reluctantly obeyed when I threatened her with a butt plug in the ass while she wrote. I have to admit, I think she did a pretty damn good job. I should also note, the ending includes a plot twist that even I didn`t expect when it happened.

Without further MILF slut will tell you her story...


BECOMING A PLAY THING-By Bree`s lesbian play thing Nadine

My 18-year-old Mistress demanded I write the story of my fall from perfect suburban wife to submissive whore. Although humiliating, the truth is I wouldn`t change a thing....

My life changed forever, in the blink of an eye, on May 23rd of last year. That was the day I unknowingly began my descent to becoming a sex slave to my 18 year old neighbor. My name is Nadine Winston and I am 42 years old. I am a librarian at the local high school, a member of the PTA and the president of the writer's guild of our town.

I have a daughter Katherine in college now, although she was in grade 12 when this all occurred and a husband (Dave) who is the best lawyer in town.

I am a natural blonde, with blue eyes, long legs and small but firm breasts. I work out 3 days a week and always dress fashionably.

We were having our annual summer-is-near barbeque with our neighbors when everything in my life changed. I was in the kitchen finishing the salad when Bree, my neighbor and best friend's daughter, came into the house. She was dressed in an incredibly revealing two piece bathing suit that left very little to the imagination. She grabbed a glass of water and came and sat down. I was staring at her slutty outfit when she said to me, "Mrs. Winston, are you a dyke?"

Not only had the suddenness of her question shocked me, but also the bluntness. I sputtered out, "Excuse me?"

"Are you a dyke? A rug-muncher? Do you like to eat pussy?" she asked matter-of-factly.

"I understand the question," I stated, "But how could you ask me such a question?"

"You have been checking out my tits all day today."

"That is not true," I stated adamantly. "I am just shocked at what your mother lets you wear."

"Oh really," she smiled deviously. "So you have not wondered what it would be like to suck on my nice, juicy, young, round, tits?" She stood up and moved right in front of me.

"Bree, you need to stop talking like that immediately!"

She ignored my command. "Never considered being on your knees begging to please me?"

I tried again, with sharper emphasis in my voice and a pointed finger, "Now stop your trashy talk, young lady!"

She was undeterred. In fact she moved closer to me, "Never thought about being my personal fuck toy? My personal slut?"

I tried to speak but no words came out.

She moved even closer, "Never fantasized about tasting my sweet nectar?"

"Bree, that is enough!" I demanded.

"Oh no Mrs. Winston, I am just getting started." She then grabbed my ass, squeezing my butt cheeks firmly. I tried to move away, but her grip was too strong. She whispered into my ear "Mrs. Winston, you have a nice firm ass. I can't wait to fuck it with my strap-on cock." She then lifted up my skirt and slid a finger into my pussy, before I had a second to respond. "Fuck, Mrs. Winston, you are kinda wet. You are a little lezzie, just like your daughter." She fingered me for a few more seconds, pulled her finger out and made a show of sucking on it, licking my juices from her finger. She smiled and said seductively, "Not bad for an old cunt." And just like that, she calmly walked back outside.

Stunned, I plopped myself down in the nearest chair. Had that scene just occurred, or was I dreaming? Or fantasizing? No, it was real all right. My still quivering and wet pussy seemed proof enough of that. Now I should note that Bree is a very attractive girl. She is pretty, sarcastic and outgoing. This mixture of personality traits seemed to create a certain aura about her that I could never really understand. Although I was not a lesbian and had never even considered even remotely experimenting in the past, there was something oddly intriguing about Bree.

Finally, my daughter entered the kitchen and broke my reverie. "Do you need some help, Mom? Jeez, you look exhausted." I quickly feigned responsibility and handed her some of the finished garnishes to bring outside. She seemed satisfied and left. I sat stunned for a few minutes, until my daughter came back in and asked if I needed help. This brought me back to my senses and I quickly got the rest of the garnishes ready. I looked at my daughter, wondering about Bree's last words. Could they be true? Was my daughter a lesbian? No way, I answered myself. She was dating Zack, a big linebacker on the school's football team and a handsome young man. I let these crazy thoughts leave my mind and headed out to the backyard with the dressings for the burgers.

As we ate, I tried to avoid eye contact with Bree, but when I did look her way she was smiling at me with a mischievous smirk on her face. When everyone was done with supper, Dave asked about dessert and I said I would go and get it, like a good housewife. Bree offered to assist and even though I said I could do it by myself, she insisted.

Once back in the kitchen things got even more out of hand. Bree grabbed my ass as soon as we were out of view and continued the degradation. She said, "Mrs. Winston, you are one hot MILF. The guys at school talk about fucking you more than they do Katherine." The thought of young men wanting to fuck me gave me an initial ego-burst. The thought of them fucking my daughter, however, was extremely disturbing and uncomfortable.

I pushed her hand away and insisted, "Bree, that is quite enough. How can you treat other women like a piece of meat? That is what men do."

Bree laughed disdainfully. Somehow she had me backed up against the counter again, my hands bracing myself. She took the opportunity as she must have seen it presented and grabbed my right breast harshly. "Oh Mrs. Winston, don't you understand? All women are either dominant or submissive. You are submissive. You like being treated like a piece of meat. Even now, I can feel your nipple harden."

"I am not submissive," I tried again to state insistently, even as I remained planted. I also realized she was right about my nipple. It was almost begging for further mistreatment.

Laughing harshly again Bree continued, "Yes you are, you don't even know it but you are. You will be my slut soon. You will be begging to please me."

I laughed this time, an attempted disdainful one.

She laughed back in equal disdain. With a suddenness that seemed to be her nature, Bree grabbed a small carrot from the table. Before I even had time to react, she slipped it under my skirt. I pulled back and she commanded, with gritted teeth, "Don't you dare move, bitch!"

She had said it with such conviction that it scared me into stunned motionlessness. Bree must have taken this as compliance and casually slid the carrot up my vagina. I moaned in bewilderment as she pumped it in and out furiously. I could not deny the ease with which my vagina accepted the raw vegetable. Just as suddenly as she had fucked me with the carrot, she removed it and quickly replaced it with a finger. As she finger-fucked me, she asked menacingly, "Why are you so wet, Mrs. Winston? You seem to be enjoying this immensely."

I squirmed in a half-attempt to release myself, but Bree increased her hold by grabbing, then pinching my breast, "Mrs. Winston, why are you letting your 18 year old neighbor finger-fuck you?"

With all the force I could finally muster, I pulled hard and broke away. "Leave now," I pleaded.

Bree shrugged and popped the carrot into her mouth, her eyes meeting mine. In an instant, she left, appearing to head for the washroom upstairs. Having just been so near to orgasm, I about collapsed into the nearest chair and tried to compose myself. Even with Katherine entering and complaining about the length of time it had taken, all I could do was point at the fridge in an attempt to get her to pick up the desserts and leave. With a quizzical, though thoughtful, look, she just accepted my implied suggestion, taking the dessert outside. Absentmindedly, I followed.

When Bree came outside, she casually sat with my daughter, laughing in conversation as if nothing unusual had just happened in my kitchen. My kitchen, I emphasized to myself in thought. Bree's aggressive behavior with me became even more surreal, if that was possible.

After dessert, the guys went next door to watch a ball game on the 60 inch big screen as Carrie, Bree's mom, and I began to clean up. Bree just stared at me smugly, never breaking eye contact; finally I did.

During the next half hour, I somehow managed to socialize with Carrie, though the image of her daughter was ever-present. Eventually I left Carrie outside to tidy up as I carried more plates inside. Bree was waiting behind the counter. Cheerfully, she greeted me, "Hello again, Mrs. Winston. Ready to submit to me yet? I bet you'd love for me to finish what we started. Would you like a carrot again? Or my finger? Or perhaps more than one finger fucking your horny cunt right here on the counter?"

I considered the submission aspect first. Hadn't I already done that? She had carrot-fucked me and finger-fucked me, both close to orgasm. What on earth could she be thinking that was more of a submission than that? I shivered, not wanting to consider it further.

Almost ready to resign myself to defeat, I had a sudden thought that perhaps Bree had another motive, so I sighed and suggested, "Bree look, maybe we can work something out. What do you want from me? Money?"

She laughed sarcastically. "Nadine," she whispered almost sympathetically. I noticed not only the change in tone, but also the familiarity of her calling me by my first name. "My parents make way more money than you do. I don't need money. I want you between my legs. I want your submission, your never-dying affection for me, your very being."

Her superlatives stirred anger in me, "That will never happen," I responded confidently.

Bree's smile never left her face, "Nadine, you don't have a choice. You think you do, but you don't. "

"I will tell your mother," I defiantly responded.

She laughed, "What are you going to tell her, that you let me fuck you with a carrot? "

I began to respond with even more conviction when she continued, "That you are a little whore who eagerly wants to pleasure your neighbor's daughter?"

"Stop it now," I said firmly.

Her anger appeared with that same suddenness as earlier, "Shut it bitch. You will be mine. I promise that you will eat my pussy and beg me to fuck your MILF ass. You will be my personal play-thing." She paused, letting out an exaggerated moan as she demanded, "Now get over here and replace your daughter between my legs."

Her obnoxious and absurd declaration startled me. I walked around the counter and was stunned to see my beautiful, innocent (or so I thought) daughter eating her best friend's pussy. The absolute boldness of such a thing happening right there, in my kitchen, was flabbergasting! Was there no limit to the risks she would take? No limit to her boldness? No limit to her need for power? I shivered again.

As I tried to process this shocking sexual ordeal, Carrie walked in. Quickly, Bree had Katherine stand with her behind the counter, appearing casual but for my daughter`s mouth glistening with wetness. Carrie was oblivious to my tension, carrying on with the clean-up.

The next few minutes were a blur as Bree and Katherine left and I chitchatted with Carrie. The night came to an unceremonious end when Dave came home drunk and passed out in our bed. Katherine called, saying she was staying at Bree's. I lay in bed pondering what had happened, wondering why I had allowed Bree to do what she did to me. As I thought about it, my hand seemed to move, against my will, to my vagina. I ended up masturbating myself to sleep, images of Bree`s aggressive attack on me refusing to leave me.



When I awoke the next morning, images of the previous day had me perform my get-ready-for-work procedures in a dream-like state. Thankfully, once I got to work, my responsibilities took charge, and I navigated my day normally. I arrived home refreshed; in fact, ready to perform as any housewife whose husband would be arriving home an hour later. That quickly changed when I went upstairs to check on Katherine.

As I approached her bedroom door, I could detect a clear moaning sound. Instead of knocking as usual, I found myself intrigued, so I eavesdropped. The moans became distinct words now, Bree's words. "Yes Katherine, make me cum. Eat my pussy!" My impulse was to barge in and stop this ridiculous conduct, but I resisted that reaction and listened. Bree moaned loudly, "Yes my little slut, finger my cunt, make me cum baby." Bree's moaning got louder as she finally screamed, "I'm cumming, whore!"

Shocked at the sounds coming from my daughter's bedroom, I was even more shocked when I realized that I had been masturbating myself to near orgasm from them. If not for hearing footsteps now approaching the door, I certainly would have brought myself to a rousing finish. Panic ensued instead, and I quickly rushed downstairs. I was feigning the beginnings of supper as Bree and Katherine entered, holding hands.

I was almost getting used to Bree providing shock value when she bluntly blurted out, "Your daughter sure can eat pussy, Mrs. Winston. I just came hard all over her pretty little face. If I had brought my strap-on, I would have found it difficult to resist her using it on me."

Trying to get control of the situation in some way, I said, "Bree and Katherine, this has got to stop."

Bree chuckled and said, "OK, if that is what Katherine wants, I will no longer allow her to eat my pussy or take my strap-on cocks in her pussy and ass. Is that what you want, dyke?"

Katherine's face was as red as an apple, her head dropped as she shook her head in the negative.

Bree, her voice raised, "Use words slut. Should we stop?"

I let out a gasp at hearing my daughter be called a slut.

"No," my daughter responded.

"No what?" Bree toyed.

"No I don't want to stop pleasing you," she barely got out, never looking up.

"Katherine," I began.

"Shut up!" Bree roared at me, and then said, "Slut, tell your mother what you just did to me."

"I-I-I ate your pussy," she stuttered.

"Was it good?"

"Yes," she barely got out.

"Who was the first one to fuck your tight pussy?"

"You," she responded.

I wanted to stop this, but I was speechless.

"Who was the first to fuck your ass?"

"You," she said, tears running down her cheek.

Bree then looked at me and said, "Your daughter and I are going to a movie together and then she is going to stay at my house tonight. I want to fuck her pussy and probably her ass too. I'm hoping to make her feel like she has been gangbanged. Actually, I should set up a gangbang for your daughter." She paused for a second, moved towards me and said, "Unless you are ready to submit to me." I looked at her speechless and frozen. When I didn't answer, she grabbed my daughter's hand and walked out of my house.

Only a few seconds later, Bree walked back into my house and came over to me. I trembled with both fear and anticipation. She explained, "I left you a little something on your daughter's bed. Well two things if you include my delicious pussy juice. I expect you to keep it warm for me inside you until I come to retrieve it. If you disobey, someone will be punished."

"Bree, I..."

"No talking," Bree said, "You will be mine. You will be between my legs, lapping my shaved cunt; you will crawl on your knees and beg for me to fuck you with my strap-on cock. You will be my sex slave. You can't resist me. Your body gives you away. We can do it the easy way or the hard way, your choice." Again with her knack for suddenness, she quickly had me in a passionate lip-locking, tongue-weaving kiss that had me reeling in emptiness when broken. She then simply turned and walked out.

I waited a couple minutes to be sure she was gone. Too curious to hesitate further, I entered my daughter's bedroom. There, upon her bed, was a circular plastic ball. For a moment, I considered its purpose. Surely something like that could have no sexual one. Surely, it was not meant for a vagina, mine at that? As I pondered just that, I heard the front door. My husband was home. Not just home, as it turned out, but home joyous.

It took only the time for him to explain his joyousness, his victory in some law case, for him to also cum in my vagina. Seems his celebration was a quickie with his wife.

The rest of the night was uneventful as I worried about my daughter, but had no idea what do to about it. Should I tell my husband? How would he react? Should I walk over and talk to Carrie? What would she say? How could I explain this?

For the second night, I masturbated myself before bed. Embarrassment and a feeling of shame swept through me five minutes after I came. I had to stop this before it got even more out of hand...but how.



I woke up the next morning and I really believed it was all just a dream. But the strange ball in my underwear drawer reminded me it was indeed not a dream. I got ready for work dreading seeing my daughter or Bree there. I am a school librarian, and although I seldom saw either of them during my working day, I certainly worried about it now.

I put the ball in my purse and headed into work. The morning was uneventful until Bree and her English class came into the library the first period after lunch. I was a nervous wreck. I saw her look my way a couple of times, but her facial expression gave nothing away. Late in the class Bree walked over with a book and handed me her library card. She smiled and accused, "You are not keeping my little toy warm are you?"

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