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Lesbian MILF Seductress: Neighbor

by silkstockingslover©

Aghast I was, putting it mildly, almost screaming, "You want me to go to Joan's, dressed like this, and borrow batteries for a vibrator."

She just nodded.

"Dressed like this?" I repeated exasperatedly, as Carrie untied me.

"Yes," she moaned. I got the idea her moan was both from my daughter's tongue on her pussy and the power she was feeling over me. "Oh my God, Nadine, your daughter really eats pussy well. Now hurry up," she groaned. Fascinating that in her ecstasy, she was able to add a threat. "If I don't have that to fuck your daughter, I will have to call up Walker."

That was a fate I would do almost anything to prevent my daughter from having to endure. So I took the vibrator as Bree gave me final instructions "Make sure to tell Joan that I am your mistress if she asks. Oh, and offer to please her in any way she wishes."

"I can't do..." I began, but was interrupted.

"Do I have to call Walker? I bet he would love to fuck a teacher," Bree said threateningly.

I sighed and left as Bree moaned, "Keep licking slut."

As I walked slowly past my house and towards my neighbor's, I considered the situation. Joan was a single 30-ish black woman, a lawyer by profession. Being single, I kept thinking to myself, could she be attuned to any of these neighbourhood goings-on? I kind of hoped for that as I knocked on her door and waited.

Joan opened the door and looked at me, a surprised and somewhat shocked look rather than the understanding one I had hoped for. As she obviously eyed my appearance with a look that said, "Why the fuck are you wearing a cheerleader outfit?", she gathered herself and spoke in a neighborly way, "Hi, Nadine."

I blurted quickly, "Hi Joan. Can I borrow some batteries for this toy?"

Joan looked at me now with the more stunned look I had expected in the first place. I think she responded more to get me off her entryway than anything, "Um ok. Come on in."

As soon as I entered, I handed Joan the toy. She seemed to look at it as if it were a natural thing to be handed by a neighbor wearing a cheerleading outfit and needing batteries. I'm not sure what I would have done under the same circumstances, but she just took it, casually glanced at my outfit again and told me she would be right back.

I did find myself standing there rather ashamedly, now that I had time to think about it. But she came back, still acting natural as can be as she finished inserting the batteries. She then turned it on to make sure it worked, "Seems to works now," she remarked, again casual as can be. "But I have to ask, Nadine, why are you in a cheerleading outfit?"

Although I considered going into a long explanation, a lying one, to try to explain, I went with the truth instead, "Bree made me." I also still clung to the hope that Joan would understand right away. Maybe Joan was a Bree slave as well.

"She made you?"

"Yes," I said, and then I really came out with the truth, "I can't explain it, but Bree is my mistress, and I must obey everything she requests."

"Really?" Joan queried, lengthening that 'really' to indicate that she thought she was being put on.

"Oh, yes, really Joan" I said. And now I really pushed the envelope, "Oh, and I almost forgot, I am supposed to ask if you could use my services." I actually attempted to offer seductively, as if I was absolutely willing.

"Excuse me?" she asked, her tone telling me she clearly was not Bree's slave.

I stepped it up a further notch, now confident and convinced that she saw my outfit as one of the sexiest things she had ever seen. In retrospect, maybe the toys still both in me had me so horny that they swayed my judgment. "Yes, Joan," I boldly went on, "I would love to eat your pussy."

Joan, in no uncertain terms, demanded, "I think you should leave now, Nadine!"

"Ok," I said, trying to sound put off myself. "Sorry to bother you." I left, now feeling humiliated. She was my neighbor, I saw her often. How was I ever going to be able to look her in the eye again? I also had a fear that Joan might tell my husband or worse, the school.

Those thoughts did not last long. As soon as I returned to Bree's bedroom, she took the now operating vibrator and immediately pushed it into my daughter's pussy; she was now on her knees between Carrie's legs. Carrie smiled at me, "Your daughter has an amazing tongue, Nadine. You really should try it one day."

I said nothing; although I would be lying if I said watching my daughter in her complete submission, had not turned me on again.

As soon as Carrie had an obviously terrific orgasm, both she and her daughter put on strap-on cocks. Bree lay on the bed, her six inch cock standing straight up. She demanded, "Nadine, over here now." I walked over to her. Bree said, "Katherine, please take out the toys in your mother." Katherine obeyed. Bree instructed my daughter, "Get the camera."

Without instruction I straddled Bree's plastic cock, lowering my body onto the toy. When it was completely in me, I felt Carrie push me forward. Soon I felt a slim toy slide into my ass. I looked at Katherine who was videotaping her mother's first ever double penetration. The double fucking had me horny in seconds and I decided fuck it. Looking right at the camera, I uttered in my most sensual voice, "Oh yes, fuck my ass Mistress, show my daughter what a whore I am." I leaned forward and kissed Bree and when I broke it I grunted from the hard ass fucking, "Thank you for making me your whore. I will never disobey you." I looked in the camera and said, "I will do anything. " I then looked directly at my daughter, allowing my words and intentions to just soak in.

I screamed another orgasm as Bree said, "Are you suggesting you want to fuck your daughter, Nadine?"

"No," I moaned, "I want to be her slave as well."

Bree looked at Katherine and asked, "Do you want mommy as your own sex slave?"

Katherine gave a smile so devious I could not believe it was her as she said, "Oh yes, mommy will make a great little dyke for me."

Carrie fucked me to another orgasm before pulling out. I fell forward and Bree's cock slipped out of my well used pussy. Carrie surprised me and everyone else when she commanded, "Bree, get over here and eat your mother." Bree, for the first time, looked surprised. This was clearly new to her. She did not move at first, but Carrie sternly ordered, "Now, slut."

Bree looked wounded, but obeyed and moved between her mother's legs. Carrie gave Katherine a nod and Katherine said, "Mommy, get over here and please your daughter." I quickly obeyed and dove between my daughter's luscious legs. As soon as I licked her pussy I knew this submission was what I wanted. I licked slowly, savoring the aroma and nectar of my daughter. I don't know how long I was between my daughter's legs, but it was a long time, before she came. I allowed her orgasm to subside, and then I moved up and kissed her passionately. I heard moaning and turned to see Bree getting fucked by her mother.

Carrie said, "Why don't you two go home and get better acquainted. My daughter here needs a long night of training," she said as she continued to thrust the strap-on into her daughter.

I said, "Yes Mistress, but Mistress Bree..."

"Byyyyy," she moaned, as her mother fucked her, "I still own you."

"Understood," I said as my daughter took my hand and we returned home for a long night of incestuous pleasure.


Present Day

That was just a year ago. Since then I have pleasured so many pussies (and a few cocks) that even guessing an exact number would be preposterous. Katherine and I would sleep in the same bed whenever Dave went out of town. He still does not know.

My life changed on May 23rd of last year. I went from a prim and proper mother and wife to a cunt-licking, extremely submissive, anal loving, servant to my daughter, Bree, Carrie and many others.

The barbeque is about to start, I need to get outside and host. I have no idea what Bree, Katherine or Carrie have planned for me today, but I can't wait to find out.


Did you enjoy my slut's descent into submission? I bet you did.

Nadine has indeed turned into one of my best behaved MILF sluts. And although she doesn't know it, tonight her husband will find out the truth. What can I say, I'm a bitch.

Well that is the story of just one of my many MILF sluts. If you're curious to hear about my many other conquests, drop me a line. I could tell you about Ms. Martens (the other teacher in this story); I could tell you about the judge who submitted to me; I could tell you about the bitchy pretentious sorority mother who became the sorority pet; I could tell you about the cop who pulled me over for rolling a stop sign and ended up handcuffed in our sorority house; I could tell you about the pop star I got a backstage pass to meet (how I got the passes are another story actually) and how she ended up between my legs; or I could tell you about turning the tables on my mother and making her my fucking slut. So many stories...and they are only just beginning...

Anyway, I got to get back to the barbeque; it is going to be a very interesting night.


Of course, I would love to hear your comments and suggestions for this story.


Written by: silkstockingslover

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