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The Happy Voyeur

by Raventim©

Sally lay back amongst the warm bubbles and closed her eyes, letting her mind drift. It had been a hard day at work, in fact it had been a busy week and she realised that she hadn't really paid too much attention to Tom, her husband, over the last week or so. It wasn't deliberate she thought to herself, it was just that they were both so busy with work during the day and there never seemed to be enough time in the evening to really catch up.

She opened her eyes and reached for the glass of chilled wine that Tom had poured for her before she came up. She took a sip and looked down at her rosy pink nipples, which were just peeping over the soapy bubbles.

"Not bad" she said to herself, "Not bad at all"

She knew that her nipples had always attracted attention when she was out on the beach, even when she was still in her teens and hadn't really developed her figure. Now of course she had the body of a voluptuous woman, but despite putting on a few extra pounds, her breasts and erect nipples always turned heads. She smiled to herself remembering the look on Sam's face the first time she had exposed them during a drunken party game.

Thinking of Sam brought a tingle to her body, although she and Tom occasionally fantasised about Sam and his wife Amy when they were making love, she hadn't thought of him whilst she was just bathing. She reached down and cupped her right breast with her free hand and circled her erect nipple with her thumb.

Almost without thinking, she slipped her right hand below the water and between her thighs. Slowly drinking her wine she ran her fingers over her hairless mound and found the stiff little clitoris, which she gently rolled between her first two fingers. She carefully placed the wine glass on the side of the bath and then with her left hand opened up her love valley so that she could better pleasure herself. Both knees fell open against the sides of the bath and her fingers began to work frantically, until with a shudder the waves of pleasure and release rolled over her.

After a few minutes the glow subsided and she decided it was time to get out. She finished her wine and stepped out of the bath. As the water began to drain away, Sally began towelling herself, catching a sight of her tanned body in the full length mirror. As she patted the towel between her legs she realised that she wanted more.

Often after taking a bath late at night, she would slip into bed and wait for Tom to finish up downstairs and join her; however she also realised that the combination of warm bath, comfy bed and maybe a glass of wine often meant that she was soundly asleep before Tom even made the bedroom door.

"Tonight, we'll do something different" Sally said out loud, deciding to surprise Tom and at the same time satisfy her still swollen passion.

Downstairs Tom sat in front of the keyboard. He had been finishing up some urgent work which needed to be ready for Monday and had decided to get it done tonight, leaving the rest of the weekend free. As he connected to the internet to send the documents on, he realised that Sam was online. They hadn't spoken for a while so Tom sent him an 'invite' to connect by webcam.

Tom and Sam chatted away, each bringing the other up to date on the latest that was happening. Sam explained that Amy was at work, as her new job meant that she had to do some late evenings and so he was by himself, laughingly he said that he wished that he was having an evening with Tom & Sally, if only they lived closer.

Suddenly Tom heard Sally's footsteps in the corridor. He had assumed that she had just gone off to bed as usual, but now she probably wanted to know where he was and what he was doing. Without knowing why he did it, Tom hit the minimise button and Sam's face disappeared from the screen as the door opened.

Tom turned round to speak and his mouth dropped open at what he saw.

There was Sally in a 'fishnet' all-in-one playsuit that she had bought a number of years ago, and underneath it she was completely naked.

Sally burst out laughing; Tom's reaction was just what she wanted.

"Come on" she said "Time for bed".

Tom glanced at the screen and realised that webcam link was still active and that Sam was certainly watching everything.

"Hang on a minute" said Tom "I was just e-mailing Sam to catch up. Why don't you add some news yourself, while I use the bathroom?"

"Even better, why don't you add some raunchy stuff to see if you can turn him on?"

With that Tom got up and Sally sat down. As she turned to face the screen she thought that this wasn't how she saw things working out, but the memory of her recent orgasm brought a smile to her face and she thought about how daring she could be in her e-mail to Sam.

Tom leant over her shoulder and cupped both breasts in his hands. He gently kissed her cheek. "I'll be back in a moment" he whispered, and with that he slowly pulled down the scooped top of the playsuit to release Sally's full breasts.

This is better than TV, thought Sam. He realised immediately what Tom had done, so he made sure that the microphone wouldn't pick up any sound. Instead of a boring night waiting for Amy to get home, here he was, sitting 200 miles away from Sally, watching her beautiful breasts sway from side to side as her fingers worked across the key board.

It had been some years since the four of them had shared a wonderful summer, visiting the sauna and Jacuzzi at the club and then afterwards relaxing in each others' company, swapping partners and having passionate sex until the sun began to rise. All that had finished as Tom and Sally had moved south because of Tom's job.

With thoughts of evenings long gone and the sight of Sally's wonderful globes Sam found that he had now got an erection, the tip of his cock nudging at his waistband. Things were getting hot, so he pulled off his shirt and jeans leaving on just his boxers.

As he watched the screen, he saw that Tom had come back into the room completely naked sporting an impressive erection as well. Tom walked up behind Sally and sat on the corner of the desk, his manhood standing straight.

"What a naughty boy" said Sally and grasping his balls, bent down and took the shiny end of his knob in her mouth. As she bent over him Tom pushed the fishnet further down her body and Sally with her free hand wriggled the garment free and kicked it away from her.

She pushed Tom back across the desk and whilst holding him down with one hand, pushed the fingers of her right hand deep inside her moist vagina. She removed them and slowly pushed them between Tom's lips so that he could taste her salty sweetness.

"I came in the bath thinking about Sam" she said "and thought that you might like some fun"

"That's fantastic" replied Tom "but why don't we let Sam join in?"

Sally looked puzzled, then bent and took Tom in her mouth again rolling her tongue around his swollen shaft. As she glanced up she saw Tom reach for the mouse and move the cursor. She was confused, and then all of a sudden Sam appeared smiling on the screen in front of her.

Sally was stunned, "What the hell, how did you do that?" she stammered, stepping back and covering her breasts and pubic mound with her hands.

Tom burst out laughing and then explained what had happened.

Sam broke his self imposed silence "Hi Sally you look gorgeous, don't cover up on my account, just look what you've done to me"

With that he stood up and pushed down the waistband of his boxers, as he did so his weighty cock filled the screen.

Sally's head was in a whirl, what should she do, call it a day or go with the flow?

Luckily for both of the boys, Sally's hormones were now in full control, grasping Tom's dick she pulled him behind her as she bent over the keyboard and squared up to the webcam.

"Fuck me Tom, fuck me hard and make me come again!"

Tom needed no encouragement; he pushed the head of his penis against Sally's engorged labia, she was gushing wetness as he began to pump against her buttocks.

At the sight of this Sam couldn't hold out any longer and began to rub his swollen cock in time with Tom's thrusts.

As he moved in and out of Sally's wetness Tom reached around her and picked up the webcam. Watching the screen he positioned it so that he could focus on her glorious cunt. He was sure that Sam would appreciate the camera work.

Sam was in heaven, as well as admiring Sally's fantastic nipples he also loved her vagina and the swollen lips. Now he was close up it was almost as if he were in the same room.

This was going to be fast and furious thought Tom, as he felt Sally quivering and saw her chest become flushed. As he listened to her panting mixed with his, Sally suddenly cried out. As she came, her head dropped onto her shoulders and she began to gently moan as Tom continued to move in and out.

Just as Tom felt himself reaching his own climax, he heard a grunt from the screen and saw that Sam had released a torrent of his own.

With that Tom could hold back no longer and he felt his sperm shoot into Sally's warmness.

This had been fun thought Tom but now was time for bed and to see if Sally was still happy to play.

"Goodnight Sam", Tom said "let's do this again. Oh shame about your keyboard, I'm sure you'll get it clean before Amy gets back"

With that he logged off.

Written by: Raventim

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