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Mormon Chicks Like Big Black Dicks Ch. 07

by MormonChicks©

I had kind of made a "Deal with the Devil" with Joni's sister Tami. You know, the kind where you sell your soul later for something really good now. I know changing for loyalty from Joni will probably bite me in the ass later. Yet, Tami's position as the Bishop's wife put her a level above Joni. A level, Hell. Mormon's jump when the Bishop says jump and Tami takes the same power over the Relief Society ladies.

As a note, as most don't know squat about the LDS Church, the Relief Society is the women's branch of the church. Men do the Priesthood rituals and old Joseph Smith tossed the ladies a bone by creating the Relief Society to sew and quilt and, in general, do charity with the membership.

Being the Bishop's wife has about the same power in the Relief Society as being the President of the PTA at your local school. Having a bunch of uptight cunts as members makes a lot of potential makes them a challenging group, but having my black cock loving Tami at the head of this bunch can make it really interesting.

So, our pact, Tami and I, is that I don't let Joni know what we are doing. With Tami having the time of her life with Derek and Anthony she hasn't given much interest in fucking me again. Lucky for me she seems to prefer my boss, Derek, over Anthony. Her comment to me is, "The black boy really knows how to fuck." I guess Anthony relies more on size than technique in his relations with the ladies.

I got a call from Tami saying she wants me to meet a friend of hers. To me that means another Mormon Chick looking for strange dick. Which in turn means I are being lined up to get some more LDS pussy. I got the invite to meet her the following afternoon before work. The three of us will meet at one of Tami's listings. Not sure of the neighborhood I got an early start and found that Tami and her friend were already at the house.

The for sale sign was in front of a very upscale house in a trendy subdivision. The story would be if anyone asks would be that I am the friend's husband and we are interested in buying. Tami saw me pull up and was at the door to greet me.

"Come on in. Linda is inside. The owners of the house are retired and will be gone a couple of months in their motor home. We'll have it to ourselves unless a neighbor gets nosey."

This place was pretty grand inside. Not that my standards are so high, but compared to the dump Tami took us to when she fucked Anthony this was a palace. Maybe Tami wanted to degrade herself a little more while going for the monster black cock.

"Linda, this is my friend I was telling you about." Tami introduced us without giving my name. Probably a really good idea. I thought of using an alias, but this just added to the mystery. "Linda and I have been best friends forever. The friend I could talk to about wanting some strange cock and have her want to try some, too."

Linda was beauty pageant pretty. Not the kind that would be the winner or the runner up, but among the favorites. You know the type, lots of blond hair, great smile, shiny teeth, really nice rack, and the kind of ass you wouldn't mind if she settled it down on your face and just stayed there and wiggled it against your mouth until you pass out from lack of air. And, this was a Mormon blonde. I didn't know there was any other kind of Mormon, but both Joni and Tami had darker hair.

"To get to the point, I confided in Linda that I tried some strange cock," Tami winked at me, "I described in detail how hot it got me and how hard you made me cum. I best of all, fucking around on the Bishop. Linda loved the idea and wanted to get for some herself and asked me to borrow you. She knows about my fucking black cock and may want to try that, too."

Linda looked like she wanted to hide as she seemed shocked about how casually Tami could reveal this to me. But, in spite of the embarrassment, you could see the anticipation in her eyes and she exuded a smoldering urge to get fucked by someone other than her husband. She had me ready.

"Tami sure gets to the point," Linda smiled at me, "Maybe we can get acquainted later, but right now can we just do it? My husband is a pompous bastard like the Bishop and I've been wanting to fuck someone else just to spite him for about the last ten years. You look like you could be just what I've been needing."

Linda stood up. I was surprised at how tall she actually was. She must be five ten, maybe five eleven. She put her arms around my neck and gave me a long lasting kiss with lots of tongue. What I like to call a "fuck me, and fuck me now" kind of a kiss.

"Yeah, that was good. The butterflies left my stomach and moved down a little bit, to about here." Linda took her had and made a motion just above her pussy. She sure warmed up fast.

I fondled her tits while we were kissing. She was wearing the full blown "Mormon Armor", or more daintily put her "garments" along with a pretty rigid bra. Linda stepped back and took off her blouse. I started to take off my shirt.

"No, leave it on. Sit down. I'm feeling slutty. Tami tells me I'd like to feel slutty. I think she is right about that."

I sat down, edging backwards into a chair that I was hoping was there from memory, because I wasn't taking my eyes off Linda. She undid a button on her long skirt, unzipped a zipper and let it drop to her feet. Then she kicked it into my lap and decided to retrieve her blouse and toss that to me as well.

I have no idea how Mormon men feel when they see their bride in her garment. It reminds me of the old fashioned swimsuits women wore in the 1890's. And, it make me hard as hell to imagine what she looks like under it while knowing it is a sacred garment that is to preserve the purity of their marriage and tell the world hands off. It just makes wanting to fuck a woman wearing garments all the more incredible knowing what I am seeing is supposed to be for her husband only.

Linda looked really good. She took her hands and ran them all over herself through the garment. Running her hands over her breasts, along her hips, and even over her tummy just above her pussy mound. She was doing an LDS version of an awkward striptease for me that would have made me laugh if my mind was still in charge instead of my pecker.

"So, what do you think? Do you want some of this?" Linda came over and slid over my legs facing me with her boobs about a foot from my face and her pussy just inches from my cock that was by then trying to find its own way out of my pants. Again, I think every thing she ever saw she thought was wicked she was trying to do for me in a decidedly quirky Mormon way.

We shared another really hot kiss while she straddled my lap, near the end she reached down and rubbed my cock through my pants. "Oh, did I do that to you?"

"Yes, you did. How did you learn to be so sexy?"

"I just thought up a bunch of things I knew would kill my husband if he found out I did them and now I am doing them to you."

"Well, they just might kill me, too!"

"Let's hope it doesn't. Tami says you're pretty good with that thing. I wouldn't want you to die until I find out if cheating on my husband will be worth it."

Tami had settled back in a chair where she could watch us and keep an eye on the door. She was enjoying every detail.

"What now?" I asked.

"Let's see how you look naked."

"Okay, you, too"

"I'll leave mine on a little longer. You aren't even supposed to see them, let alone me naked."

What the hell. It will all work out. I dropped my pants and stepped out of them. Linda laid them on the arm of the couch while I took off my shirt which she, also folded and put on the chair arm. When I kicked my underwear at her feet she was done being neat and reached for my cock.

"I can see I'll like this already. My husband has a Mormon dick. It's long enough to squirt babies in me, but not enough to do me much good for anything else. I'm beginning to wonder if all Mormon woman finger themselves to orgasm after their husband nods off to sleep like I do."

"Been there, done that!" Laughed Tami from her vantage point. "Haven't we all?"

Linda had taken hold of my cock. It was out to full length. As we would say back home, "just a cunt hair under eight inches." Linda was getting up close and seemed at a point of what to do next.

"Uhhhh ... this is nice. And, quite a handful. Look at the veins on it." She couldn't decide to play with it, kiss it, suck or just push me back and climb on it. What ever her decision was going to be she was definitely wanting it.

"Do it Linda. Tami chimed in, "If you want to cheat on your husband' suck his cock. If you want to feel like a woman, suck his cock. If you don't want to wonder later what you misses, suck his cock. Then when his cock gets so hard it could crack like an egg pull him up on you and fuck him."

What the fuck? If you were with these two in worship you would think you were near God himself. But, here in this property for sale, they were talking and acting like a couple of whores.

That problem got solved when Linda kissed the head of my dick dead center and then kissed up and down both sides while giving it several strokes with her soft hand. Back up over the head she put her mouth down over it. Not that she knew what to do at first, she soon got in to the rhythm of things she was really good. Especially considering this was most certainly her first time to give a blowjob.

Once started, Linda didn't show any interest in stopping. And, although you wouldn't expect to have her deep throat it she got a lot of it in to her mouth. I think she was game to try to get it in her throat, and Tami was encouraging her to try, but after an inch or so down she would gag on it. Finally she stopped for air, taking a huge gulp of air before trying to speak.

"Am I supposed to keep going until you shoot in my mouth or is it okay to quit?"

"Hey, that's Lady's Choice. You do what you want."

"No, don't quit. Make him cum in you mouth. You'll love yourself for swallowing it when you kiss you husband the next time." Always good to have Tami coaching from the sidelines.

"It's getting really warm in here."

No it wasn't. It was fucking cold. The heat was turned down to sixty. Even my nipples were sticking out. That did solve the problem though. The Mormon underwear came off, along with the super bra, leaving Linda totally nude before me.

What I said about her being beauty pageant good looking was true. Almost centerfold quality now that I see her naked. She did a little spin around and curtsey and asked me what I thought about her naked body. I was realizing that I was just the second man to see this woman without clothes. My brain wouldn't work to make my lips move, but I think my cock lurched out just enough to make it that "cunt hair" over the other side of eight inches that I claimed to be lacking earlier.

This was a Mormon babe. Tami told me she had seven kids. The youngest one a two year old. I know Tami said Linda jogged every morning, but jogged over what? She was so fucking hot. Not much of a sag anywhere and her tits we cone shaped. Enough to put an eye out. I was ready to worship at her feet. But, instead she dropped down on my cock with enthusiasm that indicated I was coming in her mouth unless she could get it started down her throat.

After seeing how beautiful she was and feeling her nose almost touch my pubic hair I was starting to lose it. I think she would have gotten the complete deep throat on me. Instead sent a huge load of sperm up my shaft that sprayed, much to her surprise, in her mouth. Even caught off guard, Linda started to swallow. Only a little bit escaped and she looked at me like an angel. An angel with a little dribble of cum running out both sides of her mouth.

"Linda, you're wasting some." Linda looked over to Tami. Tami moved her fingers beside her mouth indicating the sperm she missed.

"Oh, sorry!" giggle Linda. Then taking a finger and pushing it in her mouth to swallow.

"That's my girl." Tami mocked her.

"What do you think? She asked me, then showing me inside her mouth so I could see that most of my seed was now down her throat.

"I think you are terrific and that was terrific."

"Well you should. I did all the work."

"So far," I yelled as I grabbed her ankles and flipped her on her back. Linda hit with her legs open and she left them that way. A Mormon wife in total surrender. Tami had opened the front shades and the sunlight in the room accented her natural blond cunt hair. Her outer lips were slightly swollen open and her inner pink lips protruded outward with a couple of pearls of her pussy juice about to drip from them.

Not to let that go to waste I dove my face at her slit and captured the droplets with my tongue. The droplets were only the beginning of a flood. Sucking my cock really had her aroused. Aroused to the point that when I ran my tongue up her slit and across her clit Linda let out a shriek. I rolled my faced downward from her clit and sucked her inner lips with my mouth. She was cumming in my mouth in a matter of seconds, almost knocking us from the couch to the floor. Tami stared and didn't say a word.

"Oh, fuck! What was that?" Another Mormon wife ready to use the f-word. "I never knew about that. That was intense. Intense, but so fucking good!"

"Catch your breath. I'll show you the tender part of having you pussy eaten." I kept my face near her crotch and then put my face right in all the juice and started to clean it up with my lips and tongue. The scent of her cunt was really sweet. I looked up at her face to find a smile. Her tits had her nipples standing about five inches off her chest even though she was on her back.

"Yes, eat my pussy. I always thought that sounded filthy when I overhead it said. Now it sounds like heaven. Eat my pussy. Eat my pussy. East my pussy. Eat my pussy. Oh, fuck. Eat my cunt. Eat my cunt. Eat my cunt. Make me cum again with your tongue.

That's when she rocked her cunt she wanted eaten so badly into my face and came so hard she shook for over a minute. Finally clamping my face between her thighs and threatening to never let me out of their grip.

"You wonderful, wonderful, wonderful man. I think I was born to have you eat my cunt out for me."

That cunt I was born to eat was still having the moisture from her cumming flow to the bottom of the outer lips. About a tablespoon full had pooled there and I drank it in like nectar.

I had my hardon back. I was ready to fuck her, but thought I should let her rest. I laid near her with my dick poking her leg.

"You might want to use that before it spoils." Linda giggled as she teased, nudging my boner with her ankle."

"I was letting you rest."

"My great-grandmother came out here in a covered wagon. She read her Bible and prayed every morning when she awoke and again every night before she went to bed. Word was that she would lay that old Bible down and Grandpa would be fucking her every night of the trip. She was five months pregnant when they started out here on the journey. You don't think you eating my pussy is going to slow me down any, do you?

"Well! I guess not!"

I got between the same thighs that weren't ever going to let my face go and got ready to show them why my pecker could do as I thrust in the general direction. I was hoping for direct hit dead center then me shoving the head of it into Linda. After the second or third try her hand came down and grasp it right behind it's head and held it between her slick and swollen outer lips.

"Lord, I thank you for what I am about to receive."

"You're got to be kidding. You can pray for that?"

"Why not? Do you think he won't know what we are doing? He's probably laughing at Heber right now."

"Heber? Who's Heber?"

"My husband. His name's Heber. Yes, it's an old Mormon name. His real first name is Clarence. Clarence Heber. So, he goes by Heber. He thinks Clarence sounds stupid."

Okay. She got me laughing. It got her to laughing, too. Then Tami started laughing. My hardon was gone and we were all three convulsing with laughter.

Linda was wanting fucked. She tried to save the situation by rubbing my cock in her slit. She was hoping her warmth and wetness would get me hard again. It was starting to work when we heard Tami snort and say, "Heber. It's Heber. Don't call me Clarence, it's Heber. I've heard him say that. I'll die if I ever hear him do it again"

Linda tried to be serious. I was still between her legs. My cock was a little better that halfway hard. She had the head and a couple of inches inside her, so she was technically being fucked by someone other than poor fucking Heber.

The look on her face showed she was well aware of my entry into her vagina. A stranger's cock pointing towards her womb. She started to get into it when she started a little grin, then busted out laughing again.

"I'm sorry. I'm laughing at him being called Heber, but also because I have a cock pumping into me that is not him. I have already cheated on the self-righteous asshole."

Then she laughed loudly and said, "Heber ... Heeeber ... Heeeeeeber ... HE-ber ... He-BER. Okay, I'm over it. Fuck Me! Fuck me hard! Fuck Heber's wife!"

For some reason that made my cock hard, but in Linda's excitement she moved so that I slid right out. As she guided me back in she stopped with its head nestled between her outer lips and started another prayer.

"Lord, I thank you for what I am about to receive. Thank you for sending me this nice man with this glorious cock. May he fuck me in ways my own husband could only dream of fucking me. May his cock reach deep into my depths and fill my womb with his sperm. If you, Lord, desire me to have another child may you let this man impregnate me with his seed. Amen."

It must have been heard, for I felt I was sliding into heaven itself and her grasping cunt muscles seemed to pull the length of my cock towards her uterus. She was so slick from her own pussy lubricant if I didn't know better I'd be thinking I was about third in line.

"Take your time. But, remember, I want you cum inside me at the end. Oh, God, but that does feel good. You went past Heber's spot right after you were halfway in."

Then speaking to Tami, "Have you ever heard anyone say a Mormon man had too much cock? My God, what are we missing? I feel so full and it is so good I am creaming like crazy. Every woman married to a Mormon should be able to feel a cock like inside her."

"I'm for that!" Tami answered.

"Me, too.' I added. "And, every man should be lucky enough to fuck a Mormon's wife. You women really know how to fuck when you get started."

We seemed to be a cozy group. The three of us. Linda and I managed to fuck for about an hour. Tami would get a hand up her own skirt from time to time. A couple of times I heard sounds from her like she was making herself cum while she watched Linda and I fuck each other.

"I really love your cock. I love you. I really do love you. It may just be my pussy talking, but it knows what it loves. Me and my pussy love you. Just keep fucking. Just keep fucking me.

Linda would put her hand on her tummy and try to guess where the head of my cock might be. I don't know, but we sure had it buried deep in her. Then she started a series of little orgasms. She had it soaked between us. Her own little puddle was on the cushion. Then she came a little harder on my prick almost trying to break the base off inside her.

It worried me what might happen if she hits the big one. Then the noise started. Grunts and moans and little bursts of fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.

"Are your ready?" Linda almost screamed, "because I'm ready. I want your cum in me. Shoot your cum in me now." And then she did scream and rolled violently under me and my balls churned and dumped a big load way deep inside her willing cunt.

I pretty well got crushed by her movements while trying to keep my dick as far as it would go inside her in spite of all the wiggling.

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