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Personal Training Ch. 02

by chasseur11©

After I hung up the phone with my husband I turned out the light and got comfortable in our bed. I was physically exhausted from the very heavy sex I had not an hour ago. Jerome lasted a lot long than John does plus he was much larger, fucked harder, and was rougher. Not that it was a bad thing, being rougher that is. It just wore me out along with all of the other reasons above mentioned. I was still in shock I had actually done it. I really had sex with a black man and even did it in the bed I share with my husband. What also surprised me is I really didn't feel much if any guilt about what I had done. More of a sense of satisfaction of finally fulfilling a deep down need and desire. A desire that was more than met with because of Jerome. I was tired enough that it didn't take long for me to sleep.

During the next few hours I dreamed almost constantly while I slept. There was little surprise that every dream always lead in one way or another to me having sex with Jerome. I was in such a deep sleep curled up on my left side I hadn't felt it when he came into the bedroom and slowly climbed into bed.

In my head I was performing oral sex on Jerome when I felt something snap me out of my dream world. A hand was gently rubbing my right breast over my night shirt under the bed covers. I was half asleep but simply laid there smiling. I hadn't even considered who it was. I my half awake state my mind went right to my husband John. More so since this warm body pressed up against my back was laying on John's side of the bed. I left out a soft moan as his hand softly kneaded my breast. My nipples were soon getting hard from the attention.

"I just love your nice big tits Marisa" the voice behind me said. The voice snapped me totally awake as I opened my eyes. The room was dark but not completely. A small night light we keep plugged in near my side of the bed to make it easier to get up illuminates the room enough to see. First thing I noticed was the clock on the night table in front of my face informing me it was only a little past 4 o'clock in the morning. I knew it couldn't be John and had no doubt it was Jerome who was now rolling my nipple between his fingers. Lifting to covers off my chest I looked down to see his dark hand playing with my breast still over my shirt.

"Crap!" I said. "You surprised the hell out of me Jerome. In my sleepy state I actually thought you were my husband for a moment."

"Really?" Jerome replied laughing. "Well unless your husband got taller and became a large black guy then no it's not him. Hope you don't mind but thought I'd surprise you. I woke up horny as hell and was really in the mood. So, I figured I'd sneak in here and give you an early morning wake up call."

"Can't say I have ever had something like this" I said to him.

"Wow, you poor girl" he replied. "Maybe we should change that then." Jerome moved his hand only for a moment to pull me closer to him before placing it right back onto my right breast. With his other hand he brushed the hair away from my neck before lifting his head kissing and sucking on it. I was now fully awake and very turned on. I only asked Jerome not to suck too hard or too long in one place since I wouldn't know how to explain any hickeys to my husband. He agreed and did as I asked. Jerome was now pinching and pulling on both of my nipples over my shirt causing me to moan. I could feel his penis against my butt as it strained against the material of his shorts.

"Are you as wet as I am hard?" Jerome whispered into my ear. "Don't answer that" he quickly shot back. "I would rather find out for myself." Jerome moved his hand from my chest and glided it down my body. Slowly he slid his hand lower until he reached my mid thigh where the hem of my shirt rested. Pushing my right leg forward spreading my thighs apart. Moving his hand up the back of my right thigh and under my shirt he slipped a couple fingers between my legs from behind running them gently along my pussy. My body jerked in reaction. Jerome moved one finger to my hole and pushed the tip of it into me.

"You are a little wet but not wet enough yet" he said. With that he pulled his finger out and moved it up beginning to rub my clit. In no time at all he had me moaning softly. Jerome rubbed my clit in small circles only stopping to stick the tip of his finger back into me to get it wet. I had never been woken up for sex before like this but I was not complaining a bit as he touched me. This continued for about two minutes when he stuck his finger in me one last time.

"You are more than ready now" Jerome said as he pulled his hand away from my crotch. He also moved his entire body back away from mine at the same time telling me to turn around towards him. Turning my body to face him I could clearly make out Jerome in the dimly lit room. He was laying on John's side of the bed and was now on his back with his hands under the covers. I watched as he lifted his legs up then dropped them again as he pulled his arms out from underneath holding his shorts in his hands. I knew that he was completely naked and the major tent he was making under the sheet and light blanket proved that without a doubt. Jerome turned his head to face me.

"Now come here Marisa and get on top of me" he said in a commanding voice. "I want you to slide that nice white pussy down onto my big black cock!" I simply smiled as I crawled over and straddled him. Jerome pulled my night shirt up over my butt as I leaned forward over him supporting my torso with my hand on the bed beside of Jerome. With my other hand I reached down between the two of us and wrapped my fingers around his penis. Lining the tip up with my hole I let out a gasp as I began to push down onto it. The head spread me open wide as it sunk into my body. Jerome let out a grunt as it popped into me.

"Shit, still so fucking tight" he moaned. "Can't believe you've got such a tight pussy girl. Just as tight as before." I slowly slid down onto his big black penis. Stretching me out as it went deeper and deeper into my very willing body. Until finally he was completely inside of me as our pelvis' met. In the position we were in I felt like I was literally impaled on his massive black pole. It wasn't as uncomfortable as the first time. It was almost complete and total pleasure as he filled me beyond my wildest dreams could have imagined. Taking a moment to relax I placed my other hand on the bed and started to slowly slide up and down on his shaft. Jerome and I seemed to almost moan in unison as I glided up and down on him. I only did this for at most two minutes, if that.

"Stop riding me girl" Jerome said. "I want you to sit up and then lean back on your hands so your back is arched and your chest towards the ceiling. Then I want you to just rock back and forth on me as I rub your clit." Having done that before with my husband I knew exactly what he meant. Sitting upright I was about to lean back when Jerome stopped me again.

"Why don't you take off that shirt while you're at it girl" he ordered. Smiling I reached down to the hem of my night shirt. Pulling it up and over my head I threw it from my body before leaning back onto my hands. With my hands resting beside of Jerome's knees I began to slowly rock my pelvis back and forth on him. Jerome reached down with his hand and proceeded to rub my clit with his fingers. He did a good job working them faster and faster until I could feel an orgasm coming on and informed Jerome of it. A string of moans came from my mouth as I reached my climax point.

"Good baby girl that's what I wanted" he replied. "I want you to cum Marisa. I want you to cum around my black dick." That seemed to send me over the edge as I screamed out as I came. My body shook in pleasure and my vagina tightened up around his penis as I had a heavy orgasm. When I came down Jerome jokingly said it felt like I was trying to strangle his dick.

"Take a moment to catch your breath Marisa" Jerome said. "Then I want you to lay back down on the bed so I can climb up between you nice white legs." Sitting up I lifted myself off of Jerome's penis and laid down on the bed beside of him. Jerome didn't waste any time as he rolled over and pushed my legs apart before moving his body between them. Bending my legs up at the knees I made myself comfortable as Jerome moved up above me. His heavy penis partially resting against my vagina.

"I want you to put it in again Marisa" he ordered with a grin. Reaching down between us I lined up the head with my hole. Without waiting for a second he pushed himself back in. Felt so good to have him in me again. Once he was balls deep Jerome got comfortable before he started to slide in and out of me. As I began to moan he moved faster and faster causing me to moan louder and louder. Soon enough he was repeatedly thrusting hard and fast into me. My screams of pleasure filled the bedroom as he kept up his constant assault on my body. My fingers dug hard into his arms as I wrapped my legs around his back. Toes curled in pleasure as this hot black man invaded my body.

Jerome - "Yeah take that big black dick like a good married white slut! Do you mind me calling you that Marisa? Calling you white girl or my white slut?"

Me - "God no, please do! It's so fucking hot and gets me so turned on when you do."

Jerome - "That's my good little white girl."

Me - "Yes! Fuck me Jerome! Fuck me with your big black dick! Feels so good ... so fucking good."

Jerome - "Anytime baby girl. I want to meet you again when your husband's gone. Every time your husband's gone. Sound good to you Marisa?"

Me - "Yes! Oh hell yes!"

"That's my good girl" he replied. "My good married white girl." Jerome continued to fuck me hard. Making me moan and scream so much and so loudly I thought I'd lose my voice. He was even causing the headboard to bang against the wall with each thrust of his massive black dick. Over and over again he assaulted my body. Then all of a sudden he slowed down until he was gently gliding into me. I asked him if everything was okay since it was such a quick change.

"Yeah I'm fine but if I don't slow down I'm going to explode real soon" he replied. I smiled as I looked up into his dark brown eyes. Jerome grinned back as we stared into each others eyes while he slowly moved in and out of me. There was something erotic about this as we kept fixed into each other not looking away. Him breathing heavy and me softly moaning as he kept a slow pace never breaking our eyes locked on each others but to blink. Both the feeling of his large penis moving in me and watching this sexy black man above me was extremely hot. I also relaxed myself loosening my grip on his arms and letting my legs off his back.

"Such pretty blue eyes you have Marisa" Jerome said. Smiling I thanked him. He continued going slow for a couple minutes and it did feel really good. More sensual than earlier but just as nice in a different way. Then without expecting it Jerome's expression changed. I could tell without a doubt he was getting close to an orgasm as his eyes almost glazed over yet never lost contact with mine. His movements also became slightly quicker and more shallow.

"Fuck Marisa I'm trying so hard to hold back but can't much longer. I know I'm about to cum" he said. It really did look like he was straining to hold back. Wrapping both my legs around him again I continued my gaze into his eyes. He closed his and I had to tell him to look at me. Jerome did his best to keep eye contact as he reached his orgasm.

"Then cum for me Jerome" I told him. "Cum in me." Jerome smiled when I said that and I knew it's exactly what he wanted to hear.

"Fuck, going to blow!" Jerome said moaning. "Going to cum for my white girl and shoot it deep in her little white puss. Oh fuck ... AAAHHHH!" Jerome let out a deep long yell as he shoved his entire penis into me. I tightened my legs and pulled him in at the same time holding that large black monster inside of me as he came. It was immediate since he held back as long as he could before finally letting it go. His testicles tightened and released over and over against me as I felt hot streams of his semen shooting deep into my body. He didn't cum as much as last time since it hadn't even been a full day yet he still came a lot. Could feel it thickly coating my cervix and vagina. The whole time he tried to keep his eyes fixed on mine making this even hotter. We stayed this way until he was totally drained. I released my vise like leg grip on him as he slowly pulled out. Jerome got up on his knees between my thighs looking down at me.

"Oh I forgot ... Good morning Marisa" he said with a silly grin. Shaking my head all I could do was laugh at that dumb statement said in jest. Pulling my legs away from his body I sat up and slipped off of the bed to grab some tissues since I could already feel some of sperm running out of me. Cleaning myself up as Jerome got his shorts back on and waited for me to finish. He tossed me my night shirt. Thanking him I put it back on as he walked up and gave me a deep kiss on the lips. Thanking him for the early morning wake up call he laughed.

"No, thank you Marisa" he said. "Was better than coffee. I also figured I'd get it in now because it's going to be a couple of days until we will see each other again. I will probably be gone by the time you wake up again since I have to get to work in a few hours since the roads are cleared already." I told Jerome I completely understood and giving him one last kiss I laid back in bed as Jerome left the room. Rolling over I glanced at the clock and saw it was nearly 30 minutes to the mark since he woke me up. I fell asleep soon enough being even more exhausted from having sex not once but twice with a large, sexy black man with an equally large penis.

When I woke up the second time I found myself home alone. Jerome had left as he said he would and I spent the morning cleaning the house up. I was slightly sore between my legs for a short period in the morning but other than that I was perfectly fine. I still couldn't believe I had really done it but I was happy I finally had enough balls to do something I really wanted to. A little after 11:30 in the morning John came home and we had a relaxing day together. He asked me how everything went yesterday so I told him it was pretty boring and uneventful. It was nice to see John and I put all thoughts of Jerome out of my head while my husband was home. Later that night John and I even had sex together. John was home the entire next day too before he headed back to work the early morning after. Kissing and hugging goodbye he went off for another three days away.

Getting changed I drove to Jessica's house where I jumped into her car as we rode together to the gym. Walking in I glanced around but couldn't locate Jerome. As Jessica went to the aerobics class as I jumped on the treadmill. A few minutes later I heard a couple of men talking and turning my head to look I saw Jerome walking into the other side of the gym with one of the male members. Moving to some of the weight lifting equipment Jerome didn't notice me at first until he by chance looked in my direction. I saw a smile go across his dark face and he excused himself for a moment walking towards me. He asked me how I was doing and told him perfectly fine.

"Is your husband gone or is he still home" Jerome asked. I informed him he would be gone for three days which seemed to please Jerome greatly. He asked if I could wait around until he finished work in a few hours and go to his place? I told him I couldn't because my friend gave me a ride here. He than asked if he could come by later on? With a smile I told him yes, just to give me a call when he leaves.

"Giving me something to look forward to Marisa" he replied with happiness. "Been months since I've had sex before the other night and it was worth the wait."

After Jessica was finished she took a quick shower and we both got changed. When we got back to her house Jessica asked me if I wanted to go out later this afternoon. Knowing I already told Jerome to come by and I wasn't going to explain to Jessica that I was having an affair with the black trainer at the gym I begged off. Telling him I had some house work to take care of and food shopping but would love to get together with her soon. Driving off I got back home and had a light lunch before Jerome called to tell me he was leaving work. This gave me around 50 minutes until he was here so I took some time to clean up a little. Putting on some light make-up I figured I'd change while I was at it. Trying to figure out what to wear I in the end decided on something simple. A pretty matching lace bra and panties set, black low heel pumps, and a long robe. When I bell rang I opened it up to see that tall sexy black man before me. Inviting him in I closed and locked the door.

Taking Jerome by the hand I didn't say a word as I lead him to the couch. Undoing the robe I dropped it off my body to reveal what little clothing I had on. Jerome was surprised in a really happy way. Telling him to sit on the couch I dropped down to my knees in front of him. Moving up between his legs I undid his pants and reached in pulling his large black penis out which was already semi hard. Bending down I ran my tongue up the shaft several times before wrapping my hand around the base until he was fully hard before sinking my mouth down onto his dick.

"Fuck yeah baby" Jerome said with a moan. "Suck that big black cock like a good white girl. My little married white slut." I proceeded to give Jerome a blowjob bobbing my head up and down his dick and stroking his shaft at the same time. I am the type of woman who enjoys giving oral sex to a guy and really liked giving it to this sexy black man. There is also one other thing I like when doing this and he wasn't doing it for me so I had to show him what I wanted. Stopping for a moment with his penis in my mouth I looked up at Jerome and grabbed his right hand. Picking it up I guided it to the back of my head. I didn't need to say anything as he tightly grabbed my head and hair with a grin as I began to suck his dick again.

"Yeah, that's my good little white girl Marisa" Jerome said as he looked down at me as I did my best to give him pleasure. This was how we started an almost two day long sex vacation. Jerome was off work for the rest of today and all of tomorrow so he just stayed at our house. We had sex, oral and vaginal, a total of seven times over this period of time. In the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and guest room we fully wore each other out. This ended up becoming a common situation for the two of us. When John was gone I either went to his house or him to ours. Sometimes just for a few hours and other times for a couple of days. John thankfully never knew what I was doing which is exactly what he asked of me and I got exactly what I needed and wanted. I know it will likely only last until John get's a better position but until then I was enjoy myself as much as possible.

Written by: chasseur11

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