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Lab Partners

by gimmie_your_load©

"Oh yeah, that's it baby. That feels so fucking good." Brant whispered as he surreptitiously shot a passing team mate a thumbs up over top of his girlfriend's head. "Keep it up baby and you'll get a nice reward."

Brant reclined deeper into the back door of his car, stretching out in the back seat with one leg running along the seat back and the other bent, foot on the floor to allow his legs to spread. Between his legs, his insatiable girlfriend Lucia was kneeling on all fours, using one hand to hold his cock straight up, while bobbing her head up and down on his lap. He thrust softly into her and heard her gag softly on his cock as her relatively inexperienced mouth struggled to accommodate the whole of his six-inch length. He smiled widely at the sound, and repeated the move twice more, until he felt her gag a little harder, enough to force her to break her pace. Pulling back momentarily to take a deep breath, Lucia went back to work on his member without a word of chastisement, focussed only on the task at hand.

Bobbing up and down his cock with a steady rhythm, Lucia wondered how many times she had sucked Brant's cock. Doing the math in her head, she estimated that she had averaged five times a week for the entire three months they had been dating since her eighteenth birthday. That rounded out her total to sixty blowjobs, which seemed high to her. She consoled herself that it didn't make her a slut since Brant was the only guy she had ever even so much as fooled around with, and besides, its not like she was going all the way like that puck bunny Terri. Lucia set her jaw unconsciously at the thought of her nemesis, accidentally catching Brant's shaft with her teeth for a moment, causing him to jump. With a look of apology, Lucia continued bobbing, using her hand slightly to stroke the base of his cock as she slid up and down his shaft with her lips.

Brant was a star player on the school hockey team, a slim, muscular forward whose blonde hair and boyish good looks made him a hot commodity on the high school market. Lucia knew there were more than a few skanks like Terri, waiting in the wings to swoop in on her guy at the first sign of weakness. Unlike those girls, Lucia wasn't willing to give up her virginity just to make a guy like her, but as a result, she knew she risked Brant losing interest and moving on. In order to keep him from straying, she had relented one night to his advances and sucked his dick. She quickly discovered that while she didn't truly love the task, it wasn't nearly as bad as other girls made it out to be. In fact, she found that the more she did it, the more she grew to enjoy the taste and feel of Brant's rock hard cock in her mouth, and even the salty flavour of his cum. To keep his eye from wandering, Lucia began to suck him off almost every day, including quickies in the back of his car, like this one. Though he had never returned the favour, Lucia still found herself getting wet whenever she thought about sucking his cock, and moaned softly around it with the knowledge that actually doing it would have her soaking wet by now.

"Oh yeah, you love sucking my big cock don't you Lucia?" Brant asked through slightly squinted eyes.

Looking up at him, Lucia could tell he was getting closer just from the expression on his face. Moaning a positive response around his dick, Lucia kept making eye contact as she picked up the pace of her bobbing slightly. She wondered how long she had been sucking his cock, since she always seemed to lose track of time while doing it. Repeated attempts to get Brant to watch the clock so she wouldn't be late for class seemed to get no results, as he was much more interested in watching her suck cock that the minutes on the car dash. Stroking the base of his dick and sucking him in unison, Lucia felt him begin to shake and shudder, sure signs of his impending orgasm. With a deep groan, she felt his salty seed begin to spill into her mouth, and paused her bobbing, jerking his cock slowly from the base to coax all the cum from his balls. If the tank was empty, he wouldn't have any to give Terri, she thought. Brant ran his hands through her hair as she gulped down his cum audibly, sucking the remaining drops from the head of his cock. Slowly letting it fall from her mouth, Lucia smiled up at him.

"Thanks for the treat hunny." She said, giving him her widest grin. "You know how much I love my afternoon snack."

"Fuck yeah girl." Brant responded sleepily. "You're definitely one of the best cock suckers around."

Lucia felt her face redden with embarrassment and a little anger at his backhanded compliment. I bet that bitch Terri has sucked his cock before, she thought. That slut has certainly had more practice than me. Out loud, she simply stammered a reply about getting to class, and hastily began to fix her makeup in the mirror, wiping away the stain where her watering eyes had made her mascara run slightly. Straightening her sweater, she gave the nearly comatose Brant a quick kiss on the cheek before exiting the car and swiftly walking back towards the school.

"I hope I'm not late for Science lab." Lucia muttered to herself as she rushed.

Lucia began to grow concerned as she entered the school and immediately noticed the empty halls. Picking up her pace, she jogged through the building to get to the laboratory, concerned from the signs that class had already started. Stupid Brant, she thought, I told him not to let me be late Reaching the door of the class, Lucia saw through the window that class had definitely already started, and tried to enter as quietly as possible so as to not disturb the instruction. To her chagrin, the teacher, Mr Henderson, was looking out over the class rather than at the blackboard as she entered. His eyes narrowed as he saw her come in, and she caught a quickly disguised look of outright dislike and disgust on his face.

"How nice of you to join us Miss May." He said in a condescending tone. "Your partner will be able to start now "

Lucia glanced quickly at the clock and saw that it was 2:34; she was over thirty minutes late for class. Mumbling an apology, she made her way to her work station with her head down. Looking up as she got there, she made eye contact with her lab partner. He looked less than impressed. Cale and Lucia had been lab partners for the last two years, an agreement that relied on their past childhood friendship in order to be maintained. Though they had lost touch with one another as friends outside of school while in junior high, Lucia had taken advantage of that past relationship to ensure she got good grades in her last two years of high school. A weak student in the sciences, Lucia relied totally upon Cale's abilities to complete her lab assignments, a partnership that had slowly become more and more one-sided as Lucia left Cale to shoulder the entire burden, often having him write her lab report for her so that she could be saved the trouble of copying his herself. Though she did feel guilty about the arrangement, it had also been going on so long that Lucia often didn't think about it at all, operating on autopilot and assuming Cale would take care of her.

Cale and Lucia had been friends as children when she was little more than a flat-chested girl who liked to mountain bike, and he was a lanky boy who loved to catch frogs. As they got older, and Lucia filled out with the bounty of puberty, she began to notice him looking at her differentl. It wasn't long before she became convinced that Cale was carrying a major torch for her. It was as a result of this that they eventually drifted apart in junior high, as Lucia went on to "date" other guys and Cale grew more distant due to jealousy. Lucia's tastes had run more to the classically handsome and athletic types, rather than the relatively shy, artistic introvert that Cale was. In the years since, Cale had blossomed himself, growing into his looks, with a slender but strong physique and a sexy brooding attitude to match. Despite his obvious charms, and even more obvious interest in her, Lucia continued to see Cale as the awkward teen rather than the man he had become, and continued dating her prototypical hockey jocks.

For his part, Cale had grown out of his petty jealousy over Lucia's other relationships. However, while that anger subsided, he felt very strong and unnerving emotions taking their place. To Cale, Lucia had become something of a symbol for all of his pent up sexual frustrations, and avatar for all his lusty thoughts. These deep seated feelings had been brought to a head recently, when a lunch-hour stroll in the parking lot had him inadvertently stumble on Lucia enthusiastically servicing Brant in his car. Cale merely stared in awe as her lips, the lips he had imagined kissing for as long as he could remember, slurped up and down Brant's mediocre member. He shook his head in disbelief as Brant gave him a thumbs up and cocky grin, turning and walking away as if in a trance. It wasn't so much that she had given Brant a blowjob that bothered him, as the fact that she had debased herself to sexual servitude to such a vacuous meathead that drove him up the wall. Cale's opinion of Lucia changed that day, talking her from the object of his undying affection to the object of his abject lecherousness. Where once he had imagined kissing the nape of her neck, now he was consumed by a desire to take her mouth, ravishing it and thrusting home until he exploded deep inside her. Her willingness to debase herself made him desire to debase her for himself.

As she settled in at the workstation, Lucia gave Cale her best puppy-dog eyes and sheepishly apologised for being so late. Cale could use his imagination to figure out what had detained her, but held his annoyance in check.

"Its okay, but we're way behind now." Cale stated. "Mr Henderson wouldn't let me start without you. He also pulled me out of the room to chastise me. We'll have to hurry to try and finish before class is over."

"What did he want?" Lucia asked. "When he pulled you outside I mean?"

"I'll tell you later." Cale replied. "We had better get to work."

Despite what seemed like Cale's best efforts, he and Lucia were unable to get even close to completing their experiment before the final bell of the day rang. While the other students all packed up to go home and enjoy their weekends, Cale went to the front of the room for a quiet discussion with the teacher. With a look of distain at Lucia, he nodded agreement to Cale's request, and handed over the keys to the classroom. Cale returned to the workstation and told Lucia the good news.

"Well, I got him to agree to let us stay behind and finish, rather than give us a zero." Cale announced.

"What?" Lucia asked. "Nobody is allowed in the lab after hours I thought "

"Well no dumb jocks are, but when you're the best science student they pretty much let you do what you want." Cale quipped. "Why don't we take a quick break to use the bathroom and stretch and then come back. He gave me the keys so we can take as long as we have to."

"Can't you just finish if for me?" Lucia asked, flinching inwardly as she did. While she didn't want to impose on Cale, the thought of spending her Friday night in the science lab didn't appeal to her at all. And besides, it would give Terri the time to take a run at Brant, despite his depleted balls.

"It won't take that long," Cale assured her. "And I can't really do it all with only two hands."

"Fine." Lucia sighed. "I'll meet you back here at 4:00."

"Sounds great." Cale replied.

Lucia left while Cale was locking up the classroom, heading for the bathroom. It amazed her how quickly the school cleared out on a Friday, and already she could see very few students and teachers left. As she passed an outside window she saw that even the parking lot was emptying fast. Great, she thought, and I'm stuck here doing a science experiment. Lucia quickly used the bathroom, and then made a quick call to Brant to let him know she would be running late. Typically, he didn't pick up his phone, and after three attempts, Lucia finally left him a brief message. He was probably still napping from his blowjob earlier, she thought.

"Or at least that better be what he's doing, and not fucking that slut Terri." She muttered to herself as she made her way back to the lab. She found the door open and Cale already inside.

Distracted as she was with thoughts of Terri (the slut), Lucia didn't even notice as Cale closed the door behind her and locked it quietly. She was slightly startled back to reality when she felt him approach very close behind he at the workstation. She turned around and tried to cover her discomfort with a small smile. Cale looked at her with his dark brown eyes, and she began to feel like she was being sized up, as if he was determining her worth. Nervously, she decided to say something, anything, to break his gaze.

"So uh... what was it that Mr Henderson wanted anyway?" Lucia asked, the sound of her own voice making her jump in the silent confines of the empty classroom.

"Well, he was concerned about us being lab partners, to be honest." Cale said. Before Lucia could ask a follow-question, he continued. "To be blunt, he said he has started to wonder about the difference between your scores on the written tests, and your scores on the lab work. He finds it rather odd that when you're all alone you can barely manage a fifty percent, while when you work with me you always manage high nineties." Cale smirked as he saw Lucia's expression of indignation turn to one of embarrassment at the truth of his statement.

"What did you tell him?" Lucia asked in a small voice.

"Not much, he was in a rush to get back into the class, but told me to think hard about my answer, since we can both go down for plagiarism." Cale answered.

"What?" Lucia demanded, outraged. "He can't prove plagiarism "

"He can if I tell him you copied me without my permission." Cale responded with a sly grin.

"Why would you do that?" Lucia asked, angrily wiping away the start of a tear in her right eye.

"Well to be honest, I don't see why I shouldn't. I mean we can't really say I've been getting anything out of our arrangement. I do all the work while you date your idiot jock boyfriend." Cale accused.

Lucia's cheeks coloured with anger. "How dare you..." she started. "... never mind that, I thought we were friends "

"We were, when we were twelve." Cale responded, letting a little emotion slip into his voice. "But I don't think a real friend would have taken advantage of me the last two years the way you have." "He went on, before she would reply. "I know you need to get into university, but you could have at least pretended to still be my friend. I mean we were really close, and you just cut me out of your life, letting me back in only when you needed me for something. Well I hate to say it, but that doesn't cut it for me."

"So what do you want me to do then?" Lucia asked, her eyes aglitter with tears. "I have to pass this class to get accepted in the spring."

"Well that's pretty simple." Cale answered with finality. "You use me for what you need. So I'll use you for what I need."

"What do you mean?" Lucia asked, her voice wavering. "What do you need?"

"Get on your knees." Cale ordered, pointing to the ground at his feet. "You're going to earn every single lab report for the rest of the year. Starting now."

"You're out of your mind." Lucia said, backing away a step.

"Nope. I know exactly what I'm doing. And if you don't get on your knees by the time I count to five, you can kiss university goodbye." Cale said. "One. Two. Three..."

"Wait, wait, wait a second Cale " Lucia exclaimed.


"Fine I'll do it " Lucia said in despair, her cheeks running with tears. Looking up at Cale's raised eyebrow, she slowly lowered herself to her knees. Cale responded by merely pointing again at his feet, and Lucia was forced to humiliatingly shuffle on her knees towards him. Cale found himself struggling internally as he stared down at Lucia as she knelt before him. Seeing her there on her knees, her cheeks stained with streaks of mascara as tears rolled down her face, he fought the urge to bend down, pick her up, and hold her, whispering that everything would be okay. Setting his jaw, he focused on changing his frame of mind. After all, it wouldn't be the first cock she had sucked, and after everything he had done for her he had certainly earned the reward. Steeling his resolve, he spoke.

"Take your sweater off. Now."

Lucia's hands trembled as she slowly began to pull her light blue sweater up her midriff, leaving her chest bare except for her frilly white bra as the sweater came off over her head. Cale admired her breasts, large round D-cups that filled her bra utterly, spilling over the top and leaving a hint of pink nipple poking out from under the edge. Letting his eyes drift back up to her face, Cale realized that Lucia was staring at him from under her tears with a look of almost quizzical interest, wondering what was going through his mind. Not wanting her to see the weakness in his resolve, he quickly moved on, ordering her next to remove her bra, and watching with satisfaction as her breasts bounced out, free and clear. Despite their size and weight, they were surprisingly pert and perky, sitting high on her chest with nipples pointing straight out.

Lucia felt utterly exposed and exploited, kneeling topless on the hard cold classroom floor. She resolved inwardly that no matter what happened, she would not remove her jeans, would not allow Cale to be the first guy to fuck her; not like this. Whatever the risk of his telling the teacher the truth about their partnership, it was not worth her giving away what was only hers to give once. She would fight him if she had to, and hurt him if he tried.

"What now?" she asked, her voice wavering in expectation of his answer.

"Now, you suck my cock." Cale said with a certainty that belied his inner turmoil.

Despite the plan he had envisioned in his mind so many times of this scene, Cale found himself conflicted. Despite everything, underneath his lustful desires Cale knew he still had feelings for Lucia. By forcing her to fellate him, he was crossing a line that could never be taken back. Already what he had done was far from legal, and it was likely that he would suffer severe consequences, saying good-bye to his own future in the process. As his mind whirled, Cale settled on one idea: that he had already gone too far to turn back now. If he was going to get in trouble, he may as well at least achieve his fantasy in the process, rather than back down at the last minute. One final time, Cale made up his mind, and began to unzip his fly.

In the momentary pause between Cale's statement of intent and his hand moving to his zipper, Lucia felt and exhilarating rush of hope. Hope that Cale would see reason and back down, hope that he wouldn't make her into as much of a slut as Terri by forcing her to cheat on Brant. Hope that Cale really was still the childhood friend she remembered, deep down inside. As that hope was crushed by the small movements of his hands as they slowly slid his pants to his ankles, Lucia felt a second, and more surprising emotion: lust. A very short and quick burst of it, that left her as confused as she was wet between the thighs. Seeing Cale's pants come down, and his cock bulging against his boxer briefs struck a chord with some deep-seated animal instinct in Lucia, some inner secret desire that wanted to be used as his sexual play-thing. Lucia shuddered as she knelt in confusion, which Cale mistook for fear as he caressed his cock softly.

"Take my boxers down. Slowly." Cale ordered.

Gingerly, Lucia reached up, and slowly tugged down on the band holding up his underwear. She jumped with surprise when she was interrupted by Cale, his hands reaching down to cup her heavy breasts, squeezing them. Suppressing a gasp, Lucia humiliatingly felt her nipples begin to harden involuntarily under his ministrations, and in frustration, yanked the elastic in her hands down with one sharp jerk. Cale actually chuckled aloud as all her impotent anger achieved was his meaty cock rebounding upwards to strike her under the chin. Lucia felt her cheeks redden at his mockery as she leaned back away from his fully erect dick. A lot bigger than Brant's, she found herself thinking despite her disgust, longer and thicker too. "I wonder what it tastes like?" an inner voice asked her, before being shouted down as her internal monologue rebelled against such unseemly thoughts.

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